IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-07-18

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cruxbot[contrib.git]: libquicktime: 1.0.2 -> 1.0.300:44
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pitillogood morning01:10
RyoSoh hai01:28
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: tor: fix a unforseeable issue02:34
teKoh noez, don't tell us what problem02:35
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aon+       # fix for find: The relative path `~/bin' is included in the PATH02:43
aon+       # environment variable, which is insecure in combination with the02:43
aon+       # -execdir action of find. Please remove that entry from $PATH02:43
aon+       export PATH='/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin'02:43
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aoni wonder what he needs execdir for anyway02:44
sepenwhich find command returns that?02:49
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treach" -execdir action of find"?02:51
sepenmm debian's .bash_profile uses that ~/bin directory02:55
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tor: fix log file location03:09
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nipuLugh, rsyncing 350Gb04:19
rxi1over 10Gbe i hope04:27
teKI tried to rsync 100GB everyday during lunch time via 1 gigabit but the HDDs could not saturate the network..04:31
treachtime to bring on the raid arrys. :>04:33
teKits 3x RAID 1 SAS HDDs04:39
teKmanufacterer (fjuitsu siemens) told me this is due to the RAID 1 instead of RAID 10 setup04:40
teK*eating my shorts*04:40
treachwell. that doesn't say that much. I've seen some implementations of raid 1 where all reads were from the same disk..04:41
treachnot saying that's what's happening here though.04:41
teKi boutght this 8000 Euro machine to circumvent as much bottlenecks a possible..04:42
teKI'm really pissed off because of that04:42
teKthis quasi hot backup of the oracle DBs during lunch would have ruled ....04:43
treachgood ol' Murphy. :>04:43
teKfscking shit04:44
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teKadditionally the consultant who installed the machine needed 4 workdays to do so... I cannot pay an additinoal 4000 Euros to re-setup this stuff as RAID 10 an reinstall04:44
teKbut in August we've got vacation and I got a test-machine which I can use to test installation by copying04:45
teKI do hope Oracle works after being copied to another machine etc.04:45
teKat least we're not on Windows...04:45
treachI can't see why not, but taking Oracle AND good ol' murphy into account, at the same time.. :>04:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: tor: final fixes (I hope) READ README file\!04:54
treachthat's an informative commit message. :>04:56
aonthere are still typos in the commit04:57
aonerm, readme04:57
treach"lemme see, what was commit xyz123?" "Oh yes, some 'final fixes'"..04:57
treachaon: we're talking about romster, rember? :p04:58
aonand he's chmoding binaries 75404:59
teKi wanna go home. t = - 1h  until 2 weeks holidays05:02
teKand still some calls + mails to answer *sigh*05:02
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Rotwangtilman around?05:05
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sepenI like thinclients
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Rotwangsepen hi06:26
Rotwangdamn, when they'll release new catalyst :\06:28
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tor: remove other read permissions06:35
tilmanRotwang: yes07:07
Rotwangtilman: im not listed in asignees flyspray07:08
Rotwangi think i should07:08
tilmantrue, at least in the crux-contrib flyspray project07:08
tilmanRotwang: fixed!07:12
tilmanpitillo: i also added you to the crux-contrib-developers group now07:13
tilmannot sure why you guys were missing there :(07:13
pitillotilman: thank you, I haven't notice that. Thank you too Rotwang.07:13
aongod damn07:13
RotwangI'll close #319 as I removed pypanel from contrib07:14
aoni have some random undocumented ip responding to ping in the management wlan07:14
aonno dns entries either x_x07:14
aonbut nmap knows by mac address that it's ibm!07:14
Rotwangthanks tilman07:15
aonthat limits the number of machines to, like, eleven hundred million07:15
aonrunning nmap -p 1-65535 on it now :O07:15
tilmanmaybe we should have a CRUX group07:29
Rotwanghaha ;}07:30
Rotwangcrux on myspace?07:30
thrice`hm, was gonna ask if anyone uses pm-utils for hibernate on crux, but my portdb results seem to say not :)07:30
tilmanRotwang: eh, myspace is for 14yr olds, no?07:30
Rotwangi don't know, i heard about myspace few times or so07:31
tilmani know a lot more users (dozens) than myspace users (0)07:33
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sepenRotwang, I still need to upgrade my kernel07:54
sepen<Rotwang> I'll close #319 as I removed pypanel from contrib07:54
sepencptn, was also interesting on this port07:55
sepen* Rotwang, cptn was also ...07:55
sepensorry cptn :)07:55
tilmanpypanel is in opt now07:55
sepentilman, thanks for you vote07:55
sepen13:22:36 <cptn> I offered to pick it up07:57
thrice`I'm having odd behavior on my first kernel attempt on my lappy with regards to suspend2ram.  If anyone runs crux on a laptop, what's the preferred method for suspending to ram ?07:57
Rotwangsepen: cptn asked me to remove it from contrib and then moved pypanel to opt07:57
thrice`i'm currently using acpi stuff in /etc/acpi/{events,actions}07:57
sepenRotwang, ok07:57
cruxbot[opt.git]: oprofile: updated to
sepensounds nice for me07:58
Rotwangit would be nice if pkgmk had an option to build deps with prt-get08:00
tilmanwhy the heck would you want that?08:01
Rotwangie i found port in portdb which depends on some stuff i have in local ports tree08:01
Rotwangso instead of prt-get depinst this and this08:01
Rotwangand then pkgmk08:01
Rotwangpkgmk --bulid-deps08:02
Rotwangyou get me?08:02
tilmanbut prt-get depends on pkmkg. doing this would kind of create a circular dependency ;p08:02
Rotwangits true08:02
Rotwangso prt-get should have such option :p08:03
Rotwangprt-get build --build-deps   :D08:03
Rotwangor code whole build deps thing into pkgmk08:04
cptnor prt-get --config-append="prtdir /path/to/prt" depinst port08:04
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tilmanconfig-prepend i think ;p08:04
cptnif you have a local repository with ports, you should add it to prt-get.conf anyway08:05
Rotwangcptn: will it build from Pkgfile?08:05
cptntilman: doesn't matter I think08:05
cptnRotwang: it calls pkgmk which builds from Pkgfile IIRC08:05
Rotwangi didnt know about this feature :p08:06
tilmancptn: well, if you downloaded a port called "gcc" then prt-get would pick up the one from core instead of the new one08:06
Rotwang# prt-get --config-append="prtdir /tmp/pfstools" depinst pfstools08:07
RotwangThe package 'pfstools' could not be found:08:07
Rotwangoh wait08:07
Rotwangok it works :p08:08
Rotwangcptn: nice, prt-get is great tool08:08
cptnthat was "tilman: true" BTW :-)08:08
Rotwangaddiing prtdir .. to prt-get.conf simplifies process08:11
thrice`indeed.  I keep my local repo up top for such reasons :)08:11
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sepenyeah, I'll do08:26
treachhmm. not sure "detonator" is a much better name for a driver. :>08:27
sepenbut I need a 26.x kernel first of all08:27
sepenATI lysergic devices08:33
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treach"Digg users - you're all a bunch of Wanking Walruses. And you can quote me on that."08:34
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tilmanlinus ftw08:39
treach(On the not that it looks like you'll have to wait for your .26.x, sepen) ->
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tilmanmaybe i'll even try 27-rc108:39
tilmanto see whether they found my bug08:39
treachin fact, the BKL changes ended up08:41
treachbeing much smaller than I expected08:41
treachheh, time for a rename?08:41
treacheh, SKL.08:41
tilman"congrats to our editor"08:41
tilmanit wasn't corbet who wrote that stuff, was it?08:42
tilmanhe just has a git repo with the changes afaik08:42
tilmaniirc ingo molnar and alan cox worked on the BKL crap?08:42
treachseems likely, I don't know.08:42
tilmandoes the timer frequency have any significane with a tickless kernel btw?08:46
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treachsince you can set it, I guess it does.08:48
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treachIt doesn't make any sense to leave that setting exposed if it has no effect with tickless enabled.08:48
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treachas I suspected08:49
tilmanah, thanks08:50
treach <- more on the same08:51
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treachE[p,t]hic phail.. :>09:10
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sepenfirefox crash a lot09:49
tilmanfirefox sucks a lot09:50
Rotwang1works ok here :p09:50
Rotwang1usually :\09:51
treachfirefox should go well with dwm or so. :>09:53
treachit sucks, but the competition sucks even more, at least for now. :>09:54
* tilman updates midori09:54
treachmidori seems promising, but it still have a long way to go.09:54
treachtilman: could you put that in opt/contrib/your repo? ;)09:55
tilmanprobably not09:55
treachaw :(09:55
tilmanno working cache afaik, no cookie handling, no etc09:56
tilmani don't have webkit installed on my x86_64 box anyway09:57
sepenI'm maintaining 'arora' on contrib09:58
sepenbut it needs qt, something that could be a disadvantagde for others09:58
tilmani do see that as a disadvantage, yes09:58
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > pkginfo -i |grep qt410:00
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >10:00
sepenhehhe, I'm using netscape-navigator now10:00
sepenwithout plugins but really stable10:00
sepenthat's all I need at office10:00
thrice`I thought konqueror was supposed to move to webkit in kde 4.2, so perhaps aurora will not be as desired in future?10:01
Rotwang1ah ;]10:01
tilmanthrice`: "not be as desired"? what do you mean?10:02
sepenhmm someone is using dillo with fltk instead of gtk1?10:03
thrice`I just thought the goal of aurora was a qt4, webkit based browser solution10:03
sepenjust a qt4 example10:03
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Rotwang1thrice`:but konqueror is strongly tied to kde10:05
Rotwang1while arora is not10:05
thrice`ah, I suppose10:06
thrice`perhaps another qt-based DE will come about? (gnome? :P )10:06
treach"Q.E.D" (Qt Environment Desktop) :p10:08
tilmanreminds me of those mpd clients10:10
tilmanex falso and quodlibet <310:10
thrice`hey, at least MPD can handle "random" mode on playlists.. :-)10:12
treachthat must be a major feature.10:15
* treach has *never* played stuff in random order..10:15
* Rotwang1 too10:15
tilmantreach: guesstimated 50% of all people i have recommended xmms2 to wanted 'random' mode10:15
treachI guess they were random people. :>10:16
tilmanspecial people with special needs10:16
thrice`i prefer to load entire library, sort alphabetically, and then play random files10:16
treachah, those "special people".10:16
tilmanthrice`: that's not the full story, otherwise partyshuffle would do the trick!10:17
thrice`well, full story is to maintain alphabetical order10:17
tilmanok ;p10:17
thrice`i found it weird, as I haven't yet found a player without such a feature :(10:18
tilmanyes, i agree it's a bit weird10:18
tilmani asked for 'random' in 2004, but the other guys thought shuffle was enough10:19
treachhmm. why does xmms2 look for "ecore"?10:19
tilmantreach: it's safe to ignore it10:20
treachyes, I just found it a bit odd.10:20
tilmanthere's only two (i think) clients that make use of it10:20
thrice`tilman: ah, ok.  I've commonly seen both (I guess that's the "other" 50% of who you've recommended it :P )10:20
treachisnt't that some gui-enlightenment stuff?10:20
treachah, ok10:20
tilmanwe're offering a glue library between xmmsclient and ecore10:21
tilmanie stuff to integrate xmmsclient in your ecore app10:21
tilmanjust like we're offering xmmsclient_glib for glib apps10:21
treachI see.10:21
tilmani thought about marking the important stuff that was disabled at configure time10:22
tilmanlike vorbis/flac/some-mp3-decoder10:22
tilmanwe've got so many plugins these days that it's easy to spot the important ones10:22
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn10:22
tilmanthis gets a few points for funnyness10:26
treachheh, too bad ubuntu is past "C". :P10:32
treach"Cludgy Cow"10:32
treachor something.10:33
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thrice`that looks promising:)11:29
aonso totally different from everything else11:29
thrice`hardly different, but still nice :)11:30
Rotwang1any port around?11:30
thrice`doesn't look like it, but judging from the install doc, doesn't appear difficult11:31
thrice`looks like it lacks systray, however :(  will have to try later11:38
treachtaskbars are overrated anyway. ;)11:50
treachisn't that what you have virtual desks for? :D11:51
aonbut windows doesn't have them!111:51
aonit's confu-u-u-u-sing11:52
treachamazing they are still around in gnome...11:52
treachand you can have them in windows. but they don't work that well iirc.11:52
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surrounderyay I have no friends in #crux-ppc o//13:13
surrounder�20:11:05� [Users #crux-ppc] [1 total]13:13
surrounder�20:11:05�  | @surrounder13:13
treachhow did debian go btw? I suppose it fared as the other linuxes..13:14
surrounderthe install hang :P13:14
surrounderor hung13:14
surrounderenglish schminglish, for sooth13:14
surrounderanyhows, crux runs on it now <313:14
surrounderXorg -configure -> everything works (even the tap-thingy on the trackpad)13:15
surrounderyellowdog even didn't do that13:15
surrounderso far I like it, only need wireless and sleep/hibernate and everything works :)13:15
surroundergawd I love crux13:15
surrounder"the distro that doesn't cause headaches" should be the new motto13:16
treachKISS usually helps with that.13:16
surrounderused to run a mirror for crux but since I moved out and don't have a 100mbit line anymore it's not that easy :P13:17
surrounderalthough I talked to my boss and he doesn't mind donating some bandwith and diskspace so that mirror will be up soon13:17
surroundertreach: KISS is really the way to go on linux imho13:17
*** Man0l0 has joined #crux13:17
surrounderthe initscripts are so nice and clean13:18
surrounderheya Man0l013:18
treachwell, it depends what you're after. Getting KDE/Gnome on it isn't that fun. :>13:18
surroundertreach: hehe next step is to convert all our centos and ubuntu machines with it! *evillaugh* (like 100+ servers in a hosting company :P )13:19
Rotwang1i have both :p13:19
surroundertreach: well, got a point there13:19
treachRotwang1: well, the fine point there being that YOU are mad.. :>13:19
treachweren't you the guy with the source port for OO.o? :D13:20
surrounderif that's true I'll bow13:20
Rotwang1it was me13:20
* surrounder bows13:20
Rotwang1but that port was extremely fugly13:20
treachsurrounder: look friendly and try to spy the exit.. ;)13:20
surroundertreach: lol13:21
Rotwang1but it did work indeed13:21
treachRotwang1: pretty much everything with oo.o is fugly, so it was probably unavoidable. :D13:22
surrounderI feel lucky I don't ever had anything todo with MS Office/OpenOffice and those abominations o//13:25
surroundermy school also accepted PDF so I could fool around with latex and I like working that way far more :)13:26
treachhah, !fighting with word ftw..13:26
Rotwang1my uni is retarded13:27
treachyes. most are.13:27
Rotwang1so i have to rape excel and work often13:27
surrounderI'm so going to stay in crux-ppc until end of time13:31
surrounderI think I should quit my job to maintain it13:31
Rotwang1ask for full time job in CRUX-foundation13:33
Rotwang1you'll get paid in kudos13:33
surroundertsk, if a mate of mine can make a living out of promoting fedora than I should also be able to do that with crux!13:33
surrounderscrew the corperate backing of RedHat13:33
Rotwang1how ?13:34
surrounderI can polish shoes!13:34
treachisn't that "I know polish shoes"? :DD13:34
surrounderseriously though, promotion of crux would be good13:35
surroundercan't we like make a religion out of it13:35
treachubuntu, gtfo, you're soo last year. :>13:35
* surrounder is listening to Alphaville - Big In Japan13:36
surrounderwhat are you talking about? :P13:36
treachubuntu, isn't that the new religion making waves the last few years?13:36
treachheard they apparently burned down the last gentoo temple a while back. :>13:37
Rotwang1there is already crux group on frapr and linksomething ;]13:37
Rotwang1so i suggest everyone starts crux group on one of most popular social networks13:37
surrounderhmm read something like that on the mailing today13:38
treachwe're already on facebook iirc.13:38
surrounderfor linked in or something13:38
treachor was it myspace..?13:38
surrounderlinkedIn might me quite nice actually13:38
Rotwang1open crux forums13:38
treachno, this was something cptn and / or aon cooked up a while ago..13:38
Rotwang1crux channel on youtube ;p13:39
surrounderI would like to let you know that I've created Crux group at13:39 Of course the aim of that group is not to bypass this13:39
surroundergroup as a main contact channel. However, it can help to expose our13:39
surrounder(Crux) present, as well as help Crux participants  to use LinkedIn13:39
treach"This is not the nine o'clock news on Crux Channel"13:39
surrounderin the mail today13:40
aonyeah, i founded a group on facebook13:40
surroundersorry, I'm slow13:40
tilmansurrounder: are you surrounder on or is it a huge coincidence?13:44
surrounderthat's me :P13:46
surrounderdidn't update it for quite some time though13:46
surroundershould enable the plugin again13:46
tilmanyou look like a pro on that picture13:46
surrounderhold on13:46
surrounderdon't think so then13:46
surrounderhold on :P13:46
surrounderyeah that's me :D13:47
tilmanso, three potential interests in a crux group ;)13:48
aoni can join it too13:48
aonso you can be offended my inconsistent taste in music13:48
tilmanaon: you're included in those three :D13:48
aonyou can also be offended by the alien-mapped pic of me ten years ago13:48
tilmansurrounder: kind of interesting that you're listening to vnvn, too13:49
surroundertilman: became one of my favourite bands in the last few months13:49
surroundermainly because of the lyrics I guess13:50
surrounderjust seems to fit with the way I think13:50
*** Man0l0 has quit IRC13:51
* tilman tries to remember what vnvn lyrics are about :D13:51
surrounderfluffy pink ponys and flowery meadows and rainbows treach13:52
treachfluffy pink ponys, uh? :D13:53
* treach changes to Tardo per gli Anni e Tremulo. :>13:53
tilmansurrounder: you know Empires, right? ;)13:53
surrounderyou can't understand life if you never tried to understand and follow the train of thought of  a fluffy pink pony treach13:54
* surrounder is listening to VNV Nation - Legion (Janus)13:54
surroundertilman: no, some kind of cheese ?13:54
treachsure. Never claimed I understood crap in this miserable universe..13:55
tilmani meant the vnv nation album....13:55
surrounderlong for the pony treach, long for the pony13:55
surroundertilman: Browse: VNV_Nation-Standing_Burning_Empires-(Ltd_Ed_2CDM)-2000-AMOK                                                           Volume 29%13:55
surroundertilman: that one ?13:55
* treach sends a bloodthirsty unicorn after surrounder.13:55
tilmansurrounder: that's 'burning empires', which contains remixed songs from empires13:56
tilmananyway, legion (janus) is off burning empires eg ;)13:56
surroundertilman: aaaah ok, don't have the original then13:56
tilmansurrounder: get empires (99), too for awesome13:56
surrounderI will, thanks for the tip :)13:56
tilmanfutureperfect has a few great songs as well13:57
tilmanelectronaut <3 epicentre <3 beloved <313:57
surroundertilman: beloved is amazing13:58
surrounderI like beloved and carbon most13:58
* surrounder is listening to VNV-Nation - Carbon13:59
* surrounder is listening to Marillion - Quartz13:59
surrounderhihi surrounder made a nerdy joke hihi13:59
treachat the same time..?14:00
surrounderyeah treach ! I love this brand new soundblaster 16 <3 <314:00
treachcheck your calendar.14:01
treachevidence suggests you live in the wron century. :>14:01
surroundernah, I just live in holland :P14:02
* surrounder throws at a wooden shoe at treach for the insult14:03
Rotwang1holland :D14:04
surrounderholland! the land of the free, the home of the brave!....or something....uuuh....14:06
surrounderholland! the freshmaker!...hmm no14:07
Rotwang1holland tons of weed14:07
surrounderI know ^_^14:07
surroundereven if you're caught with cocaine (for 1 portion/for own use, like a little) they let you go (you have to hand it over though)14:09
surrounderlove the drugpolicy, hate the current mainly christian government that tries to destroy it though14:10
surrounder2 months ago I was in berlin and had a great time there, beautiful city and nice parties, but I was glad I could smoke dutch weed when I got home (the stuff there was....weak and well...lousy, no offence tilman :P )14:12
Rotwang1its hard to compete with holand if it comes to weed14:13
surrounderyeah, in that way I'm quite spoiled :P14:14
Rotwang1you'r weed is engineered in special facilities greenhouses etc14:14
tilmancan't really comment on the quality of weed ._o14:14
surrounderthey should like disban the EU asap too, for every european countries sake14:15
Rotwang1while for egsample here weed is grown in attics etc14:15
surrounderwhere is here Rotwang1 ?14:15
surrounderpolish girls <314:16
treachsurrounder: wooden shoes and windmills. I rest my case.14:16
tilmankielbasa <314:16
treachyou should consider yourself lucky to find a sb16.: :D14:16
surrounderRotwang1: I was in poland once but I was like very young then, can still remember little things about the landscapes though, definitly a place I would like to return too :)14:17
joacimpolish workers <314:18
Rotwang1most of us can be foun in GB atm ;] </joke>14:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: python-xlib: moved to opt17:38
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