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pitillogood morning01:00
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cptnhi sepen03:44
sepenhmm cptn meeting for tomorrow?03:47
cptnevery tuesday :-)03:48
sepenand the remainder mail¿03:51
sepenevery thuesday morning?03:51
sepenor is not needed03:52
cptnwell, I hope that it won't be needed in the future03:52
cptnbut for now it's probably a good idea!03:52
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cruxbot[core.git]: wget: update to 1.11.406:06
cruxbot[opt.git]: mdadm: update to 2.6.706:08
RyoSnipuL: do you maintain nvidia now?06:32
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treachlesson learned. Don't first start any console spamming apps in the terminal, and then start irssi in the same terminal. :D07:01
cptnor use Ctrl-L to clear your terminal :-)07:02
cptn(ctrl-l, that is)07:02
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nipuLRyoS: kind of, i was planning to, but i don't have any i686s with an nvidia card08:30
nipuLjust waiting for someone to take it over08:30
RyoSwell, i could, if people would want me to maintain it08:31
treacharchmain :>08:31
nipuLi think there's already an arch maintainer for it08:32
treachk. I got the impression that where the "master" maintainer lived weren't set in stone (yet).08:33
nipuLwhat do you mean by where it lived?08:33
nipuLi wonder, i686 is considered the "official" ports tree. what happens when a new port is released under x86_6408:36
treachyep, that's the point I'm trying to make.  What - if anything - distinguishes the "master". Is it who the maintainer that decides, or is it where the "branch"?08:37
nipuLis it hijacked and the original packager is delegated to arch maintainer, or do we start having i686 arch maintainers08:37
treachbah, I can't type sensible, it seems08:38
treach"*is it in which branch the port lives"?08:38
cptnIMO the primary maintainer could be on any arch08:38
nipuLprobably something to discuss at the meeting?08:38
cptnsince it's not realistic to assume that the most capable maintainers are all on a single arch08:38
treachcptn: I agree with that, but I think it could be good thing to make clear08:39
treachsince the 64bit thing isn't entirely official I mean08:39
cptnnipuL: I'll add a item on the WikiAgenda page08:39
cptnunless you want to, of course08:40
nipuLbeen there done that08:40
cptncool, thanks08:41
nipuLsomething else i'd like to discuss is repo synch methods and tools08:42
cptnI'd also like to discuss the project structure of the projects, and how the ports to different architectures fit in08:43
cptnbut I guess that's a bit much for tomorrow08:43
nipuLi've got a little script that parses pkgfiles and spits out the differences08:43
nipuLyeah, i think that is a meeting all in itself08:46
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thrice`anyone running 2.6.25 on a thinkpad, by chance, and use suspend ?09:04
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teKhow can I make windows ce 5.0 look like a USB Mass Storage Device10:34
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treachamerican tourism has spread, it seems. :>13:19
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jesse_treach: where's my fried chicken and starbucks?!13:53
treachjesse_: american tourism = stopping your car, preferably at some red light, pressing "window down" and taking a quick peak outside, and then press "window up", and then move on, being able to brag about how many places you have "visited". :>13:58
jesse_That's new to me. :p14:00
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spaceninjadoes the installation cd use some kind of automatic module loader? What does it use?15:04
rehabdollnothing outside the usual kernel-stuff15:06
spaceninjabut how does it determine which modules it should load?15:07
cptnvia udev15:08
spaceninjais udev always being used so I don't have to load anything manually?15:10
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cptnwell, udev's coldplugging is triggered by /etc/rc15:11
spaceninjais there a standard tool that produces a small kernel for my specific hardware?15:12
spaceninjabased on what it can find15:12
cptnwouldn't know15:12
treachmake menuconfig. :>15:12
spaceninjawhat about doing this? zcat /proc/config.gz > .config15:13
cptnmight be an interesting book15:13
treachseriously, just have a look in the dmesg output, and lspci too for good mesure15:13
treachit should tell you plenty15:13
cptnwell, zcat /proc/config.gz > .config only works if you already have a kernel15:13
cptnand you get the very same one you already have15:13
cptnso that's pretty pointless15:14
cptnmaybe we should link that book from the FAQ15:14
spaceninjacptn: but what if I use the kernel that's on the install cd?15:14
spaceninjagreat, the book is gratis :)15:15
cptnspaceninja: well, that one uses an initramfs for modules15:15
cptnso that won't work without modifications15:15
cptnbut the best way is if you try15:16
cptnI mean, if you start off with a kernel that works; for example based on the on on the CD15:17
cptnand then you build a modified one, with as many options remove as possible15:17
cptnyou can have both kernels in your bootloader, so if you removed too much you can go back15:17
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rehabdollanyone else noticing extreme xorg cpu% when running firefox?16:35
morlenxusjdolan: ping16:40
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jdolanmorlenxus, pong()17:25
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morlenxusjdolan: I'm using pymp and would like to return some feedback. :)17:46
morlenxusI really like that cute little player, but there are a few things i miss: You can't delete an item from the playlist, and you can't add new items from pymp remote add <file> or something.17:47
morlenxusAlso i think it's better to use another mplayer config instead of the global user one as you might want to use different options for the player.17:48
morlenxusFor example i would like to disable caching of mplayer but only when using pymp.17:48
jdolani don't think you have to do the "-remote add" anymore.17:48
jdolanjust `pymp some more files.mp3`17:48
morlenxusoh cool17:49
morlenxusThat has come in with 1.0 :)17:49
morlenxusNow it's in and i can't remove it from the list. :_17:49
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nipuLi just changed the commandline in player.py18:26
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nipuLso much for sha being more collision resistant than md519:21
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