IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-07-14

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geomnipuL, just woundering with dbus-uuidgen would you want to run --get and if that returns true then no need to generate a new uuid. incase it conflicts with the current uuid..00:19
geomoh thats stupid. uuid wont overwrite the current one :-)00:19
nipuLuse --ensure it will creat eone if it doesn't exist00:20
nipuLas is my understanding through process of rtfm00:21
geomyea, i was looking at FS#332 and just woundering if generating a new uuid through an update or rebuild would break something.00:24
geombut as it turns out. it doesnt actually overwrite the current uuid00:24
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teKtilman: no I don't.00:40
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pitillogood morning01:08
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cruxbot[opt.git]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.4702:22
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aongah, you can't browse youtube with w3m02:27
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geomyea dont think flash is ready for dillo, lynx, w3m...02:39
geomeh the other way round02:39
teKw3m + youtube-dl serves me just fine02:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-sdl1-perl: update footprint03:26
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aonhey sepen03:30
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treachI wonder if this fancy new kernel breaks nvidias drivers, as usual :>04:34
aoni'll be getting on that treadmill soon too :)04:37
aonunless i just use nv04:37
aonapparently the geforce 8 is still supported by them, though?04:38
treachcan't wait until the more recent ati drivers get usable. yeah. I have a 8500, works fine.04:38
aoni'm not going to get anything by ati04:39
aonjudging from their windows drivers i really don't want to see what's available for alternative platforms :)04:39
treacher, well. I meant the open drivers, not the ones written by ati specifically04:40
aonyep, i doubt they are any better04:40
treachwell, I never had any problems with my radeon 9000 and the xorg drivers.04:40
treachok, they weren't particulary fast maybe, but they were good enough for me.04:41
aonwell nv isn't particularly fast but it's stable :>04:41
treach2D only though04:41
aonyeah, but i'd be SHOCKED if my terminals turned 3d anyway04:42
treachI guess so. :p04:42
aonalthough lately it seems that having proper drivers might increase 2d performance too04:42
treachyes. using the gpu to accelerate 2d is getting more common.04:42
aonyeah, perhaps gtk2 stuff would get less shitty if cairo could use acceleration04:44
treachnot sure how much the slowness is related to cairo not being accelerated, and how much that relates to it not being really optimized.04:47
aon...i wonder if it makes sense to still say "gtk2" as nobody has used anything else for years :)04:47
aonno idea04:47
aonthe acceleration doesn't probably hurt, though04:48
treachwhat, you're not holding out on xmms anymore? ;)04:48
aoni upgraded to cmus (and herrie)04:48
aonalthough _if_ i were to use something graphical, it'd probably be xmms S:)04:48
treachI remember seeing cairo getting its ass handed to it by the qt equivalent (arthur?) a while back.04:49
treachI think that was something about the code not being really tuned04:49
aonoh, it's not still even a year since the last xmms release04:50
aonof course, the whole skinned-audio-player paradigm is a bit 199504:52
aon<insert cock-shaped waveform quote from>04:53
treachthose players are a bit bothersome when you have several GB of music files to keep track of.04:54
aonbut nevertheless, the forks totally fucked it up :)04:54
aonalthough i don't really use any kind of a library04:54
treachnot even sure what became of bmpx etc04:54
aoni just :add the directory of the album i'm going to listen to in cmus04:54
aonherrie has a directory browser and it's not that tedious to look for the right album04:55
aonalthough it lets you search in the list, which helps04:55
treachok, I'll have a look at that. :)04:56
treachnow that I don't have kde atm, amarok isn't an option. ;)04:56
aon"not that tedious" doesn't mean that it's tedious in cmus04:56
aonbut rather less tedious than in xmms, where you have to click around in the tree04:57
aoncmus and herrie are at about the same level of tediosity :)04:57
treachsearch is a bit slow though.04:57
aonthe whole cmus ui is a bit unresponsive at times, imo04:57
aonthat's why i started using herrie, but flacs aren't working in it atm for some reason i'm too lazy to look into04:58
treachI also miss the option to correct tags directly in the ui.04:58
treachk, time to try out the new stuff.. bbl04:59
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rauz_can anybody help me with install compiz-fusion on crux09:14
Rotwangjaeger had some ports09:15
rauz_i see but it doesnt work09:15
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tilmantreach: no, i wasn't :)09:53
treachheh, I guessed so. :)09:54
treachI was just wondering if things was working as they were supposed to, since I couldn't assign the bug to nipuL09:55
tilmandid you fix it in the meantime?09:56
treachno, I just left it assigned to "no-one"09:56
tilmanhaha, UPS spam09:58
tilmanresp virus stuff09:58
tilmansepen: is having trouble sending email to your sourceforge email address..09:58
tilmansepen at ?09:59
sepenits just a redirection09:59
tilmanmight be sourceforge's spamassassin:09:59
tilman        0.2 NO_REAL_NAME           From: does not include a real name09:59
tilman        1.0 FORGED_RCVD_HELO       Received: contains a forged HELO09:59
* treach watches his mouse pointer act like a fly trapped in a window,,10:00
sepentilman, could you do a smtp session?10:00
sepenthat's the last one I've received -> '[crux-commits] ports/opt (2.4): netpbm: updated to 10.35.47'10:01
tilmanwell, let's see why SA might think that the HELO is forged10:01
sepenmaybe blacklists?10:02
sepenEHLO xxx10:02
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tilmantreach: which bug was it? 332?10:22
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sepenthanks tilman for being so fast :=)10:52
sepenwell now going to home, bbl!10:52
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tilmanooooh, shiny new kernel10:54
tilmanshiny kernel is shiny10:54
treachtilman: ack10:59
tilmani wanted to paste "The server at is taking too long to respond."11:01
tilmannot sure how the hell the newlines made it in11:02
treachI was just about to ask if I needed a braille terminal, ;)11:02
treachfrom what I've seen the inclusion of a kernel debugger is probably the most significant new feature. :>11:05
tilmanjesus, seems to be under or on fire11:06
treachwell. since ./ got the news, what did you expect? :p11:08
treach /.11:08
tilmani cannot remember having such problems reaching the site11:08
tilmanmaybe i wasn't as quick with the last releases?11:08
treachor maybe you're usually faster than /. :>11:09
tilmanlet's see whether io tracing can be enabled now11:14
treachImage-show-hide ftw :p11:14
treacha plugin for ff. pretty useful on loaded sites. :)11:15
tilman"[generic semaphores] removes 7365 LoC" nice11:17
tilmannot as awesome as the ~500.000+ removed locs in xorg-server recently, but nice ;)11:17
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
tilmanbah, still section mismatches with the io accounting stuff11:20
tilmanwhy was i looking forward to .26 again? seems rather boring11:22
treachShiney? ;)11:22
aonomg, you actually care about kernel releases?11:22
tilmansure, the stable releases often contain critical fixes11:23
treachaon: they do matter to some extent.. this one fixed some iommu / acpi errors I had before.11:23
aoni see11:24
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aonperhaps soon i'll start experiencing cool bugs too if i upgrade my hardware :)11:24
treachquite probable. :>11:24
tilmanaon: also, there were lots of improvements for laptops "lately" that make it worth upgrading from tiem to time ;p11:24
treachyeah, like the power saving crap for pcie.11:25
treachI think that will make some laptop owners a bit happier. :)11:25
tilmanyou mean PCIEASPM?11:27
treachI think that's what it was called.11:27
treachhaven't really looked into it yet.11:28
tilman"Shuttleworth Sees Possibility For a QT-based GNOME"11:30
tilmanhaha, right.11:30
treachthat SFF stuff got me though, nothing in make oldconfig warned me that it would disable a whole bunch of drivers if you enabled it. :p11:30
treachtilman: actually that's not what he said, but it's /. so...11:30
treachs /enable/disable11:30
thrice`qt gnome...haha; doubtful :)11:30
aoni'd like to see it11:31
tilmantreach: ahci still works though, right? i think the help text said that it's not needed if you use ahci11:31
tilmantreach: i just read the /. summary ;)11:31
treachthrice`: well, I guess that's the only way they could possibly catch up to KDE ;)11:31
treachthrice`: yeah, ahci still works11:31
thrice`I don't think gnome is "behind" kde in that regard11:32
treachin fact, ahci and SI3124/3123 are the only sata drives that will work without it. :p11:32
treachbut it is.11:32
treachit's AGES behind, and it will only lag further behind as time goes on,11:33
thrice`have you tried kde 4.1?  it's still very unusable11:33
treachyes I've used it, and it wasn't too bad.11:33
tilmantopic switch needed11:33
tilmankde and gnome are equally worthless11:33
treachbut compare kde4 to gnome 2.011:33
thrice`but gnome 3.0 will have tabs :(11:33
treachwhen did gnome become useful again after that switch..?11:33
treach.16 or something..? :>11:34
tilmanWARNING: modpost: Found 5 section mismatch(es).11:35
tilmandoes anyone know about that crap?11:35
tilmando such builds work properly? sounds scary ;)11:36
rehabdolli've also started to get that crap11:37
treachyes, it sounds bad, and no, I have no idea about that..11:37
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rehabdollhavent noticed any issues though11:37
tilmanwith .25 it only occured with the io tracing enabled11:37
tilmanbut with .26 it occurs no matter what11:38
tilmanokay, i'll just try it11:38
aonthere's already a 4._1_?11:43
thrice`wrt gnome 3.0 features:
thrice`only 2 years out for omg-tabs :-)11:43
tilmansilly tab joke is silly11:44
treachaon: it's not released yet afaik.11:44
treachbut it's supposed to be relased this month11:44
tilmanthe planets were full of that11:44
thrice`I *hope* it's a joke, but wouldn't be surprised11:44
aonsome years ago, there was a lame finn who wrote a (surprisingly widespread) script pack for mirc11:45
treachI guess it's proof of all that "qt speeds up your develpment" propaganda. :p11:45
aonback then, we laughed at his release numbers being something like 28.011:45
treachwell, you can't compare to stuff like that.11:45
aoni, for one, welcome this foss-scriptkiddie-hybrid stuff11:46
treachKDE moves *really* fast atm11:46
thrice`qt-based xfce would be nice, on the other hand11:46
aoncan't it just be called 3.99 or something until it's usable?11:46
treachI've used kde 4.0.x and kde 4.1 beta something, and it's a huge difference11:46
thrice`treach: agreed; but 4.1 was supposed to be "public ready for 3.5 replacement" (or so was claimed), and it's not there by any means11:47
treachthey wanted to get stuff out so people could start working on it on an even bigger scale11:47
aonyeah, sure11:47
aoni've read the posts :)11:47
treachthrice`: well. was gnome 2.0 or osx 10.0 ready?11:47
aoni find it scary that i actually have time to show interest in such junk11:47
thrice`ditto :)11:48
treachI have a difficult time to understand all the bitching wrt kde4, especially compared to what gnome and apple presented in the past.11:48
treachI think the "problem" to some extent is that kde 3.5 is too good, and then there's the usual amount of people who just can't resist an oppertunity to stab the kde people in the back.11:49
thrice`regardless, the end result will be me continuing to use a WM for awhile :)11:50
treachsame here. :)11:50
treachbut I won't bitch about how bad kde4 is. :)11:50
tilmanare the crux kde ports at 4.0 or 3.x?11:50
treachthere is alans repo11:50
treachnot sure what he have atm though11:50
tilmanyes, that's what i mean11:51
thrice`i'd guess 3.5, as 4.0 needs alot of new deps11:51
treachabove all; upstream doesn't support both 3 and 4 on the same system.11:52
treachand there are still a lot of apps missing from 4, like k3b for instance11:52
thrice`and amarok (though it has a [rough] start in the works11:52
treachyep. and kdevelop. and konversation. and..11:53
treachetc. :)11:53
aontreach: what did apple present in the past?12:02
treachOSX 10.012:03
treachI'm no apple person, but from what I've gathered, it wasn't until 10.3 it was "good" (provided that you like Apple OSes. ;) )12:04
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aonwell, me neither12:11
treachthat's from March 01 to October 03, compared to Jan to July for KDE 4.[0-1] and 4.2 probably not too far away.12:12
tilman# Create device-mapper device nodes12:12
tilman/sbin/dmsetup mknodes12:12
tilmanrehabdoll: ^ did you add that for LVM support?12:12
rehabdolluh, what12:12
rehabdollon the iso?12:12
tilman /etc/rc12:12
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tilmanrehabdoll: i decided to investigate the '/sbin/vgchange not found' errors after ... 4 weeks :D12:18
cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: alsa-lib: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: alsa-utils: updated to
aontreach: but the version numbers don't really mean anything12:26
treachno. I'm pointing at the rate stuff changes12:26
thrice`big number isn't proportional to quality of release? :>12:26
tilmannext crux release should be 13.3712:27
treachkde 4.1 is a MAJOR improvement over 4.0, and thats just in 6 months.12:27
treachcompare to the rate gnome 2.0 or osx changed. If you use that perspective I don't see the problem the "internetz" seems to have with kde412:28
aonyeah, but MAJOR + MAJOR + MAJOR isn't necessarily still good enough :)12:28
aondepends on what you're starting with12:28
treachtrue, but 4.0 isn't as unuseable as most people would make you think.12:29
thrice`hm, it's rakt pdf at version 2008 something?  that must mean amazingz12:29
aonie. you can keep doing "major" "improvements" (like rewriting stuff or adding tabs to calculators) and still accomplish nothing12:29
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treachwell, how about stuff working reliably and with more features than in 4.0?12:30
aonyeah, i don't know, personally i think that gnome got unusable after 1.* and kde somewhere between 2-312:30
aonof course they're making progress, and it'll probably eventually be as good as 3.512:30
thrice`i agree that 4.0 should have been called 3.99.x or w/e12:31
treachone of the many other things people get wrong is that they forget that kde 3.5.x is an evolution going back like 8 years or so.12:32
treachkde3 was pretty much just a port to qt3 and some more polish.12:33
treachkde4 is immensly different, with all the stuff like phonon etc which even makes it possible to run stuff on windows etc.12:33
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treach \o/13:09
treachNot sure if "Trojanowski" is a good name for a programmer though. :O13:09
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treachyo cptn13:16
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tilmandoes anyone else see abysmal libvorbis performance (decoding) with x86_64?14:07
treachno, but I'm not sure what you're trying to do..14:08
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treachjust play an ogg file?14:08
thrice`no, i reverted to i686 o.O14:08
treachtilman: any specifics?14:08
tilman15-20% cpu usage with ogg12314:08
tilmanon a q5 file14:08
tilmanplaying from an luks-encrypted xfs, but that shouldn't matter ;)14:09
tilmancopying to /tmp to be sure14:09
treachI can't reproduce that. ;)14:09
treachfile encoded at 7 or so though, but I don't think that changes the numbers from 15-20 to 2% :p14:10
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tilmantreach: it might be a bug in 2.6.2614:43
treachLinux 2.6.26 x86_64 AuthenticAMD14:43
tilmanit's definitely kernel related14:47
tilmanmaybe top/htop is just reading faulty process performance data14:48
treachmaybe. I wonder why I don't get that.14:48
treachsince I used the same app and kernel, etc14:49
tilmanluks-crypt + xfs + xmms214:49
treachah, obviously it's xmms2s fault. ;)14:49
tilmanscrew both, err, all of you14:49
thrice`hey, I at least tried xmms214:52
tilmanscrew you a bit less than the others ;)14:53
thrice`all I wanted was "random" on my playlist :)14:53
thrice`hehe, noted :)14:53
tilmannot having the random mode of your desire doesn't mean that every weirdness is xmms2's fault ;(14:54
thrice`of course; but it adds to my negative feelings towards xmms214:55
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tilmanbleh, hopefully i'll read about this crap on tomorrow... otherwise i might have to really look into it :xxx15:15
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treach o.O16:28
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VileTimesHey folks. New to Crux and, as usual, I have a few questions. :)17:26
Rotwangfresh meat17:26
treachand the handbook/faq didn't hold any answers?17:26
VileTimesWhen I used the installation CD, I had a wonderful 1024x768 terminal window to work with. Now that I've installed and compiled the kernel, I'm stuck in 800x600 land. Is this something I can fix via lilo or is this a parameter that needs to be passed to the kernel at boot time?17:27
treachyou need the framebuffer console.17:28
Rotwangif you compiled it into kernel17:28
VileTimeswhich kernel option is it? There are sooo many.17:28
treachdepends a bit on your hardware17:28
VileTimesAn old laptop that uses an s# virge video card with 8meg of video Ram17:29
VileTimesThanks, but how do I find that via Menuconfig?17:30
sepenjust use '/'17:30
sepenlike 'vim'17:30
VileTimesAhhh ... thanks again17:30
Rotwangdevice drivers -> graphics support ->some other shit17:31
treach you might need CONFIG_VIDEO_SELECT too.17:31
treachI don't quite remember, I set it up on my laptop, but then the cat cut the powercord so it has been out of commission for a while now.. :/17:32
RotwangVileTimes: btw. you may want to add to kernel crux logo :p17:32
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Rotwangcptn made fancy patch, I use it since then17:33
VileTimesI'd love to, but I'm trying to find the option for screen resolution.... although I did manage to find the backlight kernel options. :)17:34
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Rotwangbtw. you need to add an special option to your boot manager of course17:37
VileTimesAh! That might be what I'm missing, because I see nothing to increase screen res. in the kernel options, only font sizes.17:38
treachyou have to look them up17:38
VileTimesFont size affects screen res? Interesting.17:39
treachI think those codes vary a bit depending on what graphics card you have, unless you go with the vesa modes17:39
VileTimesSorry ... wires are crossing here. I'm hoping for a kernel option to set my console screen width. I should be checking lilo.conf instead, right?17:40
treachbasically, yes17:40
treachyou enable the setting in the kernel, and then you set them the res in lilo17:41
VileTimesOk, got it. Thanks. Recompiling now with some added options.17:42
treachWHAT you need to put there is a bit more complicated, as it depends on your graphics adapter iirc, *unless* you go with VESA, which is standard.17:42
Rotwangbut, grub is better ;p17:42
treach("There" being in lilo.conf)17:42
treachand grub is an overcomplicated POS. :>17:43
VileTimesI concur with Treach.17:43
Rotwangpffff ;]17:43
VileTimesIf I have tons of different OS's, fine. But this machine has only one OS. Why bother with GRUB?17:43
treachit still boots even if you forget to run "lilo" after you've changed your kernel. :p17:44
treachbut that's about it IMO. :>17:44
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VileTimesThat did it. I just needed to enter the proper vga settings for my resolution in lilo.conf.18:04
treachI'd suggest you try getting FB_S3 to work instead of VESA though.18:09
treach(I guess that's the relevant driver)18:09
VileTimesWow! Crux really is super-fast compared to even an Ubuntu server install. Boot-up is lightning-fast.18:10
treachyeah. no bloat18:10
VileTimesIs that a kernel module?18:10
VileTimesThanks. I'll take a look.18:11
treachhave fun, it might take a while to get it right. ;)18:11
treachbut it's probably a better solution than bog standard VGA/VESA18:11
VileTimesI think I can only provide a y or an n as an option. No numbers.18:13
VileTimesI searched through the .config file I last compiled for the kernel. The entry CONFIG_FB_S3 is set to "y" right now.18:14
treachthat's good. then you should probably take a look at the documentation for that driver18:15
VileTimesFound an xorg doc for it... hmmm..18:16
treachthat's wrong18:17
treachyou should look in your kernelsource18:17
treachthere's a Documentation dir.18:17
treachthere you'll find fb/s3fb.txt.18:17
VileTimesThanks. Will look now.18:17
VileTimesDoesn't really say much except what the driver can or can't do. Nothing about changing parameters.18:20
treachno. I noticed. the documents seem to have changed a bit since I looked there, which was a long time ago.18:21
treachanyway, hopefully you can find something interesting in the other docs there or google.18:22
treachat least you know what you're looking for now.18:22
VileTimesIt's all good though. It looks great as it stands. All I need to do now is to get xorg working. I have a feeling that might be a bit more complicated. :)18:22
treachit's dead easy compared to messing around with the console. :P18:22
treachas root; X -configure18:23
treachedit file18:23
treachprofit :p18:23
VileTimesI only have core installed for now. I'll have to do a ports -u first, right?18:23
treachI sincerely suggest you read up on prt-get before you proceed any further though.18:24
treachit can help you with a lot of things.18:24
nipuLhmm, how to use screen inside screen?18:24
VileTimesOk, will do. Thanks for the tips.18:25
treachVileTimes: good luck. I'm going to google for my pillow now.. :>18:25
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nipuLC-a a18:26
VileTimesSo it's just a matter of going to /usr/port/xorg and typing pkgmk -u -i?18:31
thrice`no :(18:32
VileTimesWell, then....18:32
thrice`it's just a matter of:18:32
nipuLprt-get depinst  --install-scripts xorg18:32
thrice`19:24 < treach> I sincerely suggest you read up on prt-get before you proceed  any further though.18:32
VileTimesI see. prt-get runs the show. pkgadd and company are merely its puppets.18:39
thrice`other way around; prt-get just helps out :)18:42
VileTimesImpressive. This is probably going to be the fastest OS this old P3 500mgz laptop has ever had living on it.18:44
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nipuLVileTimes: i hope you have a build machine20:26
nipuLsource only on a 500mhz is painful20:27
*** errdil has quit IRC20:27
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*** VileTimes has joined #crux22:40
VileTimesSO I have to install fluxbox for startx to work?22:41
VileTimesWhy can't crux give me a nice vanilla X?22:42
*** geom has quit IRC22:49
VileTimesmodule "savage" doesn't work22:49
VileTimesmodule "fbdev" doesn't work22:49
VileTimesmodule "vga" doesn't work.22:50
voltaicVileTimes, I think X comes with twm by default22:50
VileTimesstartx gives the errors mentioned above along with Module "ddc" already built-in22:52
VileTimesand "waiting for X server to shut down FreeFontPath: FPE "usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/" refcount is 2, should be 1; fixing.22:53
voltaicdid you configure xorg.conf manually?22:54
VileTimesThat sucks. It took sooo long to compile xorg. No, I haven't touched xorg.conf.22:54
voltaicyou need to set up X graphics drivers in xorg.conf22:55
voltaichave you tried running xorgconfig?22:55
nipuLVileTimes: prt-get depinst flux22:57
nipuLit will install xorg aswell22:57
VileTimeswill do so now. Man, would it ever suck after all of the compile time and nothing worked. Wish me luck.22:57
voltaicit will work, don't worry22:57
VileTimesprt-get depinst tells me tha the package can't be found. I ran xorgconfig. Errors were: Failed to load module "vga", No drivers available, no screens found. :(23:03
voltaiclet's get one things working at a time23:04
VileTimesWow ... what a big waste of time.23:04
voltaicit's not broken -- it's just not configured correctly23:04
voltaicwhat graphics card do you have?23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:06
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
VileTimesS2 virge .. S3 Inc. 86C270-294 Savage/MX-MV (rev 11)23:06
VileTimes*S3 Virge23:06
VileTimesaccoeding to lspci23:06
voltaicthese are tricky to get working with X. I think the driver for them is buggy. anyway, are you familiar with the structure of xorg.conf?23:08
VileTimesSomewhat. I've had to mess with it before.23:09
voltaicopen it up and see what's listed in the device section for your graphics card23:09
voltaicfrom the errors it looks like it is set to use the vga driver23:09
VileTimesYep, it's trying to use "Standard VGA23:10
voltaicyou may want to try some other drivers, such as s3 and s3virge23:11
VileTimesDriver "vga"23:11
voltaicthough, you may not have those drivers installed23:11
voltaicso check prt-get first23:11
VileTimesHow do I do that?23:11
nipuLvesa should be installed23:12
nipuLprt-get listinst | grep xorg-xf86-video23:12
voltaicyou'll see that there are a few video driver for s323:13
voltaicor you could do prt-get search xorg-xf86-video23:13
VileTimesdid that, and found a driver for the s3virge. I'm compiling as I type..23:17
VileTimesSame error. Nothing has changed.23:18
VileTimesIt's still looking for a VGA module.23:18
voltaicdid you change that line in xorg.conf?23:19
*** fetid has quit IRC23:20
*** geom has joined #crux23:22
*** fetid has joined #crux23:22
VileTimesI did23:22
VileTimesSifting through the log file. Thanks for the help, btw.23:22
voltaicI have a friend who has an older ThinkPad with an S3 in it. if you can't get it to work I'll ask him for his xorg.conf.23:24
VileTimesSeems like it's haviong a hard time finding the bus ID23:24
VileTimes"No device detected" i what's in the log.23:24
voltaicthere is a way to figure out the busid23:25
voltaicI think lspci output gives you the busid, actually23:25
VileTimesYeah, I just can't remember how; :D23:25
VileTimesIt does find the device driver though.23:26
VileTimesIt's a variant of lspci or something...23:26
voltaicI found it. lspci gives you the busid in hex, apparently. you need to convert it to decimal for xorg.conf.23:27
VileTimes-b is the option23:27
*** geom has quit IRC23:28
VileTimeswelll ... maybe not :(23:29
*** geom has joined #crux23:36
VileTimesTjis is ridiculous. It took me hours to compile xorg and nothing works.23:36
voltaicare you still compiling s3virge?23:37
voltaicand what's the error? is it still the busid?23:37
VileTimesThat's done. I reran xfree86config after recompiling and nothing worked.23:38
VileTimesIt's still looking for a vga driver23:39
VileTimes(module does not exist, 0)23:39
VileTimesNo dircers available23:39
VileTimesFatal server error: no screens found23:40
voltaiclet's try the vesa driver23:40
voltaicit's a strictly unaccelerated driver, but it should tell us whether there is something else is wrong with the config23:41
*** monsterb has joined #crux23:42
VileTimesTotally different set of errors this time23:43
VileTimeslots /usr/lib/X11/xinit/xinitrx: line x errors. Do I need to install xclock or something?23:44
voltaicnope, just remove all that stuff from xinitrc23:44
voltaicin fact, copy xinitrc from /usr/lib/X11/xinit to your home directory as .xinitr23:45
voltaicthe last line of the default xinitrc should launch twm. the rest of the stuff is optional.23:46
VileTimescloser (it seems).23:47
VileTimesThe screen flashes for a brief moment23:47
nipuLxorg doesn't ship with twm anymore23:48
VileTimesIt complains about xterm not having been found along with xclock23:48
voltaicsorry I mislead you. it seems I am out of date on what xorg ships with.23:49
VileTimesNo big deal. I'd just like for anything to work considering how many I put into compiling X and nothing else.23:50
voltaicdo you not have xterm installed? prt-get isinst xterm23:50
VileTimesOh, I'm sure elinks is an adequate browser for most, but I long for my links2 0g option.23:51
VileTimesWow ... it's compiling, but that could be the problem?23:53
VileTimesHoly ... that was the problem.23:55
voltaicdoes X work now?23:55
VileTimesMy X is working at 800x600 instead of 1024x768, but it is most definitely working.23:55
nipuLwhat video card do you have?23:56
VileTimesThanks a lot, voltaic.23:56
VileTimesS3 virge on an old Toshiba tecra 8100 laptop.23:57
voltaicsure thing. nipuL will help you out with the resolution issue :)23:57
nipuLsounds like what i have23:57
*** geom has quit IRC23:57
voltaicI think it's good night for me.23:58
*** geom has joined #crux23:58
nipuLi can't help right now, need to put a couple of laptops back together23:58
nipuLwhy toshiba decided to solder the battery in i'll never now23:58
aonso that you can't change it23:59

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