IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-07-24

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pitillogood morning01:07
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cptnmorning pitillo01:26
pitillolo :)01:30
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sepenis someone using java virtual machine in more than one cpu? is it possible?05:39
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Rotwang1R: sepen: have you looked at that patch?apropos srati05:58
sepensrati? you mean ati sources right?06:03
Rotwang1srati misspelling of ati06:03
Rotwang1which means shitty ati in english06:03
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Rotwang1anyway, it applies cleanly on 8-7 and makes ati to build on 2.6.2606:08
Rotwang1and god knows when they are going to release 2.6.26 compatibile version of ati06:08
Rotwang1maybe next month maybe not06:09
namenlosanyone knows problems with 2.6.26 and the nvidia driver?06:12
sepenRotwang1, but the patch is applied to your kernel (outside the port tree I think)06:13
Rotwang1sepen: patch is applied on ati06:14
Rotwang1fire_something.c and .h06:14
sepenfiregl isn't on the ati port06:14
jwsnamenlos: speaking the new drivers (173.14.09) have support for 2.6.26 kernel so shouldnt have any problems with that06:15
jwswell hopefully06:15
namenlosjws, thx06:16
Rotwang1firegl_public.c and firegl_public.h from ati sources is patched so it builds with 2.6.26 :p06:16
sepenhmmm common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/firegl_public.h06:17
sepenso yesterday afternoon I was too busy06:18
sepenI'll try newly06:18
sepenRotwang1, excuse me, I was wrong :)06:19
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Rotwangand patched driver works pretty stable06:22
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cptn"The OSS v4 is better than ALSA"07:13
cptnnot that's a statement07:13
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augustaoi tried OSS 4 a couple of months ago07:29
augustaoi don't really see the reason why someone would prefer it over alsa07:29
aoncptn: well it's not worse either07:31
cptnaon: depends on the point of view I guess07:34
cptnit's not integrated in the kernel, and there's no port available from portdb07:34
cptnin this sense, alsa's better IMO07:34
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jwsThanks for settleing that one up cptn was getting sick of the thread :)07:38
thrice`sound is one I don't get excited for.  it either works, or it doesn't :-)07:39
jwsyeah :P07:39
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nipuLcan't a lot of those "interesting features" be implemented in dmix?07:58
aoncptn: well, in that sense yes08:04
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treachheh, swiss army knives are better than a real saw, screwdriver, knife, etc. :>08:27
Rotwangbut awesomeness of swiss knives are balanced by swis guards appereance ;]08:27
treachafaik, they have pistols nowadays. iirc they used halberds before. not swiss army knives. :p08:29
Rotwangbut they are still wearing pajamas and funny hats08:31
treachhaha, yeah08:31
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sepenRotwang, fails with 8-7
sepen<Rotwang1> anyway, it applies cleanly on 8-7 and makes ati to build on 2.6.2609:11
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namenlosa versioncontrolled pastebin service: :D10:14
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go|dfishI think I may have found the reason for the slowness on my system.10:30
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Rotwanggo|dfish: soooo?10:36
Rotwangwhat was the problem?10:36
go|dfishThere may be an issue with my SATA controller.10:37
go|dfishWhich is causing my hard-disk to perform poorly... ugh *cry*10:38
go|dfishiwlwifi is also acting up on me.10:38
go|dfishI'm really annoyed, lots of things going wrong, on this newer kernel my system is idling at a higher temp and higher wattage usage than before.10:40
go|dfishBut yes, my disk seems to be the issue for the slowness.10:41
tilmango|dfish: 2.6.26?10:48
go|dfishI was, yeah. Currently booted into
tilman2.6.26 sucks performance-wise for me, too10:50
tilmani also went back10:50
go|dfishyeah :/10:51
go|dfishAll this tickless stuff, I'm wondering if it's worth it10:52
tilmansure it is10:53
tilmanat least with modern cpus, right?10:53
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go|dfishmmm modern11:12
racergo|dfish: are you called "goldfish" for the same reason we call people goldfish around here?11:13
racergo|dfish: "Goldfish, because every lap around the bowl is like a new experience"11:13
go|dfishIf you want.11:14
spaceninjahow will I install crux on a eee pc 900 without a cdrom?11:34
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go|dfishI guess you wont?11:46
spaceninjathe eeepc is a hard buy, it's so neat, but at the same time it feels like a waste of money11:48
augustaospaceninja: there's some docs on how to install crux over nfs in the wiki11:51
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augustaoand i guess you could also boot it with PXE11:52
spaceninjawhat's that?11:57
spaceninjaor maybe I get the msi wind11:57
go|dfishMy dad has one, i find it too annoying to use.11:59
treach@google PXE12:02
clbtreach: Search took 0.22 seconds: Preboot Execution Environment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; PXE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; PXE International - Home: <>; PXE Setup without RIS on Windows 2000 Server: <>; Remote Network Boot via PXE: (1 more message)12:02
augustaoi'd most definitely go for the acer aspire one12:03
spaceninjawhy acer?12:03
spaceninjaI mean, what makes it so great?12:03
augustaowell, it's cheaper12:03
treachand it comes with windows. :>12:04
augustaonot really12:04
augustaoit comes with one of those linux distros nobody's ever heard of12:04
treachah. I was confusing it with the msi thingy.12:05
spaceninjawhat make eee so annoying?12:06
spaceninjasmall keyboard?12:06
augustaoi've heard lots of complaints about its keyboard12:06
spaceninjadoes it get broken?12:06
spaceninjaor is it just too small?12:06
augustaoextremely small12:07
augustaoi don't know if they made it bigger12:07
augustaobut they keyboard in the 700 series is annoying12:07
spaceninjaI believe it's the same size12:08
spaceninjaaugustao: linpus linux12:09
augustaoyeah, that's it12:10
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spaceninjaI think I'll wait, alot of new cool laptops will come during september ,12:11
spaceninjabut I can't wait12:14
spaceninjayes I can12:14
go|dfishDell are bringing one out too.12:15
go|dfishI'm suprised Apple haven't brought out a 9"12:15
spaceninjabut I think I will get the 900 because it's totally linux compatible12:16
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sepenRotwang, ping13:27
sepencould you test this patch? now I'm using ati + 2.6.26
sepenI added a conditional to Pkgfile for testing if 2.6.26 is installed13:29
sepenok no hurries13:29
sepenIm going to buy cigarretes13:29
Rotwangok, it applies cleanly, everything ok13:32
rehabdollsmoking is bad, mkay?13:33
Rotwangsmoking is bad but freaking great13:33
tilmanwhat's great about it?13:33
Rotwangi donno13:34
Rotwangits just great13:34
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treachtilman: it makes you smell like an ashtray, it annoys your neighbours and it can cost you a lot of money if/when you move out of your apartment. That is, if it doesn't kill you first. :>13:35
treachSurely that's signs of greatness.13:36
Rotwangyeah, living on the edge13:36
tilmanRotwang: are you a smoker?13:36
Rotwangtilman: yes13:36
tilmantreach: it also costs you a lot money if you don't move out ;)13:37
treachit can? Never heard of that. Unless you mean it might cause some divorce thingy..13:37
tilmancigarettes are expensive here ;p13:38
Rotwangtilman: here too13:38
sepenI don't smoke only nikotine :)13:38
sepencamel = 2.85€13:38
tilmanwell, they were expensive 10 years ago, and by now they are more than twice as expensive i think :D13:38
Rotwang~1,6 euro for pack13:38
treachah. But I don't think it's as expensive as being sued for the cost of sanitizing the flat after you move out. :>13:39
sepenRotwang, nice! I think so I should commit13:39
tilmancogito ergo committere13:40
treachbeing a non smoker I don't really know, but I think a pack here is like 4+ E.13:40
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ati: Updated 8.6 -> 8.7. Fixed issue with 2.6.26.x kernels. (Thanks to Rotwang)13:41
tilmantreach: yes. and they went down from 25 a pack to 21 or so ;>13:41
Rotwanghard days are comming for smokers13:44
Rotwangno smoking at pubs etc13:44
treachyeah. poor smokers, not allowed to pollute the air for everyone else.13:45
sepenbut -1 for 4E per paket13:45
RotwangUDP: bad checksum. From to ulen 7513:50
Rotwangwhat could it mean?13:50
treachudp has checksums?13:51
treachsomeone sent you a bad package, apparently.13:51
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teKshadow's download source currently is broken14:10
tilmanworks for me14:11
teK==> PASV ... couldn't connect to port 59839: Connection refused14:12
teKoh dear14:12
Rotwangany tint2 port around?14:15
go|dfishDoes anybody know how to alter 'R/W multiple sector transfer' value on an ATA disk?14:20
teKtried hdparm(1)?14:21
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go|dfishNot to alter it, nope, all my reading says hdparm can't play with non-IDE nicely. I'll give it a go though, thanks.14:22
rehabdolltry blktool14:24
go|dfishsweet, there's a port for it. thanks also14:25
RotwangThis is a program that does stuff with block devices.14:26
Rotwanghehe I love such descriptions ;]14:26
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go|dfishHm, well hdparm can't do it, i'll go read about blktool now.14:30
go|dfishAh, they both do the same thing.14:36
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Rotwangwoah, if i type my nick and last name into google i get my 6 month old OOo Pkgfile paste :O14:43
go|dfishHm, OK, apparantly you don't change those parameters with libata.14:52
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treachhint for people who have problems with .26 ,
go|dfishhmm hmm17:04
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