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tilmanRotwang: gnihihi, colours :D04:11
tilmanand why didn't i write colors/04:11
aonbecause you're doing it right04:12
Rotwanghehe ;]04:12
treachtoo bad all config files gets confused if you type "color" :/04:15
treacher, "colour"04:16
rehabdolltilman: do you live near hockenheim? :)04:35
tilmanvroom vrooom04:35
rehabdollah, guess you dont know what the weather is like then D;04:36
tilmantry wetter.com04:36
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-vmware: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git]: ruby-cairo: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: glib: updated to
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blackt0werdoes anyone have issues with the computer lagging when doing trivial tasks like un-bziping a large file?11:28
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blackt0weris there a way to fix this? do you know the cause? My box is more than adequate11:48
tilmancheck your kernel config maybe11:49
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tilmanwrt things like preemption and timer frequency11:49
tilmanmaybe also the io scheduler setting11:49
blackt0werwell, I set the timer to 1000hz and the kernel is on (server) preemption11:50
tilmanblackt0wer: make sure you turned on DMA for your discs11:50
blackt0werDMA is set with hdparm at boot11:50
tilmanyou could use hdparm -tT to check how faster your disc is said to be11:51
tilmansee whether the values sound sane11:51
treachif you want less "lagging" you should use the desktop settings, ie the peremption stuff.11:52
blackt0wercached reads = 1364Mb/2 sec11:53
blackt0wertreach, oh, I didn't know that :) thanks11:53
treachyou're welcome.11:53
blackt0weris there a preferred IO scheduler?11:54
treachthe server settings are all about getting stuff done as effective as possible, and not about user expreience.11:54
treach*experience* damn..11:54
blackt0werI know what you mean, I am used to building servers, so I have an automatic kernel config I go off of11:54
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Rotwangcfq is nice afaik12:01
blackt0werit's between CFQ and Anticipation :)12:02
Rotwangdoes the hdparm works also on sata?12:09
blackt0wersdparm works with sata12:10
* blackt0wer should see if sata is enabled12:10
blackt0weroh, is there any special syntax for rc.local?12:11
blackt0wer(I'm a gentoo convert, sorry)12:12
Rotwanglook at yours rc.conf12:12
Rotwangthats all ;]12:12
blackt0werwell, I mean can I just stick full paths to bash scripts in there or do I need to throw them into if blocks12:12
Rotwangas you wish12:13
blackt0weror even write them into a service thingy in rc.d12:13
Rotwangbut scripts should go to rc.local12:13
blackt0wergentoo makes this too easy12:13
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tilmanwhy do most of the processes running on this system have a virt size of > 100M?14:18
tilmanwonder whether it's related to the fact that it's a 64 bit system o_O i think i would have noticed it before..14:19
treach  you're right, weird. most processes owned by !root is 100MB+ :/14:27
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tilmantreach: each and every zsh instance is ~100M... that one is really surprising14:28
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tilmantreach: /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive :)14:43
tilmanadds a whopping 75M to everything14:43
tilmani'd like to see how big that thing is on my i686 crux laptop14:44
tilman53M and 62M on two other remote systems14:45
tilmanthose run older libcs though14:45
treach ;)14:48
tilmani know14:51
tilmani was just afk and thought maybe we should think about doing it like that, too ;D14:51
treachah, too bad I couldn't see that. ;)14:51
* treach hacks tilman's webcam14:51
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tilmanbtw, why the hell are there still no glibc 2.8 tarballs?15:03
augustaois there an "official" way of mounting nfs partitions at boot?15:04
augustaobecause it seems that portmap is started after the mounting process15:04
augustaoso, adding them to fstab doesn't work15:05
Rotwangrc.local ?15:05
treachhmm. I haven't used nfs in a long time now. I've forgotten how I solved it. Sorry.15:05
treachMabye I did like Rotwang said, monted it in rc.local or something stupid like that. :/15:06
rehabdolli just use fstab, no biggie15:11
aon/etc/rc.d/nfs ?15:11
rehabdoll.. and rc.d/nfs :)15:11
augustaoheh, thanks15:11
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bdfy - Hi ALL!! I had problem with building subversion :-\15:34
tilmanbdfy: what's your MAKEFLAGS?15:35
tilman(in bashrc or pkgmk.conf)15:35
bdfytilman: There is "-j4".. I am truing again15:37
tilmanbdfy: try adding "-j 1" in the 'make install' line in the subversion pkgfile15:38
bdfywhile a minute15:38
bdfyThanks ..15:39
tilmanlet me know if it worked please15:40
bdfyBut sorry my English :-\15:40
tilmanthat's okay15:41
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bdfytilman: Building was completed when I chose "-j1"15:50
bdfytilman: Wery Thanks. I will be more attentively15:53
tilmanokay, i'll file a bug15:57
surround1r�22:55:20� [Users #crux-ppc] [2 total]15:57
surround1r�22:55:20�  |  surround1r |  surrounder15:57
surround1ryay! friends! :<15:57
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tilmansurround1r: look at your damn lastfm page and join the damn crux group :>15:57
surroundertilman: :P15:57
surroundertilman: when I installed crux again on my desktop I will15:58
* surrounder is listening to VNV Nation - Further15:58
surroundertilman: standing burning empires rocks! :P15:58
tilmandunno, i don't remember finding the standing remixes any special15:59
tilmanbut the vocal version of further is nice, yeah15:59
surrounderand legion is really amazing15:59
surrounderbeen quite a while since I've heard a song that hit me the way legion did16:00
tilmanone of my favourites from empires16:00
tilmanthe vocal version of saviour is great, too16:00
bdfy - ports which I am rewriting for my self, may by some things will be useful..16:00
tilmanbdfy: where's your repository? maybe you should register it at the ports database16:01
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bdfytilman: Oh.. I am working about this..16:04 is down16:04
tilmani'll go to bed. night16:04
bdfytilman: Good night!16:05
surroundernn tilman16:05
Rotwanggute nacht16:06
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bbsis there a 64bit port yet?18:15
bbsis this the best version?18:16
nipuLit's _a_ version18:16
bbsnipuL: nice nick -- is there a better version18:16
nipuLif you don't want 32bit support then it's a great version18:16
bbspure is for me.18:17
bbsthanks nipuL18:17
bbsnipuL: i see you have your own18:17
bbswant some help?18:17
nipuLnot really, 64bit crux is becoming a semi official experiment18:18
bbsnot really on help or not really your own18:18
bbsor both ;p18:18
nipuLI've been the only person I'm aware of running multilib 64bit crux18:19
nipuLi've you're interested in helping test 64bit crux there's the mailing list18:20
nipuLand we talk about it a bit in #crux-devel18:20
bbswell i'll go eat and see how i feel then get back to the compute18:21
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nipuLwth, why doesn't \s* work in grep?18:23
go|dfishwhy would it?18:25
nipuLbecause it's a standard regular expression18:26
go|dfishNo it's not.18:26
nipuLugh, lame18:31
nipuLjust about every other regexp engine supports it18:32
nipuLgrep just has to be different^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HPOSIX compliant18:32
go|dfishWell, eh.18:32
go|dfishBRE was like the FIRST regex engine.18:32
go|dfishI think the latest FreeBSD grep supports those shortcuts. Maybe GNU qill adopt it too.18:33
nipuLnah, freebsd doesn't support it18:35
nipuLgrep has an option for perl style regexps which it would work for, but that has to be explicitly enabled18:36
go|dfishAnd they only fixed that in recent release.18:37
go|dfishBut they are called Basic Regular Expressions for a reason :-)18:37
go|dfishnipuL: Was getting 64bit crux setup much hassle?18:38
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nipuLnot really19:11
nipuLalhtough someone had already done all the hard work for me19:12
nipuLdaniel mueller was the original 64bit crux poineer19:12
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scru45hey i want to upload some of my local ports to webspace. not sure what the structure should be though. should i have it like{Pkgfile,.md5sum,.footprint} ?19:34
go|dfishI'm very new to Crux, but that appears to be the way they are set up, yes.19:35
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nipuLuse httpup-repgen20:04
nipuLthen make the repo available online20:04
scru45nipuL: ah yeah i was getting 404 and just realised i forgot to publish the REPO file20:08
scru45works now :)20:09
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