IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-07-31

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pitillogood morning01:10
cptnhey pitillo01:30
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* go|dfish kicks libquicktime03:16
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* roliveira good morning!03:54
Rotwangnot so good!03:54
Rotwangbut still, morning03:54
Rotwangevery single day of my life has been worse than the  day before it. So it means that every single day you see me, that's on  the worse day of my life. -- office space04:00
go|dfishSomebody's got a case of the Thursdays.04:19
Rotwangit's even worse than case of the mondays ;[04:19
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RotwangI should move my ass and make ck4up.conf at last ;]04:36
Rotwangbut I'm too damn lazy04:36
Rotwangsome volounteers to do it for me? ;]04:36
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go|dfishDon't know what ck4up is!04:43
Rotwanguseful tool for port maintainers04:45
go|dfishOh yeah, the ruby thing? I was reading about some tool like that05:07
go|dfishYeah, I read that before, but at the time didn't have enough RAM.05:17
go|dfishI have 4 gigs now... It does sound tempting.05:17
go|dfishLooks like an awful lot of pain though.05:17
Rotwangthats why I wont bother playing with it05:18
go|dfish"I know a guy who bought a dual opteron system with 16gigs of ram just so he could do this." -- what an idiot05:18
go|dfishI ended up following some other post last time, just the cat /libs/i/normally/use > /dev/null at boot up method05:24
go|dfishMy hard-disk is a piece of crap.05:25
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kmandlawhat's the preferred way to handle locales?06:05
nipuLget rid of them and disable nls06:06
nipuLcrux is english only, unlike #crux which is swenglish06:06
kmandla:) thnx.06:07
Rotwangand ponglish sometimes06:08
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Rotwangrugek: around?09:32
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_Progress_hi, can i install Crux from Debian with chroot?10:29
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treachcan't see why not.10:31
Rotwangwhy not?10:31
treachyou'll probably have to do it manually though :)10:31
_Progress_that's not problem10:31
Rotwangcheck it ;]10:31
_Progress_i use gentoo couple of years10:32
Rotwangoh noes ;>10:32
_Progress_and install him always from another distro or live cd10:32
clbtreach: Highest karma: "cruxbot" (3), "treach" (3), and "VileTimes" (1).  Lowest karma: "--- ping statistics -" (-3), "gentoo" (-3), and "<" (-1).  You (treach) are ranked 1 out of 83.10:32
_Progress_gentoo is not so bad10:33
_Progress_but i want to try crux10:33
* _Progress_ likes bsd like port system10:34
Rotwangcrux with BASICS software10:34
_Progress_basics? what's that?10:34
treach_Progress_: just have a look at the link Rotwang posted, and the man-pages for pkgadd and friends10:35
treachit's an in-joke. :>10:35
clbaon: Highest karma: "cruxbot" (3), "treach" (3), and "VileTimes" (1).  Lowest karma: "--- ping statistics -" (-3), "gentoo" (-3), and "<" (-1).  You (aon) are ranked 3 out of 83.10:35
* _Progress_ is not very well with english. :( Sorry about that.10:35
clbRotwang: Highest karma: "cruxbot" (3), "treach" (3), and "VileTimes" (1).  Lowest karma: "--- ping statistics -" (-3), "gentoo" (-3), and "<" (-1).  You (Rotwang) are ranked 3 out of 83.10:35
treach_Progress_: in-joke, a joke only understood by people with a certain common experience.10:37
Rotwang_Progress_: you will understand it some day probably ;]10:38
_Progress_i hope so. :)10:39
treachbah, it's not a great joke, it's just refering to a particulary retarded user who apparently didn't understand how to use the port system, and in general made a huge ass out of himself.10:40
aonbut everything gets better when repeated for several times over the timespan of several years10:41
aonymmv :)10:41
treachI think alcohol usually is important in that context. :>10:42
aoncould be10:43
aonalthough i rarely have been drunk while discussing BASICS10:44
_Progress_is somewhere a list of CFLAGS10:51
Rotwang_Progress_: handbook10:52
Rotwangread it10:52
_Progress_i reed it10:52
Rotwangi need many things10:52
_Progress_i found in hand book just this: It is best NOT to change these unless you absolutely know what you're doing!10:54
_Progress_I'm not on 20. I think I know what I'm doing :P10:55
Rotwangehh ;]10:55
_Progress_never mind10:55
go|dfish-O4 --lasers-and-smoke -fstack-protector-all10:56
* thrice` never understood the obsession with changing cflags10:56
tilman-O4 sucks10:56
tilman-O5 is better10:56
tilman(obvious, since 5 > 4)10:56
Rotwang-O99 blows you roof off10:58
go|dfish-fstack-protector-all is serious rice straight from gentoo wiki.10:58
treachI never got that. man gcc doesn't list anything higher than -O3, but still sometimes whey you build stuff, you see crap like -O6 fly past..10:59
go|dfishYeah, I only noticed -O4 today when I built mplayer.10:59
treach-fomg-optimize :/11:00
go|dfishI actually read some post last week, guy using Crux claimed his system booted 1.5 seconds when he rebuilt everything with -fomit-frame-pointer and -ffast-math added to his CFLAGS.11:02
thrice`i'm more amazed that there are postings about CRUX than the speed thing :>11:02
treachbut crux has to be one of the faster booting dists.11:03
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thrice`quickest I've found, anyway11:03
treachyou can barely have less in the boot process. :>11:03
treachPresumeably some embedded stuff could be faster, but that's rather non standard. :)11:03
go|dfishHe's posted a few things about Crux.11:05
Rotwanggo|dfish: where if I might ask11:06
go|dfishHmm, don't seem to have bookmarked it, it's on his *insert that horrible word here*11:07
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go|dfishThat's not the particular post actually, it was --
Rotwangwhats the point of export CHOST="i686-pc-linux-gnu"11:12
Rotwangexport CARCH="i686" in pkgmk.conf ??11:12
augustaoguys, is kde 4.1 being ported?11:16
augustaoif so, i'd like to volunteer11:16
thrice`hm, there is only 1 KDE maintainer, perhaps contacting him?  I think a /usr/ports/kde4 could be made :)11:17
Rotwangi propose to wait for KDE 4.5.9 and then port it ;]11:18
treach4.1 is pretty ok11:18
thrice`treach: have you found a good music player?  I hate this new "collections" concept11:19
treachsome glitches still, and not everything ported over yet.11:19
treachnot sure what you want11:19
treachjuk is ok by me. :)11:19
thrice`a giant list sorted alphabetically, and qt411:19
thrice`have you tried amarok2?  I find it quite un-useful11:19
treachsounds like juke to me. :)11:19
treachno, no package for suse yet.11:20
cruxbot[contrib.git]: geany: Added support for using vte if installed.11:20
augustaoi'm not a kde user myself11:21
augustaobut i'm pretty sure lots of people would like to try the new kde out11:21
treachthrice`: if you have some binary dist, try juke for kde4, it's a lot better than I remembered it, at least. :p11:21
thrice`treach: will do.  I have it installed on slackware at home :-)11:22
thrice`i was hoping for a good qt4 MPD client, but haven't tried any yet11:22
augustaoxmms2 > mpd11:23
thrice`don't get me started :D11:23
augustaotoo late11:23
* thrice` hides from tilman 11:23
augustaoxmms2 is more well organised11:23
augustaoand the codebase is really clean11:24
treachI don't get the point with that client server approach, unless you have your collection in your livingroom or so. :/11:24
thrice`dunno.  usually the clients run quicker, even connecting to localhost11:24
treachhmm. of al the problems I've had with media players, that is probably the smallest..11:25
thrice`it's nice that with the daemon still running, all playlist, etc. information is still ready for controlling11:29
Rotwangbtw xmms2 port is outdated11:30
Rotwangwhats up with rugek?11:30
tilmanmaybe i should put it in opt11:34
Rotwangtilman: good idea11:34
augustaoi registered my port about 1.5 weeks ago11:35
augustaoand i didn't get any sort of reply mail11:35
Rotwangaugustao: talk to viper11:35
augustaowho is viper11:35
Rotwangor send new mail to him ;]11:36
Rotwangaugustao: he probably manages adding new repos to portdb11:36
treachIf I was to guess, I'd guess he's on vaction.11:37
thrice`aren't all Europeans on vacation around this time?  lazy bast...11:38
treachthrice`: I think he's still in school. so he probably doesn't start for another couple of weeks or so. ;)11:39
tilmanrugek: ping11:47
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RotwangI pinged him earlier11:47
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augustaorugek has a few outdated ports11:48
augustaosimone rota too11:48
* treach fetches tar and feathers.11:49
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glenn69I have a general question: If I want to add "X" functionality to my system (ex..sound)  Where do I start in the CRUX world to figure out how to accomplish this.  I know how to search ports, but how do I know WHAT to search for?  Should I start by Googling?12:21
glenn69that is my current example...yes12:22
Rotwang1glenn69: and yes you should google more ;]12:22
glenn69I DO google..more, and more.....I sometimes think that's ALL I do...or so, my wife claims12:23
Rotwang1glenn69: you need to know what you want to install first12:23
Rotwang1then find it and install12:23
Rotwang1simple as shiv12:23
augustaothat's glenn's problem12:24
glenn69The install is...yes12:24
augustaohe doesn't know what he's looking for12:24
Rotwang1so he should google more ;]12:24
glenn69So let me get this straight...I google more  for unknown things :)12:24
Rotwang1glenn69: I dont get it12:25
augustaowell, you can always ask in here12:25
Rotwang1you want something12:25
Rotwang1but you dont know what you want?12:25
augustaoRotwang: he knows what the thing he wants does12:25
augustaohe just don't know what it is12:25
glenn69In google bar do I type "That which I search, yet I do not know what it is" :)12:25
glenn69I'm kidding a bit12:25
Rotwang1so why don't ask actually?12:26
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glenn69I come from distros, such as Ubuntu, etc with detailed walk throughs etc..I'm trying to transition to CRUX12:26
Rotwangglenn69: you're approaching deep waters im affraid :p12:27
glenn69My experience has been that in one distro I may have to install packages X,Y, and Z to get something to work...but in another distro, I have to install X, Y, and A and B12:27
glenn69Example...i installed in CRUX alsa-lib, alsa-oss, and alsa-utils..but I see no alsa-drivers12:28
glenn69alsa-drivers seems to be in other distros12:28
augustaoyou only need alsa-drivers if you didn't add support for it in your kernel12:29
augustaoalso, alsa-oss is kind of useless nowadays12:29
glenn69So, to answer my question...If I want to install sound ...i should start out Googling, then search the sites (ex..alsa's) and use that info to determine how and what I install in CRUX12:31
augustaoroughly, yes12:31
glenn69Fair enough12:31
augustaoyou need to familiarise yourself with linux's tools12:31
glenn69I just didn't want to ignore a CRUX source12:31
glenn69I meant that I wanted to be sure that there wasn't a CRUX only source of information that I was not aware of12:32
augustaoi see12:33
augustaoyou just want to be sure if you're doing it the crux way12:33
glenn69You got it12:33
* augustao 12:33
glenn69When is it appropriate to use the IRC...while maintaining doing things the CRUX way?12:34
glenn69I'm trying to do things the CRUX way.  Should I only use the IRC after I've researched and am stuck?12:36
augustaosuit yourself12:36
augustaopeople might complain if you haven't done any googling and just came straight in here to ask12:37
augustaopersonally, i don't really care12:37
glenn69That is what I meant12:37
glenn69and it is what I do12:37
augustaovery good12:38
augustaoyou remind me of the girl in this stripe12:38
glenn69Funny.................I think :)12:39
* augustao found it to be hilarious12:39
glenn69Actually, it reminds me...of me also......other than the girl part :)12:40
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mrks /qui12:43
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treachglenn69: it's a good idea to have a general idea how things actually work in linux/unix before you start with something like crux.12:46
treachthe whole distro is based on the assumption that you know what the deal with /dev is, and a bit about tools like grep, sed and awk.12:47
treachotherwise you'll have to learn a lot. :)12:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: lzma: 4.32.6 -> 4.32.712:48
cruxbot[contrib.git]: sefdec: 0.6.6 -> 0.6.812:48
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glenn69I do have a "general" idea how they work.  Not afraid of command line, more curious about how others in CRUX manage these problems....nobody knows ALL these things12:50
thrice`treach: um, nobody understand how /dev works o.O12:50
glenn69not what I meant12:51
treachI'm not saying you don't know anything or that anyone knows everything.12:51
glenn69I know12:51
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treachbut if you come from ubuntu, say, I'm not sure you understand the "everything is a file" deal12:51
glenn69I do12:51
treachit wasn't personal12:52
glenn69I'm more of a distro "junkie"12:52
glenn69Ubuntu is only one of the ones I've used12:52
glenn69I currently use CRUX (obviously) and ARCH12:52
treachso, basically what you need for sound is the alsa stuff, except for drivers which you should have in your kernel, AND suitable permissions to the sound devices.12:53
glenn69yeah...I'll figure it out12:53
glenn69I don't profess to know ALL of what I need to run CRUX properly, but I'ts the next step in my Linux progression12:54
treachhint; ls -lh /dev/snd ;)12:54
glenn69list...long...human readable......devices...sound...12:54
glenn69Is that close?12:55
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spaceninjadoes anyone have the eeepc with crux on it?13:14
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* treach notes that qt 4.4.1 is out13:38
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tilman <3 <313:47
_Progress_hi again, can you help me to add a port? I do httpup sync linux in /usr/ports/ but nothink hapend. I add path to the port in /etc/prt-get.conf. Same. Copy httpup files of linux/ to /etc/ports/. And ports -u but .. nothink :(13:49
tilmanworks for me13:50
tilmani just ran 'httpup sync linux' in /tmp13:50
_Progress_yes. it download folder linux/13:50
tilmanhow is that 'nothing'? %)13:51
_Progress_and? :D13:51
tilmancd linux && fakeroot pkgmk13:51
_Progress_nothink i mean can't install package from port13:51
augustaocheck the Pkgfile13:51
Rotwang28_Progress_: what about handbook?13:51
tilmandid you try: cd linux && fakeroot pkgmk13:51
_Progress_Rotwang28: there is: Install httpup and put the corresponding .httpup file in your /etc/ports directory. Running ports -u should now make the ports available in /usr/ports/<repository>. If you are using prt-get, you might want to add the port directory to /etc/prt-get.conf e.g. prtdir /path/to/repository.  That's about add ports13:52
_Progress_tilman: no. I'll try13:52
augustaocrux should have more of an exherbo attitude13:53
augustaoon what regards the target audience13:53
augustao (if you have no idea what i'm talking about)13:53
Rotwang28_Progress_: you want to add whole repository x|13:53
Rotwang28if im not mistaken13:53
_Progress_yes Rotwang2813:53
_Progress_i want to compile kernel13:54
Rotwang28_Progress_: so13:54
Rotwang28you want only one port or whole repo?13:54
tilmanmay i say that i don't see the need for a "kernel" crux package in crux13:54
Rotwang28I've had one :D13:54
tilmanbut you'll probably want to httpup sync a random port and install it another time13:54
tilmanso maybe it's a good idea to figure it out now ;)13:54
_Progress_well prt-get search kernel not found kernels13:55
_Progress_am i wrong13:55
Rotwang28because there is no kernel port in core/opt/contrib13:55
augustao_Progress_: there isn't supposed to be any13:55
Rotwang28_Progress_: build it by hand13:55
_Progress_i understand13:55
_Progress_but i see there is a port linux/13:56
_Progress_how to add him in /usr/ports/ ?13:56
Rotwang28_Progress_: you add whole repo s there13:57
_Progress_Rotwang28: how?13:57
Rotwang28not single ports13:57
tilmanRotwang28: it's possible though13:57
Rotwang28_Progress_: put httpup file to /etc/ports13:57
Rotwang28tilman: I know13:58
_Progress_i put both of them13:58
_Progress_.httpup-repo.current and .httpup-urlinfo13:58
_Progress_:) ?!?13:59
Rotwang28you need reponame.httpup13:59
_Progress_must i touch the file or i must to download him?14:00
Rotwang28_Progress_: if you want only one port you do not need to add whole repo14:00
Rotwang28and I still strongly recommend that you build kernel by hand14:01
cptnnote that the 'linux' port builds a default kernel14:01
_Progress_ok but, where to find repos or/and ports. I search in
cptndefault = defconfig14:02
cptnnot necessarily what you want14:02
Rotwang28_Progress_: its too basic question x|14:02
Rotwang28it's so basic that I dont have an answer ;]14:02
_Progress_cptn: i want to compile kernel. I chroot crux from my debian now14:02
_Progress_but crux haven't kernel yet :D14:02
augustaohmm.. the build process of kde4 is a bit intrusive14:02
cptnwell, then you need no port14:02
Rotwang28_Progress_: you need to configure it yourself14:03
Rotwang28its noot that easy14:03
cptnand the port won't make that any easier14:03
cptnthe port only simplifies things if you already have a usable configuration14:03
_Progress_i don't want to be easie :P14:04
_Progress_just i want kernel source...and i downlod him with wget. :)14:04
cptnkernel source is on the iso14:04
cptnafter running 'setup', it's in /usr/src14:04
cptnyou should _really_ read the CRUX handbook, it's all in there14:04
_Progress_but i don't find there how to build crux with chroot14:05
*** roliveira_ has joined #crux14:05
Rotwang28_Progress_: install needed packages like in the wiki page ive shown you14:05
cptnwell, here's a tutorial to the internet:14:05
cptngo to crux.nu14:06
cptnhit 'search' in the bottom14:06
cptntype chroot14:06
Rotwang28cptn: I gave him that link14:06
cptnbut in a chroot, you don't _need_ a kernel14:06
_Progress_i do that14:06
_Progress_i do everythink to step514:07
Rotwang28so all you need is kernel now14:08
Rotwang28install it by hand14:08
cptnRotwang28: kernel?14:08
cptnthere's no need for a kernel in the chroot14:08
Rotwang28cptn: but14:08
cptnsince you're not booting a chroot14:08
Rotwang28he wants to have fully functional crux installatiom14:08
Rotwang28i guess14:08
_Progress_i guess too :P14:09
Rotwang28so he needs kernel ;]14:09
cptnwell, it's easier a full install, or a chroot install14:09
cptnbut there's no full chroot install14:09
cptnwell, okay, let's go there :-)14:09
cptnRotwang28, _Progress_: how do you boot a kernel in a chroot?14:09
Rotwang28cptn: its not the point14:09
Rotwang28you install everything in chroot14:10
_Progress_chroot /crux /bin/bash14:10
Rotwang28and then boot to crux14:10
Rotwang28by reboot14:10
cptn_Progress_: that will not boot the kernel14:10
_Progress_i know14:10
_Progress_there is no kernel :(14:10
cptnit won't run the init script either14:10
Rotwang28chroot needed for installation only14:10
cptnRotwang28: well, is it a regular install, in the chroot phase?14:11
cptnor a chroot under a directory on a differen linux host?14:11
cptn[21:06] <_Progress_> cptn: i want to compile kernel. I chroot crux from my  debian now14:11
Rotwang28he installs it from debian14:11
cptnsounds like the later to me14:11
cptnso then the chroot will use the debian kernel14:12
_Progress_well, i just download the kernel with wget and compile him14:12
Rotwang28there is small bug on the wiki page14:13
Rotwang28 [=\=]14:14
Rotwang28at the for loop14:14
*** Rotwang28 has quit IRC14:19
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_Progress_to set up my interfaces eth0 and ent1 with and i must to edit /etc/rc.d/net something like that:14:29
_Progress_/sbin/ip addr add dev eth0 +14:29
_Progress_/sbin/ip addr add dev eth1 +14:29
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*** tri has joined #crux14:49
spaceninj1can I put the crux iso on a usb stick and boot it?14:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: dmenu: new port18:25
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dmenu: fix inconsistent spacing18:28
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VileTimesHey, go|dfish. Still haven't fixed that kernel panic issue. So you think the latest kernel might be the problem-solver?21:02
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VileTimesAlright, recompiling the 2.6.26 kernel with SATA and SCSI support. Maybe this will make the difference.21:31
VileTimesLess than 24 hours on Slackware made me miss the ports system on crux. I sure hope this works.21:39
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VileTimesWow ... that didn't work at all.22:22
VileTimesWoops! ... hang on.22:23
VileTimesYay! Success!22:58
VileTimesThanks for the moral support, folks.   *crickets*23:00
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VileI know!23:38
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-plugins-good: 0.10.8 -> 0.10.923:44
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-plugins-bad: 0.10.7 -> 0.10.823:44
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