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vaddihi all12:24
vaddigot someone know a got howto for crux on ibm x31? got problems to get gl to run, always run on mesa, but radeon module is loaded12:26
tilman"always run on mesa"? what?12:27
vaddiglxgears |grep direct = mesa ...12:27
vaddisry, glxinfo12:28
vaddinot gears12:28
vaddidirect rendering: No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose)12:28
vaddiOpenGL renderer string: Mesa GLX Indirect12:28
tilmanso, try the LIBGL_DEBUG thing..12:28
vaddiati ist installed, but i dont know how to get to run, have type: gl-select ati (first xorg), but stil dont run12:29
vaddii dont know, how it means, "it handle" ?12:30
vaddiin export? in kernel config?12:30
vaddisorry, for bad english, but thanks for your response12:31
tilmanrun: LIBGDL_DEBUG=glxinfo12:32
tilmanand have a look at the first few lines12:32
tilmanthey should indicate what you're missing12:32
vaddithanks a lot12:34
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teKcptn: I just returned from my parents home, I'll check psybnc tonight :-)12:57
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brointhemixlooks weird :)13:13
brointhemixi'm testing ekg2's IRC plugin13:13
brointhemixoops, sorry ;)13:14
brointhemixPING 1215368473 74866213:21
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f1yPING 1215370858 92647314:04
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sepentilman, ping14:43
Ovim-Obscurummy sound sounds really crappy on my ibm14:44
Ovim-Obscurumisa card, alsa is correct configured. Any idea?14:44
f1ycut down PCM and Master in alsamixer to f.e. 71%14:45
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Ovim-ObscurumI try, mom14:45
Ovim-ObscurumStill the same :(14:48
cruxbot[contrib.git]: psybnc: 2.3.1 -> 2.3.2-714:50
Ovim-ObscurumIt's an ES1688. Old ISA Card.14:51
f1yhm, but what means 'really crappy'? some noices?14:52
Ovim-Obscurumfor exampe I'm playing tada.wav (PCM Sound from win xp). first, it is just noise, and then I hear the last past of the sound.14:52
teKcptn: psybnc should be fixed.14:57
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telitiHello everyone! xorg-libxi is not comilable, its searching for: sz_xGetExtensionReq15:06
telitiDoes anyone knows what package that is?15:07
f1yprt-get info xorg-libxi ?15:07
f1yahh sorry, my bad, didnt read question carefully15:08
telitiI'm hoping theres only a package missing ...15:08
telitinoone?   sz_xGetExtensionVersionReq undeclared (first use in this function)? I did "prt-get depinst xorg-server"15:20
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telitiI've solved the problem ... (is this the corrent solution?): I deleted the line src/GetVersion.c:88 of xorg-libxi ... and everything went fine ... ??15:38
telitisince all headers were already installed I couldnt find a different solution15:39
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f1ygood night18:30
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