IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-07-17

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pitillogood morning00:56
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cruxbot[core.git]: man-pages: update to 3.0403:05
nipuLffs, all i can seem to make with cdrecord is beer coasters03:43
nipuLeven went out and bought a new burner and cds03:44
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cruxbot[opt.git]: python-xlib: re-import to opt06:40
cruxbot[opt.git]: pypanel: re-import to opt06:40
cptnany contrib member around?06:43
* Rotwang 06:44
cptncould you remove pypanel from contrib?06:44
cptnit claims that I maintain it :-)06:44
rxicptn: stop slacking off :P06:45
teKoops, too late06:46
cruxbot[contrib.git]: pypanel: removed due to cptn's request06:47
teKgit commit -a -m "pypanel: YES sir, removing pypanel Captain SIR!"06:49
cruxbot[opt.git]: pypanel: fix dependencies06:50
cruxbot[opt.git]: python-xlib: cosmetical: remove trailing blank line from Pkgfile06:59
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thrice`I wish pypanel were still maintained :(  it's a good app07:10
Rotwangit is in opt07:11
Rotwangah sorry07:11
Rotwangi thought in crux07:11
thrice`no, in general :)07:11
Rotwangok, it might be stupid but how portdb works?07:20
Rotwangwhere it stores whole info about repositories?07:20
cptnthrice`: I'm quite happy with the current version07:22
cptnbut then again, I use a minimal version of pypanel07:25
thrice`cptn: which wm do you use ?07:25
cptnor rather minimal configuration07:25
thrice`ah, ok07:25
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cptnblackbox, conky, pypanel07:27
thrice`looks good :)  not as good as openbox, of course, but..07:29
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cptnthrice`: I tried openbox a couple of times07:36
cptnbut there are subtle differences that made it hard to switch :-)07:37
geomcptn, <<07:39
geommatt far right ?07:39
cptnno, Per / Matt / Jay07:40
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thrice`cptn: I agree.  tilman finally convinced me to change from flux :)07:43
cptnI think I haven't found a way to switch themes without obconf07:48
cptnI remember that annoyed me :-)07:48
geomi quickly just change it in rc.xml07:48
geomthrice`, i would use flux if it wasnt written in damn c++07:48
cptnbut then you have to restart ob, right?07:49
geomopenbox --reconfigure07:49
geomi have never used obconf07:49
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cptnokay, I guess that could be automated via the menus07:50
thrice`i usually install obconf, configure it, and then remove it07:50
jdolan_cptn: hi :)07:50
jdolan_was wondering if anyone has ever built httpup on Windows?07:50
cptnhey jdolan_07:50
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cptnnever heard anyone bragging about that :-)07:50
jdolan_unfortunately the only free rsync binary for Windows is the cygwin one, and it's horribly unreliable.. just crashes left and right.07:51
jdolan_so i was curious if httpup might be a viable replacement.07:51
jdolan_(this is to distribute the Quake2World win32 binaries and game data -- it'd become a core part of the game's install process :))07:51
cptnwell, it's not quite as effective as rsync07:52
cptnsince it doesn't transmit deltas07:52
jdolan_right.  that is significant, you're right.  still, it could be more stable than rsync.07:52
jdolan_i'm basically running into people who literally can not install the game because of the cygwin rsync.07:53
jdolan_what's odd is that it's a mixed bag; some of them are on XP, others on Vista.07:53
jdolan_i've personally had decent luck with it on both, but have seen a few crashes too.07:53
cptnthere's a curl binary for win32, so I guess it shouldn't be a big problem07:54
cptnnot sure about the build process though :-)07:54
jdolan_do you use autoconf/automake or just make?07:54
cptnplain make07:55
jdolan_(my game uses libcurl, so i'm familiar with wrangling curl, mingw, msys (autoconf and stuff) on Windows.  it sucks but it's definitely possible ;)07:55
jdolan_it honestly shouldn't be that hard to build, then.07:56
jdolan_if i manage to get a win32 binary, are you interested in any patches required to do so?07:56
jdolan_okay, cool.  thanks for the info.  if i go down this road, i'll send any patches your way.07:57
cptnsounds good07:57
jdolan_(note: damn windows)07:57
ryuoblame the fact that its not unix based ;D07:58
cptnwhat's the state of quake2world?07:58
cptnit's been a while since I looked at the screenshots07:58
jdolan_it's very playable, has about a dozen maps, new visuals like GLSL per pixel lighting and stuff.07:58
ryuotoo bad nobody has built rsync win32 static binaries...07:58
jdolan_still waiting on artwork for the items, tho (weapons and things)07:58
ryuoming32 probably could07:58
jdolan_ryuo: that's my other option -- roll my own rsync.exe via mingw.07:59
ryuoprobably the easiest way07:59
jdolan_i have a feeling httpup would be easier, but as cptn reminded me, the no-deltas issue could be painful.07:59
ryuorather than tell people to go install cygwin07:59
jdolan_no we provide a small .zip file which contains an update script and cygwin's rsync/dll.08:00
jdolan_so you download a 1MB snapshot, unzip it, run Update.bat (from time to time) and you're done.08:00
jdolan_of course, Linux users just `svn up` and rsync the game data every so often.08:00
jdolan_it's a bit more manual, but apparently a bit more reliable :-/08:00
jdolan_(that is, Linux users compile the source separately -- windows users pull down binaries via rsync, they never see the code)08:01
ryuoyou could use git, unless the data your distributing in this way is binary only08:01
jdolan_it's half and half, and we've been using svn for a few years :-/08:01
ryuoand theres always the old school ftp...08:02
ryuosounds like your wanting an update scheme like those MMORPGs that use gameguard08:03
cptnjdolan_: maybe you could also check out zsync08:03
jdolan_maybe (?), i'm not familiar with them.08:03
cptnsomeone once suggested it as an alternative to httpup08:04
cptnand there are gnu-win32 binaries for it08:04
jdolan_cptn: badass!08:05
jdolan_i'll definitely check it out.08:05
cptnnever tried it myself though :-)08:05
sepencptn, I'm maintaining zsync on contrib too08:09
jdolan_it's in the Debian/Ubuntu universe too08:09
jdolan_very promising.  thanks cptn :)08:10
tj^2could be a linker/object problem ?08:10
cptnlooks like it08:10
cptnJay wasn't linked correctly08:10
jdolan_hehe, no cptn..08:10
jdolan_he must have taken that pic.08:10
thrice`has anyone heard from Per in awhile?08:11
jdolan_been about a year here.08:11
cptnit's his birthday tomorrow08:11
jdolan_is he still subscribed to the lists?08:11
tj^2cptn, wtf wrong link rofl08:12
thrice`that's what you get for building kde08:13
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tj^2ha yep08:14
tj^2hmm could be bad memory or a cpu overheated08:14
tj^2or my bad english :P08:18
cptntj^2: well, if you rerun the link command, does it segfault again?08:27
cptnunfortunately, the interesting part is not shown08:27
cptn"collect2: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault]"08:27
cptnthat's just the message that the linker crashed08:28
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Husiohow to search in crux mailing list? there's some searching engine or the only way is to scan it manually?09:47
Husiogroup address is
HusioI see, thanks once again ;)09:53
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tilmandoes anyone know which gpg key  firefox-3.0.1-source.tar.bz2.asc is signed with?11:38
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thrice`perhaps  ?11:45
tilmancan i undo irc conversation?11:46
tilmansomething like SUPERSEDE in usenet?11:46
treachit's all logged. :P11:46
tilmanthrice`: thanks... i googled and searched their crappy websites but didn't think to look at the ftp server :(11:47
Rotwangyou fail11:47
tilmanshut up Rotwang :D11:47
treachNOTE: Tilman regrets opening his mouth on "Thu Jul 17 18:47:28 CEST 2008"11:47
tilmani wonder whether we should build xulrunner with the firefox 3.0.1 tarball as well11:48
tilman(firefox 3.0 was the same tarball as xulrunner 1.9)11:48
Rotwang < you fail that badly ;p11:49
thrice`hm, wasn't the point of xulrunner to not need re-doing with FF updates?11:50
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thrice`good question, though11:53
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tilmanthrice`: yes. otoh it's kind of annoying to waste ~35 mb of disk space ;D12:08
thrice`heh, true :)12:14
thrice`seems to be the trend for other distros using xulrunner as a backend, though12:14
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] firefox: updated to
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: tor: ->
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augustaois the guy who maintains the xmms2 port in contrib here?16:57
treachhe might not be awake.16:59
treachhow about sending him an email?17:00
augustaoit isn't anything urgent. might as well just wait for him to wake up :)17:01
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tj^2augustao, is there a problem with the port ?21:38
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augustaotj^2: it is outdated21:48
augustaooh crap, missed him by a second21:48
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augustaotj^2: the port is outdated22:05
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