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cptnand also "I'll", not ill :-)13:09
jwsgrr :-)13:10
jwsor even more formall "I will"13:10
teKI'll was forbidden in our english classe (at last the last two years)13:10
teKat least in tests..13:11
jwsteK: why ?13:11
aonperhaps they wanted to see that they can spell "will"13:11
treachteK: are you still beginning all your letters with "Sehr Geehrte(sp?)" or "An den Herr"? :>13:12
aonjws: i'm pretty sure it's "formal" :)13:12
treachSorry if I got that wrong, but it's been a long time..13:12
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aonor perhaps you just missed a y13:12
teKwtf? :)13:13
jwswill+y = self explanatory13:13
treachyeah, just like "Willy Brandt" :D13:14
jwsaon: strangely enough i got penalised for using ill in a formal essay :S13:16
jwsthis was back in hs13:16
jwsteacher must have been a non english background speaker :D13:16
RedShiftjws: penalised... you got spanked?13:17
teKoh well.. I always had a B until she got my teacher13:17
teK-got +became13:17
teKomg :p13:17
aonwell, i used to spell "surprise" without the initial r from when i first learned the word in early 90's to somewhere in 2006, when it was first corrected in an essay by a teacher13:17
treachteK: sounds like you have radical ways to deal with your teachers. :p13:18
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sepenhi ricardo14:06
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roliveirahola Salaman14:36
roliveirahola sepen14:36
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Rotwangsiema roliveira14:45
roliveirahi Rotwang14:49
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pedjaDoes current udev look for rules only in /lib/udev/rules.d, or it still checks /etc/udev/rules.d?19:27
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VileTimesWhy is crux giving me a kernel panic - not syncingN No init found. Try passing the init= option to kernel?19:51
VileTimesI had absolutely no trouble install crux on my laptop.19:51
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go|dfishVileTimes: Did you build your own kernel?19:56
VileTimesYeah, I did.19:57
VileTimesI guess I mucked something up ...19:57
VileTimesOk, back to the drawing board then.19:57
VileTimesThanks for pointing me in the right direction.19:58
go|dfishVileTimes: Most likely to do with your root filesystem.19:58
VileTimesIf I have a boot partition set on hda2, could that be causing the problem? I configured lilo to look in the right place.19:59
go|dfishWell, there are a few reasons for this error. a) not got correct filesysetm support, b) missed something else in the kernel config or c) incorrect values in your bootloader20:00
pedjaAnd after editing lilo.conf, you rerun lilo?20:01
VileTimesyes, pedja.20:01
pedjai forgot once :)20:01
VileTimesOk go|dfish, I'll recompile the kernel and not remove a thing. If it works, then I know it's something I removed in my eralier compile.20:02
pedjait was fun...20:02
go|dfishwell dont do that yet.20:02
go|dfishmake sure you lilo.conf is correct first :)20:02
VileTimesOk ... I've got lba32 set (this is a 200gig HD in passing)20:04
go|dfishThat's why I stopped using lilo, kept forgetting to run lilo and changes and always locked myself out. :)20:04
go|dfishEh, after changes, that is.20:04
VileTimesinstall=text, boot=/dev/hda, label=CRUX, root=/dev/hda2, read-only, vga=77520:04
VileTimesSeems pretty inocuous to me.20:05
go|dfishVileTimes: What kind of drive is it?20:05
go|dfishIt's definitely IDE ?20:05
VileTimesIts a Seagate IDE, definitely. I had Ubunut on it for ages and I wanted to switch to crux.20:05
go|dfishCool, and root is hda2 and you did run lilo. Which would suggest something incorrect in the kernel.20:06
VileTimesyes, I ran it in verbose mode and it tells me "/boot/boot0/300 exists - no boot sector backup made20:07
VileTimesQuick question about compiles: do I need to do a make clean after recompile?20:24
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VileTimesNope. That didn't fix a thing.20:36
VileTimesA clean kernel recompile and I still get the same error20:37
go|dfishwith everything built-in?20:37
VileTimesEverything I did a zcat to get the old config, did a make clean before, recompiled everything and it still gives me the same error.20:38
VileTimesWhat the heck does it want me to init anyhow>20:39
VileTimesHmmm ... I wonder if installing grub instead of lilo will make a difference.20:40
VileTimesI've heard that GRUB is a little more flexible when it comes to booting from diffrfent partitions.20:40
VileTimeserr.... there's no grub on the crux cd!?20:42
go|dfishthere is.20:44
go|dfishon 2.4 anyways.20:44
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VileBah, to heck with it. I've decided to change the main hard drive with an smaller, unused one and do a fresh install. I have a feeling lilo doesn't like the partitioning scheme.21:37
go|dfishWhat is the partition scheme?21:37
Vilehda1 has data that I desperately want to keep. It's my old home partition from my ubuntu install. It's gigantic, so it isn't very easy to gpart.21:39
VileSo I was booting off of a partition that physically after hda1. I'm not sure if that would make a difference, but it is the only difference in terms of partition layouts between my laptop (which works) and my desktop (which doesn't work).21:47
VileIf this installation works, then it's a limitation with lilo, most likely. If not, then I think the default crux kernel set-up might be misrepresenting my drives. I remember under ubuntu, I needed to refer to my devices as sda or sdc, not hda or hdc. That's the only other discrepancy I can think of.21:54
go|dfishVile: You're right.21:55
go|dfishI recall in my last laptop, with whatever kernel version I was using, the IDE drivers showed the drives as sd*21:56
go|dfishafter an upgrade.21:56
VileReferring to the drives as hda/hdc seems to work. Ubuntu used to complain.21:57
VileI can mount them, fdisk them ... no problem.21:57
go|dfishWell, it could be your chipset.21:59
go|dfish""~some IDE chipsets now default to Libata drivers in the kernel22:00
go|dfishrather than some legacy IDE drivers""22:00
go|dfishWait no, that doesn't make sense.22:00
go|dfishOtherwise it wouldn't find your kernel at all.22:00
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VileOk ... here we go. Reboot initiated.22:07
VileNope ... same error22:08
VileExact same kernel panic.22:08
VileThe config included with the kernel isn't picking up my drives for some odd reason.22:09
VileHmmm ... let's see how Slackware handles this puzzle. :)22:11
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VileWell, it seems like Slack likes my disk just fine.22:38
VileIt also calls them hd*, but it can definitely use them.22:39

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