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geomhmm any ideas why permission is denied when i try to chmod a file via ftp ?00:27
geom550 linux: Permission denied00:27
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nipuLbecause you're not running your ftp server as root00:41
pitillogood morning00:47
geomnipuL, even as root still gives the same error hmm00:51
pitillogeom: what about the parent dir permissions? do you have them well?00:53
geompitillo <<01:01
geomftp> ls -la01:01
geom200 PORT command successful01:01
geom150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list01:01
geomdrwxr-xr-x   3 root     root           23 Jul  8 09:46 .01:01
geomdrwxr-xr-x   3 root     root           23 Jul  8 09:46 ..01:01
geomdrwxr-xr-x   3 geom     vusers         35 Jul  9 05:57 geom.we.bs01:01
geom226 Transfer complete.01:01
geomftp> pwd01:01
geom257 "/" is current directory.01:01
geomeh shoulda paste bin01:01
pitillogeom, yes01:01
pitillogeom: chown :vusers .01:01
pitilloand if you want write permissions there, add w to . too01:01
geomcool :)01:02
pitilloyo rauz01:06
rauzhi whats up01:08
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nipuLyay, the moron that took all my hours at work is getting fired01:15
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geomnipuL, lol01:22
nipuLmaybe i can squeeze the boss for a raise too ;)01:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tor: ->
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geomhi sepen02:20
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cruxbot[opt.git]: php: link zlib statically, FS#31703:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: php-fcgi: link zlib statically, FS#31703:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: mod_php: link zlib statically, FS#31703:00
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vaddihello, someone know how wavemon get to run? Pkgfile writen, dl ok, configure (/usr) ok, but make stop with error03:05
teKwhich error ...03:05
vaddi+ make03:06
vaddigcc -O2 -Wall   -c -o conf.o conf.c03:06
vaddiIn file included from iw_if.h:22,03:06
vaddi                 from conf.c:31:03:06
vaddi/usr/include/linux/wireless.h:650: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before '__s32'03:06
vaddi--- snip ---03:06
vaddi/usr/include/linux/wireless.h:1064: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before '__u16'03:06
vaddiconf.c: In function 'read_cf':03:06
vaddiworking feor a howto get crux on an thinkpad x3103:07
vaddiruns very nice03:07
vaddifast & i like the "kiss" princip03:08
cptnprobably needs some includes03:08
cptn+#include <linux/if.h>03:08
cptn+#include <linux/types.h>03:08
cptnsee here:
cptn(different package, same error)03:09
cptn^ bug report for wavemon03:10
cptnincluding patch03:10
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* vaddi still reading 03:10
cptnthat was all on the first page of google hits BTW :-)03:11
vaddii see it03:12
vadditry it before03:12
vaddihave the problem to beeing not a linux guru, still german guy who like to play with linux (work with crux since 2.0)03:14
vaddihow do i handle "includ" like export or writen to a file?03:16
teKthe .c or .h in question needs the two lines:03:19
teK10:08 <@cptn> +#include <linux/if.h>03:19
teK10:08 <@cptn> +#include <linux/types.h>03:19
teKnot knowing what those messages mean are a problem indeed03:19
vaddidiff -Nur /usr/include/linux/wireless.h iw_if.h |grep +#include03:36
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rxi!seen romster04:18
rxi@seen romster04:18
clbrxi: romster was last seen in #crux 5 weeks, 0 days, 0 hours, 44 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: <Romster> good day go talk behind my back some more because you got no balls to face me.04:18
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geom@seen prologic04:23
clbgeom: prologic was last seen in #crux 19 weeks, 0 days, 23 hours, 3 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <prologic> but tek is welcome to take over some or all of my ports04:23
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sepencptn, ping05:19
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cptnsepen: yes?05:56
cptngone again, ttyl :-)06:12
sepencptn, what's the actual status of ?06:13
sepenI want to play crux inside a Fujitsu GP7000F-20006:14
rxisepen: worked fine for me06:24
sepenohh, model?06:25
rxisun u506:25
rxihavent touched it for ages tho06:26
sepenwell I'll do some test when having time06:32
sepensurely pitillo too06:32
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rxiwhats the syntax for the mirror vaule in the pkgmk.conf?08:41
geomisnt it just PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(URL)08:44
mike_kPKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(ftp://localhost/pub/crux/sources http://localhost/pub/crux/sources)08:44
rxii thought that would be it08:44
aonbeech[~]$ firefox08:46
aonCouldn't load XPCOM.08:46
aonany idea on that?08:46
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sepenrxi, also its documented  "Adjusting/Configuring the Package Build Process"08:47
mike_kaon: fire fox seems to be a real lady. she refuses to run on a box with such a name =)08:47
thrice`aon: LDD OF ANY USE ?08:47
thrice`er, caps08:48
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aonthrice`: not really, no08:49
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cptnsepen: well, I haven't worked on it in a long time09:06
cptnsepen: and don't have access to sparc hardware anymore09:06
cptnnor plan to get any :-)09:06
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mike_kafter reaching #5 on distrowatch it should be fairly easy to engage people in other architectures development09:22
thrice`i'll contact :-)09:26
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spaceninjaI can't find pkgmk or prt-get's activity log in /var/log09:37
treachdid you *enable* logging? :>09:38
spaceninjaoh right thanks09:38
cptnmaybe all features should be opt out :-)09:52
cptnor "opt-off" rather09:52
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tilmanaon: try reinstalling nspr, nss, xulrunner. do you have /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9 in
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dlllshi I am trying  to install dbus with "prt-get depinst dbus", but I comes out a message while configure, that "DBUS libs..NO". Any ideas?10:32
dlllswhere to find this DBUS libs in ports?10:33
tilmanin this case, DBUS is just a name for a bunch of packages10:33
tilmanchosen by the software's configure script that errors out10:34
tilmandllls: paste the complete log at or somewhere else10:34
dlllsI have no graphical enviroment, I don't know how to paste that10:34
dlllsso another quiastion, where to add more repos? maybe prt-get will find it, if I add more repos?10:36
thrice`perhaps use wgetpaste (from contrib); that can pipe an output to a pastebin (eg, command | wgetpaste)10:36
thrice`don't know what the cause would be :(  I would use prt-get depinst --install-scripts dbus , too, to let the pre-install run10:39
dlllsaha ok10:41
dlllsthanks, I am going to give a shot.. :)10:41
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rehabdollteK: bind needs to be updated11:37
teKrehabdoll: thx! checkin' it in about two hours11:41
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dlllswhat to install to have libasound?12:28
dlllswhere is it in ports?12:29
treachdllls: if you haven't all ready, I suggest you have a good look in prt-get's manpage.12:29
treachtilman: do you think we could have cruxbot replying something like "look in the prt-get manpage" every time someone asks "how do I find foo"? :p12:30
dlllsthis is the first time I am trying crux, sorry about the quiestions12:30
treachno problem.12:31
dlllsit's hard....but I am not gonna give up...12:31
tilmantreach: no. :>12:31
treachdamn. :)12:31
tilmanif people would ask common questions more often we could ponder setting up an infobot12:34
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treachwell. some questions come up frequently enough..12:38
treachLike, sourceforge... and where do I find etc. :p12:39
dlllsso why, when I try to install qt4, it's so hard to download it from
dlllsI am waiting 15 min12:43
tilmandllls: please see the FAQ on http://crux.nu12:43
tilmanthere's something about sourceforge and how to speed it up/make it more reliable12:44
dlllsok, lets see that FAQ12:44
dlllsthis distro is not for noobies...12:44
* treach feels prophetic. :>12:45
tilman"CRUX is a lightweight, i686-optimized Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users."12:46
treach"but, but, I've been running ubuntu for YEARS" :D12:47
joacimive been running win95 for years =)12:47
dlllsit this FAQ about adding the line to /etc/hosts?12:51
dlllsok did it and now what?12:51
treachtry again12:51
dlllsdid it12:51
dlllsit's not faster12:51
treachtry another mirror then12:51
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dlllshi again13:16
dlllsone last question for tonight13:16
dlllsI am bulding fluxbox13:16
dlllsafter executing make install13:16
dlllsit istalls in /usr/local/bin13:17
dlllsnot int /usr/bin13:17
tilmanuse the fluxbox port in contrib/fluxbox13:17
dlllsthen when I add the line exec fluxbox in xinitrc13:17
treachdllls: you are aware of the ports system?13:18
treachwhat's wrong with the one in contrib?13:18
* thrice` guesses contrib is commented out in prt-get.conf13:18
dlllsI don't know how to use contrib?13:18
treachthrice`: more like he hasn't enabled it.13:18
tilmanmv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive /etc/ports/contrib/rsync13:18
thrice`contrib.rsync *13:19
tilmanports -u contrib ;)13:19
tilmanoops, yes13:19
dllls"ports -u contrib" enables it?13:20
treachyes, once you've renamed that file13:20
thrice`and if you want prt-get to find it, you must uncomment the line from /etc/prt-get.conf13:21
dlllsjust did it13:21
dlllsnow I should probably type "ports -d"13:21
tilmantry "prt-get depinst fluxbox" :p13:22
treachafter you do "make uninstall" for the crap you put in /usr/local. :>13:22
dlllsso just a moment, I should uncomment the line and rename the file, or I just should uncomment the line?13:23
dlllsok ok13:23
dlllsstupid question13:24
thrice`both :)  move the file, which makes the driver "active," run "ports -u contrib" to sync it, and edit prt-get.conf for prt-get to find it13:24
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dlllsbevor crux I used only ArchLinux...I want to ask, is it possible in crux to download and install builded packages?13:26
dlllsin Arch is possible13:26
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sepen_dllls, see pkg-get13:27
sepen_dllls, but as I known nobody is maintaining precomp packages13:29
sepen_just DIY13:29
dlllsok thanks13:29
sepen_but why do you need that?13:29
dlllsbecause is faster13:30
sepen_but worst13:30
dlllswhy should I compile everything?13:30
sepen_they were built across other lib versions, etc etc13:30
dlllsyou maybe right13:30
treachdllls: I think you've picked the wrong distribution..13:30
dlllsactually the compilation is not a problem13:32
dlllsbut somehow it takes a lot of time here13:33
dlllsI've used NetBSD to, but there everything was much faster13:33
treachprobably used an older version of gcc13:34
dlllsnow I am waiting for again.....damn13:34
sepen_dllls, what are you looking for?13:34
sepen_dllls, add a mirror to your /etc/hosts file13:34
dlllsI've just typed "prt-get depinst fluxbox"13:35
dlllsand where can I see this mirrors?13:35
dlllsthen I'll do it ofcourse...13:36
sepen_e.g mesh.dl.sourceforge.net13:36
roliveira212.219.56.167 dl.sourceforge.net13:37
*** sepen_ has quit IRC13:39
roliveiraafter editing the /etc/host you don`t have to wait13:40
dlllsI've added the line above13:40
tilmanack, mesh is a good choice if you're in europe13:40
dllls212.219.... to /etc/hosts13:41
*** sepen_ has joined #crux13:41
dlllsso now it will use it?13:41
dlllswhere can I see list of more mirrors to add them?13:42
tilmanfirst hit at of sourceforge mirrors13:42
sepen_I've also an old script for calculating the best mirror
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roliveiraahh that is a neat t-shirt sepen13:56
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dlllsmade it, already have fluxbox :)14:01
dlllsdoes anybody here use fluxbox?14:01
roliveirai do14:03
dlllsafter installing it I don't have any background, any idea?14:03
treachuse an app to set it. like "feh"14:04
treachwindow managers manages windows, not the content of them. :>14:04
roliveirai use pcmanfm to set my backfround, but fluxbox provides fbsetbg14:05
tilmani like esetroot ;)14:05
roliveirafeh also works :)14:05
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spaceninjadoes anyone know how to solve this error? php php-fcgi lighttpd14:41
tilman                     "bin-path" => "/path/to/php-cgi",14:42
spaceninjaI changed it14:44
spaceninjaI still get the same error14:44
spaceninjaI got this one14:47
spaceninjait's that socket14:54
* spaceninja goes crazy15:02
spaceninjadoes www have to be in some special group to be able to write to temp?15:05
tilman /tmp is world-writable ...15:05
spaceninjadrwxrwxrwt  3 root root  4096 Jul  9 12:54 tmp15:06
tilmanyes, just what i said15:07
spaceninjaomg I hate having problems15:08
spaceninjaI really want this to work15:08
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dllshi if you compile the kernel what are choosing for alsa - build as module or build in the kernel, I mean "M" or "*"?17:10
RyoSdlls: i choosed *17:16
RyoSyou can compile it as a module tough17:16
dllsI did it as *17:16
dllsbut now I can't setup alsa...I don't know why17:17
dllsI don't have sound17:17
dllsif I type alsamixer i receive following:17:17
dlls"alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for defauld: No such file or directory"17:18
dllsany ideas, any help?17:18
dllsactually with insmod I can load a module right...but where can I see the name of the module I want to load.I compiled some things as "M" but I forgot wich....17:20
RyoSdid you compile support for your card..?17:25
dllsthing so...17:25
RyoSnot to mention this is not #alsa .. ;)17:26
dllsforget about it I'll recompile the kernel without alsa and try to build it as module after that17:27
dllsbut can you help me to clear this thing with the modules17:28
dllsI've build some things as modules but now if i type "lsmod" I have nothing loaded!17:29
dllsin /etc/rc.modules I have nothing to17:29
dllswhere can I see wich modules I have and can load at boot time?17:30
treach modules doesn't load unless you tell them to.17:31
dllsbut I don't know where are my modules!17:33
treach /lib/modules/kernelversion*17:34
treachbut that's not really interesting17:34
treachhave a look at modprobe instead.17:34
dllsthanks man17:35
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treachsome good news today, apparently :>
treach"PWNED" :>18:15
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