IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-07-08

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pitillogood morning01:04
cptnhi pitillo01:08
cptnanyone else having problems with delay e-mail from crux-devel?01:17
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pitilloummm here I can't check it... Now I can see lists only from web01:19
cptnmmmh, found the problem01:21
cptnpitillo: thanks anyway :-)01:21
pitillonp :)01:21
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geomaon, The lesser charge means Reiser could receive a sentence of 15 years to life, <<01:59
geomthats bullshit01:59
geomhe shoulda got more01:59
sepen15years, enough time for release reiserfs502:00
aonwell, in finland a life sentence usually equals to 12 years02:02
aonnot that you'd get it from murder i suppose02:02
aonoh, actually you do02:03
geomi think it should be more02:04
aonand all killings aren't murders02:05
aonif you kill someone unintentionally by carelessness you can get away with a fine :)02:05
sepenif you kill you're a killer, then you should go to prision for paying this life02:06
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cruxbot[opt.git]: python: symlink python library into config directory, FS#32202:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: hpijs: update to 2.8.602:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: gutenprint: new port, replacement for gimp-print, FS#32602:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] gimp-print: replaced by gutenprint02:14
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rauzwhat is a good fast small image viewer ?02:35
Rotwangsepen: tree and arora links broken02:39
sepenRotwang, I've my box server down for a couple of hours by maintainance02:39
sepenI hosted arora distfile on it02:40
sepensorry the inconvenience02:40
sepengoing to see 'tree'02:40
sepenRotwang, I can download 'tree ' sources without problems, can you retry it?02:41
cptntree works here too02:41
Rotwangweird, i cant download it02:42
Rotwangok, nevermind02:43
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geomhi f1y03:25
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fetidafternoon :-)03:54
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sepenroliveira, I'll test your repo this afternoon04:25
sepenwhen my box server will be up04:25
roliveiraok, the new pcmanfm is looking good btw04:26
sepenroliveira, same problem httpup'ing geomview04:39
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rauzyes its running xen groupwise cluster :) xen is realy nice05:06
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rxilol just seen the microsoft video of bill gates last day06:49
cruxbot[contrib.git]: zaptel: Updated version -> 1.4.11, fixed url and mandir06:51
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RedShiftrxi: what's so special about it?07:23
RyoSomg its bill <307:24
RyoSoh wai- that was the tokio hotel hype07:24
rxiit was pretty well done07:25
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RedShift :')07:45
nipuLand here is your finger, far removed from the pulse of the internet, jammed up your anus07:47
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rxihow long will that lst08:00
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tilmancptn: crap, thanks10:10
* spaceninja is thinking about getting a MSI wind and install crux on it. =)10:19
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-inputproto: oops, the previous patch removed two macros by accident.10:28
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tilmanteK: would you still like to take over directfb?10:30
tilmanteK: and linux-fusion?:)10:30
thrice`hehe, I like commits with "oops" in them :)10:30
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tilmanthrice`: i copied the build fix out of git, but didn't spot the followup typo commit :D10:31
teKtilman: let's talk about this tomorrow :)10:49
Rotwang1rar conflicts with unrar10:50
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Rotwang1tilman: i know f1y was talking something about irc cloaks yesterday11:01
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Rotwang1so, any thoughts about it?11:09
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spaceninjasourceforce is so slow11:41
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spaceninjanot slow, it's not very "responsive"13:20
Rotwangspaceninja: add a mirror13:20
spaceninjait works now13:24
* spaceninja gives ligttpd + fcgi +php another try13:25
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chriverstilman: ping :)14:46
tilmanchrivers: hi14:46
chriverstilman: I found your blog. Any chance you are still involved with mga devel?14:47
chriversheh ;)14:47
tilmani thought you were intested in crux ;014:47
chriversoh, sorry :)14:47
tilmanchrivers: what's the problem?14:47
chriversYou just specified crux and xmms2 as your channels of contact :)14:47
chriversI have a 4-head G200 that I'm trying to get working14:47
chriversPretty interesting card, actually14:47
tilmani have no idea how to program those14:48
chriversDriver wont drive it, though :-/14:48
chriversAre they different than the others?14:48
chriverslspci says it looks like 4 x G200 put on a single physical card14:48
chrivers(they even have different pci ids!)14:49
tilmanchrivers: maybe they behave just like 4 different pci cards :)14:49
tilmanah :)14:49
chriversheh :)14:49
spaceninjawhat's the easiest way to find out which ./configure option a package has?14:52
tilman./configure --help o_O14:53
spaceninjaso I just pkgmk -do, and untar it, and type ./configure --help?14:53
RedShiftbetter have less installed too...14:54
Rotwangspaceninja: put ./config -help inside Pkgfile14:55
spaceninjabut it will start building it14:57
Rotwangit wont14:58
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Rotwangwell partially yes14:59
Rotwanguntil the ./configure --help part14:59
tilmanspaceninja: of course you can also just untar your stuff in /tmp ;)15:01
spaceninjaI do everything in the softwares port dir15:02
spaceninjaI just remove the /usr/ports dir when stuff gets too messy, and just run ports -u15:02
spaceninjabad habit maybe15:03
sepenjue, prtverify sounds hard to maintain now (e.g automake changed 1.9 -> 1.10)15:04
sepenthat's what I tell you about adding a user switch for use alternate whitelist files15:05
juesepen: it's only the whitelist, maybe we should find a way to distribute it otside of prtverify15:06
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juebtw, git prtverify's whitelist is fixed15:09
sepenok I'll se15:10
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cruxbot[opt.git]: pidgin: added missing deps15:22
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dlllshello! can I ask you someting?15:45
cptnjust ask15:45
cptnbut stay around for more than a minute :-)15:46
cptnotherwise the chance of getting an answer is close to zero15:46
dlllsI've just installed crux and now if I want to boot it I receive the following message15:47
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dlllsVFS: Cannot open root device "807"  or unknown-block(8.7) Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partition 0300 4194302 hda driver: ide-cdrom15:48
cptnwhich version is that?15:49
dllls1600 4194302 hdc driver: ide-cdrom15:49
dlllsit's 2.415:49
cruxbot[opt.git]: dbus-glib: update to 0.7615:49
cruxbot[opt.git]: desktop-file-utils: update to 0.1515:49
cruxbot[opt.git]: rar: remove conflict with unrar15:49
cruxbot[opt.git]: rar: update footprint15:49
dlllsshould I compile the kernel again or?15:50
dlllswhere is the problem?15:50
cptndid you compile the driver for your sata/ide/scsi chipset and filesystem into the kernel?15:50
dlllsI thing yes...but I am not so sure15:50
dlllsyou thing that's the problem15:51
thrice`usually is :)15:51
cptneither that, or the root= argument in lilo.conf (or grub.conf) is wrong15:51
dlllsso I should compile a new kernel15:52
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dlllsroot=/dev/sda7 in lilo.conf and lilo.conf is my /15:52
cptnhi jkr15:52
Rotwangwelcome on a board jkr15:52
jkrDoes anyone know something about a touch problem on CRUX? :)15:53
nipuLyes, what kernel are you using?15:54
jkrI'm getting "setting times on $foo: function not implementing" when touch'in something15:54
jkrShould I update?15:54
nipuLyou are using a pre 2.6.22 kernel15:54
nipuLyeah, there were some system calls added in 2.6.22 that coreutils now uses15:54
jkrHmm, so update it is15:54
jkrYup, I straced that :)15:55
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jkrBut I though it was a bug in touch15:55
nipuLalternatively, rebuild glibc with some older kernel-headers15:55
jkrNah, I'll rather update the kernel15:55
nipuLyeah, that just the solution if a kernel upgrade isn't an option15:55
jkrWell, it'll take a while on that 700MHz thingy, but it's managable :)15:56
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nipuLi will destroy them!!15:57
nipuLwith my fearsom gonad15:57
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Rupschnappi hat ihn mir reingesteckt!15:58
nipuLmaybe just +q him15:58
*** Rup was kicked by cptn (cptn)15:59
cptnanother happy customer16:01
rehabdolli thought people outgrew that kind of stuff in -9816:01
nipuLlooks like we got a bit of snow last night16:05
nipuL...yes it snows in australia :P16:05
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nipuLand it's just started snowing again, yay16:24
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sepenroliveira, still the same problem16:45
roliveirai dont have it16:45
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rxinipuL: almost snowing in melbourne too17:12
Rotwangsnow in australia ;D17:15
Rotwangrxi: go and make snowman17:15
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nipuLwe can build him tall, or we can build him not so tall!18:13
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nipuLrxi: any snow in emo city yet?23:35

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