IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-08-04

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cruxbot[opt.git]: neon: updated to 0.28.2 (thanks jue)06:19
cruxbot[opt.git]: subversion: updated to 1.5.1, disable apache integration (thanks jue)06:19
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Rotwanghmm, #184 ticked should be closed long ago07:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: remove perl from my ports as it's not linking to it07:24
go|dfishWhat is cruxbot written in?07:25
Rotwangruby iirc07:25
go|dfishFeh, ruby!07:26
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Rotwangrehabdoll: ping08:06
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Rotwangrehabdoll: im planning to put graveman to contrib, any objections? ;]08:43
rehabdollno, why?08:43
rehabdollthe project seems kind of dead though08:44
rehabdollbut might be useful08:44
rehabdoll2006-06-06 - Version:
Rotwangbut there are no gtk alternatives :{08:47
Rotwangat leas I cant find08:47
rehabdollme neither08:51
RotwangIll throw out intltool from deps and do some tests08:53
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Rotwangdamn, graveman is soo shitty10:10
Rotwang can't burn iso on dvd x|10:11
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Rotwangbut except that it's pretty nice ;]10:25
cruxbot[contrib.git]: graveman: new port10:29
aoncould someone please shoot people who announce dates for important issues as a week number?10:40
* aon is installing gcal to make some sense out of them10:41
aonbut you only need to say "gcal -K --iso-week-number=yes -s1" to get them10:42
tilmangot a port for gcal?10:42
aonnot yet10:43
aonnot sure if i'm even going to make one10:43
aonthat bastard doesn't support $DESTDIR10:43
tilmanand where the hell is ryos?10:43
tilmanaon: write a patch and submit it :)10:43
aonyeah, right10:44
tilman@seen ryos10:49
clbtilman: ryos was last seen in #crux 2 weeks, 3 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes, and 0 seconds ago: <RyoS> oh hai10:49
Rotwangtilman: why if i upload tar.gz archive ports doesnt download it?10:50
aonhow do i shot web?10:51
tilmanRotwang: wtf, you git added a tar.gz?10:51
Rotwangonce ;]10:51
tilmanthe httpup thingie might ignore *.tar.gz10:51
Rotwangtilman: but it was small10:52
Rotwangsmaller than some footprints10:52
tilmandid you work around the problem?10:52
Rotwangyeah, I uploaded archive somewhere else10:52
Rotwangand it's rsync not httpup if it comes to contrib10:53
tilmani think httpup is involved anyway10:55
tilmani could login and check10:55
RotwangIt doesn't matter anymore :p10:56
tilmanRotwang: anyway, i didn't blacklist you ;)10:57
Rotwangk ;]10:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: bind: 9.5.0-P1 -> 9.5.0-P211:39
cruxbot[opt.git]: fakeroot: update to 1.9.611:40
cruxbot[opt.git]: ghostscript: update to 8.6311:40
cruxbot[opt.git]: libgmp: update to 4.2.311:40
cruxbot[contrib.git]: getmail: 4.8.1 -> 4.8.211:42
cruxbot[opt.git]: mod_svn: new port11:49
cruxbot[opt.git]: subversion: added -j1 make option again11:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: amsn: Updated 0.97.1 -> 0.97.212:21
cruxbot[contrib.git]: inadyn-mt: Updated 02.12.18 -> 02.12.2412:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: materm: Renamed to mrxvt. Updated 0.5.3 -> 0.5.4. Fixed dependencies and cleaned up.12:36
Rotwangits going to be confusing for people who already have materm installed ;]12:37
Rotwangbtw. prt-get should support such situtions12:37
teKand it could serve me some food, too12:38
Rotwangand good english tea at 5 o'clock12:39
teKprt-get --install-root=/dev/stomach tasty\ food12:39
teK+ install (ignoring dependencies :>)12:40
sepenRotwang, I'm writing a mail12:47
sepenRotwang, just use # echo "mrxvt: materm" >> /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases12:48
Rotwangsepen: but it would be better if replaces or sth similar could be specified in Pkgfile or somewhere else13:06
Rotwangie replaces=materm13:07
sepenI think that its a minor case13:23
teKKISS :)13:24
sepenso announces would be fine for me13:24
sepenACDC :)13:24
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spaceninjadoes the linux kernel have the suitable drivers for a eeepc 900?13:29
go|dfishthey come with linux?13:30
RotwangI understand KISS but world time on ;]13:30
Rotwangwe can't stay in the same place all the time :p13:30
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Rotwangtime goes on*13:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: snownews: Updated 1.5.9 -> 1.5.1014:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: psi-im: Updated 0.1214:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mrxvt: Fixed errors in Pkgfile.14:28
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_Progress_hi, can i install package without download all port?14:33
sepenyou mean the pkg.tar.gz directly?14:33
_Progress_i want to install phpmyadmin without all port of mike14:34
_Progress_just phpmyadmin14:35
sepenjust grab the Pkgfile and all sources in a local directory and run fakeroot pkgmk -d14:35
Rotwangwithout his repository14:35
Rotwang_Progress_: you've got a command on portdb how to do it14:36
Rotwangsepen: btw. have you seen my new pkgmk patch? ;]14:36
sepenwhere is it?14:36
_Progress_Rotwang: yes. But it download the Pkg and checksum14:36
RotwangI opened new ticket at FS14:36
sepenok I'll see14:36
Rotwang_Progress_: whats wrong with it?14:36
sepenRotwang, did you try prt-get install -if ?14:38
sepenI think it does the same14:38
Rotwangsepen: no14:38
Rotwangif you ignore footprint the all you get is a message Footprint ignored14:39
sepenimho default option should be check the footprint14:39
Rotwangwith this patch it shows you whats wrong but doesnt fail14:39
sepenjust it is as Per designed14:39
Rotwangyeah i made it as an option14:39
_Progress_sepen: tnx a lot :)14:40
sepenyou're welcome14:40
sepenRotwang, and did you tried with pkgmk -uf ?14:40
sepenhmmm *err14:41
sepenRotwang, well I think I should study more the idea14:41
Rotwangidea is simple14:42
sepenyeah, but I'll do at least some tests14:42
Rotwangif you have disabled footprint check this option shows you exact files if mismatch occurs14:42
sepensorry, I think I don't understand  you initially14:42
sepenyeah I get the idea14:42
Rotwangfootprint mismatches occurs too often imo14:43
Rotwangso i disabled checking it in config14:43
sepenfootprint mismatches shouldn't occur imho14:43
Rotwangit depends what you have installed14:44
sepene.g: I don't like those missmatches for a production server box14:44
Rotwangbut its almost impossible sometimes to control that especially in bigger programs14:44
sepenRotwang, for example I report a missmatch problem with subversion when apache is installed14:44
sepenand just they created a new port -> mod_svn14:45
sepenI think split some ports are also pretty nice14:45
Rotwangyes, i get it14:45
sepenbut I need also time for wordering about your patch14:45
sepenIll try, sure14:45
Rotwangbut still its almost impossible to control14:46
sepenyep, but crux is that-> DIY14:46
sepenwell now I need to prepare some food14:46
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VileTimesHey folks, anyone here have any luck getting VLC player to work on Crux? ... and they say it's supposed to play "anything". pfffttt....15:40
VileTimesVideo is fine except for Matroska. It doesn't like .mkv files.15:41
VileTimesAnd I can completely forget about any sound. All I is intermittent white noise.15:42
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treachone would suppose someone wanting to play "everything" should use mplayer. :>16:00
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VileYou suppose correctly, treach. I compiled mplayer and everything is working great. :)16:06
rehabdollvlc is one big pile of turd16:07
VileThat's funny, rehabdoll, I downloaded your Pkgfile. :D16:08
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teKthere's a good (did not test it myself) GUI for mplayer, it's called smplayer.. i planned creating a port for it, darned16:08
pablo__how can i browse the compilation script of a probram?16:09
teKdo you mean the Pkgfile?16:09
teKOr what is a compilation script?16:09
pablo__yeah, dont know how they are called16:10
VileThanks, teK. I'll look into that.16:10
pablo__yeah the pkgfile16:10
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teKpablo__: via the portdb on
rehabdollCompiling smplayer should be easy. It only depends on Qt.16:10
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teKqt? *shiver*16:11
teK[ ] create a port for smplayer16:11
pablo__teK: it doesnt appear
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teKyeah because it's available via rsync only16:12
teKrepos which are distributed via httpup allow you to inspect the pkgfile (prior checking it out)16:12
sepengnome-control-center (gnome)16:13
sepen  $ rsync -aqz gnome-control-center16:13
treachmmh, haven't used vlc on linux, but on windows it's an unmatched peice of crap.16:13
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teKI recently suggested smplayer to a freind (on windows)16:13
treachunstable, and subtitle handling sucks16:13
rehabdolltreach: its the same on any gnu system D;16:14
treachI'm not surprised. :>16:14
treachnow, if only the xine guys could get their subtitle handling in order.. :p16:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: virtualbox: Fixed URL syntax for local files.16:16
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pablo__ those --enable flags are by default and cannot be changed right?16:16
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sepenpablo__, you can edit Pkgfiles by using # prt-get edit $port16:17
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sepenbut that will modify the .footprint file16:17
treachwhat do you want? If you want to enable NLS you'll have a *lot* of work to do.. :>16:17
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pablo__sepen: ok thanks16:20
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sepenpablo__, hablas castellano?16:22
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pablo__sepen: jaj sisi16:24
sepencuando quieras estamos por #crux-es16:25
sepenaunque ahora mismo esta la gente durmiendo la mona16:25
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rehabdolluna cerveza por favor!16:30
VileTimesum xicara do cafe, senor!16:30
* rehabdoll hides16:31
rehabdollits all gibberish!16:31
VileTimesBeer-getting gibberish, but gibberish nonetheless.16:31
treachvilket är precis varför det finns specifika kanaler för de som inte känner för / kan Engelska. :>16:32
VileTimesMein scleim ist schwartz und klebrig.16:33
teKjetzt muss nur noch jemand "a hiarta madl mog i ned" singen16:33
VileTimesIch mochte ein shones front-end fur das mplayer.16:34
VileTimesIs XMMplayer shon oder drech?16:34
treachdreck. :D16:34
treachmplayer doesn't need a frontend. :>16:35
VileTimesWas ist ein shones frontend mit keinen QT scheiss?16:35
VileTimesIt does if I'm going to impress people into thinking linux is user friendly.16:35
treachyou know, you're supposed to watch the movie, not mplayer, right? :p16:36
teKtreach: but those shortcuts are so hartd to rembember :>>16:36
teKVileTimes: ich weiss es nicht, ich benutze mplayer ohne Frontend16:36
treachif you want to impress people with "ease of use" crux just MIGHT be the wrong starting point. :p16:37
VileTimesOk, to hell with this wienerschnitzel. I'll impress the ladies my l33t command-line movie playing skillz. :)16:37
teK"look, prt-get depinst foo installs automagically foo, is this not great?"16:38
teKVileTimes: yes and do a xsetroot -image ~/pics/pr0n/ladies/young/blonde/naked-half/9ona0to10scle/hotbitch.jpg16:38
teKthis will impress them for SURE16:38
VileTimesNah, I have a Windows Vista Ultimate wallpaper to confuse them instead.16:39
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teKthey will notice the difference [  ]16:40
rehabdollsure mplayer needs a frontend16:40
rehabdolli use the mouse as a remote control16:40
treachmplayer -rootwin lipservice.mpg :>16:40
VileTimesHey, is there any reason why the byte code interpretor is off by default in the Freetype crux port?16:40
VileTimesIt really does make fonts more bearable to look at.16:41
treachit's not needed anymore afaik16:41
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VileTimesI've been going through a bunch of sites trying to make fonts look less crappy. The bytecode thing helped a bit. Still nothing as smoothe as on other distros though.16:43
VileTimesTicklestix' vistafonts port is nice, but it could be smoother.16:44
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treachantialiasing on and medium hinting is good enough for me with bitstream vera and terminus16:46
VileTimesThat's the next step: playing around with various settings for specific fonts, but I'll save that for another day. I'm sick of fonts for now,16:50
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teKthe 'disabling cpu frequency scaling' post on CRUX rocks16:56
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treachmakes as much sense as this.. "<user1__> hello. i build 54 packages and wont give them for another people. how i can do this?"16:57
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treachif responsiveness was such an issue, maybe it would be a good idea to look for something else but gnome :>17:03
VileTimesI intensely dislike gnomes and dwarves of all sorts.17:04
VileTimesI find them very unresponsive.17:04
* treach is the resident kde fan. 17:05
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treachbut I think I use/have used fvwm more, it's a tad quicker to compile. ;)17:06
VileTimesKDE4 is starting to look quite nice, but it's still a resource hog. I'm more than happy with fluxbox.17:07
treachfreight train vs VW beetle17:08
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VileTimesHey, if you're going to waste resources, go nuts. KDE4 has it right.17:09
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treachbah, compared to vista it's positively skinny. :>17:10
VileTimesThis is true. KDE4 clocks in at slightly higher than a clean XP install.17:11
treachand it will probably get ligther as time goes on, when all the code is in place, rather than having huge parts still being in the "wip" category17:11
VileTimesI tried KDE4 for a while and might go back to it if ever I buy some ridiculously high-end machine. Right now, booting into a ~30meg desktop is very fun. :)17:13
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treachwell, nothing wrong with that, different capabilities.17:13
treachwindow managers are light, but you have to do a lot more stuff manually.17:14
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VileTimesSure, that's a trade-off, but most people who would sacrifice eye candy for performance have no trouble learning things to get what they want.17:15
treachwell, it's not all abput eye candy. stuff like phonon is a really good idea.17:16
treachlots of integration and stuff going on in the background, dismissing the whole thing as "eyecandy" is a huge mistake.17:18
VileTimesWow ... just read up on phonon. That *is* a very good idea.17:19
VileTimesEither way, it still doesn't change the fact that KDE4 is similar in size to Windows XP.17:19
treachtrue, but it does a *lot* more.17:19
VileTimes(I'm talking about system RAM, not disk space)17:20
treachyou get nothing for nothing, you know. :)17:20
treachyeah, got that17:20
VileTimesThat it does. I look forward to when it finally comes together. I'll install it on a separate hard drive and see how it flies.17:21
treachbut I always use to challenge people with that "kde is bloated" attitude to load up their "lightweight" wm with compareable applications, and compare it to kde.17:21
treachalmost invariably, they will use MORE ram than kde.17:21
rehabdollshared libs..17:22
treachwhich is why it's not bloated, it just has more functionality.17:22
rehabdollbut that does no good if you only use 10% of all the stuff kde loads17:22
VileTimesOh, I'm not disputing that. I'm the only person that uses my machines and I don't mind command-line tools, so light WMs are the way to go.17:22
treachthat's entirely true, and thats why I'm not propagating everyone should use it, just stop bagging it out of ignorance.17:23
treach(that does not indicate that anyone present does so.)17:23
VileTimesIf you need to have a computer that makes Granny happy, your wife, your son, your daughter, and that idiot uncle Freddy, Crux & Fluxbox probably isn't the way to go. :)17:24
treachno, I'd advice a pure framebuffer installation in that case. :p17:24
*** joacim has quit IRC17:24
VileTimesWhy be mean to that idiot Uncle Freddy? He might never want to use your machine if you are.17:25
treachI'd be generous and give the idiot uncle /bin/false as shell. ;)17:26
VileTimesEither way, most people want to buy a computer that the whole family will use... sort of like a toilet.17:27
treachwell, computer illiteracy is not really an obstacle to using a wm, really. all it takes is that someone sets it up properly.17:28
treachI've had such users running fluxbox, and they were pretty happy, once they figured out how to get the menu out. :p17:29
VileTimesOf course. I've setup a Linux system once for a complete techno-phobe. She wanted email and a web browser, and that is really all she got along with huge icons to click on that she can't possibly miss.17:30
VileTimesYay, Fluxbox!17:30
VileTimes... and idesk.17:31
treachyou could have installed the email plugin and set her shell to firefox. ;)17:31
VileTimesNot unless I fancied doing something other than spending nights at a woman's place who is almost twice my age.17:32
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teKsepen: source=(file:///VirtualBox-$version-OSE.tar.bz2 $name 60-vboxdrv.rules $name.desktop)  .. wtf?17:43
sepenalso cedega has the same wtf'ed URL :)17:44
sepenteK, ATM virtualbox has a problem without file:///17:45
teKoh dear17:45
teKat least README tells me to do so ;)17:46
sepenbut after testing some scenarios I finally found the things I comented in the ticket17:46
sepenxxx:/// its also a valid url too17:47
teKyeah .. virtual box is very popular (prolly the reason to NOT provide a human-usable and sane download-location for your files, eh?)17:48
sepens/and sane download-location/and SUN download-location/17:48
treachno, it's owned by SUN17:49
treachthat's why there is no sane download. :>17:49
teKTHEY state VB is the most popular OPEN SOURCE virtualisation soluion17:49
teKah treach you're right17:49
sepenI really like vbox., despite the fact that it depends on qt17:50
teKfollowing the url in your readme leads me to VB-1.6.4 instead of 1.6.2?!17:51
*** Vile has joined #crux17:51
teKkmk[2]: Entering directory `/tmpfs/work/src/VirtualBox-1.6.4/src/apps'17:53
teKkmk[2]: pass_bldprogs: No such file or directory17:53
teKkmk[2]: *** No rule to make target `pass_bldprogs'.  Stop.17:53
teKif vmware would have worked right, I'd have thrown VB away right NOW17:53
sepenmmmm User Manual (version 1.6.4, updated 2008-07-30)17:54
sepenseems that they jump a new release17:54
sepenthanks teK Ill take a look17:55
teKright now?17:55
teKif yes, please let me know if it builds for you, for me it won't.17:55
sepenif builds, surely I'll update the port17:55
*** Rotwang has joined #crux17:55
*** _Progress_ has joined #crux17:58
teKkmk[2]: Entering directory `/tmpfs/work/src/VirtualBox-1.6.4/src/bldprogs'17:59
teKkmk[2]: Nothing to be done for `pass_bldprogs'.17:59
_Progress_after reboot my internet connection not work. After second reboot it work just fine. Why can be that??17:59
sepenyou load correctly the nic modules?17:59
treachteK: you're not running on 64bit?18:00
teKtreach: no18:00
_Progress_after second reboot everythink is just fine. so i think that's not from unloaded modules18:00
treachare you dualbooting with windows or something?18:01
_Progress_i havent windows18:01
_Progress_but i have debian18:01
*** VileTimes has quit IRC18:01
_Progress_but debian is not started from couple of days18:02
_Progress_i think something is wrong in my /etc/rc,d/net18:02
sepenso just remove them and try manually18:03
treachI was asking since some network adapters have known problems when starting up in linux after having been used in windows. I don't think debian is the problem.18:03
VileSay what, treach?18:03
RotwangI know he will do that ;p18:03
VileIs your nic made by foxconn?18:04
_Progress_treach: is it something wrong in ?18:04
treachnot that I can see.18:05
treachand if just simply rebooting helps, then there's presumeably no problem with the scripts.18:05
treachVile: if you don't belive what I said you can always ask google. I know a user here had such problems with one of his machines.18:06
_Progress_if i change ip with ifconfig in /etc/rc.d/net will there some diference?18:07
treachnot other than that you get another adress..18:07
VileWhat a very odd network card. You wouldn't happen to have remembered the brand/model?18:08
treachno. I think it was some gigabit adapter18:08
VileEither way, linux users should only ever buy Atheros based cards.18:09
treachintel works well enough for me. :>18:09
teKso did 3com, realtek and marvell18:10
_Progress_one more thing. How can i set domainname?18:10
VileAtheros chipsets might be in any of those brands.18:10
treachgood old 3c509 <318:11
Vilecheck /etc/rc.conf18:11
treach_Progress_: depends on what you mean.18:11
treach /etc/rc.conf, /etc/hosts and maybe some place else I've forgotten about18:12
_Progress_Vile: i try it with DOMAINNAME=18:12
_Progress_but it is still18:12
_Progress_bash-3.2$ domainname18:12
_Progress_i edit hosts file too18:12
VileAh! You want to change your bash prompt.18:13
VileCheck out /etc/profile and modify the PS1 and PS2 variables.18:13
treachbut he needs to have a name first. ;)18:13
_Progress_i can chage prompt from ~/.bashrc18:14
VileYou might also want to add the line "export SHELL=/bin/bash" so it'll use your.bashrc file.18:14
teKsepen: found a fix..18:14
sepenIm reading around that  SUBDIRS += bldprogs libs VBox recompiler18:15
sepen ifneq ($(wildcard apps),)18:15
VileThat line will help xterms and urxvts know what to do.18:16
sepenteK, sounds reasonable, apparently they need the makefile template too18:16
sepenone per source-subdir18:17
teKto me, the reason for this patch working is not obvious..18:17
treach"usermod -s /bin/bash"18:17
teKto be honest18:17
treachecho "/bin/bash" >> /etc/shells18:18
sepenteK, also why don't use the kernel tun device ?18:18
sepenI need more knownledgement, reading it ...18:18
teKThis year at OSCON it seemed that you couldn't throw a stone without hitting someone from Microsoft (and in fact, I'm sure several people did).18:18
treach_Progress_: unless you've already set those things. ^18:19
teKsepen: do this, I will try this fix (STILL compiling)18:19
sepenme too18:19
_Progress_treach: in profile i just export LC18:20
treachthat's not necessarily related, but you should really have those things set as above, or you can run into problems.18:21
_Progress_you mean this: export SHELL=/bin/bash ??18:22
treachNo, I meant what I said.18:22
teKfinished without errors (for me)18:22
Viletreach is right. You should make sure to do as he said.18:22
* sepen still compiling18:23
* treach spends a second pitying sepens computer. :p18:23
_Progress_treach: would you repeat. i read here man iptables and...i miss something18:23
teKdid I mention, I really bought me a Core 2 Quad with 12megs of L2 cache? ..18:23
Rotwanghmm, is there some app to manage root window?18:24
treach_Progress_: [01:18] <treach> echo "/bin/bash" >> /etc/shells18:24
Rotwangie i want some icons and stuff on my root window18:24
_Progress_i have it there18:24
treach_Progress_:  [01:17] <treach> "usermod -s /bin/bash"18:24
Rotwangmy wm doesnt manage that18:24
_Progress_these too18:25
VileThen you should be all set.18:25
treachLOTS of people just run useradd and never bother with the -s switch.18:25
treachthen things mysteriously fail. ;>18:25
_Progress_i do that18:26
_Progress_but my terminal on xfce doesnt start :D18:26
* treach blames xfce without blinking. ;)18:26
sepenteK, and this other
sepen_Progress_, doesn't start?18:27
_Progress_well it start but i was cant to write nothing..,18:27
sepentreach, I blame you too18:28
treach<- evil mastermind stealing peoples keypresses. >:)18:28
Rotwangso such app doesnt exist?18:29
Rotwangor you dont know one? ;]18:29
sepenhmm 0 results here
treachRotwang: what?18:30
Rotwangtreach:  is there some app to manage root window? ie i want some icons and stuff on my root window, my wm doesnt manage that18:30
treachfor example18:30
* Rotwang googling18:31
treachdoesn't manage your root window, X does that.. but it puts icons on it18:31
Vile.. or the most bodacious wbar!18:32
Rotwangmeh wbar is only app launcher18:32
treachFvwmButtons ftw. :p18:32
Vilewbar is obviously inferior to idesk.18:33
Rotwangyes wbar is nice18:34
Rotwangdamn shniggies port is borken x|18:35
treachI'd say if you *really* want stuff like that, fvwm is a good choice. "..anything you want, you've got it..".18:35
treachMight take a while though. ;)18:35
Rotwangim used to awesome18:35
*** pablo has joined #crux18:36
* treach is used too.. everything. *shrug*18:36
teKvb-1.6.4 also fixes a security vulnerability18:36
teK+ it works for me \o/18:37
treachfluxbox, fvwm, kde, ratpoison, dwm, console. Everything has its strengths, and weaknesses.18:37
sepenteK, for me too18:38
sepenI'll try to boot some image, a minimal test18:38
sepenalso I'm looking for new features to be installed18:38
sepenregarding things like tunctl18:39
sepensurely they jump a new release soon18:40
sepenRotwang, ping18:45
teKI already bootet some image, but okay :)18:45
teKheading to bed NOW, cul18:45
sepenteK, many thanks18:45
sepenIll update it later (or tomorrow)18:45
teKyou're welcome18:46
sepenRotwang, please fix /usr/ports/contrib/phun18:46
RotwangI don't think it's fatal18:48
sepenworld writable is fatal imho for contrib18:48
Rotwangif someone could explain me why it's so wrong then ill fix it :p18:49
Rotwangwhy? it has sticky18:49
Rotwangeverybody should be happy18:49
sepenusers can't write to /usr/share18:49
*** pablo has quit IRC18:49
Rotwangso whats the solution?18:49
sepeninstead they should be have ~/app or something similar18:50
sepenI've also a port with the same problem, but in my own repository, not in contrib18:50
RotwangI cant modify sources and it seems to be hardcoded18:50
Rotwanghmm, maybe I should remove phun .18:51
RotwangI mailed once author of phun about that issue but no answer so far18:51
sepenI'll be happy with a clean contrib repo, I really like contrib18:51
* Rotwang kisses treach18:51
Rotwangsepen: k, i'll back phun to my personal repo18:52
sepenif no one is dependent on it sounds fine18:52
sepennipuL, FATAL contrib/cedega ........... file not found: .md5sum18:53
Rotwangtreach: idesk is what i was looking for ;]18:54
treachoh, ok. have fun.18:54
sepenteK, still around?18:54
cruxbot[contrib.git]: phun: removed due to the security issues18:59
*** joacim__ has quit IRC19:00
*** joacim has joined #crux19:00
Rotwangmaybe it'll be resolved in the future, I hope19:00
*** pablo has joined #crux19:00
pablohi, apps installed with the port system can be removed?19:01
sepenpablo, just read the handbook too19:02
Vilepablo: man pkgrm or use yapo19:02
Rotwangor use prt-get19:02
VileSo many options ...19:03
VileI hate choices.19:03
treachyou should probably use a mac. :>19:03
sepenor keygrab for your mouse19:04
treachno, wait. gnome. mac usually provides with ONE way to do things, while gnome usually provides NO way. And since less is more... :>19:05
VileHey, don't laugh. If they weren't so ridiculously overpriced, I'd have bought one... just so I can tinker with it to the point where it screams for Big Daddy Jobs to come save its sorry ass.19:05
Viletreach, Macs "just work", ok?19:06
treachI'm not conviced.19:06
treachI've seen too many instances of it beeing just too damned confusing.19:07
VileHonestly, I don't think I'm ready for a Mac. I have yet to cultivate a taste for either jazz or world beat music.19:07
* treach updates 96 packages on his opensuse 11, and wonders what will break. 19:07
VileSuse is the one distribution I have never ever tried.19:08
treachif you want a good kde dist it's probably the best.19:09
treachotherwise there's not much point, I guess19:09
VileI'll keep that in mind for when KDE4 is ready.19:09
treachmmh. 11.1 should be good.19:10
sepenxfce4 just rocks!19:10
treachkde 4.2 and a lot more applications that currently aren't done will be done by then19:10
VileI don't know what the heck possessed the folks at ubuntu to go with gnome. KDE was always a step ahead.19:11
*** pablo has quit IRC19:11
treachsepen: I'm sorry but xfce just don't play in the same leage.19:11
treachVile: agreed.19:11
sepenyeah -qt419:11
Vilesepen: Either go budget (fluxbox, openbox, fvwm, etc.) or go big ... *really* big.19:12
*** Ammon0 has joined #crux19:12
VileAnything else is a waste of time.19:12
treachand sun is almost comical. gnome + openoffice must have been among the biggest mistakes in recent history.19:12
sepenI've no problem with desktops environments or wmanagers19:12
sepenI like bbox too19:12
sepenbut atm xfce4 is lightweight and has enough features compared to fluxbox and the others19:13
treachsepen: I didn't mean that xfce was inferior or so, just that they are not compareable.19:14
sepen + goodies?19:14
treachas I said before, it's like comparing a freight train and a vw beetle.19:14
sepentreach, I get the point that gnome Vs kde is the typical questin19:14
treachbut it's a irrelevant one IMO.19:15
VilePersonally, I've always felt that it was KDE or a super-paired down wm. The in-betweens are a waste of time and resources.19:15
treachsince there really isn't much to discuss, from a techincal point of view it's a KO for KDE19:15
treachVile: yeah, from my pov, gnome isn't really a desktop ENVIRONMENT. it's a filemanager, a window manager and a panel and a few kidnapped gtk applications.19:17
treachthere is very little in the form of integration, so it's not much of an environment. :)19:17
treachintegration between various applications, and between various applications and the "DE", that is.19:18
VileAgreed, treach. It's like that discussion we had a few weeks ago about distros. How can anything call itself a "distribution" if the developers themselves claim that it is unsupportable?19:19
treachgood question.19:19
VileIs it a mere hodge-podge of packages or is it a distribution?19:20
*** racer has joined #crux19:20
treachDon't ask me, I've never gotten along with gentoo. :D19:20
VileMe neither, although I do enjoy many of their Howtos ... and their distfiles.19:21
go|dfishgentoo used to be brilliant.19:21
go|dfishUntil they ruined emerge/portage , and drove all the decent devs away.19:21
Rotwanggentoo is fugly ;]19:22
VileArch and Gentoo howtos have helped me tons so far using crux so far, so you know.19:23
Vile... so far19:23
treachwell, they have tons more users so that's hardly surprising.19:23
treach5-6 years ago, you'd have found tons of help in the slackware/redhat section instead19:24
VileI did back then. :)19:24
RotwangI like how crux keeps lazy n00bs away ;]19:24
treachfor crux? :D19:24
VileNo, for Slackware.19:24
treachok ;)19:24
treachwe should have a poll for ex slackware users. :>19:25
* treach raises hand19:25
Rotwangquick poll for ex archers19:25
* Rotwang raises hand19:25
VileMy point isn't about "size of userbase = good distro". What I'm trying to say is that gentoo and arch's howto sections are far more useful to a crux user than say debian or ubuntu forums.19:25
treachof course19:26
joacimdoes using slackware for a whole day count?19:26
treachdebian and ubuntu is at the other end of the spectra19:26
VileSlackware simply isn't worth using these days.19:26
treachlots of automagic things that screws you over unless you watch out19:26
treachno, I came to that conclusion too a few years back19:27
VileEither go for the hold-your hand distros, or go source-based. Anything in the middle (like Slackware right now) fails.19:28
Vile42 seconds from the moment I hit my "on" button to a desktop ... :S19:36
VileI've heard rumors of 16 second boot-to-desktop times. I have a feeling that this is a beast that I shall never see.19:37
*** errdil has quit IRC19:42
*** errdil has joined #crux19:43
treachwell, don't forget that how long time the bios setup takes might vary wildly on different systems.19:43
cruxbot[contrib.git]: virtualbox: Updated 1.6.4 (thanks to Thomas)19:43
sepenwell going to bed19:44
treachkind of hard to manipulate, unless you're brave enough to try the linuxbios. >:19:44
sepenVile, yep19:44
sepenbbl guys19:44
treachcya sepen19:44
Vileheh ... be well.19:44
*** sepen has quit IRC19:44
VileI know it has a lot to do with the stupid bios splash screen it gives me, but no big deal. To think my start-up times were easily twice as long under ubuntu.19:45
nipuLboot times are irrelevant to me19:47
treachas long as it doesn't take minutes, it doesn't matter much.19:47
*** errdil has quit IRC19:47
VileIf you never turn off your computer, I can understand that might be irrelevant. :D19:47
VileHow've you been, Nipul?19:48
nipuLalthough suspending to non volatile ram would be sweet19:48
VileSpeaking of "sweet", who here is voting for Obama?19:49
*** errdil has joined #crux19:49
* treach votes himself to bed. cya 19:50
*** treach has left #crux19:50
Vile:D ...trolled to sleep.19:50
nipuLa lot of people here aren't american20:03
VileNeither am I. ;)20:04
*** VileTimes has joined #crux20:18
joacimfuck the USA20:23
VileTimes^^-- What a weirdo.20:26
Rotwanghe should emphasis it, like:20:27
RotwangFUCK the usa20:28
VileTimesAs opposed to FUCK Brasil.20:28
Rotwangtime to sleep20:28
*** Rotwang has quit IRC20:29
*** Vile has quit IRC20:29
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