IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-07-16

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pitillogood morning00:58
cruxbot[opt.git]: libgphoto2: readded to opt, update to 2.4.201:34
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libgphoto2: moved to opt01:36
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cruxbot[opt.git]: gphoto2: initial release01:42
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cruxbot[opt.git]: cdparanoia: removed old patch02:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: herrie: updated to 2.102:23
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childintimedoes anybody use vmware_player?04:43
childintimei installed it properly but if i try to vmrun start My_Virtual_Machine.vmx it told me: Error: Command failed: A file was not found04:44
childintimei really dont know were is the problem..04:44
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treachI'm not using vmware, and haven't done so for a long time, but iirc wmware assumes you're using sysv init, which crux doesn't, so it's possible something went wrong with that.04:59
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childintimetreach, ah, but when i run my vmx file from graphical frontend it runs without any problem..05:04
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roliveirachildintime: is the deamon running?05:07
childintimeroliveira, yes05:09
childintimemodules are loaded..etc..05:09
Rotwangchildintime: use vbox ;]05:10
childintimeRotwang, i use qemu and vbox too, but i want do some compares.. for example it seems that qemu isnt able to use more than one cpu, same to vbox (it can, but performance is very poor..)05:12
roliveirachildintime: maybe a permissions problem?05:15
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childintimehuh, thx, i dont understand it, but now it works, i must add full path to the vmx file, now i get this error, but it works fine..05:32
childintimeError: Command failed: Insufficient permissions in host operating system05:32
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cruxbot[opt.git]: pidgin: added nspr dep08:09
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Rotwangcptn: iotop 0.2.1 available09:59
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thrice`hm, anyone know who richard poettler is?11:14
tilmanthrice`: he's 'namenlos' on irc11:15
thrice`from the crux world, of course11:15
thrice`oh, ok :)  thanks11:15
thrice`bah; no kde4 ports yet :( treach got me wanting to try again with his ramble :>11:23
cruxbot[opt.git]: iotop: update to 0.2.111:40
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tilmanis anyone else running 2.6.26 now?13:26
aoni'm not13:26
treachI am13:26
tilmantreach: can you paste your .config?13:26
tilmani wonder whether i forgot to enable something13:26
treachsure, gimme a few13:26
treachnow, back to trying to un-fuck up my git repo. :>13:30
thrice`treach: when you mentioned trying kde4, was that on crux?13:31
treachthat was suse. I have no intention of building that stuff on crux. :>13:31
thrice`ah; wuss :P13:32
* aon installed qt today13:32
tilmano_O @ netbsd-users13:33
treachthrice`: why waste time on something someone else as already done a lot better than I'm able to do myself?13:33
thrice`treach: because it's RPM? :P13:34
thrice`actually, I tried installing kde4 suse in a VM, and it died updating to 4.0.8513:34
treachbah, rpm isn't worse than any other binary packages13:34
treachsounds like fun. ;)13:34
sepenI'm using fedoras and centos at office13:34
treachfedora sucks for kde.13:35
sepennah, all boxes are servers13:35
sepenwebserver, or mail, etc13:35
treachwell, then they are a bit beside the point, right?13:35
aonfedora as a server+13:36
aonholy shit13:36
treachaon: it's not so bad. If you stay with the previous version, ;>13:36
sepenyeah, but when I arrived to this enterprise all was running, nothing to do13:36
treachf9 is crazy crap13:36
sepenfc3 and fc413:37
aonbut, like, centos does it so much better13:37
sepenwell runs ok for our plans13:37
treachaon: I didn't say centos was worse, just that fedora wasn't so bad.13:37
treachit's at least better than some version of windows. ;)13:37
aonwell, windows actually has support :)13:38
treachbelive it or not.13:38
treachbut I've seen win98 being used as servers..13:38
tilmantreach: err, does enablign numa make any sense on a single cpu machine? o_O13:38
sepentreach, but its imposible for migrating those fc3-4 servers or upgradign13:38
aoni've seen winnt4 being used as a server13:38
aonoh wait, it was actually meant for that, nvm :)13:38
treachtilman: well, not sure. consider it an experiment. :p13:39
aonbut the monthly reboots were hilarious13:39
treachtilman: at least it's recommended for all versions of opterons afaik.13:39
aondoesn't fedora recommend reinstall as the best upgrade path? ;)13:39
tilmantreach: which we don't run13:39
treachaon: maybe13:40
treachtilman: what's the difference between an opteron and an athlon?13:40
tilmandunno, but i think that opteruns are only those earlier 64 bit athlon cpus..13:40
treachAfaik, there is no architectural diffrence.13:41
treachopterons are selected from better silicon, have more chache and different clockspeed.13:41
treachI think that's about it13:41
treachI could be wrong though.13:41
tilman"For x86_64 this is recommended on all multiprocessor Opteron systems"13:42
tilmandon't think they mean multicore systems, too13:42
treachBut I got the idea from some binary dist (debian?) that used it as the default setting for their AMD64 build, so I figured I could give it a try.13:43
treachAs I said, consider it an experiment. :p13:43
tilmanare you using a sata cdrom? :o13:46
tilmani see13:46
treachMy old one broke, so I didn't see any point in getting another ide. :>13:46
tilmanah, true13:46
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aontilman: and that gpl4 post went to several places14:10
treachxfs+encryption=bad match?14:11
aonlike,, etc.14:11
tilmantreach: i'm currentl playing the file with ogg123 from ~. no xfs/crypto involved14:11
treachaon: coming to osnews in 1.. 2.. 3.. :p14:12
aonnot yet14:12
treachright, eugenia quit iirc. :D14:13
tilmanthere's still that other guy14:13
treachwhich of them?14:13
treachthey are all nuts :>14:13
tilmantom or something14:13
treachoh, him.14:13
aoneugenia quit?14:13
tilmanyears ago14:13
treachno, she was back14:14
cptnah, that explains the lack of Arch reviews14:14
treachposted her usual crap14:14
cptnhi BTW14:14
treachand got flamed to cinders14:14
treachand quit again. ;D14:14
treachhi cptn14:14
aonshe seems to post quite actively in the staff blog, though14:14
aonand i swear i saw a post from her in the main feed just a while ago14:14
thrice`arch reviews for their bi-monthly releases :>14:14
tilmanlinux sucks14:15
treachaon: I think that was the stuff that made her quit again. :>14:15
treachyeah, damn those developers who just can't do magic stuff.14:15
treach"what do you mean you have no docs? I don't care about that"14:16
tilmani'm going nuts here14:16
treachI presume it doesn't matter what player you use?14:17
tilmani think it's related to libvorbis anyway14:18
tilmanonly tried xmms2 and ogg123 though14:19
treachmplayer next :p14:19
tilmangood idea14:19
treachit doesn't use libvorbis right?14:19
tilmanand it seems to work okay14:19
treachgdb libvorbis. :>14:20
tilmanseriously what the fuck?14:20
treachme hides14:20
tilmani have no idea how to figure this out14:20
aonwhat's not working?14:20
aon(i can't be arsed to read the backlog)14:20
tilmanlibvorbis + 2.6.26 = ridiculous cpu usage14:20
treachtilman: try rebuilding libvorbis?14:20
tilmantreach: tried that already... ;p14:20
aonno solution to my non-playing flacs problem, then14:20
treachtilman: obviously. silly me.14:21
tilmanthat was the first thing i did, to be able to get a profile14:21
tilmani'll try with varying CFLAGS14:21
tilmanbut i dunno... why should the kernel affect the problem if it's a stupidly optimized libvorbis?14:21
treachI think that's cptn-question. :p14:22
cptnno idea, don't really know the problem yet :-)14:23
treachAll I know is that I'm using good old "-Os" rather than "-O2".14:23
tilmani'm seeing 50%+ cpu usage when decoding ogg/vorbis files via libvorbis.so14:23
cptnever since you went to .2614:23
tilmanlet's say 20%-70%14:23
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tilmanthat kernel definitely triggers it o_O14:24
treachcptn: fyi, I'm alson on .26 and see no such behaviour14:24
treachs/alson/also\ on/14:24
teKtilman: have you had any reports about ff3 + black-shaped images (not all but quite some)14:25
cptnteK: Option          "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "on"14:27
teKcptn: yes14:27
cptndo you have that already?14:27
thrice`new FF was release, btw :)14:27
teKbut there's a patch to xulrunner14:27
teKcptn: yes and it fixes this14:27
tilmanwill update tomorrow14:27
tilmanstupid kernel problems beat firefox updates14:27
teKkay kay14:27
teKbtw have you seen about:robots ?14:28
tilmani haven't14:29
Rotwangmaybe someone had any luck with kernel .26 and catalyst driver?14:29
tilmani just joined #vorbis but i don't dare to ask about this crap14:32
Rotwangwhy you joind #vorbis then ? ;]14:33
Rotwang<retoric question>14:33
treachthe more channels you join the more important you seem. ;>14:34
tilmanmpg123 also reports 10%+ cpu usage14:34
tilmanmaybe top is just fooling me14:34
treachuh? mpg123 plays ogg files..?14:36
tilmanno, this is an mp314:36
treachah, k.14:36
treachit doesn't build here anyway. :D14:36
treachsome 586 as stuff by the look of it. :p14:37
tilmanyou can make it bild with some configure option14:44
tilmani forget which14:44
tilmansomething about hw support anyway14:44
treachwell. I'm really not that anxious about it. I was just curious wether was some way I could provoke the same problems as you have.14:45
treachcmus is good enough for me.14:45
Rotwangthrice`: i was thinking about porting kdemod to crux, but cant get myself to do it ;]14:46
Rotwangapropos kde414:46
tilmani'll give .26 another try when the first stable releases are out14:47
thrice`hm, a port of an opt port...14:47
thrice`er, arch*14:47
* treach twists Rotwang's arm, and then googles wth kdemod is.14:48
treach"..been optimized for Arch Linux."14:49
treachugh :>14:49
treachbesides, it's for kde3, right?14:49
Rotwangkde 414:50
Rotwangkde 4.1 \:d/14:50
treacher, k14:50
thrice`yes, rc1 came out yesterday14:50
thrice`i'll try on a binary distro before trying on crux, I suppose :)14:50
Rotwangbut i heard kdemod is pretty unstable14:50
thrice`well, it's l33t-arch opts; of course it is14:51
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treachthrice`: don't tempt me. :>14:52
treachIf stuff has kept improving at the rate it did when I tried it, (.82-84 or so) I'm really curious about rc1 :p14:53
thrice`sounds good :)  I found slackware packs, which is running on my lappy atm.  i'll let you know how they fair :)14:55
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surrounderhmm is the cruxppc project cancelled or is just the website down? :P15:01
tilmanno idea15:02
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cptnsurrounder: seems like all projects are down15:03
surroundercptn: aaah ok, thank you15:04
treachthat server seems quite unreliable.15:04
surroundermy 12" g4 powerbook has some issues with suspend and wireless, might give crux a shot on it15:05
surrounderyellowdog, ubuntu and fedora all fail though :<15:05
treachdebian and suse still to go then. :>15:06
surrounderoh yeah, suse also had issues15:07
surrounderdebian I haven't tried yet :P15:07
surrounderhmm could do that tonight15:07
treachI guess you could always try obsd as well, could be an interesting project. :)15:08
surrounderI think I read the X support would not work then :P15:09
surrounderat least on my machine15:09
surroundercan be wrong though15:09
treachwell, presumeably debian is a safer bet.15:09
surrounderand crux in the end of course :P15:10
treachthat too, if you can get the iso etc15:10
treachor maybe you meant you'd do a new port? :P15:11
surroundersurround crux!15:11
surrounder5:1 crux fo liphe!15:11
surrounder*5.1 - sorry15:12
aontwo versions of the gpl in the same day!15:14
* treach ponders a 700g cpu cooler15:23
treachI must be nuts :P15:23
aoni'm getting an amd boxed cooler15:23
aoni've never had one :)15:23
aonexcept for a celeron15:24
aonthe particular celeron i'm ircing on, in fact15:24
aoncpu0: Intel Celeron ("GenuineIntel" 686-class, 128KB L2 cache) 468 MHz15:24
aonit's grown 2MHz in 9 years :O15:24
treachI don't like the boxed one, it's really annoying when the rpm goes up, and it sucks dust and cat hairs straight into the cooling block. :/15:24
treachconsidering one of these >:) ->
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tilmanultra *and* extreme15:32
treachwell, it does the job well.15:32
treachand it can't get much bigger and still fit in the case.15:32
treachso I guess you could call it extreme. :>15:32
tilmanlooks like my noctua15:33
treachbut the noctua is more expensive, and less effective. :)15:33
tilmango for that one then15:33
tilmani'll go for sleep now:D15:33
treachgood night15:33
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treachaon: btw, it's not really as extreme as scythe mugen. :D15:35
treachthat one is fricking HUGE. :P15:35
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aonseems like you can pretty easily butcher your core if you install that thing while, for example, intoxicated15:39
treachyeah. don't drop it.15:39
treachit's not exactly what you could call a "drop in" solution. :>15:40
treachcould be bad both for your computer and your toes.15:40
aonanyway, gn ->15:41
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goldfishEvening, if you want some 'custom' configure flags of a port, is the correct way to edit the Pkgfile manually?22:08
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