IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-07-23

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pitillogood morning01:18
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aonmorning sepen02:21
surroundermorning peeps02:22
sepenaon, should I keep firefox-java-plugin?02:22
sepen*err flash-plugin02:22
aonyeah, you're welcome to take it if you want02:22
sepenok if that earn some time for you02:23
aonit's not the time part, it's just that i don't really need it myself02:24
sepenok so I'll adopt it02:24
aonand since you already have the other firefox plugins :)02:24
aonyeah, go ahead02:24
cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox-flash-plugin: New maintainer. Cleaned up.02:32
cruxbot[opt.git]: cups: update to 1.3.803:56
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Rotwangsepen: hi05:59
Rotwangnew srati available05:59
Rotwangin case you didnt notice05:59
sepenok now I've more time06:02
sepenhmmm 8.7 -> July 21, 200806:03
sepenthanks, building now for my 2.6.25.x kernel06:04
sepenRotwang, do you have 26.x running?06:04
Rotwangbuilding for 2.6.26 atm06:04
Rotwangsepen: yes06:05
Rotwangstupid driver fails to build with 2.6.26 x|06:12
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sepenI'll try to investigate why06:14
Rotwangill tell you why06:14
sepenRotwang, can you paste me your output error message?06:14
Rotwangati catalyst maintainers are bunch of walruses06:14
sepenwhy? because ati sucks06:15
sepen8.7 builts fine on the other kernels06:17
sepenI won't update the port until runs on .26.x kernel06:18
cptnsome more patches here:06:20
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Rotwangim going to play with them06:21
sependoes the trick?06:30
Rotwang8-7 builds with 2.6.26 with thanks to this patch
sepenhmm I'll install a new kernel on my desktop box and then build ati after applied the patch06:31
sepenif all its ok, I'll commit the changeset06:31
sepennow time for eat, just an hour, bbl06:32
sepenthanks Rotwang and cptn06:32
Rotwangim going to check if its working fine06:32
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Rotwang[fglrx:firegl_lock] *ERROR* Process 1108 is using illegal context 0x0000000506:35
Rotwangbut it works06:35
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jwsRotwang: do you use AIGLX ?06:46
Rotwangi dont use any super special effects on my dosktop, so no06:48
namenlosdoes anyone do css from time to time?06:51
namenlosthis is my css:
namenlosand this is my html file:
* Rotwang hates css and html and php and js06:53
Rotwangand flash06:53
namenlosi want the white area between the yellow and reb area go away...06:53
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-genmon-plugin: New port.08:44
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-wavelan-plugin: New port.08:44
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ice_creampfft @ forcing me to chsh and logout/in =P08:53
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ice_creamhi; in X, i'm trying to run VBoxClient -d, and i get  "No protocol specified" and then "Error: Can't open display: :0.0"  , but echo $DISPLAY returns :0.0  .  Any idea why this would happen?10:04
augustaoare you running it inside a screen session?10:05
augustaohmm, no clue then :P10:05
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ice_creamoh, should i have the X11 package?10:56
* ice_cream looks around for the correct name..10:57
thrice`xorg ?10:57
ice_creami have xorg, yes, which has xorg-libx11..   i need to be able to use xrefresh command..10:57
ice_creamit's supposed to come with X11, no?10:58
thrice`did you install using the virtualbox port ?10:58
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ice_creamis it necessary that i have contrib/virtualbox  installed?11:00
ice_cream(if i'm running crux as vm)11:00
tilmanonly if you want to run another vm in your vm11:00
ice_creamright, i don't =P11:01
thrice`oh, I thought that's what vBoxClient was; sorry :(11:01
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surrounderhmm nice11:26
surroundermidori runs auite ok11:26
rehabdollyeah. its already better than firefox :)11:54
tilmandoes it cache images now?11:55
treachjs, cookies?11:55
thrice`i was surprised to find flash working when i tried :)11:55
surrounderyeah same here :D11:57
surrounderthrice`: no idea :P11:58
tilmanwho cares about flash11:58
surroundertilman that is11:58
tilmancaching stuff, cookies, and some ad blocker are what's important11:58
tilmantreach: i *some* javascript code11:58
treachwell, adblocker isn't that critical, you could always use privoxy or so. If it supports proxys. :>11:59
surrounderit starts like instantly though, that's nice :P11:59
tilmandoes it still require gnome icons?12:04
surroundercould be, seems I have a few dead icons in the menus/bars12:07
surroundercould try another gtk-theme and/or iconset though12:08
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cruxbot[opt.git]: shared-mime-info: updated to 0.51.12:20
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jdolanlulz @ thomas penteker12:27
teKit simply sucks12:28
jdolanwah u made me read an email, all is lost.12:28
teKi'd accept this behaviour on a windows mailing list as people using outlook tend to be unable to use the media 'e-mail'12:28
jdolani wish i had so little to worry about that things like that could be the focus of my day, is all i'm saying.12:29
teKno jdolan, it cost me almost two days to write the reply12:30
treachtime to learn touch-typing. ;)12:31
jdolanit took you two days to write that?  holy shit.12:31
teKnot really. 99% of these to days I spent studying irony (successfully)12:32
treachI'd call that "sarcasm"12:32
teKI made this reply, he will change it hopefully, if he won't: okay, too12:32
treach"No teK, it's not ironic" :>12:33
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tilmanRotwang: good job ._.12:51
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cruxbot[opt.git]: openldap: updated to 2.3.4312:59
cruxbot[opt.git]: openldap: added README file with update notes12:59
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: updated to
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brointhemixsorry, wrong window ;)14:58
brointhemixscreen's a baad application ;)14:59
go|dfishat least you didn't put in your root password.15:23
aonmy root password is ' '15:27
go|dfishWhich I have seen happen before :)15:28
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VileTimesAh! Hello hello, cruxians. How are we this evening?19:21
VileTimesI'm wondering if there any openbox users I can annoy with my n00b questions about.19:22
VileTimeskmandla! Don't be shy. I know you're a big Ob fan.19:26
VileTimesAnyhow, what I'd like to know is how to start an application (like urxvt) maximized after executing openbox-session. Any ideas?19:28
VileTimesSure, I can defione the geometry, but I need to tell Openbox to align urxvt to the top of the screen.19:28
VileTimesAs it stand now, I need to do it manually after I give it the command to undercorate -- needless to say, not very sexy. :(19:30
VileTimesjoin #openbox19:42
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kmandlaLook in rc.xml; the application tag has a force position command that will send an app to a single spot every time it's opened.20:07
kmandlaAdd that to the maximize tag and it should work fine.20:07
kmandlathere's more in the comments in .config/openbox/rc.xml20:07
VileTimesThanks for the heads-up, kmandla. Oh, and great blog, btw. I've come across some very interesting tools and distros reading it. ;)20:14
VileTimesI too am strangely attached to my old laptop and see no reason to throw it out / sell it because "it's only a P3 500mghz with 256Meg of RAM". All that to say, keep up the good work. My laptop appreciates being useful.20:18
kmandla:) The more I use Linux the more I realize how much money I was wasting buying a new computer every few years. :|20:19
VileTimesI've always been trying to find the most efficient apps/OSes for this laptop. First it was Slackware, then Ubuntu (paired down server edition), and now Crux. Crux is probably the best distro for this machine. I have a tweaked out beast of a desktop and it can handle Ubuntu, but for the older bits, it's crux.20:22
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jwsVileTimes: i have crux on a pentium2-mmx,126mb here and still runs like a beast :D20:42
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VileTimesHmmm ... MaximizeFull is the tag for rc.xml, but there is no way to apply it to one instance of urxvt which is launched on startup. :(21:58
nipuLi used to use crux on my celeron 400 notebook, but i got sick of compiling22:28
nipuLit's running arch now, the only problem is that crux boots so quickly, arch seems like a sloth in comparison22:29
VileTimesHow've you been?22:45
VileTimesCompiling is good for older systems.22:45
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nipuLi'd rather use my dinosaur than watch it compile23:04
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