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tilmandid you try a reboot?14:18
tilmanif you loaded another driver before, nvidia might not be able to put the hardware in the right state ;)14:18
glenn69yes it has been restarted14:19
glenn69If I change driver to "nv" instead of nvidia I get the same problem looking at 0:10:314:19
treachfrom what I can find, you should use the legacy driver14:19
glenn69I'm mainly confused by this PCI:0:10:3, where is that coming from...lspci lists nothing there14:20
glenn69both nv and nvidia seem to think it should be14:20
glenn69I also boot Arch Linux on the same's xorg.conf uses nvidia14:24
treachyes yes.14:24
treachthe drivers name is the same14:24
treachbut the package you should use is the one with "legacy" tacked on to it.14:24
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glenn69OK, will give that a try14:25
treachgood luck14:25
treachyeah. and the popup too. :>14:29
treachI think aon might have the book though. ;)14:30
aonthe what now?14:30
treachsee the link. :p14:31
aoni don't have any lisp books :)14:31
treachahem, no, the missing books on quantmechanics mentioned in the popup. ;)14:32
aoni don't get it14:33
aoni have no popup14:33
tilmantooltip/title of the image14:33
tilmans/image/comic strip/14:33
aonwell that explains it, i generally don't point at things with my mouse :)14:34
tilman o_O :D14:34
treachtilman: aw, right, he's probably using some browser plugin for emacs that doesn't support such fancy things. ;)14:34
tilmanaon: erc or irssi?14:35
* treach googles for "littlefoot".14:35
aoni wouldn't think of using erc14:35
aonhowever, i was one of the early rcirc contributors :)14:36
treach"├Ârk"? :p14:36
aonactually i think i might migrate to rcirc when i move14:36
aondepending on how tedious it gets to irc through ssh14:37
tilmanssh + irssi-in-screen = good, no?14:37
aonyeah, but you can't copy links very easily without resorting to the rat14:37
treachpasting isn't too hard in screen14:38
aonbut where are you going to paste to?14:38
aonfirefox doesn't run in screen :-)14:38
treachhm. too bad. :>14:39
tilman mmh14:39
tilmani don't really have time to read that much xkcd14:39
aonand if you're remote you kinda can't use a hack i've sometimes had where there's a server running that replies with the last url from irssi when you connect to it :)14:39
treachaon: I haven't tried it, but have you tried marking stuff in screen and then shift + ins in ff?14:40
aondoesn't work, surprisingly :)14:40
aoni don't think there's any way to shout to the terminal to copy stuff from it14:41
treachI'm confused. I think I'll drop that for now. :p14:41
aonexcept hmm14:41
aoni wonder if i could modify the clipboard by using X's l33t networking features14:41
aonlike by specifying a remote display to that, for example14:42
treachtilman: lol, going to go for the competition? :p14:42
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tilmanthere's competition to xkcd?14:42
treachthe one in the popup. :P14:43
cptn is pretty good too :-)14:43
tilmantreach: oh, no14:43
aonhaha :DD14:44
aonit's a shame that eler doesn't get updates14:44
tilmaneler was fun14:45
aoni always think if the laminated punchcards strip when i hear of stallman14:45
tilmanseems there were about 100 xkcd strips that i didn't know14:46
tilman hah14:47
tilman ROFL!14:48
tilman246 is really cool \:D/14:48
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treach"And the whole setup is just a trap to capture escaping logicians.." :p14:50
tilmanyeah :D14:50
tilman !!!11114:50
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treachI like 247, probably because it's something I'd do. :>14:52
tilmani suck at mental arichmetic14:54
tilmanactually i suck at written arithmetic as well14:54
treachheh, I meant the guy who changed the clock from 12h to 24h display. :p14:54
tilmanoh, hehe :D14:55
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cruxbot[opt.git]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.4814:59
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cruxbot[opt.git]: vsftpd: update to 2.0.715:24
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfburn: Updated 0.3.0-5172. Changed source url.15:37
glenn69Have time for another xorg question?  Maybe this is more CRUX specific.15:41
treachask, don't ask to ask.15:42
glenn69I uninstalled my nvidia driver etc and tried to use X -configure which created /root/xorg.conf.new15:42
glenn69then I tested  with X -config /root/ and that worked15:43
treachcongratulations. :>15:43
glenn69I copied /root/ to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and ran startx...that did not work15:43
glenn69the only difference ids the startx part15:44
glenn69if I test X -config /etc/X11/xorg.conf that also works15:44
treachstrange. did you remove the file in /root?15:44
thrice`and running startx as user ?15:44
glenn69I think I understand that startx uses xinitrc...correct?15:44
thrice`usually ~/.xinitrc is common15:45
glenn69yes to both15:45
treachglenn69: you *have* to at least rename the file in /root15:45
glenn69I moved it to /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:45
treachk, you said copied15:45
thrice`what is in your ~/.xinitrc ?15:45
treachyou'll need a wm. :p15:46
glenn69I have no .xinitrc15:47
treachtouch .xinitrc15:47
treachecho "exec yourfavourite_WM" > .xinitrc15:47
thrice`hm, I thought twm would have started at least15:47
glenn69Well I seem to have a twm problem15:47
treachnot if it isn't installed for starters.. not even sure how the scripts are set up.15:48
glenn69after trying startx screen returns to terminal listing15:48
thrice`no errors?15:48
glenn69/usr/lib/X11/xinit/xinitrc: line 47: twm: command not found15:48
treachas I said.15:48
treachyou need a wm15:48
glenn69same thing with xclock, xterm, and exec xterm15:49
treachbecause they aren't installed. right?15:49
glenn69doesn't xorg port auto contain twm15:49
treachnot afaik15:49
glenn69I couldn't find a twm port15:49
thrice`fsearch twm ?15:49
treachdo you WANT twm anyway? :p15:50
glenn69not really, but I thought it was the default and I just want X working for now15:50
treachjust pick some other wm in the ports, they are ALL better choices than twm..15:50
treachor you could try what thrice` said and search for twm.15:51
treachprovided that you have set up prt-get correctly, that is15:51
glenn69I did a search on the website under ports for twm...nothing15:51
glenn69same thing with prt-get search twm15:51
glenn69OK, I'll try another15:52
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glenn69Thanks fluxbox works.16:01
glenn69Sry to take up so much of your time..this is my first attempt at CRUX16:01
glenn69Ubuntu to CRUX is a though16:01
treachwe should clearly make the website more intimidating. :>16:02
joacimmake it a telnetable bbs =)16:02
teKI propose to exchange the CRUX penguin with this nice fellow:
treachalas, "experienced linux users" doesn't mean what it once did.16:03
treachlol @ teK16:04
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nipuLask a stupid question, that's a paddling16:46
teKlook out the window, that's a paddling16:48
teK_over_statemnet des Tages:
joacimthank gods i have vista business  :-)16:58
treachthank $DIETY that I don't have any m$ software at all.17:02
treachfascinating that you apparently don't even have to enable bitlocker to get caught by it. :>17:03
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