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rehabdoll_note to self: dont do rmmod -f04:58
geomrehabdoll, modprobe -r ?05:02
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spaceninja is this a 32 bit socket?06:17
aonwell duh, pentium-306:20
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] jde, jdk: updated to 1.6 update 706:21
tilmannice, that notify mail is 520 K... fucking huge java footprints06:22
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treachpray you don't get an updated tetex footprint then. ;)06:31
tilmantreach: i just added an agenda item about trimming overly long diffs in notify mails06:32
geom_O_o holly fuck that footprints huge :-P06:36
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tilmanPlaying: Dark Age - Whe Who Suffer: 00:19 of 05:57^C06:45
tilmanstupid people who are too stupid to properly tag music06:46
teKwarez is a tough business06:46
tilmanwtf does this have to do with warez06:47
teKit was a joke, you know06:50
aonmanually tagging music is considered harmful anyway06:51
tilmanrelying on musicbrainz can be harmful, too, sometimes06:52
rehabdollare all those pdf and html-files in the jd{e,k} necessary?06:52
tilmanmusicbrainz is the shit otherwise06:53
aonthere it's "We"06:54
tilmanaon: that's another release (note the ac/dc cover bonus track)06:54
tilmanbut yeah, mine was probably imported from freebd, too06:54
tilmanimporting data from freedb to musicbrainz considered harmful.06:54
aoncould be nsfw06:56
tilmanaon: *shrug*06:56
aonwhat the hell is the point in having two databases anyway06:57
tilmanare you saying freedb works or is good enough?06:57
aonwell, it's all i've been using06:57
tilmanfrom my experience, musicbrainz' data is of much higher quality than freedb06:58
tilmanless typos, correct casing, correct naming, etc06:58
tilmanmb contains more information than freedb, too06:58
aonwell, i guess i just have records that aren't entered into freedb by morons :)06:58
aoni'd write a lhb-like rant about this if i could structure my thoughts better07:00
aonnot that i think that freedb is better, it just seems like a waste of time to have two separate efforts for essentially the same thing07:01
aonthe quality of the actual data doesn't probably depend on the architechture07:01
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aonbut still, if mb is superior, everybody should stop writing entries to freedb :)07:05
tilmanyes, they should :D07:06
aonotoh, i wonder if there's a tool that does what easytag does but works from the cli07:08
aoneasytag is rather horrible crap imo07:08
tilmanaon: i wrote my own ripper that uses libmusicbrainz to figure out what CD it's ripping07:09
tilmanit will put musicbrainz_{artist,release,title,}_id tags in the files07:09
treachgot an url for that one? :p07:09
tilmanif necessary, you can later sync up the artist/title/.. tags, based on those mb tags07:09
* treach is looking for a sane ripper07:09
tilmani also have a script that can put those mb tags in vorbis files (useful for stolen music or stuff that i ripped aaages ago ;D)07:10
surroundertilman: abcde is nice imho07:10
surroundertreach that is07:10
tilmansurrounder: whatever, mine's superior for my needs07:10
tilmantreach: mmh, i didn't prepare a proper release07:11
treachok. I'll have a look at abcde until then. ;)07:12
RyoSaon: easytag is shit but what is better?07:12
treachbut it's gotta suck since it uses freedb. ;)07:12
tilmanto manually edit vorbis tags i'm using vivc07:12
RyoSid like em to be half automated.. fill in tags, have look if its alright, rename dir and files + tags. voila07:13
aonwell, i just need something that rips a cd to flacs and renames and tags those flacs automatically07:13
tilmantreach: you'll need libmusicbrainz (in opt, iirc) and ruby-musicbrainz (in my repo)07:13
tilmanit supports vorbis and flac, but you'll have to edit the stupid script to switch07:13
treachtilman: thanks, I'll have a look into it shorly. I'll take a little break for now. :)07:14
tilman(line 279/280)07:14
aon...and isn't written in some insane language ;)07:14
tilmanugh, and it needs ruby-gtk for glib2 stuff. *that* sucks07:14
treachhmm. "rb-rip" is a binary file?07:15
tilmanno, lighty sucks07:16
tilmanit's a ruby script07:16
RyoSis there anything better than easytag for just editing tags? cant find anything about vivc07:16
treachtilman: ok, thanks.07:16
tilmanrb-rip might actually be more useful to many people thatn lots of the other crap i've released to the public in the last years ;)07:18
spaceninjadoes pkgrm use the footprint to delete the installed files?07:21
aonif by footprint you mean the .footprint file07:22
spaceninjaBut what if you want to remove a package that was installed during the crux installation? Has those package been added to the same logfile like the packages that's been installed after the crux installation?07:25
spaceninjaok good07:26
spaceninjacrux is so nice, especially for people who's really pedantic.07:27
spaceninjawho are07:27
thrice`we won't tell you where the log file is, though; it's a secret :-)07:27
spaceninjaI must know now07:27
spaceninjaoh well, as long as it's not bloated07:28
thrice`it uses the logfile, as its not uncommon for the user to install a package that doesn't exactly match the .footprint07:28
aoni find it surprising that there's no tool that you can feed a single discid to and get the equivalent data back from musicbrainz07:30
aonand, like, that's it07:31
aonwithout any other bells and whistles07:31
aonor then i just can't find one07:33
tilmanaon: no idea whether there is, but in any case you can easily write one yourself. see the webservice API07:45
RotwangnipuL: there is no point of listing perl in dependencies08:14
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spaceninjadoes the avarage crux user think that gnome is a bloatmonster?08:46
spaceninjawhat's the most bloatfree way to browse the web through xorg?08:47
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Rotwangelinks ;]08:48
Rotwangbtw i like gnome08:48
spaceninjagraphics :)08:48
Rotwangand kde08:48
Rotwangspaceninja: arora is nice08:48
Rotwangbut its qt08:48
tilmanwhy do you care what the average crux user thinks?08:48
* Rotwang is working on kdemod for crux atm08:49
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-date-manip: 5.48 -> 5.5408:49
* spaceninja doesn't like c++08:49
spaceninjacan't use qt for that reason08:49
spaceninjalol :)08:50
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tilmani just realized that my 'north from here' cd says "nothernmost..."09:04
tilmanwell, not that omg-funny ;)09:04
aonspaceninja: that's an interesting question09:05
aonbasically, firefox has been way too bloated for any serious use since 1.0 or something09:06
aonbut everything else lacks support for everything :(09:07
aonthe best alternative would be to stop doing stuff on the web, but that requires self discipline09:08
aoni still haven't tested whether firefox in wine would be faster than native firefox :)09:13
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thrice`wouldn't that be pathetic, if it were true? o.O09:14
aonseems highly possible09:14
spaceninjaI like epiphany, but it requries gnome libs09:16
spaceninjaI'm planning on how to make a minimal system for my eee pc 900, but I know what to do. I'll make two os partition, one with the default os, and the other with a non x crux os.09:20
spaceninjain that way I don't have to worry about the bloat, god I hate bloat09:20
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-lwp: 5.810 -> 5.81309:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-net-ssleay: fix url remove junk file09:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-sdl1-perl: remove junk file09:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-term-readkey: clean Pkgfile09:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-xml-twig: 3.32 -> 3.3309:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-xml-writer: clean Pkgfile09:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-date-manip: clean Pkgfile09:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ntfs-3g: 1.2531 -> 1.271209:42
treachaon: midori still have ways to go, but it seems to make progress rather quickly.09:43
thrice`works really well here.  i think updating webkit regularly helps, too09:45
aontreach: i see09:45
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treachnipuL: you need to add a post-install to dbus. It needs to run "dbus-uuidgen --ensure" post install, or stuff (like gimp) won't work.12:05
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tilmandoes anyone else think that pkgadd should ignore the upgrade flag if the package isn't already installed?13:16
tilmanpkgadd: package xxd not previously installed (skip -u to install)13:16
treachit's a bit pedantic. :p13:17
treachtilman: btw, your ruby script.. seems like I found something strange again.13:18
treach"rb-rip:7:in `require': no such file to load -- glib2 (LoadError)"13:18
tilmaninstall ruby-gtk13:18
treach(I do have glib installed)13:19
treachah ok13:19
tilmani think i'll take a note and fix that13:19
tilmanit would annoy the hell out of me if i didnt use ruby-gtk anyway13:19
tilmantreach: does it create a working ~/.rbrip.yaml at the first start?13:21
treacherr, I haven't got it started yet. I just hit another error. :D13:21
treachapparently you hardcoded the cdrom location :p13:22
tilmanhang on13:22
treachError: Cannot open '/dev/hdd'13:23
tilmanhang on!!1113:23
treachso I changed it in the script..13:23
treachand I still get the same error?13:23
tilmanvim ~/.rbrip.yaml13:23
tilmandoes it exist?13:23
treachah, right13:24
tilmannotes: only very silly people will turn sanitize_filenames off13:24
tilmanvorbis_quality == -q switch of vorbisenc13:24
treachstupid question, but shouldn't it be enough to have the device mentioned in the rc file?13:25
treachyes, I know that13:25
tilmantreach: i just created a git repo for rb-rip... i'll clean it up and make it somewhat ready for distribution13:25
treachah, I see.13:25
aontilman: +113:25
aonto ignoring -u if it's not installed13:26
treachand the stuff around line 188 is just a template for the rc file I take it.13:26
tilmantreach: exactly13:26
tilmanso yeah, it does create a default file if it doesn't exist13:26
treachk. what do you use to actually rip the files?13:28
tilmanbtw, it assumes you have vorbisgain installed, too13:28
treachok. nice to know. ;)13:29
treachhm.. apparently matt is still maintaining faac.13:32
treachor at least he's still listed as such. :>13:33
treachIn fact, it looks like  he's still listed in anything related to faac below alsa-lib, exept flac and libsndfile.13:37
geom_hmm anyone using psybnc13:46
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treachwant a straight answer to that? ;)13:48
* treach is reminded that he has upgraded his computer since he last ripped any ogg files..13:52
geomtreach, :-)13:53
geomjust cant seep to get it to listen13:54
geomeven on the darn default port13:54
tilmantek probably uses it :D13:54
treachjesus, 183 MB wave -> 26MB ogg in 38s..13:55
* treach takes cover13:55
treachI wonder how long that would have taken on my old athlon. :p13:55
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aonseems like you can't reliably get the genre from mb x_x14:29
tilmanmb doesn't support genres14:29
tilmanit's in the faq too iirc ;D14:29
aoni know14:30
aonbut you sorta could tag GENRE with something from the tags14:30
tilmanaon: that's why my ripper asks the user to set the genre manually :D14:30
aonseems like there's no other way :)14:31
treachanyone built id3lib lately?14:37
treachchecking for iomanip.h... no14:37
treachconfigure: error: Missing a vital header file for id3lib14:37
treachoops. :>14:37
tilman14:23 <@     cptn> Rotwang: run s|iomanip.h|iomanip|14:38
treachah, k14:38
tilmanactually... configure does check for iomaip14:38
tilmansuccessfully, too. and then it checks for iomanip.h o_O14:39
treachaon: since easytag is yours, I presume you're on it? ;)14:50
treachit wasn't as easy as just replacing iomanip.h with iomanip btw. (Unless I mistyped something)14:51
tilmanit was just a guess... grepped iomanip in #crux.log14:52
treachseems highly possible.14:52
treachjust like me typing some crap, I'm getting tired now. :>14:52
aontreach: on what?15:05
treachid3lib. (Which is a dependency of easytag, even though it's listed as maintained by jaeger)15:05
treachapparenty it doesn't build anymore.15:06
aonwell, yeah15:06
aonis he still maintaining his stuff in contrib?15:06
treachI don't think so. But I could be wrong15:06
aonwell, perhaps someone who's bothered by that should mail him and ask15:06
aoni'll go to bed15:07
treachgood night15:07
tilmantreach: it's a x86_64 issue only, btw (differing gcc versions)15:07
treachah, I see. I should have known.. :/15:08
treachIn fact I was just thinking of investigating that. :<15:08
treachwe need a 64b build of OO.o. :P15:10
rehabdollfeel free to try and build it :)15:23
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dlllshi everyone, I red the FAQ for speeding connection while downloading from and did the changes in /etc/hosts. But after changes I see again the same IP-address, while trying to download. Should I do something else or only the changes in /etc/hosts?15:27
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nipuLtreach: can you submit a bug report, so i don't forget16:50
* treach grumbles something inaudible about FS.16:55
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treachtilman: are you still awake?16:57
treachnipuL: I don't know if fs is just feeling uncooperative atm, or I'm just more stupid than usual, but it seems I can't assign the bug to you. I've added it, anyway.17:00
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pl_workheya all. installing crux 2.4 on my Asus desktop, but keep getting Kernel panic when it tries to mount the root fs. I suspect it's because it's a SATA disk and the _right_ driver isn't compiled into the kernel. How do I go about finding the _right_ driver ? (if this is the problem)18:13
pl_workI have /dev/sda1 (swap) and /dev/sda2 (reiserfs) reiserfs is compiled into the kernel.18:13
sepenpl_work, if ''the _right_ driver isn't compiled into the kernel'' then compile it18:14
sepenbe sure you've support for all of your devices18:14
pl_workthe problem is - I don't know what SATA driver I'm suppose to be ugins here :/ dmesg isn't helping18:14
sepenalso you can boot with the default kernel and then get all the info you need18:15
pl_workthe cd's kernel just loads _all_ SATA drivers. How do I find out which one I need for my system though ?18:16
pl_worknevermind - I think I just found out :)18:17
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-datetime-plugin: New port.18:35
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-clipman-plugin: Updated 0.8.0 -> 0.8.1 and removed locale lines from .desktop file.18:35
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-mailwatch-plugin: Removed locale lines from .desktop file.18:35
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-screenshooter-plugin: New port.18:35
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-datetime-plugin: Fixed meta lines.18:35
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: 'thunar-thumbnailers: New port.19:59
cruxbot[xfce.git]: thunar-archive-plugin: Fixed paths. Fixed xarchiver invocation (added .tap file)19:59
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prologicorbit2 doesn't build here (2.4.12) can anyone verify ?21:07
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nogagplzIs it just me or is the website down?21:30
thrice`just you :)21:33
nogagplzOkay any idea why that would be, it was working just half an hour ago >>21:34
nipuLcosmic radiation21:35
nogagplzWorks now, so forget it21:36
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