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jws@seen mike_k00:06
clbjws: mike_k was last seen in #crux 6 days, 17 hours, 30 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <mike_k> ofcourse, that is only the stuff I _need_ now. the big part of 32-bit opt is untested.00:06
jwshmm better to send him an email00:06
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pitillogood morning00:58
VileTimesGreetings, crux user.01:03
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go|dfishVileTimes: :)01:15
VileTimesGreetings, go|dfish.01:17
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VileTimesEverything worked out in the end. Now, I just have to make my fonts seem a whole lot less crappy in X. Heck, my command-line looks prettier right now.01:19
VileTimesI'm just waiting for ports -u to finish up. :)01:19
go|dfishI found the console font, 'cybercafe' it's bloody awesome.01:20
go|dfishxkb provides a version, but it's missing some chars.01:21
VileTimescybercafe ... will look into such a crappy name for .. well, pretty much anything.01:21
go|dfishVery nice to look at though.01:21
go|dfishBut yeah, my fonts in X probably suck too.01:21
go|dfishI was gonna attempt to apply those gentoo sub pixel lcd patches, haven't got around to it yet.01:22
aoncybercafe looks a bit like terminus01:22
VileTimesWhere can one view said font. Google seems to be most obtuse.01:25
aonwhich one?01:26
VileTimesThe very exciting cybercafe font, of course.01:26
aoni'd probably get killed if i tried to use that spangle version :)01:27
rehabdollterminus ftw01:31
aona large terminus really is pleasing to look at01:33
aonof course a small one too01:33
aonbut not as good01:33
VileTimesAll women know that a small terminus isn't fun to arrive at, much less ride.01:34
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Rotwangsomeone with "clean env" could give me a minute?06:01
go|dfishHmm, what's a clean env? :)06:01
mike_knot the deadly tweaked and busted one, I guess06:02
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Rotwanggo|dfish: its something thata maintainers use to check ports, but there is not straight definition me thinks06:05
go|dfishAh right.06:06
go|dfishMine can probably be classed as tweaked and busted I guess.06:07
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Rotwangsometimes it's pain in the ass to thorw away unnecessary dep06:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: gamin: new port06:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: pcmanfm: newport06:50
cruxbot[contrib.git]: pcmanfm: fix broken link07:03
sepenwell I answered in the ML07:25
RotwangI wanted to reply that, but wasn't sure if I understand him properly07:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: yacy: fixed permissions #32008:17
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libgadu: removed, still can be found at the mxq repo08:29
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ekg2: removed, still can be found at the mxq repo08:29
cruxbot[contrib.git]: openmine: removed, still can be found at the mxq repo08:29
cruxbot[contrib.git]: stormbaancoureur: removed, still can be found at the mxq repo08:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: asciidoc: 8.2.6=>8.2.710:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: xmms2: updated to 0.5DrLecter10:15
tilmanrugek: \o/10:15
cruxbot[contrib.git]: x11-fonts-dejavu: updated to 2.2610:20
go|dfishI wonder what's new in dejavu.10:21
Rotwangnothing ;]10:21
Rotwangthats the point :p10:22
RotwangI think I've seen these fonts before10:22
go|dfishThen why the update!?!10:22
Rotwangit's a joke10:22
tilmanyou made a pointless git commit?10:23
tilmanah no, that was rugek10:23
cruxbot[contrib.git]: sysstat: updated to 8.1.510:23
Rotwangno one understands my jokes10:23
tilmanjeez, you scared me10:23
* Rotwang shuts up10:23
go|dfishYou need better jokes.10:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: pwgen: updated to 2.0610:25
go|dfishAh, unicode stuff.10:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: ion3: updated to 2008070710:30
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rugeksorry guys, there is so much to do these days :(10:33
rugektilman: ^^10:33
tilmanrugek: np, i'm not affected personally ;D10:34
tilmanrugek: i was wondering whether i should take over xmms210:34
rugektilman: had the updated port lying around for 3-4 weeks ;)10:34
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tilmanbut i guess we can re-visist that thought when the next release is done10:34
rugekhr, ;)10:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: fox: 1.6.33=>1.6.3410:35
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Rotwangxmms2 builds sooo pretty11:05
tilmani knew you'd like the colors11:06
go|dfishhah, that's awesome.11:11
go|dfishI wish the kernel booted like that.11:11
Rotwangme too11:11
go|dfishThis option enables kernel messages to be emitted in11:16
go|dfishcolors other than the default.11:16
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Rotwangwhich one?11:17
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go|dfishCONFIG_VT_CKO -- This is from those Zen patches though.11:18
go|dfishAnd then I have no idea what you'd have to do to make it work. Maybe alter printk() ?11:18
go|dfishOr whatever it uses to print stuff.11:19
go|dfishI've never messed with kernel stuff.11:19
go|dfishWould be cool, though.11:19
Rotwanggo|dfish: tell me how it went ;]11:20
cruxbot[opt.git]: subversion: fixed footprint and installation on a parallel build.11:20
go|dfishI'll never do it, I'm too lazy to do anything.11:20
Rotwangthat means I have to do it11:21
go|dfishbut, this is colours we are talking about.11:22
Rotwangfscking COLORS!!11:22
go|dfishI dunno how people have the patience for all that learning. C, kernel internals, etc.11:23
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Rotwangtheyre freaks ;]11:30
tilmango|dfish: because it's amazing?11:31
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teKyeah, the kernel source _is_ amazing12:08
teKi.e. % grep -iRC 3 fuck linux-2.6.2612:10
RotwangteK: :D12:12
teKI especially like the comment in vsprintf.c12:12
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Rotwangi like the opl3.c ;]12:20
go|dfishI guess I just get bored too easily.12:23
Rotwanguhh lets try abraca12:28
Rotwangmaybe i'll at last migrate to xmms2 ;]12:28
Rotwangs/at last/finally12:29
tilmanfeel free _not_ to tell me how sucky it is, in case you don't like it12:29
Rotwangok, dont worry ;]12:29
treachxmms2 - the win95 of audioplayers? ;)12:30
tilmanit's actually pretty damn well written12:31
treachI was just teasing, don't worry.12:31
tilmani know12:31
treachit seemed nice enough when I tried it, I just can't get along with the paradigm12:31
go|dfishI don't understand USA.12:32
treach"Home of the free"? :D12:32
tilmanland of the brave?12:32
treach"You have the right to have your belongings confiscated without reason when crossing the border..." etc.12:33
cruxbot[contrib.git]: syslinux: Updated 3.70 -> 3.7112:33
treachActually it's pretty easy to understand IMO, it's just a big joke. A nation sized parody. :>12:35
go|dfishRotwang: It appears that particular patch is supposed to do the whole colour thing already.12:35
Rotwanggo|dfish: great12:36
Rotwanggimme link ;]12:36
go|dfishThat's just from me googling. I'm not sure if it's final version.12:38
go|dfishAh, I think it's in the -mm tree, this kernel i have must be use -mm as it's base.12:39
Rotwanggo|dfish: thx, i'll mess with it as soon I finish with abraca12:39
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rehabdollcool, firefox 3 can print to file natively12:49
rehabdollps or pdf.. didnt know that12:49
treachff2 could do that too, but only to ps I think.12:51
* rehabdoll removes cups-pdf12:53
treachwrong way around IMO. :/12:54
DaViruzeven ff1 could do that :-)12:54
DaViruzhell, even ff 0-series and firebird could12:54
treachok, I don't remember that far back. :)12:55
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Rotwang1abraka is very nice ;D If someone want to try I've got a port12:57
treachanyway, it's the wrong way to implement printing stuff in the application IMO. :/12:57
rehabdollmust have missed that completely12:57
rehabdollperhaps, but its nice to not having to install lots of stuff for a feature i use once a year12:58
treachcups should do..12:58
tilmanfirefox used to use (still uses?) *xprint* to print stuff :D12:58
treachtilman: I think you got it worng, it should be :'''''''(12:59
DaViruzi guess i should update that box some day, crux 0.9.4 is getting quite old..12:59
tilman2747 files changed, 178062 insertions(+), 628051  deletions(-)13:00
tilmanxserver stats \o/13:00
tilmanDaViruz: 0.9.4? are you per?13:00
rehabdollwhen was 0.9.4 released?13:00
treach2001 or so13:00
treachI think13:00
tilmandunno, check the history13:00
DaViruztilman: i'm swedish, close enough?13:01
tilmani was driving behind some guys from trollhattan today for 5 minutes13:01
tilmanthey went 30 km/h in town13:01
Rotwang1trollhattan ?!?13:01
DaViruzthey all drove saab's i take it?13:01
Rotwang1trolls from manhattan?13:01
treachtourists. :>13:02
Rotwang1ah ;]13:02
tilmanit was just one car. and it wasn't a saab ;p13:02
treachtilman: let me tell you about the german tourist we have here. :>13:02
treachsome of them does apparenly not even know that a red light means it's not ok leaving the lock yet. :>13:02
rehabdollmy home town (västervik) is swamped with germans this time of year13:02
tilmantreach: what lock?13:03
treachthose in the canal.13:03
Rotwang1rehabdoll: mine too ;]13:03
tilmanoh, that kind of lock13:04
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* tilman remembers the lego locks in legoland \o/13:04
* treach notes that he has to go and take some good pictures of the area, google doesn't seem to have any13:06
rehabdolltreach: whats the "area" called?13:07
treach"slussarna" or "slussområded". Very romatic. :>13:07
tilmanffs, i cannot type swedish characters in irssi13:07
rehabdollah, 0813:08
treachthen there is an area below/behind that is essentially a cache beteween two sets of older locks that is called "gamle dal".13:08
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treachIt's fun to see when the fat, often shirtless tourist in their expensive motorboats get to meet one of these in the channel. :>
treachit's not like there's a lot of room left. :D13:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: cmake: 2.6.0 -> 2.6.113:45
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jsI see shared-mime-info was updated to 0.51 now - it still breaks gnome. Last working version is 0.30.14:03
Rotwangyeah same here14:03
* js reverted to 0.30 now and locked it14:05
jstreach: I see you are the maintainer of that port14:07
Rotwangtreach ?14:07
jserm, tilman14:07
jsfucking tab complete ;)14:07
treach<juancho> mmmm hey, when I writhe "/msg nickserv id password".... what should be my passwd??14:07
tilmanfix gnome instead14:08
jswhy do you add it to group gnome then, if the version you provide is not intended for gnome?14:09
jsand why is there no gnome-shared-mime-info then?14:09
tilmanRotwang: what's the problem with shared-mime-info and gnome?14:10
jsgnome can't find a MIME database anymore since 0.4014:10
tilmanwhy not?14:11
Rotwangtilman: menu with apps vaporized ;]14:11
jsI don't know, it does not display any error or warning14:11
jsit's just that there are no file associations at all anymore14:11
jsif you click for example an mp3 file, you get a dialog that the mime type is not known14:11
tilmandid you fucking google it?14:11
Rotwangjs: but yoyr menu with apps dissapeard?14:12
jstilman: didn't find anything relevant14:12
jstilman: and yeah, before you come with the standard answers: I did re-run all post-install scripts14:12
jsRotwang: no, my apps menu is fine14:13
tilmaninstead of bitching about random problems at random times on irc, you should ask for help on the mailing list14:14
jsand they will tell to ask the distribution, yeah14:15
jswe all know that…14:15
tilmani meant the crux mailing list...14:15
jswell, I thought it might be better to contact the maintainer on IRC directly first14:15
treachbut the maintainer isn't here. :>14:16
jstreach: tilman is the maintainer14:17
jsaccording to the Pkgfile14:17
treachbut it's a GNOME problem, right?14:17
jsa problem introduced by the update of shared-mime-info14:17
jswhich he maintains14:17
treachwell, it worked for me last time I tried it, outside gnome.14:18
treachI'm pretty sure it works for tilman as well.14:18
treachoutside of gnome. :)14:18
jsyeah, but it's added to group gnome. If it's not even tested on gnome, it really shouldn't be there.14:18
tilmanftr, i didn't add it to that group14:19
tilmanand that whole group crap should probably be nuked14:19
tilmanjs: which file is provided by 0.30 that is missing in 0.40+?14:23
*** discomaxus has joined #crux14:23
jswait, I'll have to rebuild to have a footprint14:23
tilmanit's not in the footprint14:24
jsI only see one file removed there14:25
tilmanOBVIOUSLY these don't matter14:25
jsI'm unsure about mime/types and mime/treemagic14:25
jsmaybe gnome got problems IF they are there14:25
tilmani think /usr/share/mime/cache is the one that matters14:26
jsI refreshed that multiple times using update-mime-database14:27
jsbut I can generate one with 0.30 and one with 0.51 and diff them14:27
tilmannot sure that will give useful results14:27
tilmansince all those added/removed/changed xml files will fuck up the result14:28
jsthere isn't even a cache file14:28
jswhen using 0.3014:28
jsoh, nvm14:28
jsI'm blind :)14:28
jsnope, no useful results :/14:29
jsbut using the 0.30 cache with 0.51 works oO14:30
tilmanof course it does14:30
tilmanapplications only use the cache file14:30
jsah, ok.14:30
tilmanbecause reading a small binary file is faster than reading a gazillion of xml files14:30
jssure it is, but I thought maybe some apps do14:31
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tilmanyou really should ask for help/opinions/experiences on the crux mailing list14:35
tilmanthe chance that i'm going to debug gnome is ... low14:35
rehabdollso.. dont give up! there is a chance tilman will debug it!14:53
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tilmanrehabdoll: thanks for giving the wrong message ;)14:59
Rotwangtilman: its not that xmms2 sucks15:01
Rotwangthe problem is there are no decent clients15:02
Rotwanggui clients15:02
Rotwangcli is nice but sometimes its easier to click15:02
Rotwangor tap enter if its ncurses15:02
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jstilman: which would be the ML that fits best? Or does CRUX have only one? Never used CRUX' ML.15:49
teKthere's the gener
Rotwangcrux ml ;]15:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: x264: 0.59.816-761630d -> 0.60.928-481691816:11
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libfame: libfame.m4 fix16:29
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
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spaceninjaI can't do a nfs installation on my eeepc, it dosn't have a floppy drive18:54
spaceninjanor cdrom18:54
spaceninjahow do I install crux then?18:54
spaceninjasomeway, I need to get the installation iso on a usb stick18:56
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spaceninjaor do I have to buy an external cdrom?19:08
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