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cruxbot[opt.git]: apache: update to 2.2.903:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: apr: update to 1.3.203:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: dar: update to 2.3.803:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: dovecot: update to 1.1.103:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: elinks: update to 0.11.403:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: msmtp: update to 1.4.1503:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: mysql-ruby: update to 2.7.603:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: rp-pppoe: update to 3.903:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: stunnel: update to 4.2503:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: sylpheed: update to 2.5.003:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: transmission: update to 1.2203:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: uw-imap: update to 2007b03:01
cruxbot[opt.git]: libc-client: update to 2007b03:01
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] fetchmail: security fix03:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: beautifulsoup: 3.0.5 -> 3.0.705:11
cruxbot[contrib.git]: beautifulsoup: fix a dumb error05:17
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luxhlots of updates today :)05:38
cruxbot[contrib.git]: pyserial: 2.2 -> 2.305:39
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cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox-flash-plugin: adopted08:13
cruxbot[opt.git]: win32-essential-codecs: adopted08:13
j^2morning everybody :D08:27
luxhhi j^208:27
thrice`tilman: you mentioned conky for a battery-monitorying (calling time_left); does that work accurately for you?  mine gives very unaccurate results08:30
teK[ot] i have a precmd() function for ZSH that shows current battery capacity if it's run on a laptop + no power chord is attached on my RPROMPT [x] rocks! [/ot]08:36
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treachprt-get: updating /usr/ports/opt/fetchmail09:08
treach=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:09:08
treachMISSING   e266c2e4f91f4a028481c87c7b005bb0  fetchmail-SA-2007-02.txt09:08
treachNEW       0105fd95ac563a02f20a40355d731159  fetchmail-SA-2007-02.txt09:08
treachIs that just me?09:08
pitill0treach: nop09:11
treachk. I'm filing a bug then.09:12
pitill0perfect :)09:12
RotwangGeorge Carlin is dead :{09:13
RotwangGod bless his soul ;]09:13
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RedShiftNaar aanleiding van zijn sketch 'Seven words you can never say on tv', werd Carling in 1972 gearresteerd. Een radiosketch van de komiek leidde later tot nieuwe wetgeving die het mogelijk maakte dat de overheid in kon grijpen wanneer zenders schuttingtaal uitzonden.09:15
treach...and dutch is a joke in it self. :>09:16
RedShifttranslation: After his sketch "Seven words you can never say on tv", carling was arrested in 1972. A radiosketch of the comic led to a new law that made it possible for the government to act when stations broadcasted swear language09:16
treach"gearresteerd" lol09:16
RedShiftcrazy americans09:16
RedShiftI hate it when they broadcast south park here and all the cool stuff is being beeped out09:17
RedShiftand they call themselves free09:17
treach"Man, I can't decide wether I'm german or english so let's use the english word with some extra letters and the german past tense form." :>09:17
RedShifttreach: if you look at our language history, that's probably partially right :-D09:17
treachquite possible09:18
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tilmanthrice`: for me, conky's display is inverted :)10:05
tilmanthrice`: battery almost empty -> "2 hours left". battery full -> "nada left" :D10:06
tilmanthrice`: bd2 broke the battery driver in the kernel i think :)10:06
thrice`ok, that's what I get too.10:06
thrice`100% -> 0%  goes 2 mins -> 2 hours10:06
tilmanone of us should check bugzilla.kernel.org10:07
tilmanit's been like this for 4..5 months o_O10:07
thrice`xfce's works very well; not sure what it calls, though o.O10:08
thrice`that very well could be a perfentage guess10:09
sepentilman, 'nada left' spanish lol10:10
* tilman checks conky's bugtracker10:10
tilmansepen: ;)10:10
thrice`well, fwiw, I was trying conky on 2.6.24.x, too, and experienced it10:10
sepenthrice`, I'm using battery plugin for the xfce panel, it rocks10:10
* treach waves a red cape in the direction of Italy10:10
tilmantreach would have complained if i had said 'inte left' ;)10:11
sepeninte rnet10:11
treachwell. "Inget" in this case10:11
tilmanthrice`: yes. i think .24 introduced it10:11
tilmantreach: ;D10:11
thrice`there is a conky-1.5.2_pre01116.tar.gz; maybe i'll try that later10:11
thrice`er, 1116*10:11
treachtilman: you know somthing funny? Inga is a female name, also means "None". :D10:12
thrice`2008-04-10:  "Added patch for battery_time problem on 2.6.24 (thanks wedge). "10:12
tilmani was just checking conky's bugtracker10:13
thrice`i can't find the specific patch, though.  guess i'll try updating to a pre-release tarball10:15
tilmanmmh, "conky2"10:18
tilmanthe first few hunks aren't related to the battery10:21
tilmanbut from line 1558 on there's something10:21
tilman(yay for not making use of atomic commits)10:21
thrice`yep, looks nice :)  try it out?10:22
* treach thanks $DEITY he *just* changed his repo over to git!10:24
tilmantreach: svn has atomic commits, that's why i mentioned it10:24
treachwell, it wasn't really related. I just screwed up my find -delete run in it..10:25
tilmanokay then :D10:25
treachI wrote Pkgfile instead of Pkgfile~ :/10:25
treachI just put my repo into git 1 min before, never used anything like that for it before. :)10:26
tilmangood timing10:26
treachindeed :)10:26
tilmancat >> .gitignore <EOF10:26
tilmanto avoid committing backup files and vim swap files etc10:27
treachyep. thanks for the reminder10:27
tilmanthen 'git clean' could be used to remove *~10:27
tilmanyou can also put those patterns in .git/info/exclude10:27
tilman(.gitignore should be under version control, ^^^ isn't)10:27
treachit's in ~10:28
treachoh, right10:28
treachmixed it up with .gitconfig10:28
RedShifthow does git compare to svn?10:32
treachsmarter, faster, better. :)10:33
RedShiftthey both do version control - what's the difference?10:33
treachhow they work10:33
treachRedShift: git doesn't have a central server every one have to sync with .10:33
sepenRedShift, origin and remote branches (distributed)10:33
RedShifthmm interesting, so nobody actually has the full source code?10:34
sepenfull? the master branch has the original one10:34
tilmaneverybody has the full source code10:34
sepentilman, yeah, but not local branches10:35
tilman(though you can do "partial" clones, too, but it's not the default)10:35
tilmansepen: of course :)10:35
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sepenhi jue!10:36
sepennice vacances!?10:36
juewalking the "Westweg" through the Schwarzwald (Black Forest)10:38
thrice`I could use such a vacation now o.O10:39
tilmanjue: wb10:41
sepentilman, when I type 'Add new task' in FS, I see directly jw,sip,tilman and not jue as Admins10:42
sepenalso for CRUX-contrib project10:42
tilmansorry, i don't understand10:43
sepen1 seg10:43
tilmanare you saying that jue isn't an admin on flyspray?10:43
sepenin the inputbox for assignements10:44
sepenI'll reproduce it, one momment10:44
tilmanjue: just saw this:
juetilman: thanks, will commit the fix soon10:46
tilmanjue: okay, wasn't sure if you had seen it since treach forgot to assign it :D10:47
sepensee Assigned To10:47
tilmanyou're using netscape?10:47
sepenjust sounds something odd10:47
sepentilman, :)10:47
tilmanyour fonts look bad, too ;p10:48
tilmanmmh, no idea how to explain it10:48
sepenclick in the image to get bigger fonts10:48
tilmanif you like them, nevermind10:48
surroundersepen: nice gtk-theme and fonts :)10:49
sepentilman, well just I use it after test the same in ffox10:49
tilmansepen: okay, something's wrong with flyspray10:49
tilmanlet me check the configuration10:49
cruxbot[opt.git]: fetchmail: fixed md5sum, FS#30910:51
cruxbot[opt.git]: php: fixed extension_dir in sample ini files10:51
treachyeah, I got the same issue, so I just left it was it was. I tried to manually tried to type in jue as the assignee, but apparently it didn't take that.10:51
treachgha. well, the point should be clear. :/10:52
tilmanright, sorry for blaming you :D10:52
treachI didn't feel blamed. :)10:52
treachsepen: still using ff2?10:52
sepentreach, yep10:52
treachguessed so. :)10:52
treachI used to use that theme, but it's not ported to ff3 yet. :/10:53
sepenbut I use opera and netscape at office too10:53
sepenand dillo! lol10:53
tilmanbah, flyspray10:54
treachapparently fs can't help itself. :)10:55
* treach hands tilman a can of "Radar"10:55
tilmanmmh, we could have our own customized bug resolutions10:56
tilmaneg "PEBKAC"10:56
cptnmaybe we can find inspiration in glibc's bugzill10:56
treachbugzilla, isn't that named after the amount of bugs in it? :>10:57
tilmani like bugzilla. it seems to work well for fdo10:57
sepentreach, using lista-osx in xfce10:58
tilmancptn: can you please check out our FS config wrt groups/users -- i can't find what's wrong10:58
sepentilman, also I tried with cleaning my cache and cookies but the same results appears10:59
treachsepen: at least you've got the right system on the metal. ;)10:59
sepenalso in both browsers Im using10:59
sepentreach, :=10:59
tilmanseems it worked yesterday evening though11:00
tilmaneg the subversion bump bug has been assigned properly11:00
treachcue dilbert moment. :)11:00
cptntilman: what's the problem?11:01
tilmancheck out the assignee text entry11:01
tilmanseems to have worked for jue just now though :D11:02
thrice`we could switch to launchpad..11:07
cptnshould be fixed now11:07
tilmanthrice`: except that we cannot. or is it publically available these days?11:08
tilmansepen: thanks, cptn fixed it11:08
sepenohh np11:08
sepenhmm jus is not admin, right?11:09
juetilman: btw, thanks for fixing some issues for me11:11
cptnhey jue11:12
tilmani almost updated ruby to 1.8.7 ;D11:12
tilmanjue: do you remember what triggered the change in core.git:3a5e0fbd ? do you know why we're removing those two headers?11:12
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jueah, now I remember11:19
juereps. found my note about that11:20
tilmanah, thanks11:21
tilmani'll check whether that's still an issue11:21
jueI think no11:22
jueat least my 1.4.1-rc2 port here works without it11:23
sahkohi, i noticed some traffic on the ML but the homepage is dead.. also some x86_64 dirs in ports. is crux64 going official?11:23
sahko*x86_64 ML11:24
cptnthere's a test run going on for an official x86_64 version, and there seems to be quite some interest11:25
cptnboth from users and developers11:25
cptnbut it's probably too early to call it official11:25
sahkoah great, thanks cptn11:26
tilmanit's also not a fork ;)11:28
tilmanjue: i'll give it a try tonight11:28
sahkoi thought official covered that point :)11:28
cptnyeah, maybe it's worth to clarify that:11:28
cptnit's an official test run :-)11:28
cptnbut there's no official release date or anything11:29
sahkook, i'll keep my eyes open then11:30
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thrice`I had bad luck with the x86_64 iso, with regards to dependency checking11:32
tilmandid you remember to add 'prtdir /usr/ports/x86_64' to prt-get.conf?11:33
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thrice`no, I mean trying to do a full install from the iso, resulted in failure.  I had to unselect opt for it to work11:34
Rotwangx86_64 iso works for me, but i still cant set up my video card crrectly :\11:34
thrice`I figured there was a circular dep somewhere, but didn't look into it11:35
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cruxbot[core.git]: iptables: don't remove header files.11:53
pitilloanother md5sum mismatch with fetchmail? can anyone take a look?11:56
tilmanpitillo: i think jue already knows about it11:57
pitillotilman, this last one too?11:57
treachpitillo: have you tried deleting the port and refeshing it?11:58
pitilloI checked it when trach told me and I saw the mistmatch at work, now here updated opt ports, I saw it was updated (the cert and the md5) and now I got again a md5 mistmatch11:58
tilmanoops, the one i meant is already fixed11:58
pitillotreach, nop, only updating11:58
tilmandidn't see cruxbot's announcement :D11:58
pitillolet's give a try... (haven't thought on it)11:58
pitillothe same11:59
treachweird. is the file ok?11:59
pitilloupdating ports must take ride of it if I am not in wrong11:59
pitillothis is quite strange11:59
pitilloMISSING   0105fd95ac563a02f20a40355d731159  fetchmail-SA-2007-02.txt11:59
pitilloNEW       e266c2e4f91f4a028481c87c7b005bb0  fetchmail-SA-2007-02.txt11:59
pitillothe missing is the one I saw at work when you told about to test it12:00
treachsometimes stale stuff doesn't go away in the port tree.12:00
tilmanthose two patches aren't in the ports tree12:00
tilmanthey are in source12:00
pitilloummm I think I must remove sources...12:00
pitillotilman, yeah, I will take a look, thank you12:00
tilmanit works for me, fwiw12:00
treachsame here12:01
pitillonow it's ok, sorry12:01
tilmanfirefox 3's gtk-ish buttons and forms and stuff look nice12:06
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juetilman: thought that nss should be a dep of xulrunner, please run:12:54
jueldd /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9/*.so | grep nss12:54
juelooks like we need an update for nss12:54
tilmanyup, you're right12:57
tilmansomeone mentioned this, but i forgot to change the Pkgfile12:58
treachI remember trying to get firefox using system nss in the past, with little luck. :/12:58
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cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: added missing nss dependency.13:12
juetilman: sorry, wasn't clear on that but I got a error message with the above command13:17
tilmani see what you mean :D13:47
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tilmantreach: where's your repository again/14:04
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