IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-06-25

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pitillogood morning01:17
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aonmorning sepen02:03
sepenaon, we sleep a lot02:03
aonhehe :)02:04
aoni've been up for 2.5 hours02:04
aonthat's when the repairman came to "patch" this apartment :)02:08
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cruxbot[opt.git]: fetchmail: update for revised SA-2008-01, FS#31402:28
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cruxbot[opt.git]: wxgtk: updated to 2.8.802:41
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cruxbot[opt.git]: swig: update to 1.3.3602:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: darcs: update to 2.0.203:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: awesome: 2.3.1 -> 2.3.207:27
cruxbot[contrib.git]: awesome: fix stupid mistake07:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: awesome: Pkgfile cleanup, thanks to jue08:06
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luxhhi. who got that updated crux cd?09:16
luxhah there it was, big thanks!09:19
surrounderwhat's updated about it ? :)09:20
luxhcan't stand this ubuntu. it drives me nuts09:20
luxhsurrounder: packages09:20
luxhguess they start to get old too now though09:21
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spaceninjablah, why did I remove crux from my server.... I just realized after trying out numerous of other distributions, bsd included, that crux is the shi* for small servers.10:01
thrice`:)  serves you right!10:02
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thrice`tilman: is game now + 3 hours?10:50
thrice`ok :)  thanks10:52
tilmanwant to support your german colleagues? :p10:53
Rotwanggermany turkey? ;]10:54
thrice`tilman: yes, hoping if they win, i'll get a raise / more vacation :)10:54
tilman! :D10:54
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tilmanrehabdoll: please ask for an account for x86_64 arch maintenance on the list, so i can create one for you11:19
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* rehabdoll slaps tilman 12:15
* tilman slaps rehabdoll back12:15
rehabdollis there a x86_64 ml?12:15
tilmanrehabdoll: i'd suggest to reply to the 'x86_64 testdrive' thread on crux-devel12:16
tilmanso everybody sees the request12:16
tilmanotherwise people might think the secret underground invited you ;))12:16
tilmanrehabdoll: oh, and let me know your prefered username + ssh key12:16
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rehabdollcould you forward an appropriate message for me to reply to? just signed up for the ml12:20
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rehabdollhas the criteria for a port to be added to xxx-x86_64 been set? i guess a port failing to build would qualify.. but footprint errors?12:54
tilman /j #crux-devel btw12:55
tilmanrehabdoll: atm, xxx-x86_64 should have everything that xxx has12:55
tilmanif there's a arch maintainer for that port anyway12:55
tilmanwhich is why we're happy to get more help, because it's quite some work :P12:56
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cruxbot[opt.git]: vpnc: removed.13:22
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thrice`:(  no raise for me14:10
Rotwan1turks are going for a win ;]14:11
* thrice` slaps tilman 14:14
thrice`oh wait, they scored.  sorry tilman, I take it back14:15
tilmanthrice`: 1:1, that's why i'm saying np :p14:15
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cruxbot[core.git]: man-pages: updated to 3.01.14:34
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treachNow, if someone had a mic in the german locker room. :D14:36
thrice`I'm still at work and cannot watch :(  were they good goals ?14:37
treachand the germans are lucky14:37
treach*Very* lucky14:37
treachit could have been 2 or 3 turkish goals until they managed to score14:37
teKLehmann sucks as usual :>14:38
treachwell, the one in the crossbar wasn't his fault..14:39
treachand the one he let in wasn't that easy either.14:39
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teKfalse position14:39
treachmaybe. he was definitely wrong on the freekick14:40
teK+ the free kick that almost passed his hands ..14:40
spaceninjaso there is a x86-64 version of crux?14:40
teKTimo Hildebrandt ftw14:40
tilmanspaceninja: it doesn't work yet14:40
treachspaceninja: yes, but it's inofficial, and at a  pre-test stage.. :D14:40
spaceninjawhy doesn't it work?14:40
spaceninjaok ok14:40
tilmantreach: two otr menus in the conversation window in pidgin o__O14:48
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thrice`i compiled pidgin 2.4.2 last night, and had to specifically disable 4 or 5 additional configure options.  why it wasn't smart enough to recognize these on my system is beyond me14:51
treachtilman: uh?14:53
tilmantreach: "OTR" and "littleheadsicon"14:53
treachtilman: are you using my otr stuff?14:54
tilmansame contents though14:54
treachI haven't seen that14:54
treachyou're right.14:54
treachI hadn't noticed. :D14:54
rehabdolltough ref :D14:55
tilmanhe's from sweden14:55
tilmanno wait, switzerland ;)14:56
treachno, that's just the fourth ref14:56
treachPeter Fröjdefält is the forth ref.14:56
tilman'massimo busaca from tessin' afaik14:56
treachHe's from sweden.14:56
tilmantreach: i was referring to people mixing up se and ch14:56
treachah. right.14:57
treachthose poor guys on the other side of the pond. Both countries begins with an S though, so let's not be too demanding. :>14:57
aon/ignore -topic football *14:58
tilmantoo bad ulugbeg is gone ;)14:58
aonah right, ulughbegh was his nick14:59
tilman<guy> 1:0 for turkey14:59
tilman<ulughbegh> no, turkland!!14:59
* treach wanders off to see how the germans are going to avoid defeat in the second half. :>15:00
thrice`2nd half is underway, i think15:00
tilmannope, they'l win :)15:00
tilmanthe turkland people seem to be kind of aggressive ;)15:01
aoni would be aggressive if my homeland was named after a bird15:01
tilman"connectino to basel broke down"15:02
tilmanno transmission15:02
tilmanffs omg15:02
tilmanthrice`: that's what my TV says :)15:02
thrice`oh, yikes :(15:03
thrice`lol, i'm watching the espn feed:15:03
thrice`And after that, our pictures of the game have completely gone! Errr, hold on there for a minute....15:03
RyoSthere it is15:04
tilmanaudio is back15:04
RyoSi hear the sound15:04
tilmani can has video?15:04
Rotwangits back ;]15:04
brointhe1ixwow, I got a still picture too15:04
tilmannot  for me15:04
Rotwangaudio at least :D15:04
cptnworks fine here :-)15:05
brointhe1ixguess the Euro 2008 Team gave ass :P15:05
tilmanso hyttering med naven ;)15:05
brointhe1ix"sorry for technical difficulties" ;)15:05
aonwhat, no audio and still picture?15:05
aonsounds like the games are relayed through the finnish dvb-t network :)15:05
brointhe1ixi have audio back :)15:05
Rotwangits back15:06
Rotwangphew ;D15:06
tilmanstill not for me ffs15:06
brointhe1ixbtw, who's playing?15:06
brointhe1ixTurkey and what?15:06
Rotwangger tur15:06
Poisonrabbitdamn switzerland networks :P15:06
brointhe1ixee, who15:07
brointhe1ixah, Ger15:07
tilmanvideo it's back15:07
Rotwanggo germany goooooo15:10
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Poisonrabbitnoes signal lost again15:21
tilmansome serious swearing would be in order15:21
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Rotwanghaha works here :p15:22
tilmanit's there again15:22
tilmanthrice`: the raise is yours ffs :D15:23
tilmanRotwang: at first i thought 'mirek' was polish for 'goal' :P15:24
tilman10 minutes to go15:24
thrice`I'll bet the pubs will be active tonight15:24
tilmanthrice`: public viewing is all the range since the world championship here :D15:26
tilman'public viewing' is probably a german word by now ;)15:26
thrice`it's very common in the states for bars to broadcast events15:29
sepenRotwang, I updated ati, did you test it?15:31
Poisonrabbitholly crap signal went away came back and its 2 - 215:31
sepenworking fine here for now15:31
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Rotwangsepen: yes, works fine15:32
tilmanoh man15:32
Poisonrabbiti feel the penalties coming up :P15:33
tilmanPoisonrabbit: extra time first ;p (30 mins)15:33
PoisonrabbitHA HA15:34
tilmani think i'm gonna have a heart attack15:35
RyoSOH MY GOD15:35
RyoSmy heart15:35
RyoSjesus christ15:35
RyoSwhat the fuck?!15:35
RyoSits so good lahm made the goal15:35
rehabdollsomeone needs to be shot15:35
RyoShe is one of the very best15:35
Poisonrabbittilman, extra time ?15:37
Man0l0are you seen the footbol match ?15:37
tilmanPoisonrabbit: 'extension' whatever. dont know the english term15:37
Poisonrabbitha ah ;)15:37
tilmanthat's it, right?15:38
tilmancome on15:38
Poisonrabbitextended time15:38
Poisonrabbitextra time <,15:38
Poisonrabbiti think they all apply :P15:38
tilmanlucky win :D :D15:38
tilmansuck it, turkey ;D15:39
tilmangood luck, berlin15:39
Man0l0turkey played nice !!15:39
Man0l0it's a pity15:39
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tilmanMan0l0: so, de vs es in the final? ;)15:40
Rotwangcivil war in germany tonight ];>15:41
Poisonrabbitcant wait to see the finals germany vs sepen15:42
Poisonrabbiterr spain15:42
sepenPoisonrabbit, all vs me? nice!15:42
tilmanthe russian team is scary though ;)15:42
sepenI've the powerrrrr15:43
Poisonrabbitsepen, lolz <<15:43
Man0l0sepen could defeat germany too ;)15:43
Man0l0what russia ?15:43
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Man0l0the russia whom play vs nederlan is very strong15:44
* treach pitys the turks for a moment. They just have to be nuts.15:45
treach"The odds are against you 100-1" "Great, that just means we will win, right?"15:45
tilmanthey shouldn't even party so much ;)15:45
tilmanmost sucky game, even luckier ;p15:46
treachthey did extremely well IMO.15:46
tilmani meant de15:46
treachgot that15:46
treachgary lineker was totally right. :>15:46
treach"Fotball is a game played for 90 minutes, and then the germans win." or something like that15:47
tilmanah,, that one15:47
treachinsane. the turkish team in complete disarray after injuries and players out for bookings etc, and yet, they are the better team seen over the entire game.15:49
treachI'm impressed.15:49
tilmanwell, de sucked :]15:49
treachhopefully they do better the next time.15:49
tilmantreach: very funny that the semi-late turk was at it again :D15:49
treachotoh, isn't that kind of a german speciality? Play badly and yet win?15:50
treachyeah. :D15:50
treachanother late scoring by the late-turk. :D15:50
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Rotwangany thoughts about crux cloak? ;]16:50
thrice`hm ?16:51
thrice`and tilman would be crux/dictator/tilman ? ;)16:52
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Rotwangthrice`:no tilman is already xmms2 guy16:53
RotwangI've noticed16:53
thrice`oh, right16:54
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rehabdoll <- font-tip of the day16:59
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drijenhey all anyone alive?19:35
thrice`no, crux is dead19:35
drijeni just installed 2.419:35
drijenhow is crux dead19:35
drijenim not at the comp atm though :(19:36
drijenwaiting on my friend so i stole her laptop19:36
drijenwas wondering if anyone knew what version of gnome is in the repo19:36
drijenno rsync ( so i can't look it up19:37
Poisonrabbitdrijen, 2.22.019:37
drijenPoisonrabbit: ty sir :)19:37
* drijen claps19:37
Poisonrabbitalso jaeger apparently left so gnome is not maintained atm19:38
Poisonrabbitnot sure who's going to pick it up19:38
drijenhe did WHAT19:38
thrice`he still maintains gnome iirc19:38
drijenjesus, who else left19:38
thrice`noone left, but cptn has returned19:38
drijenpredator, jeager, anyone else?19:38
PoisonrabbitRomster ?19:38
Poisonrabbitprologic lol long time now though19:39
thrice`I think romster just left irc; his ports are still going :)19:39
drijenromster is my hero19:39
drijenhe has given me more help than i deserved to have19:39
Poisonrabbitdrijen, Romster got his own distro going #hvlinux19:39
* drijen pops open Poisonrabbit 's brain and greps for any other good info19:40
Poisonrabbitha ha ha :P19:40
drijenfrom the look of the site, hvlinux is just crux with a new name19:42
drijenis there really *that* much of an issue with how crux does things?19:43
thrice`I think he's just stubborn19:44
drijenwell really, what is wrong19:44
drijenaside from the occasional annoying port19:44
* drijen srhugs19:45
drijenthrice`: how have you been19:45
thrice`good thanks.  you ?19:45
drijendoin o19:46
drijencussed out linux earlier though, my hardware is crazy hard to make boot19:46
drijeni was throwing cd's , slamming the tower door etc19:46
thrice`I haven't got crux on my laptop yet :(  too lazy to make a kernel config19:46
drijenyeah thank god i saved mine from slackware19:47
drijeni still have *no* idea what makes that kernel boot, and the others not19:47
thrice`this is a new laptop, so it's from scratch.  haven't done that in years19:47
* drijen avoids base distro on his laptop19:47
drijenwireless, supsend, i hate doing all that stuff19:47
drijenmy laptop runs dreamlinux atm19:47
thrice`nah, i've got all that working on slack19:48
drijenthrice`: im just lazy19:48
drijendon't want to deal wiht it19:48
drijenat least its not ubuntu19:48
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nipuLdrijen: romsters issue with crux was that his pkgutil patches weren't accepted, as well as the policy of not patching the hell out of upstream sources19:58
nipuLwhich is probably the same reason predatorfreak bailed as well20:00
nipuLeg, look at all the patches just for pkgutils
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thrice`ah, yeah :(20:03
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