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aonor at least it's more annoying to do00:00
VileTimesBe well, I think I might be able to take it from here. I'll be whining again here if I can't. :D00:00
nipuLaon: had to cut the wire then resolder it just to wipe the CMOS00:02
nipuLdoesn't even have a reset jumper00:02
aonah, _that_ battery00:05
nipuLthe "bios password cracker" battery00:05
VileTimesBah! Crux understands Vesa, but not the d3virge drivers I compiled.00:07
nipuLwhat does "lspci | grep Display" tell you?00:09
VileTimesConsidering the hours it took compiling xorg, perhaps a bit of an autodetect might have been executed, with an option to install.00:09
VileTimesAbsolutely nothing either as root or as a regular user00:11
nipuLif you want the os to do everything for you, perhaps you should have used ubuntu00:13
VileTimesAn lspci gives me: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc/ 86C270-294 Savage/MX-MV (rev 11)00:13
aonsavage is totally different from virge iirc00:14
VileTimesI'm not expecting the OS to do everything, although I do expect something better after hours and hours of compiling.00:15
VileTimesI recompiled the kernel, and that went off without a hitch.00:16
nipuLyou have woking binaries, what else do you expect00:17
nipuLa foot massage ;)00:18
VileTimeslook, I'm not trying to be an e-tough guy, I just want my stinking laptop to work.00:18
geomrofl @ nipuL00:18
VileTimesYesyes, all hail your extraordinarily witty community leader laughing at the n00b.00:19
VileTimesWel done.00:20
nipuLcalm down00:20
VileTimesThe question here is, who's getting excited?00:20
nipuLnot me, besides, i wan't laughing at your noobliness00:22
nipuLi was laughing at your expecations of crux00:22
VileTimesLook, I didn't come here looking for a bunch of e-reasons as to why no one uses linux. I came here to get some help because I tried something new and I got X to start (finally).00:23
VileTimesWith your help.00:24
nipuLso calm down already, i'm trying to help you00:24
nipuLlearn to take a joke :)00:24
VileTimesI wasn't attacking you. I see no reason why you refer to me as being particularly excited.00:24
nipuLtry, lspci | grep -i display00:25
VileTimesFrom console, no result.00:26
nipuLcan you pastebin the entire output of lspci?00:27
VileTimesI have two machines. The VGA portion of the one I'm trying to fix says (verbatim): 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. 86C270-294 Savage/MX-MV 9rev 11)00:29
VileTimes(rev 11)00:29
nipuLdo you have xorg-xf86-video-savage installed?00:35
VileTimesInstalling and compiling. Thanks for the cue.00:37
VileTimesHow should this driver be called up in xorg.conf's Graphics section?00:42
nipuLjust run X -configure00:44
VileTimesI'm sure if I had tits, this would be much easier.00:44
nipuL1. i can't see them00:45
nipuL2. i'm happily married00:45
VileTimesMuchMUCHmUCH better. At least the little grey pattern fills the whole screen (even though nothing happens).00:48
VileTimesI suppose I need to define an X windows manager at this point.00:48
*** maxus has quit IRC00:49
VileTimesBang! That did it!00:51
VileTimesSee? Didn't you have a lot of fun helping an ex-Slackware/Ubuntu/Mandrake/RedHat/ user (in no particular orde) migrate to CRUX?00:53
aonwtf's with the "e-reasons" and "e-tough"00:54
aonthat's offensive towards us who don't have a real life00:54
VileTimesI admit, I was ready to ditch it in favour of puppy, but I love to eat nipuls:
VileTimesThank you, nipuL-nipuL00:57
pitillogood morning01:05
geomhi pitillo01:05
nipuLoh god01:06
nipuLi feel violated01:06
pitillogeom: :)01:06
geomnipuL, you have a song dedicated to you :001:07
nipuLyou're doing it wrong!01:08
VileTimesYour nipples kick the cartoon in the face.01:12
nipuLi'm going to go over here now01:13
VileTimesSay what you want, but prt-get depinst flux returns many errors. I blame you.01:14
nipuLi don't think i'm a maintainer along that entire dependency chain01:16
pitilloVileTimes: which kind of errors? if they are general errors (aren't your errors), can you fill a bug at flyspray to fix them? can you comment out your errors here or at ML to see if they can be fixed?01:17
nipuL$10 says they are soft dependency footprint errors01:17
VileTimesNah, I just need to fix the sources.01:18
pitilloanother 10 for download problems?01:18
VileTimesI'm configuring imagemagick right now. No gurls alloud.01:19
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nipuLdo you think i'm a girl?01:21
VileTimesWoah, buddy. I thought you were the one being "in-charge" metro-sexual hitting on me.01:23
VileTimesMen on the internet are all the same.01:23
aonrauz_: mrng01:27
VileTimesBesides, I can just install Fluxbix by downloading the source from their stinky site/01:27
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geomanyone using VDE ?..01:28
VileTimesVeneral Disease Emulsifier ... ah yes, how very open sores of you/01:30
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rauz_fu compiz-fusion01:33
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RyoStilman: hey03:16
RyoScan you help me please with how to install gems correctly? i wanted to start writing a little bit ruby, thought of a helper script for my digicam and found rmagick.. but it fails on ruby setup.rb (cant find libgomp, i cant find it either XD)03:17
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RyoStilman: no problem, think i found out already :)05:09
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tilmanRyoS: glad i could help10:03
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Rotwanghi cptn11:25
Rotwangi updated your crux logo kernel patch11:25
Rotwangnow it works with 2.6.2611:25
cptnoh, they added a blackfin logo11:27
Rotwangmaybe you could add crux-logo.diff somewhere to the wiki?11:29
Rotwangto artwork or sth.11:30
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cptnyes, good idea11:33
cptnwe used to have an artwork page, but I'm not sure if it's still around11:33
Rotwang   ;]11:34
cptnor Wiki/Art maybe :-)11:34
Rotwang otr here11:34
Rotwangah you cant edit it ;]11:35
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cptnI miss vektori :-)11:37
tilman^^^ very fn awesome11:37
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cruxbot[core.git]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.41.012:44
cruxbot[contrib.git]: usemod: update to 1.0.412:47
cruxbot[xfce.git]: removed Umlauts12:50
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RedShiftsup guys13:12
RedShifthow's crux these days?13:12
mike_kRedShift: active enough13:14
RyoStilman: ;D you are the best <313:19
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cruxbot[core.git]: libarchive: updated to
tilman"i'll test this and push tomorrow" *cough*13:39
cptnRedShift: it's as dead as it was two years ago :-)13:39
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cptnthinking of dropping arch? ;-)13:43
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sepenme too for a couple of minutes13:50
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tilman"first, that if a game is loaded into RAM, that can be considered an unauthorized copy of the game and as such a breach of copyright"14:46
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sepenAnnouncement of three new download mirrors, including two in Australia14:49
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teKso I will have to argue about directory politics the next time :-)16:08
teKsorry tilman (?) I could not make it in time tonight.. I will read the log though. And now: good night everybody!16:10
RedShiftcptn: no16:24
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nipuLsweet, new .au mirrors20:53
nipuLoptusnet is a joke20:53
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geomafternoon :-)23:47

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