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cruxbot[contrib.git]: xscreensaver: 5.05 -> 5.0601:37
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cruxbot[opt.git]: whois: update to 4.7.2702:35
cruxbot[opt.git]: sitecopy: update to 0.16.602:35
cruxbot[core.git]: jfsutils: update to 1.1.1302:36
nipuLthere's a job going in my town for an it officer doing tech support, sysadmin and development, so i deliberately try to get a 404 on thier website to see what systems they run02:39
nipuLHTTP 404 - File not found02:39
nipuLInternet Information Services02:39
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jws@seen cptn04:01
clbjws: cptn was last seen in #crux 19 hours, 52 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <cptn> that was "tilman: true" BTW :-)04:01
cruxbot[opt.git]: emacs: deleted ps-prin{0,1}.ps from etc-blacklist04:39
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tilmanpedja: my xulrunner build just finished, too06:18
tilmanpedja: updating the version to seems to be right thing (check the diff from ff3.0 to ff3.1)06:18
pedjadid you bump ff port, too?06:30
tilmannot yet06:34
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tilmangotta run :|06:38
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nipuLgit-merge doesn't polute the logs now08:12
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cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox: fixed for xulrunner
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Rotwangwho knows how portdb works?10:40
Rotwanghow it gathers info about repositories? and whereit stores it?10:41 ?10:43
rehabdollyou submit your .httpup/.rsync and it gets added10:44
Rotwangthats not what im asking for10:44
tilmaniirc it's stored in a sqlite3 database on teh crux.nu10:44
Rotwangand what kind of script does the work?10:45
tilmanperl probably10:45
Rotwangcould i look at it? ;]10:46
tilmannarf, i'll have to find it10:47
Rotwangid like to write some command line utility for portdb in near future10:48
tilmanlike sepen and nipul already did? :>10:48
tilmanRotwang: do you want to query the database?10:48
Rotwangi didnt know about them :x10:49
Rotwanghow are they called?10:49
tilmanask sepen10:50
Rotwangsepen: around?10:50
tilmanRotwang: maybe you'll find it at mikeux.dyndns.org11:04
rehabdoll :D11:08
Rotwangtilman: cant find there anything ;]11:10
Rotwangi thought about a tool that could be an alternative to prt-get but it would cover all portdb not only local ports tree11:12
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Rotwangmike_k: hi11:42
Rotwangprt-get: updating /usr/ports/contrib/dcraw11:44
Rotwang=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found11:44
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cruxbot[opt.git]: dbus: add post-install, fixes FS#33211:51
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mike_kRotwang: seems like upstream stealth update12:02
Rotwanghehe, stealth action happens ;F12:03
mike_kI have a diff from those two mismatching files. nothing interesting besides Catalan manpage  and CFLAGS =)12:03
mike_kI should probably update the port together with md512:03
mike_kRotwang: thanks12:03
mike_kyeah,  dcraw-8.86.tar.gz       15-Jul-2008 13:3212:05
mike_kmy port update was at  Fri, 9 May 200812:06
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dcraw: rebuilded with upstream stealth-updated tarball12:09
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treachTwo further American 767s will also be equipped with JetEye for the trial, which is designed to find out the effects of the gear on airline operations and finances. The planes will fly with the new equipment until 2009, and BAE is keen to emphasise that "there will be no live-fire testing during these flights".13:49
treachah, well, maybe later? :D13:49
tilmanwtf, there *is* a CRUX group on last.fm14:31
tilmanwhy didn't i find it earlier?14:31
aonshould we join it?14:32
tilmanYou’re now a group member of CRUX Linux14:32
tilmanit has *four* members now14:32
aon"2 members"14:33
aon"pending members (2)"14:33
aon"banned members (2)"14:33
tilmanthat's a bug14:33
tilmanaon: did you see the "bring back the old" group?14:33
tilmanit's being spammed everywhere ;D14:33
aoni kinda like the new one14:33
tilmanme too14:34
augustaoi can't see what's wrong with the new one14:34
tilmanpeople just like to bitch :D14:34
treachdude, everything was better in the past.14:35
treachnever heard that?14:35
aoni'm migrating my website to html 3.2 and berkeley db-based technology when i get all other stuff sorted out14:35
aonfor real14:35
tilmanyeah, especially the gasoline prices were better in the past ;p14:35
aonthey were14:36
tilmana couple thousand percent (rough estimate) :p14:36
treachI remember my dad complaining about gas prices when I was a kid. :>14:36
treachgas back then costed about a third of what it does today. :>14:36
tilmanthat other guy in the group has death in june as his most-listened band14:37
aon"what are you going to drive when gas costs 2FIM/litre?"14:38
treachI don't think I really fit in this gang.. :P14:38
aon2 FIM =~ 0.3e according to the last exchange rate14:38
aonalthough yeah, wages were less too14:39
treachhow much is a litre of gas in .fi atm?14:39
treachit's about 1.58 E here.. :/14:40
tilmanwere they advertising the car because it uses the plain gas instead of the higher contane stuff?14:41
aonaround 1.514:41
aon1.479 is the cheapest, 1.670 is the most expensive14:42
treachactually I just lied. they seem to have lowered the prices lately, seems to be around 1.48 now.14:42
aonthat 1.670 is probably the northernmost gas station so you don't have much choice anyway :D14:42
aontilman: i guess it was just because it consumes so little14:42
tilmani'm down oto 5 liters/100km with teh peugeot btw \o/14:43
aon"Choose the family car of the future today"14:43
aona fiat126 is hardly a family car :D14:43
aoni'm somewhere 8ish i guess14:43
tilmanhaha :D14:43
treachaon: for small families? ;)14:43
aonyeah, probably14:43
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treachamazing.. the garage here is built in the 60's, you can tell cars were a lot smaller back then.. :>14:44
treachyou almost need a shoehorn to park. :)14:45
aonalthough i've heard of a three-person family doing a holiday trip with one of these:
treachtilman: btw, congrats to your stats on the top tracks. :p14:46
tilmani admit i'm a sentenced fanboy :D14:47
treach56, 52, 51, 49, 48, etc, etc. :>14:47
aoni like how our musical compatibility is very low14:47
aonwe have nightwish as a common artist14:47
tilmanaon: i scrobbled nighwish .. < 10 times probably :D14:48
aonwell me too14:48
tilmannightwish suomi perkele!14:48
aonit rather sux14:48
joacimcrux has a group?14:49
joacimnever mind14:49
joacimi scrolled up ;)14:49
aontilman: you don't scrobble excrementory grindfuckers? :O14:49
aonor perhaps i've listened to it so little that it doesn't count14:49
aonor perhaps you too14:49
tilmanno, it's my fault14:50
tilman"PhD in Quantum Chemistry"14:51
tilmanquantum chemistry sounds scary, too14:51
treachYMCK? Wasn't it YMCA? ;)14:52
tilmanjoacim: \o/14:53
treachlol, more nightwish. :D14:54
joacimneed a client before i can start scrobbling again14:54
tilmantoo bad i cannot remove nightwish from my profile anymore14:56
aonclear it :)14:56
treachwhy? Apparently everyone else listens to them as well, so it's not much to be ashamed of. :D14:57
aonwell, i have stuff like Basshunter in my list14:57
aonand for some reason the taiwanese girl group S.H.E is rather high there too :)14:59
treachodd stuff14:59
aonoh, and the really obscure stuff isn't tagged so it doesn't end up there15:00
tilmanthat's probably why there's no grindfuckers in my profile15:00
joacimI listen to nightwish back when i used to randomize my playlist15:00
tilmani only scrobble stuff that has musicbrainz tags, because with those i'm confident that they are correct15:01
tilmanjoacim: excuses! ;)15:01
aoniirc at least bitte nicht vor den gästen should have some kind of tags15:02
aonthe one you, er, acquired from me iirc15:02
tilman"The Bambi Molesters" mankind sucks15:02
tilmanaon: yeah, probably not musicbrainz tags though15:03
aonit's rather good15:03
aonprobably the best croatian instrumental surf group there is15:03
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augustaoi think there's something wrong with the new xulrunner and firefox ports15:38
augustaoi get 404's when fetching the distfiles15:38
treachyou fetch tarballs with firefox?15:39
augustaoer.. no?15:39
augustaowhen issuing a pkgmk -d i get a 40415:40
treachah. ok15:40
treachI totally got you wrong. :>15:40
augustaodoes this only happen to me?15:40
thiag0me too :)15:41
treachworks here15:41
augustaotreach: did you run a ports -u today15:41
tilmanthe urls are wrong15:42
tilmani suck15:42
cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: fixed URL.15:43
treachweird. I get a couple of 404's first, then it finds a mirror that works.15:43
tilmanaugustao: try that please15:44
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thiag0tilman: xulrunner and firefox download the same source of firefox?17:10
jwsthiag0: xulrunner and firefox have been split up. if thats what ya mean17:13
jwstwo different ports17:13
treachsame tarball17:13
treach(look in the .md5sum file.)17:15
thiag0cp opt/xulrunner/firefox*.tar.bz2 opt/firefox/17:16
treachbetter yet.. use the PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR..17:17
jws[firefox 3.1] Other improvements may include better video support, SVG changes, and some more eye candy for working with multiple tabs.17:18
jwsmore eye candy..17:19
treachwhee, exactly what is needed. :>17:19
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joacimcan you zoom svg images in FF3?17:29
joacimhate not being able to in FF2 ;)17:29
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RotwangI'm drunk, it's about time to make cruxML entry ;F19:38
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nipuLoooh, colours20:27
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jwsnipuL: colours ? :D20:42
nipuLno, i haven't taken a dose of lsd20:43
nipuLcheck the ml20:43
jwsah ohk20:44
jwswho needs colours ?20:45
nipuLcolours are ok, i guess, but do you know what i love?20:45
nipuLcake farts20:45
* treach aims mad scientist flamethrower MkIII in the general direction of poland, and fires.20:45
jwshmm those colours look rather neat tho ;)20:46
nipuLthough, i don't reboot my computers enough to even care if rc has colours20:48
jwssame <<20:49
nipuLan if i do turn one off, i suspend to disk20:50
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