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bdfy - Cant build library.. I had some errors03:03
bdfy../src/.libs/ undefined reference to `clock_nanosleep'03:03
bdfySee You!03:10
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cruxbot[core.git]: shadow: update to
cruxbot[opt.git]: squid: update to 2.6.STABLE2104:32
cruxbot[contrib.git]: bmp: fix dependency name04:45
cruxbot[contrib.git]: lvm2: 2.02.38 -> 2.02.3904:45
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rxiis there a udev rule or chmod command that needs to be run on a fresh crux install to get the sound to work for users?07:33
tilmanrxi: just add your user to the 'audio' group07:34
rxijust finished installing crux 2.4 .. hadnt done a clean install for like 12 months07:35
rxibeen running vista07:35
rehabdollteh horror07:35
rxii like vista07:36
tilmani guess you won't like crux then ;))07:36
rxiyeah 3 days of compiling and configuring :P07:36
rxihmm still doesnt recognise the device when im a user .. i thought i had to add an entry to udev rules last time i had this problem07:48
tilmandoes alsamixer work?07:48
rxias user no .. root yes07:49
tilmandid you logout and login again after adding your user to the audio group?07:49
tilmanls -l /dev/snd/* -- are the devices owned by group audio at all? :p07:49
rxii havent logged out of gnome no07:49
rxiyeah audio has rw07:50
tilmanyou need to logout/login again to make group changes kick in07:51
rxiahh ok07:52
rxii can live with root + mplayer for tonight07:53
rxiim comfy now and dont feel like logging out :)07:53
rxigot some jack daniels single barrell and im planted on the couch :)07:59
tilmanhmpf, just found a pdf file that won't load in epdview08:05
tilmanhuh? sounds o_O08:09
Orbyhas anyone run Crux as xen DomU ?08:10
tilmannot me08:11
Orbyi'm trying to find the best way to make one, i made a virtual machine, then made a tar / and then extracted it to a image for xen, but was wondering if theres a more official way08:12
tilmani haven't heard anything about crux & xen fwiw08:13
Orbyyea i cant find much about it with a google, but then my google skills might be lacking08:14
tilmanif it works well it should be okay ;p08:15
Orbyyea seems to be working08:16
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brointhemixjust wondering, can I build x86_64 ports with pkgmk on an x86 box?11:23
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thrice`not without being in a 64-bit environment, i don't think11:28
tilmantreach: try booting with iommu=noagp11:28
tilmantreach: kernel/Documentation/x86_64/boot-options.txt11:28
treachtilman: ok, thanks, I'll make a note of it.11:28
tilmani didn't try it myself though11:28
brointhemixthrice`, hmmm....11:29
tilmanthrice` is correct of course11:30
tilmanthe x86_64 Pkgfiles (for the pure 64 bit env) look the same as the i686 ones11:30
tilmanso on a x86 crux system they will give you x86 packages11:30
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brointhemixI thought of a "builder box" that would build both x86 and x86_64 but as you speak I would need two such boxes11:32
thrice`are the x86_64 repos going to contain ports that only need modification to build on 64-bit, or will they contain all ports ?11:32
thrice`seems like it would save redundancy to only have *needed* ports / changes in the 64-bit repos11:33
tilman[WIP disclaimer] atm they should contain all of the ports in the primary tree that have an 'arch maintainer' assigned to them11:34
tilmanthrice`: yes, but that way you could end up with ports being available that noone ever tested on $arch11:34
thrice`ah, I suppose that is a catch11:34
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brointhemixlol, i bought a banana beer11:41
brointhemixok, next question: do you happen to know if pkg-get is in active development?11:42
tilmani don't think it is ;p11:42
tilmanjdolan wrote it *ages* ago afaik11:42
brointhemixi thought that if it was still alive we could setup a package server kind thing11:43
tilman(it used to say: "detailed c-state info is only available on laptop cpus")11:44
cptnisn't pkg-get by sip?12:02
cptnjdolan wrote pkgsync IIRC12:03
tilmanmaybe i mixed those up12:03
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trithe ImageMagick port is outdated16:29
rehabdollas usual16:32
rehabdollthey release every other day?16:32
trilast stable version is 6.4.216:32
tribut also the ImageMagick port doesn't have a failed url anylonger16:33
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