IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-07-11

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pitillogood morning00:58
cptnhi pitillo01:00
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cptnI'm about to write the mail :-)01:00
pitilloyo cptn01:00
pitilloI am starting here, I will look for ML soon (first thing in the morning :)01:01
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aon...although i've been at work for 3 hours :)01:21
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pitillothank you cptn :)01:41
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sepenohh I've a meeting mail on my mbox02:19
sepennice notes cptn02:19
cruxbot[opt.git]: dnsmasq: update to 2.43rc602:24
cruxbot[opt.git]: smaba: update to 3.2.002:24
cruxbot[opt.git]: cdparanoia: update to 10.002:24
cptnpitillo, sepen: :-)02:29
sepenI've also another repodiff script02:29
cruxbot[opt.git]: deumlautify02:29
sepenI'm using it to compare my own repo and ports that I also maintain in xfce or contrib02:30
sepenif someone wants to checkout -> svn://
sepen*err  ATM svn://
cruxbot[contrib.git]: deumlautify02:32
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namenlostried out 3 different scm's under windows (svn, hg, git) and none seems to work soothly... am i completely dump?03:43
namenloscvs? omg ;)03:46
aonwell, check related projects03:46
namenlosi tried out tortoisesvn and tortoisehg03:46
namenloswith both i had problems with the ssh connection.03:46
namenlosyesterday i wasted the whole day in trying to fix this stupid ssh stuff..03:47
aoni see03:49
namenloswith git it worked, if i tried it on the commandline, but gitgui has it as a known issue...03:50
aonwhat are you using as the ssh client?03:51
namenlosit seems, that all of them use plink, but compiled on their own to avoid a plink window to pop up.03:52
namenloswith gitgui i am not sure03:52
namenloswith tortoisesvn i tried to exchange the plink binaries, to check, whether the tortoiseplink binary is broken03:53
namenlosbut this didn't fix it.03:53
namenlosi am going to propose git, even if it is in a experimental state for windows...03:53
namenlosany suggestions?03:53
namenloseven the03:54
namenlos#svn people don't seem to be willing to help..03:54
aoncoudln't you try with the windows build of openssh?03:54
namenlosthey have a windows build...03:54
aonalthough that seems a bit outdated, actually03:55
namenlosas long as the debian people didn't mess with it ;)03:56
namenlosgot a url to the binaries?03:56
aonthat seems a bit more recent03:57
aonthe other one was from 200403:57
namenloswith copssh tortoisesvn works (even not nice looking)04:05
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mike_knamenlos: I've had some success with
mike_koops, you already knew about it05:01
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aonthat's nice05:06
aonnot that i actually have to develop anything on windows05:06
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namenlosunfortunatelly now i got to develop under windows... got no idea, how so many people are able to do that.05:59
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nipuLwould unit tests be considered junk files?07:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: icecast: update to 2.3.207:26
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-uri: update to 1.3707:26
cruxbot[contrib.git]: pil: update to 1.1.607:26
cruxbot[contrib.git]: pyopenssl: update to 0.707:26
cruxbot[contrib.git]: twisted: update to 8.1.007:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: psyco: update to 1.607:26
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* spaceninja stil got the lighttpd php-cgi php problem09:42
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tilmanspaceninja: you could ask for help on the crux mailing list10:00
spaceninjaI guess so10:01
spaceninjabut I don't know how to use a mailing list10:01
spaceninjaI'll figure it out10:02
Rotwang1spaceninja: you know, the usual way10:02
tilmanspaceninja: you could also try to ask mike_k for hints when he's back.. i think he uses php, too, at least10:03
spaceninjaok thanks10:03
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spaceninjashould I change the script which starts the lighttpd.  usr/bin/spawn-fcgi10:47
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teKspaceninja: what are you trying to accomplish?11:16
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aonhmm, my windows can't play wmv11:46
tilmantry mplayer :]11:49
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aonvlc worked :)12:11
treachtilman: btw, that noagp stuff didn't change anything here. but I found another option, "noaperture" that seemed more effective. :)12:28
treachapparently pcie stuff doesn't need that crap anyway12:29
tilmani wondered about that (no aperture on pcie)12:29
tilmanhow do eg graphics cards access system ram then?12:30
tilman-> unposible afaics ;)12:30
treachfrom what I gathered, it works like a normal pci card12:30
treach(but a lot faster. :o) )12:30
tilmancan pci devices access all of system ram or what?12:30
treachwell, presumeably not directly12:31
tilmanthanks for that hint btw, i'll try noaperture12:31
treachok, good luck. :)12:31
treachoh, anyone have the url to the 64bit iso? seems like I've lost it. :/12:32 or maybe
tilmanmaybe the host is fredrik.obra.se12:32
tilmanawesomebar to the rescue ^^^12:33
treachok, thanks12:34
joacimwait what12:49
joacimthink ill try that one12:50
treacheven less warranties on that one than on the i686 version though. :p12:51
treach(since there are no warranties on the i686 version, does that mean that the x86-64 version have negative warranties? :p )12:52
treach*head explodes*12:52
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tilmantreach: it wraps around to omg-awesome warranties13:03
treachlol, ok, as long as you're the one manning hell-desk. :>13:04
* treach eyes an HD3450, any opinions on that?13:04
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tilmantreach: sounds new. new stuff isn't well supported still :|13:08
treachI know. It's listed in the manpage for the radeonhd driver though..13:08
tilmanthat's not saying much ;)13:08
treachI guess the question is about the radeonhd driver itself though. :D13:08
tilmanmode setting might be supported, but without some accel support your desktop is going to suck13:09
treachI think I'll wait and see for a bit more.13:09
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tilmanhopefully they'll finally get going on the TTM front13:10
treachit would be awesome if they could get the media acceleration stuff on it working properly. :>13:10
tilmani want sane VBO/FBO/xBO support :x13:10
treachBBQ ? :P13:10
treachoh, wait. That's nvidia. :D13:11
tilmani guess you're referring to the gallium xvmc thing?13:11
treachor the "Improved Unified Video Decoder" rather :>13:11
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tilmantreach: is that card you looked at in the r6xx range?13:13
treachrv620 iirc13:13
tilmanthat's the ones with the new 3d core iirc13:13
tilmanfor which no mesa code has been written yet afaik13:13
tilmanso it will probably take a good while until it's usable13:13
treachoook, thanks. :D13:14
tilmanbut i don't follow mesa/dri development closely these days13:14
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spaceninjateK: I'm trying to run /etc/rc.d/lighttp. I'm trying to get lighttpd running with php.16:54
spaceninjateK: I want a webserver with lighttpd php postgresql16:55
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gorushello all21:34
gorusjust installed crux21:35
gorushaving a hard time installing xorg-server21:36
gorusany help ?21:36
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