IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-07-12

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cruxbot[opt.git]: cups: updated README, explicitly disable gnutls in cups (FS#312)03:01
cruxbot[opt.git]: dnsmasq: update to 2.4303:01
cruxbot[opt.git]: sshfs-fuse: update to 2.103:01
spaceninjadoes www need to be in a special group in order to spawn it's child daemons?03:08
spaceninjafor lighttpd03:08
teKlighty runs as lighttpd:lighttpd here03:09
spaceninjayes but I changed it to www03:09
teKand hello03:09
spaceninjaI also changed it in /ect/lighttpd.conf03:10
spaceninjaand the permissions03:10
spaceninjabecause I already had a suitable group03:10
teKtilman: what is your opinion of ? (I guess you're at least coauthor of the packaging guidelines)03:12
teKimho  this policy is superflous03:13
tilmanwell, until the policy is changed you should comply with it ;D03:14
teKexperience shows it won't change03:14
tilmanis it that big an issue for you?03:14
teKnope I think it's just nonsense in general03:14
teKit'll be no big deal to change it :-)03:14
tilmanjust gnash your teeth and do it anyway ;D03:15
tilmanteK: you could bring this up next tuesday evening at the meeting03:16
teK*gnash* *gnash*03:16
teKI'd love to03:16
tilmanthough i guess jue does care about the /etc-vs-/usr/etc thing, otherwise he wouldn't have filed the bug :D03:16
teKalthough I already discussed this issue with sepen and others03:17
teKwell maybe he cares about the 'follow the packaging guidelines as close as possible'03:17
teKfuck, wyrd requires ocaml at compile-time. *grml*03:18
tilmanquite weird package name btw03:19
teKyes, but it could have come worse: wyrg for example03:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: wyrd: align configuration path to THE handbook (FS#328)03:36
teKI know how you fel right now03:42
spaceninjahaha, it's great03:42
teKspendt to many times with similar problems03:42
spaceninjamaybe a comment in the README would save peoples time if they want lighttpd with php03:45
cptnwell, I told you to read up on lighttpd.conf WRT chroots03:46
cptnmaybe that would have helped?03:47
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cruxbot[opt.git]: wireshark: oops, it's --without-krb5, not --disable-krb5.04:17
cruxbot[opt.git]: wireshark: updated to
teKyou missed [ tek's fault ]04:28
tilmanteK: i used 'git commit --author tek' for the krb5 thing04:28
teKtrying to build it.04:29
teKconfigure worked. bood.04:30
teK;a=commit;h=209b91a146a6f6ab767a650c6043825a07c33ec7 you reallt did it04:30
tilmanteK: it's a nice and easy way of giving credit04:31
teKread: blaming :D04:31
teKbut you're right.04:31
tilmani did the same with the first krb5 commit04:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: claws-mail: updated to 3.5.005:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: exiftool: updated to 7.3605:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: lm_sensors: updated to 3.0.205:51
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tilmantreach: booting with noaperture makes the warnings and blurb go away from dmesg, but it doesn't make the kernel use/see more memory08:49
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treachtilman: ok. at least no harm done. :>09:12
* treach goes back to trying to figure out the 64b repos09:12
tilmansame for xorg and core09:13
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treachthanks, found just a second ago. :P09:14
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treachheh, I got a bit confused by the fact that the setup script asks you if you want to install "CRUX 2.3" :D09:24
tilmanblame rehabdoll ;)09:24
tilmani didn't even notice that09:25
rehabdollme neither :p09:27
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spaceninjado you think crux would be nice on a eee pc?10:46
thrice`only if you had another box to compile on10:47
spaceninjabut the new 901 comes with a 1.6 Ghz cpu10:47
spaceninjaI want something that I can ssh into my computer10:48
spaceninjacrux default with ssh only10:48
treachWell. How fast is a 1.6 Ghz Atom cpu?11:03
joacimover 9000?11:04
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treachI bet it goes to 11.11:05
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treachmmh. weird. Mplayer in its first incarnation refused to opne any sound devices. :/13:16
f1ydo you have alsa properly configured?13:17
treachogg123 worked, it was entirely an mplayer problem13:17
treachI had to rebuild mplayer eventually.13:18
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treachI think that's a pretty accurate summarization. :>13:20
Rotwangany good perl ide? (except vim, emacs, cat, sed or butterflies)13:39
treach"echo" :p13:39
tilmanides :(13:40
treachwell, presumeably both kdevelop and anjuta could do it..13:40
treachI bet eclipse could do it as well. :P13:41
Rotwangi think ill try anjuta :p13:42
teKproblem: dsniff builds with libnids-1.18 installed. If I update it to 1.23 it fails with the following error:13:55
teK/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.2.4/../../../libnids.a(libnids.o): In function `nids_dispatch':13:55
teK(.text+0x539): undefined reference to `g_async_queue_push'13:55
teK% nm libnids.o| grep nids_dispatch13:55
teK000004d0 T nids_dispatch13:55
teKa grep for g_async_queue_push succeeds, too.13:56
teKbut as:13:59
teK         U g_async_queue_push13:59
tilmantry linking with glib14:00
tilmanthough i don't get why it shoes libnids.a in /usr/lib/gcc14:00
tilmanglib2 has g_async_queue_push at least14:00
treachhmm. is it just me or does iptables belong in /sbin rather than /usr/sbin14:02
tilmantreach: mmh, /etc/rc mounts stuff, so you'd have to call iptables early in /etc/rc to note the difference. or? :p14:03
treachwell. if you have a separate /usr and something happens there you might notice it.. especially if you have it on the network. :P14:04
treachfwiw, "/sbin contains binaries essential for booting, restoring, recovering, and/or repairing the system in addition to the binaries in /bin", sayeth the FHS14:04
tilmanyou mean if /usr disappears after boot?14:05
treachno, it never gets mounted for some reason.14:05
treachwhich could cause problems if you have some firewall settings that you need to change.14:05
teKthat's a <5% scenario, isn't it?14:06
treacheg you have some policy set and need to lighten it up a bit14:06
tilmanmaybe you have a point14:06
tilmantreach: can you bring it up tuesday evening?14:07
treachwell, it was just a thougth. I probably hadn't noticed if I hadn't constatly run across scrips that breaks because they assume iptables is in /sbin. :p14:07
thrice`most other distros do /usr/sbin, I've found14:07
thrice`well, shouldn't say *most*, as my usage is small :)14:08
tilmanit's probably not critical since all the vulnerable crappy daemons are on /usr14:08
treachthrice`: k.. I have the opposite expererience, but that might be just me.14:08
tilmantreach probably uses scripts from slackware and the likes, and thrice uses stuff from ... elsewhere? ;)14:08
treachwell, redhat..14:08
thrice`actually, I just checked a slackware install, which is /usr/sbin :-)14:09
treachyay, I surrender. :p14:09
thrice`I admit to still using slackware on my laptop14:10
teKtilman: -lglib-2.0 helped but now ld still complains about not knowing of g_thread_init14:49
tilmanuse `pkg-config glib-2.0 --libs`14:49
tilmaninstead of -lglib-2.014:50
teKeven if -glib-2.0 is the result of pkg-config glib-2.0 --libs` ?14:51
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tilmanteK: _compile_ with `pkg-config --glib-2.0 --cflags`, too14:51
tilmanuse `pkg-config glib-2.0 gthrad-2.0  --libs`14:52
tilmanjust gthread-2.0 is enough, it pulls in glib-2.014:52
teKswitching to ghread-2.0 brought me to the next error, thx :)14:54
treachaon: would you mind removing usr/lib/cmus/ip/ and usr/lib/cmus/ip/ from the cmus .footprint, or adding libmad and libmodplug to its deps?14:58
treachor any other combination that works ;)14:58
teKgot dsniff to compile + link, thx tilman. pkg-config  was the obvious solution *sigh*15:01
aontreach: mm15:03
aonwell, they are in "nice to have"15:04
aonperhaps i should build it without any of them to get what you'd get with a depinst on a plain system15:04
treachk, I'm not telling you how to manage your ports, but IMO, optional stuff shouldn't be present in the footprint. :)15:05
tilmani'd give the same treatment, fwiw15:05
treachautomagic picking up of dependencies ftw. :/15:06
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aontilman: well obviously :p15:20
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aontreach: rather automagic changes in footprint depending on the dependencies ftw16:06
cruxbot[opt.git]: cmus: removed optional modules from .footprint and themes16:08
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Rotwang1hrmm, no anjuta port or am i blind?16:18
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treachlooks like you have an oppertunity. ;)16:44
Rotwang1thank you very much ;p16:45
Rotwang1ill stick to geany16:45
geomhmm and yet i have been using gvim like a sucker16:46
* geom compiles geany16:47
treachvim ftw. :p16:47
Rotwang1anjuta has too many "weird" gnome deps16:47
Rotwang1vim is nice but instead of learning how to efficently use vim i preffer to learn something else at this time :p16:49
geomhmm yeah. i like vim16:49
treachwell, vim seems more intimidating than it actually is imo.16:51
treachand it's pretty nice to never *ever* have to let go of the keyboard to do stuff. :)16:52
geomyep. its not that bad once you get used to the commands :-P16:54
aonbut it doesn't do irc out of the box :(16:56
Rotwang1yeah, emacs ftw16:56
treachwell, that's because vim is an editor. ;)16:56
aonmy work computer is really suffering, though16:57
aonit's running emacs, lotus notes, and firefox all the time16:57
treachwell, emacs isn't that bad these days, is it?16:57
aonnot really, compared to lotus and ff :)16:57
treach(compared to the "Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping days)16:58
aonnot that emacs got smaller but everything else just got bigger16:58
tilmanaon: call me captain obvious16:58
treachyeah, you don't have to run it on 8MB anymore. :)16:58
aonemacs got bigger too but it doesn't shove all of it into your face at the same time16:58
aontilman: ?16:58
tilman<@      aon> tilman: well obviously :p16:58
aoncaptain obvious: ah, ok16:58
treachCaptain Oblivious? :p16:59
geomRotwang1, how did yah prt-get colouring go :-P16:59
Rotwang1geom: at slow pace ;]16:59
Rotwang1but im coloring pkgutils :p not prt-get16:59
aoni know a real captain whose surname means "thriller"16:59
geomah ohk16:59
tilmangeom: re. vim: you can learn teh commands step after step... start with the basic stuff, dive in deeper later. it's sooo worth it17:12
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geomtilman, yeah been using vim for a while now..17:12
tilmannot identifying myself means people see my irc session is running on phew ;)17:13
treachI thought you were stressing your point. :p17:13
treach(Well, not really ;) )17:13
tilmannah, this isn't quakenet17:14
geomtilman, anyways i talked to sheep on #freenode about those name cloaks. seems theres a huge backlog17:15
geomhe says it would almost take a year...17:15
treach"Noncombatant" ;n: A dead Quaker".17:15
treachthat guy must have been a prophet. :>17:16
tilmani don't get it, probably because i know almost nothing about quakers ;)17:17
tilmangeom: does it take as long to add individual users to a cloaked group, or just to register the cloak?17:18
treachwell. they aren't very combat oriented. Also, couldn't you call an avid quake player a "quaker"? ;)17:18
geomtilman, the latter17:18
tilmantreach: i get the pun, but not the meaning wrt the religious group ;]17:19
Rotwang1if we donated then they would do it quickly :p17:19
tilmantreach: if i wikipedia quakers, i'll spend the next two hours on wp :(17:19
Rotwang1but the crux funds aren't very high, are they?17:20
tilmanwe never asked for donations17:21
treachtilman: let's just say that another name for Quakers are "Friends"17:21
tilmanneither did per afaik ;)17:21
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tilmantreach: i sooo don't get it17:26
treachok. I guess the infrence (is that a word?) is that there is no such thing as a noncombattant.17:26
tilmaninference i think17:27
tilmanbut does 'dead quaker' infer that?17:27
tilmanbut why*17:27
treachsince the fact that a *living* quaker would still be considered a combattant.17:28
treachbut the unintentional pun with quake gamers is actually more fun. :>17:29
treach(Ambrose Beirce lived 1842-1914, so I don't think he knew of Quake. :p )17:31
tilmansounds like fantasy :>17:31
treachYou knew of Robert Jordan?17:32
tilmanis that the wheel of time author? :>17:32
tilmanor am i horribly mixing sth up17:32
tilmani've only heard of those books17:33
treachhe used several of these names, for some pretty unsympathetic people. :P17:33
treachat least he used "Children of the Light" and "Seekers"17:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: libnet: initial import18:11
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libnids: 1.23 inital import18:13
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dsniff: 2.4b1 inital import18:16
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