IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-06-24

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pitillogood morning01:35
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sepencptn, ping02:22
cptngood morning02:25
sepenI have a question about httpup02:25
sepenhttpup -e what it does?02:25
cptnit url encodes filenames, i.e. space becomes %32 for example02:26
cptnerr, %2002:26
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cruxbot[opt.git]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.4604:01
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nipuLdoes bash have something like ^foo* in tcsh?05:05
nipuLthe ^ inverts the selection05:05
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Rotwangwhat exactly are you trying to do?05:10
RotwangnipuL ^05:10
Rotwangtry [!foo]05:10
treachfor a moment I though you meant me. ;)05:11
treachhi, btw. :)05:11
luxhhi. sup?05:12
treachplaying around with digital photography. :)05:12
treach<- owner of a shiny new N8205:13
luxhisn't that a phone?05:13
treachit's got a 5MP camera too05:14
treachpretty good one too.05:14
luxhoh carl zeiss makes the lenses :o05:14
treachwell, the lense isn't all, but in my non expert opinion, it's a decent camera.05:15
luxhcan you shoot raw with it?05:17
treachall cameras do that. :) But I don't think I can get raw images out of it. :)05:18
treachbut since I don't have photoshop anyway that's no biggie.05:18
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Rotwangsepen: i am wondering, maybe you could change version of new ati port to 8.6 instead to that long one05:54
sepenI've the note on my TODO list, sorry05:55
sepenI'll try to update it this afternoon05:55
Rotwangjust the current version is bit confusing ;]05:55
cptnrehabdoll: does httpup build with gcc 4.3?05:57
Rotwangyes iirc05:58
Rotwangnot sure if its not patched in x86_64 repo05:58
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Rotwangcptn: it does not06:03
cptncool, thanks06:03
Rotwangargparser.cpp: In member function 'void ArgParser::parse(int, char**)':06:03
Rotwangargparser.cpp:158: error: 'exit' was not declared in this scope06:03
cptnis this the only error?06:04
cptnah, it's already in git06:04
cptntilman probably added those :-)06:04
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cruxbot[opt.git]: desktop-file-utils: new maintainer06:20
cruxbot[opt.git]: gnutls: new maintainer06:20
cruxbot[opt.git]: opencdk: new maintainer06:20
cruxbot[opt.git]: gnutls: removed (libgcrypt) dependency06:22
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cptnRotwan1: could you bump httpup's version to 0.4.0j-pre and check whether it works?06:38
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Rotwan1Building '/usr/ports/core/httpup/httpup#0.4.0j-pre-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.06:54
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cruxbot[core.git]: httpup: update to 0.4.0j07:04
treach"j" ? :)07:04
cptnit was i before07:04
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treachok. :)07:05
treachwill it be z before 0.4.1 ? :p07:05
cptnwell, maybe I should have made this one 0.4.107:05
cptnbut I guess it's too late now :-)07:06
treachlooks like it. :>07:06
nipuLquick add a new feature!!07:09
nipuLsurely there's some incorrect indentation somewhere07:09
treach"[core.git]: httpup: update to 0.4.1, fixing whitespaces" :>07:10
thrice`"can now download source without you having to type a thing"07:13
rehabdollcptn: no you need to add some headers07:16
rehabdolltheres a bug filed on flyspray with a patch07:16
cptnrehabdoll: yeah, I didn't find it cause tilman already applied it to httpup git07:17
rehabdollah, now it builds :>07:17
Rotwan1are you going to make contrib-x86_64?07:23
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Rotwan1i think it would be helpful07:23
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RyoSdid jaeger retire from crux too? :S08:20
Rotwan1some time ago08:20
Rotwan1what do you mean by "crux too" ??08:21
RyoSsome time ago already..? :/08:21
RyoShow come i didnt read about it?08:21
RyoSumh, refering to predatorfreak08:21
RyoSoh wait.. i remember.. :S ah jeez..08:23
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thrice`predatorfreak actually took alot of jaeger's ports08:27
RyoSignore me, i was pretty of the role the last days08:27
RyoSwell, whats with gnome?08:27
RyoSdid jaeger say anything about it?08:27
thrice`last time it was brought up, it sounded like he was going to maintain it still.  dunno if that's the case, as I don't use it :)08:28
RyoSif i would be able to take my time and customize is (with openbox as wm and so on and so on) i would use it :P i have it installed, but no time XD08:28
thrice`there are obconf and obmenu apps to help setup menus and settings08:30
RyoSi know08:30
RyoSobconf is in my repo IIRC08:30
RyoSit is08:30
j^2for i in *; do echo "hi $i" ; done08:43
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cruxbot[opt.git]: gnutls: updated to 2.4.008:54
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juecan someone confirm FS#313, please?09:21
teKexcept me? ;)09:21
juehehe, yes09:21
teKyou cannot?09:22
cruxbot[contrib.git]: php-sockets: new port09:22
sepen1 seg09:22
sepenI'll test it on my safe-env09:23
Rotwangok here09:23
teKLooks like a SuSE Linux system; installing /usr/ports/opt/rp-pppoe/work/pkg/etc/rc.d/init.d/pppoe09:24
Rotwangno footprint mismatch :p09:24
teKit says09:24
teKgreat ....09:24
Guest29859ok here09:24
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teKmy fault.. I had to create a /etc/SuSE-release for oracle to install on this machine09:25
teKI closed it. Sorry for any inconvenience.09:26
teKBuilding fine now09:27
thrice`I don't even see bug 313 on FS :(09:29
thrice`oh, nevermind; found it09:29
sepenrp-pppoe built fine on a fresh environment too09:30
jueok, thanks to all for the help09:31
thrice`teK: heh, how on earth did you manage that ? :)09:31
teKOracle (without a certain commandline option) refuses to install itself on "unknown" systems. i.e. it looks for /etc/SuSE-release or a RedHat file in /etc before installation09:35
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tilmanpitillo: would you like to maintain avahi in contrib by chance?10:40
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pitillotilman, isn't it used by gnome? I don't use it. May be there is acontrib member using gnome which can adopt it10:44
tilmanthought i'd ask you directly since you filed the bug about it some time ago :D10:45
pitillowell, I was filling some bugs related to opt/contrib ... testing ports in the safe-env to look for minimal deps only10:46
pitillonot sure if there is a contrib member who uses gnome, but can be the way to act...10:47
pitilloI mean I can adopt it and try to port (maintain) it the best as I can, but I can't test it (and I really don't like this idea)10:48
tilmannah, you're right10:48
pitillowell, I told contrib member who uses gnome... but if there is an opt member can be good too10:49
tilmannipuL: can you give this a quick try:
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cruxbot[opt.git]: mingetty: removed.11:05
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cruxbot[opt.git]: bchunk: adopted11:23
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cptnfor those wondering:12:18
cptnthe public wiki might be a bit broken in the next couple of minutes12:18
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cptnwe're back up13:00
cptnwe've renamed the "Public Wiki" to "Wiki"13:01
cptnsince that's what it really is13:01
cptnif anyone finds dead links, please try to fix them or let us know, thanks13:01
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cruxbot[opt.git]: amule, etc: deumlautify13:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: cdrkit, easytag, libcap, mktorrent: remove umlauts from maintainer name13:53
* thrice` looks up deumlautify in the dictionary14:14
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aonthrice`: deumlautify, n.: to remove non-ascii characters14:17
Rotwan1could someone delete this
Rotwan1i made stupid mistake but now cant delete it14:30
Rotwan1cptn ^14:30
cptnRotwan1: sure14:30
cptnjust edit it, and write 'delete' in the text field14:30
cptnthen submit14:30
cptnand it should go away14:30
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Rotwan1ok it worked ;]14:31
cptnyou're welcome14:31
cptnit's not the most intuitive way to remove pages :-)14:32
cruxbot[opt.git]: pinentry: new dependency (xorg-libx11)14:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: cacti: make port usable (thx pitillo)15:33
pitillothank you teK (btw, take a look to the maintaner line :P)15:36
teKoh noez15:38
teKthere was an accident before *g*15:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: cacti: fix maintainer line (thx pitillo)15:39
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treach@seen falk15:47
clbtreach: I have not seen falk.15:47
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cruxbot[opt.git]: avahi: removed.16:01
cruxbot[opt.git]: libdaemon: removed.16:01
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sepenhey, I forget the meeting18:09
sepenI read the log, was a nice one18:09
nipuLthere was a meeting?18:12
sepenI read the cptn mail too later18:13
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sepenalso I was in mind the thursday instead of today18:13
sepenno idea why18:13
nipuLi was in bed by the time the email arrived18:14
nipuL+10 here guys ;P18:15
aonwell it wasn't really that short-notice18:16
aonsince the earlier thread says tue 1800CEST18:16
sepenI like more 20 to 24 CEST18:16
nipuLthe date on it is 1800CEST18:16
nipuLwhich means it would have hit my inbox at about 2 in the morning18:17
sepena review whould be nice18:17
aonDate: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 08:56:53 +020018:17
aonthis one talks about 1800CEST on tuesday18:18
aonanyway, it went on like until 230018:18
nipuLheh, i was getting the kids off to school thie morning18:19
nipuLoh well18:19
nipuLtime to make a coffe and read the logs18:19
aonmm, i know rather too well that life can prevent you from cruxing18:20
aoni should be getting to bed18:21
sepen01:21 here18:22
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ati: Updated to 8-6. (I won't use compilation version numbers anymore)18:41
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nipuLheh, now all of dev is asleep i bet19:16
nipuLfinally made it through the logs19:16
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cruxbot[opt.git]: opencdk: removed21:09
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