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childintimehello,. does anybody run vmware server on crux? i succesfully created package for 1.0.5 and 1.0.6 version (just edited vmware-workstation Pkgfile..)...service run fine, but when i try to vmrun start text.vmx it tells me 'File not found'..i spent a day and dont found solution, any suggestions?06:13
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RedShiftchildintime: try running strace and see what it does06:30
childintimeyes i tried, its very long and there are many 'not founds', i able to send it..06:31
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childintime:/ i will rather try virtualbox..07:24
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RedShiftchildintime: interesting08:09
RedShiftI wonder why it does gettid() so much08:09
RedShiftchildintime: try ldd your vmware executable and find things that are missing08:10
childintimethere are some libs missing for vmware executable, but not for vmrun..but it might be connected with each other :/ problem is that libs that vmware needs are quite old, like its really annoying stupid i will try nice open virtualbox..maybe will work better for me..08:12
RedShiftchildintime: do you have hardware virtualization?08:14
childintimei have second generation opterons with amd-v functions...08:14
RedShiftchildintime: then use qemu-kvm08:15
childintimebut now i am testing it on old dual pentiumIII server..08:15
RedShiftit uses the kernel's KVM framework08:15
RedShiftmuch better08:15
RedShift(you do need a recent kernel and have that stuff enabled though ;-))08:15
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childintimeok, i will try it, but about 6 months ago i was playing with qemu and it manages to run on only one core of cpu, i have two dualcore opterons..08:18
RedShiftchildintime: one vm = one cpu08:19
RedShiftif you run multiple VM's the linux scheduler will automatically take care of the rest08:20
childintimesounds good..08:20
RedShiftthat's the nice thing about kvm, essentially turns your boring setup into a fully fledged hypervisor :D08:21
childintimethank you very much08:23
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spaceninjadoes anyone know if there is some "minimalistic" configfile for the linux kenrnel that I can load?11:49
aonmake allnoconfig11:49
spaceninjawhat do you mean?11:50
spaceninjain menuconfig?11:50
aonallnoconfig     - New config where all options are answered with no11:50
aonbut that's not a very good idea :)11:51
aonat least it's minimalistic :)11:51
aonbasically you should know your hardware and enable the things you know your need11:51
spaceninjaare there customized kernels for specific motherboards?11:51
spaceninjayes but there's alot of stuff that I have no idea if they're being used or not.11:52
aonwell, there are distros with stock kernels for people who don't have an idea11:52
aonwith crux you should either know or learn :)11:52
spaceninjaI know some stuff but not everything11:53
aonanyway, gentoo has genkernel, i don't know if there are system-independent scripts that do such things11:55
spaceninjawhat's the name of the package for the linux kernel?11:57
spaceninjais it some standard kernel?11:57
rehabdolltheres no linux package for crux11:58
RedShifthi spaceninja11:59
spaceninjahello there12:00
RedShiftspaceninja: decided to give crux a try?12:00
spaceninjayes, I'm using it for my server, but after I compiled my kernel (without modules) I get tons of errors saying that, "no such hardware could be found" or something. So I'm guessing I got alot of stuff compiled into the kernel, that I don't need.12:02
tilmanstart by looking for obvious stuff in your kernel config ;p12:03
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spaceninjahow do I find out the manufacture and model name of my motherboard?13:02
spaceninjaI don't have a manual for it13:04
tilmanwill show the *chipset*, which matters ;p13:05
rehabdolltilman: are you ready to be owned?13:09
* rehabdoll cracks open a bottle of cerveza13:10
tilmanoh, i was *really* confused for a moment13:10
tilmanno tengo cerveza :(13:10
spaceninjatilman: yes, but I need to find the handbook for that specific mobo on the net.13:16
tilmanopen the case, have a look at the board. duh ;p13:16
spaceninjaimpossible! :)13:17
spaceninjamsi n199613:36
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