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cruxbot[contrib.git]: pyopengl: 3.0.0b1 -> 3.0.0b301:04
pitillogood morning01:13
rehabdollA lady's power supply was smoking, so she rang tech support and asked, "Is there a fire in the file server room? Because it's smoking at my end."01:19
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f1yhi there01:24
cptna friend of mine started working at a new company a while ago, and when he started there some guy told him:01:24
cptn"our devices run on smoke; if the smoke comes out of the device, it won't work anymore"01:24
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nipuLcptn: that an old electronics joke01:44
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Rotwangsomeone else experienced problems with mime types?03:08
Rotwangalmost everything detected as x-octet-stream03:09
Rotwangand I dont have applications in gnome menu03:12
Rotwangim downgrading shared-mime0info atm03:13
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mike_kcan anyone, please try to (re)build contrib/mod_python. Looks it does not like recent apr/apache changes04:02
Rotwangyeah, breaks here04:04
mike_klike this?
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aonmike_k: any reason why the aspell-uk release number is 0?04:23
teKprogrammers always counting from 004:25
mike_kaon: I don't remember really... I guess it was in that shape when I took it form original packager. or he did something nasty wit version/release variables.04:26
aonjudging from the build() there's no reason to do so04:27
mike_kdo you feel like it should be bumped up?04:28
aonyes, since releases start from 104:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: aspell-uk: just a release bump (zero was not a valid release number)04:36
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aonin case you still didn't know:
aonre: last night05:55
teKseems as the swiss were intelligent enough to build bolt-safe systems backed up by a UPS05:59
roliveira"Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball, and one referee who makes a slew of mistakes, and in the end Germany always wins." Gary Lineker06:02
roliveirarussia is going to change that i hope06:03
teKwe'll see06:04
aon"    *06:04
aon          o06:04
aonehm, what06:04
roliveiraor spain, i just don`t want germany to win06:04
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teKroliveira: that's very friendly of course06:10
roliveirasorry but i don`t want the team that sent my country home to win :D06:11
teKoh well :>06:12
roliveirawe were heading to the championship!06:12
teKplaying like this? no.06:12
roliveirawe just needed a good keeper06:13
roliveiratek, have you seen how germany plays?06:13
sepenroliveira, hey06:13
sepenevery time I update your repository I find that:06:14
sepen Edit: roliveira/geomview/Pkgfile06:14
sepen Edit: roliveira/poedit/Pkgfile06:14
sepenany idea?06:14
teKroliveira: "our" keeper sucks, too. And yes I watched every game. The germans did play really good against Portugal (not against croatia and turkey, yes)06:15
roliveirano sepen, don`t know what is that, is it only with those files?06:15
roliveirai will look at it tonight and let you know06:17
roliveira"Ity is a shame Kahn is not around. The youngsters listen to him and look up to him." Michael Ballack, on Oliver Kahn06:18
teKwhen did he say that?06:19
teKKahn >> Lehmann06:19
roliveiradon`t know, i am just looking at some quotes06:20
sepenand your .httpup files are right?06:20
sepenI mean ignore and REPO files, etc06:20
roliveirayes they are, can you try again?06:21
sepenok, one more time06:23
sepencan you paste me your .http-repgen-ignore file┬┐06:26
roliveirai don`t have acess to my files at the moment06:26
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cptnsepen: typically, this happens when these files change, but REPO wasn't regenerated07:18
cptntoo bad roliveira's gone now :-)07:19
teKthe zh_ something Repo has got the same problem, too07:20
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sepencptn, nice to known07:52
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sepenhas someone a bit of time for testing a script?08:14
sepenprint files which don't belong to any package08:14
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thrice`hi jue08:29
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sepenhey jue08:30
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juesepen: btw, did you ever give me a feedback about the whitelist feature I've added for you to prtverify?08:34
sepenohh I need to do more test before08:35
sepennop jue08:35
sepenI'm reviewing all my scripts those days, surely I'll do08:36
juedo you use the new version?08:36
jueso it seems to work for you ;-)08:37
sepenthanks guy, I'm glad to known about whitelists08:37
sepensometimes are really needed08:37
sepenon the other side, I've a problem in 'pkg-not' whitelists08:38
sepentrying to avoid /usr/bin/[08:38
sepen:) <sepen>
juehmm, looks like the same as 'prtorphan -d' ?08:40
jueok, prtorpahn has no whitelist08:40
sepenscans  the  given  directory for files not part of a port...08:42
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mike_kseems prt-utils aren't well advertized08:55
treachIMO prt-utils are obscure, partially overlapping, and to some extent do thing that the package management tools should do. :/08:58
mike_k, do not play well with custom PKGMK_* variables sometimes08:59
thrice`treach: I disagree.  I use prtwash regularly, but don't think it should be added to pkgutils09:01
treachthrice`: you should probably re-read what I said. ;)09:02
thrice`treach: oh, sorry.  I thought you said basically "should be merged into pkgutils"09:02
treachno, not all of it.09:02
pitill0ummm I have a doubt (started with the note of sepen's WL) pkginfo -o "\[" shows file package like the owner, it isn't shown in the .footprint. Anyone can explain me a bit?09:03
treachbut exacly what should be merged into pkgutils/prt-get etc could be a topic for some debate.09:03
thrice`probably an endless one :)09:03
thrice`or we'll end up with portage as a default manager09:03
treachthat's why there have to be someone who makes the decisions. :>09:04
treachnow when cptn is back, it feels like the odds of things actually getting decided have increased, so I remain optimistic. :>09:04
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sepenexcuse me09:05
treachwould you prefer me pessimistic?09:09
thrice`sepen: aren't you from spain ?09:09
treachno matter how things go, I bet we get a bunch of drunk russians tonight. :>09:11
sepenthrice`, yeah09:11
sepentoday is the day09:11
sepenwe never win nothing on soccer09:12
treachthat's good, right?09:12
sepenpersonally I prefer basket09:13
treachif you never win nothing, then you always win something. :D09:13
roliveirai just want germany to loose...and spain09:16
teKtreach: you're right :>09:27
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sepen@seen jue09:36
clbsepen: jue was last seen in #crux 56 minutes and 13 seconds ago: <jue> ok, prtorpahn has no whitelist09:36
sepen@seen jue_09:37
clbsepen: I have not seen jue_.09:37
sepen@seen jue__09:37
clbsepen: I have not seen jue__.09:37
sepenops, bug?09:37
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aon@seen aon209:38
clbaon: I have not seen aon2.09:38
aon@seen aon209:38
clbaon: aon2 was last seen in #crux 2 seconds ago: <aon2> test09:38
aonturns out you actually have to talk to be seen09:39
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j^2aon:  you should op me :P09:46
j^2btw, at like <10 days now right?09:46
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aonj^2: yeah, 809:50
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thrice`anyone tried wicd for wireless management?  looks pretty nice10:07
sepenohh nice!10:08
aonhi tilman10:11
mike_kthrice`: got fresh port?10:17
thrice`mike_k: no, not yet.  eacrux has an older version, it seems10:19
mike_kthat's why I've asked for a fresh one. I think, I'll try it out.10:19
thrice`me too.  looks easy to use :)10:20
cruxbot[opt.git]: gob: removed.10:22
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drijen121m sysup, not bad11:12
* drijen pats his quad11:12
thrice`depends how outdated it was ;)11:13
drijenusing jaegers updated iso11:13
drijensooo, last month11:13
drijen<- shower whilst installing hal11:14
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cruxbot[core.git]: prt-get: update to 5.1611:28
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clbdrijen: cptn was last seen in #crux 2 hours, 24 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <cptn> oh12:03
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cruxbot[opt.git]: cdrtools: updated to 2.01.01a4213:48
cruxbot[opt.git]: libdevmapper: updated to 1.02.2713:48
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teKlive ticker in #crux14:54
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RyoSi just told a friend14:57
RyoSrussia will loose tonight14:57
RyoS2 minutes after they scored :D14:57
tilmans/after/later/ ? :P15:00
RyoSyeah right15:01
RyoStoo much beer input :P15:01
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drijen2 minutes!!!15:08
drijenDING DING15:08
drijennew record for new guy!15:08
RyoSdrijen: took your pills?15:09
RyoSwell then?15:09
* drijen thinks RyoS is just miffed that he missed some humor15:10
RyoSoooooooooh humor! lulz, i love humor15:10
RyoSyeah.. right.15:11
* drijen hands RyoS a beer.15:11
RyoSi can need that, thanks15:11
drijenewww its joacim15:13
drijenhow di dyou escape your cage?15:13
joacimyou forgot to lock up after you raped me15:14
drijennext time, no lube.15:14
joacimdarn :/15:15
maxusoh f***!!!!15:17
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RyoShey :P15:26
cruxbot[contrib.git]: docutils: 0.4 -> 0.515:30
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teKthere's no reason to check which items recently changed in ck4up after they have been displayd first15:59
treachmh. "prt-get depinst viralbox" .. no thanks..16:02
treachbtw, anyone seen this with dev86: elks.c:18:22: error: sys/vm86.h: No such file or directory16:02
pitillotreach, strange, I never see it (updated here yesterday)16:04
treachweird. maybe it's because I'm on x86_6416:04
pitilloummm, here 32b arch. I can't help too much, sorry16:05
treachno problem. I'll mess around with it a bit.16:05
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cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
drijenanyone around thta uses gnome16:12
drijenand could give me a hand on figuring out a broken compile16:13
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pitillodrijen, I don't use it... but if you try to paste your error to take a look to it....16:20
treachpitillo: ok, figured it out, apparently it needs fixing for 64bit.16:22
treachiow, it's not your problem. :)16:22
drijenpitillo: pasting an error would be a bit of a fangle16:23
drijensecond, trying something with it, i'll give a direct error here16:23
thrice`install openbox :)16:24
pitillotrying to translate16:24
treachthrice`: me?16:24
pitillotreach, nop, I think was for drijen16:24
drijenthrice`: planning on it, but i've already got all this stuff installed, would be a real kick in the nuts to not finish it16:24
treachAha.. right. :P16:24
pitillowhat does fangle mean?16:25
pitillosomething not usefull?16:25
treachI was wondering if thrice` was fully awake, since openbox and virtual box even though have similar names, doesn't QUITE do the same thing. :D16:25
drijenpitillo: fangle = pain in the ass.16:26
pitillotreach, xD16:26
pitillodrijen, then how do you expect to get help from another one?16:26
drijenpitillo: what?16:26
treachdrijen: just redirect the compile output to a logfile.16:27
pitilloyou told that pasting an error would be a bit of "pain in the ass"...16:27
drijenyeah it would, why log 500 pages of compile, when the error takes up 10 lines.16:27
pitilloand those 10 lines doesn't give you any clue?16:28
drijentakes 4 min to puke, just waiting for it to do so again so i can paste it16:28
drijennot really16:28
drijenits related to an XML parser16:28
drijenso i reinstalled that, double checked it16:28
thrice`running post-instlals ?16:28
drijendouble checked python too16:28
thrice`docbook related ?16:28
drijenjust now tried that :p16:28
drijenits still going16:29
drijenif it crosses the 4 min mark, i'll feel a little better16:29
drijenyou know me, i won't ask for help unless i've tried a bunch of stuff, and am now beating my head on the wall16:30
* drijen slings blood on pitillo 16:30
treach"Please, just tell people to use KDE" :p16:30
* treach takes cover16:30
drijenKDE != gtk16:30
drijenor else i would16:30
thrice`treach: don't tell me you've converted ?16:30
treachto what?16:31
* drijen likes openbox over gnome16:31
treachI've always been a kde user to some extent.16:31
drijensame, but i have found a preference for GTK apps16:31
thrice`oh, I thought you were fvwm16:31
drijenkde4 is a sin, and kd3 is clunky for things OMHO16:31
treachit's just that running a full blown de on crux doesn't really make any sense IMO16:31
treachkde3 is probably the best de available right now, and I'm sure kde4 will be splendid once they get stuff working fully.16:32
drijenmy goal is using nautilus, banshee, and some other GnomeY things in openbox16:32
drijenif thta makes sense16:32
drijenkde4 is the ugliest pos i have ever seen. thta includes Luna16:33
treachdrijen: you ARE aware that there are other themes, right?16:33
drijenall fugly.16:33
joacimchange themes? people still do that?16:33
treachthat's just silly.16:33
drijenjoacim: must use OSX16:33
drijenthe "don't touch me you vagabond!" OS.16:34
joacimuse both osx and gentoo =)16:34
* treach thinks OSX is probably the most overrated pos he's ever seen.16:34
* drijen likes OSX on laptops16:34
drijenits nice for just doing work16:34
joacimit is =)16:34
drijenalthough, i want to shoot the dev who came up with the disctool thing in OSX16:35
treachI really hate that "I just want to get work done" moniker16:35
drijentreach: well... ido.16:35
treachas if you couldn't get work done in kde or windows etc.16:35
drijeni want my desktop to go click click, then gtfo of my way16:36
treachffs, you know what the most productive environment in computing history is?16:36
treachI bet that is VT10016:36
drijentreach: you must work for Sun16:36
treachno, I don't16:36
treachbut I hate stupid people16:36
drijentreach: bout 2 years ago, they made every single department aside from marketing and some graphical folks use VIM and some console apps, and nothing else16:37
drijenproductivity rose something like 40%16:37
treachand especially I hate people who think *I* am stupid enough not to see through their idiotic arguments.16:37
drijenthanks treach16:37
drijeni'll keep that in mind.16:37
treachdrijen: don't take it personal16:38
drijenbut you did.16:38
joacimmeh.. osx is an excellent OS for laptops16:38
treachno, that wasn't my intention. I was just refering to that tired old argument.16:38
drijensimply because we disagree on how we like to use our computers is no grounds to insult someones intelligence.16:39
treachand I didn't take what you said as an explicit repetition on the theme16:39
treachdrijen: exactly. And if someone says that you need to use gnome "to get work done" I feel insulted.16:39
treachbecause that tired argument is an insult to anyones intelligence.16:40
drijeni never said that.16:40
treachI know.16:40
drijenbut thanks anyway.16:40
drijenhave a nice day, pleasure talking with you.16:40
treachyou too.16:40
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treach o.O18:35
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