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pitillogood morning00:59
cptngood morning :-)01:00
pitillocptn: will you send a mail with tuesday meeting's notes?01:09
cptnsure, but it will have to wait until tonight01:11
pitilloperfect, thank you01:11
cptnno problem01:11
rauz_morning whats up01:18
cptnnot much it seems :-)01:32
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teKrehabdoll: updating bind has to wait another 10 hours, sorry01:43
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cptnrxi: did I ever send you a Makefile to build a sparc iso?02:40
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rxihey cptn .. id say so03:02
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cptnrxi: pitillo might be interested in it :-)03:19
cptnand I couldn't find it so far, but I'll keep searching03:19
aoni have a blade too but meh...03:20
aonlet's see what i do with it03:20
rxicptn: ahh ill have a quick look03:21
sepenpitillo and me recently adquired 2 sparc64 boxes, and we're trying to play with crux for sparc03:22
rxiwould it be called Makefile?03:23
pitillowe joined #crux-sparc64 to talk about this in that channel, if someone find it interesting, we can talk there to avoid talks about sparc here03:25
mavrick61Any one have check the latest bind/named Issuing the hacking problem for DNS servers see:
mavrick61Need ports update for bind.03:27
mavrick61Download Current Release03:28
mavrick61  BIND 9.5.0-P103:28
cptnmavrick61: teK (bind maintainer) wanted to look into it yesterday03:30
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cptnit's been mentioned here early yesterday I think, and there's also a post on the CRUX mailing list03:31
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mavrick61It seems like BIND ver 9.5.0 is in the 2.4 port list.03:58
treachmavrick61: I think jue is already on it.03:58
cptnjue doesn't maintain bind04:02
cptnmavrick61: does P1 work fine?04:02
mavrick61Just installing it04:02
cptnokay, good04:02
cptnjust let teK know, I'm sure he'll update as soon as possible04:03
mavrick61Using pkg from 2.4 ports on 2.2 Crux04:03
mavrick61But it should not be any problem.04:03
mavrick61So far so good... I can resolve addresses to the new bind without any issues.04:07
mavrick61Forget that I got an install error....04:07
pitillomavrick61: not sure if you know about it, but there is a webpage to test dns, (I think, if you followed the threads, you must know about it)04:12
mavrick61I'm stupid. Forgot to use the -f.04:12
mavrick61Yes, I saw that.. I'll test that..04:13
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mavrick61Strange problem... I'm using Jailed BIND so the rndc_key handling should be crated in the bind/named folder which work as the bind root.04:56
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mavrick61Even there is a problem creating rndc_key. I manages to get the new bind 9.5.0 to work jailed. Needed to mov rndc_key file and change the bind start file in rc.d05:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: libcap: updated to 2.1105:21
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aontilman: reinstalling xulrunner seemed to help, thanks08:37
cruxbot[opt.git]: unrar: updated to 3.8.208:47
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dllshi, If the kernel detects soundcard on my system at boot time, what this looks like in dmesg?11:38
dllsI don't have /dev/dsp and I thing I did not compiled the kernel right11:39
Rotwangalsa installed?11:39
dllsdid it with prt-get11:40
Rotwangdid you run alsaconf?11:40
dllsjust a moment ....11:40
dllsalsaconfig: no such command11:41
dllsjust a moment...11:42
Rotwangrun it ;]11:42
dllswhat do you mean? what to run?11:43
dllsafter that: "No legacy drivers are found" wich probably means that I did not configured the kernel right...11:44
dllswhat do you think?11:45
Rotwangyou probably didnt compile sound card support as a module11:45
dllsok I'll compile the kernel again11:46
Rotwangand remember compile sound card driver as a module11:47
dllsI don't know how to choose my soundcard in the kernel. Can I choose something wich works on the most systems11:47
Rotwangso alsaconf will be able to find it11:47
Rotwangdlls: what sound card do you have?11:48
dllsI know only that my mainboard is Epox 8RDA+11:48
dllssoundcard .... I don't know11:48
dllsso I have to choose lspci as "M"?11:49
joacimlspci is a command..11:49
joacimit lists stuff11:49
Rotwangim off for a moment11:50
dlls"Multimedia audio controller:nVidia Corporation MCP2A AC' 97 Audio controller" - it must be that.. what do you thing?11:52
thrice`yep :)11:57
thrice`that's definitely in there11:57
dllsthank you11:58
dllsyou are great11:58
dllsI am going to compile now11:58
dllsthis command "lspci" is only for pci's right? are there also other commands like this to detect more of my hardware?12:00
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Rotwanglsusb ?12:09
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treachgood old google is a good tool as well..12:22
Rotwang   ;]12:23
cruxbot[contrib.git]: bind: 9.5.0 -> 9.5.0-P1 (fix CVE-2008-1447)12:25
teKrehabdoll: done12:25
dlls"" :)))))12:26
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teKoh no. jue asks me install crap into /usr/etc12:34
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dllsvery strange..after recompiling the kernel with the right options I have sound now but still don't have /dev/dsp.13:00
dllshow is this posible?13:00
treach /dev/dsp is oss isn't it?13:00
treachand I presume you're using alsa13:00
treachwich should be in /dev/snd/*13:00
teKme neither, dlls:13:01
teK% zgrep -i mixer_oss /proc/config.gz13:01
teK# CONFIG_SND_MIXER_OSS is not set13:01
dllswhat's that?13:01
treachOld Sound System :>13:02
dllsyes yes yes13:02
dllsnow I am trying to install xmms but after compiling it comes this: prt-get: error while install...package where install failed - xmms. package installed glib1, gtk113:04
dllswich means probably that I need gtk2?13:04
teKprt-get depinst xmms --test13:05
teKhave a look, then call prt-get without --test13:05
tilmanno, xmms1 only requires gtk1, but not gtk213:05
dllsafter "prt-get depinst xmms --test" I receive "installed succesfuly"13:06
dllswhat does it mean?13:06
pitillowrong window, sorry13:06
teKdlls: the _test_ was successful13:09
teKhave a look, then call prt-get without --test <-----13:09
teKbut read the fscking manual first.13:09
dllsdid it13:09
dllsnow it compiles again13:09
teKas long it doesn't say "failed", everything is great13:10
dllsfailed because of libvorbis or something like I am compiling libvorbis...13:12
teKtilman! FIRE!13:17
dllscan I use prt-get or pkgrm to find some unused packages and remove them from the system. Is it possible?13:22
surrounderdlls: read the handbook13:22
dllsdid it13:22
joacimdo it again13:23
surrounderthen read it again :P13:23
surrounderit explains it all quite clearly imho13:23
teKso it's not mentioned. What may I do to you if I find a line about this topic?13:23
tilmanteK: what?13:23
dllsok sorry .... I'll read it again13:23
teKmy patch is just wrong (wireshark)13:23
teKdas ist so peinlich13:24
surroundergenau so!13:24
treachdlls: The answer is "No", because that's not ONE task. It's two.13:24
teK--without-krb5 nicht --disable-krb513:24
dllsok thank you13:24
teKi'm absolutely sure, I test this ...13:24
dllsthat's what I wanted to know13:24
teKsorry again, tilman13:25
teK_RE_-checking it right now13:25
tilmani'll wait for an hour or so before changing it. just in case... :D13:26
teK--disable does not work, without-krb5 DOES work.13:26
teKyou're bitchy :>13:26
dllsthank you for answering my questions today :) I am out ... :)13:27
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voltaicdoes anyone have pptp working in crux? in particular, I'm trying to establish a connection to relakks21:32
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