IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-08-05

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pitillogood morning01:03
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teKhello sepen01:07
teKwhat's up?01:07
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sepenccux linux
sepenhi teK, I finally updated vbox01:11
sepenteK, ah! I told you about that ERROR contrib/dsh .............. missing dependency: netkit-rsh01:13
sepenseems that is no longer maitained on opt or contrib01:13
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teK[tek@commodus][~]% ldd =dsh | grep found01:15
teK[tek@commodus][~]% pkginfo -i | grep netkit-rsh01:15
teKhow come prtverify thinks netkit-rsh is a dependency?01:15
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sepenteK, $ prt-get deptree dsh | grep netkit01:18
teKyeah but only because it's listed as dependency in dsh; I will look into it tonight. Thanks.01:22
sepenteK, prtverify looks for deps listed in the Pkgfile, not for linker libraries01:26
sepenfor what I known this task its implemented by the finddeps one01:26
teKif dsh really depends on netkit-rsh, it should be abandoned01:27
sepenor investigate for removing it01:28
sependsh is an implementation of a wrapper for executing multiple remote shell (rsh/remsh/ssh)...01:31
teKthen.. :)01:33
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_Progress_good morning, on my xfce with user account shutdown and reboot buttons not work. I add user to hald and dbus groups but still not work. In #xfce tell me to: check with your distro if that group is correct01:45
_Progress_i try with sudoers too01:46
_Progress_there are the groups who added my user01:49
_Progress_bash-3.2$ groups01:49
_Progress_wheel audio video floppy messagebus haldaemon avahi users plugdev01:49
sepen_Progress_, hmmm are you sure you have the correct $PATH for sudo the command?01:52
sepenby default /sbin or /usr/sbin aren't in the user's PATH01:53
_Progress_well i never use sudo...maybe i am not add to sudoers or something01:53
sepenman 5 sudoers01:54
sepen_Progress_, I'm using this xfce session feature without problems here01:54
_Progress_sepen: can you paste to me a line in /etc/sudoers01:55
sepen%wheel   ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL01:55
sepenso just add you user to wheel group01:55
_Progress_i am there01:56
sepenalso you can finetune for allowing an specific command instead of ALL01:56
_Progress_i compile wxGTK now for codeblocks and i will try with %wheel   ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL02:01
_Progress_well sepen tnx again02:08
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sepen_Progress_, it does the trick for now?02:09
_Progress_sepen: yes :)02:10
sepennice! U're welcome02:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: hplip: Updated maintainer line (orphan).06:52
cruxbot[contrib.git]: md5deep: Updated maintainer line (orphan).06:52
Rotwangmaintainer-wanted at crux dot nu   0o06:54
sepenRotwang, yeah, some time ago the same happened with other Brett's ports06:56
sepenits easy to look for orphan ports if they have a unified maintainer line06:57
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Rotwangif I want to mail someone link from gitweb07:07
Rotwangit will always ahow that state for now but later it might be outdated?07:08
sepenhmmm? can't uderstand the question07:09
Rotwangyeah its bit nonenglish07:09
racerhe/she is asking if that's a persistant link, or one that changes with time07:10
Rotwangbut I think I know the answer so nevermind ;]07:10
racerI'm guessing07:10
Rotwangracer: yes thats it ;]07:10
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nipuLthis is why we should switch to cgit07:18
nipuLsane urls07:18
nipuLplus is't super mega fast07:19
RotwangnipuL: is it possible to show egsact port in portdb?07:20
Rotwangie shows two ports07:20
Rotwangbut I want to show only awesome without awesome-2007:20
nipuLworks for the official portdb too07:21
nipuLspeaking of portdb07:22
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RotwangnipuL: thanks ;]07:22
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spaceninjadoes anyone run crux on a eee pc?09:16
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spaceninjaI want to compile a kernel  for the eee 90009:17
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teKspaceninja: ?09:23
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spaceninjabut I was hoping that asus would release the "official" version, I guess they suck anyway.09:32
teK /proc/config.gz (dunno how much non-disclosed changes are shipped with kernel original from ASUS)09:32
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spaceninjawhich processor family should i select (i'm compiling a kernel) if I have 900 MHz Intel Celeron-M ULV 353, (asus eee pc 900)11:26
aon$ grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo; zcat /proc/config.gz|grep PENTIUMM11:54
aonmodel name: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU        530  @ 1.73GHz11:54
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spaceninjaaon: so you have crux on a eeepc?12:58
aoni don't think there are 1.73GHz eee's12:58
aonbut i do have crux on a celeron m12:59
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spaceninjait's a celeron M13:00
spaceninjabut I can't boot it13:00
spaceninjawait, I'm going to type in the errors I'm getting13:01
cruxbot[opt.git]: adobereader: updated to 8.1.2_SU113:03
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cruxbot[opt.git]: samba: update to 3.2.113:05
spaceninjamy root device seems to be the problem, but it's suppose to be sda113:09
spaceninjasdc1 is my usb13:09
cruxbot[opt.git]: xterm: updated to 23613:17
spaceninjais my fstab failing?13:20
treachI'd put my money on the human being the failing part. :>13:21
Rotwangfstab is processed at init level13:21
Rotwangspaceninja: its grub or kernel imo13:21
spaceninjabut I'm using lilo13:21
Rotwanguse grub \o/13:22
spaceninjano, grub feels...bloated13:22
treachgrub, a solution looking for a problem13:23
RotwangI had such problems when mkinitcpio b0rked my initrd13:24
* spaceninja is thinking about getting eeebuntu :)13:28
cruxbot[opt.git]: dialog: updated to 1.1-2008072713:29
_Progress_sysklogd give me error on boot but it seems to be work. why can be that13:30
_Progress_btw is crux bot a bot or a person? :)13:31
spaceninjawhat starts after the mouse booting script?13:31
spaceninjathat's where it fails13:32
Rotwangmouse booting script?13:32
spaceninjawhen the computer boots13:32
_Progress_yeah. mouse booting script?13:32
spaceninjaI don't know what it's called13:32
* _Progress_ is confused13:33
spaceninjawhen the computer boots, it just spits out alot of messages13:33
spaceninjalike starting network13:33
spaceninjaok good13:34
Rotwangservices starts in rc.multi13:34
tilmanthat's not a script, it's the device driver13:34
spaceninjayes yes, don't take my words literally13:35
_Progress_when i start him it seems to be work. just it give me [error] message in boot13:35
_Progress_that's not a problem..just ask13:36
Rotwangstart what?13:37
Rotwangim confused ;]13:37
tilmansysklogd, see above13:38
spaceninjaso it's syslogd?13:38
tilman_Progress_: did you check /var/log/messages?13:39
tilmanspaceninja: ?13:39
spaceninjatilman: I'm trying to boot into my eee pc 900 with crux installed on sda113:40
spaceninjathe installation iso is on a usb stick on sdc113:40
_Progress_tilman: yes. there no errors13:40
_Progress_just Aug  5 12:49:26 crux sysklogd: syslogd: Already running.13:41
Rotwang_Progress_: you start syslogd twice?13:41
_Progress_but thats from me...i manualy type syslogd13:41
spaceninjawho me?13:41
_Progress_me :D13:41
_Progress_i restart syslogd to see is there some error or somethink13:42
* _Progress_ sorry for bad english13:42
tilman_Progress_: grep SYSLOG /etc/rc.conf13:43
tilmanls -l /etc/rc.d/sysklogd13:44
_Progress_-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 288 2008-07-31 21:12 /etc/rc.d/sysklogd13:44
_Progress_btw whats the diference between syslogd and syslog-ng13:47
Rotwanglater one has -ng suffix13:49
cruxbot[opt.git]: gimp: updated to 2.4.613:50
_Progress_after one minute13:50
_Progress_i update to me manualy13:50
spaceninjaI think my kernel don't work with the eeepc13:54
tilman_Progress_: you can probably hack /etc/rc.multi to not hide the output of the syslog command. maybe that will help in finding the problem13:55
_Progress_tilman: must be syslogd in rc.conf?13:57
Rotwang_Progress_: change sysklogd to something else if you wish13:58
tilman"SYSLOG=sysklogd" is the correct default13:59
tilmanyou shouldn't remove it13:59
spaceninjaI did this.   make defconfi13:59
_Progress_there is the error13:59
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spaceninjamake defconfig      and make menuconfig, unmarked module support, then make all14:00
treachwell. did you make sure all the stuff you needed really was included?14:02
spaceninjanot really14:06
cruxbot[opt.git]: htop: updated to 0.814:07
spaceninjaI have no idea what to include or to remove14:07
spaceninjathe kernel is my biggest "headache"14:07
tilmanyou googled for a kernel config, right?14:07
spaceninjayes, but I didn't find a suitable one14:08
treachspaceninja: look at the dmesg output and the output of lspci14:10
treachshould help you plenty14:10
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RyoShey guys14:11
cruxbot[opt.git]: sudo: updated to 1.6.9p1714:11
RyoSanyone can hook me up with a panorama image tool that is not depending on HUGHE stuff (like hugin -> boost)14:11
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RyoSoh, gimp should do it <314:40
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_Progress_i remove syslogd from rc.local and there have no errors :)14:50
tilmanhuh, it shouldn't be there :)14:51
_Progress_yes, my stupid mystake :)14:54
_Progress_now it load syslogd first in runlevel 214:54
_Progress_btw my internet conection still come on second bood. :D14:55
_Progress_boot - no internet .... reboot ... net is just fine :)14:56
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] rdesktop: updated to 1.6.015:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: openoffice: updated to 2.4.115:00
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cruxbot[opt.git]: opera: updated to 9.5115:09
cruxbot[opt.git]: imagemagick: updated to 6.4.2-615:13
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cruxbot[opt.git]: nmap: updated to 4.6815:18
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thrice`  Intel Wireless Wifi Core (IWLCORE) [N/m/y] (NEW)15:33
thrice`anyone know what that is in 2.6.26.x?15:33
go|dfishThey've changed the iwl stuff.15:35
go|dfishyou need to enable that to get the iwl4965 or iwl5000 drivers15:35
thrice`but not for 3945 ?15:36
thrice`ah, will go back through afterwards :)15:36
go|dfishI thin kthat's still seperate.15:36
go|dfishHigh possibility I am wrong, it's been a week since I was looking @ menuconfig15:36
go|dfishYeah, 3945 is separate for some reason.15:38
thrice`yeah, I saw my 3945 still scroll by as yes, so I was confused (and no help, of course :)15:39
go|dfishyeah, i dunno why they've changed it all15:42
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thrice`ugh, suspend + 2.6.26 = fail17:16
cruxbot[contrib.git]: egenix-mx-base: 3.1.0 -> 3.1.117:28
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_Progress_my kernel change eth numbers after reboot. Because of that i havent network connection after reboot and i have one when reboot again.17:34
_Progress_can i do something about that??17:35
treachyou can use udev to set persistant names17:42
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jsIf someone's interested, a python port where the known security bugs have been fixed:
jswill also send a mail to the maintainer18:53
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Rotwangjs: you dont need to escape new lines in arrays ;]18:58
jsuhm, I know, but why did I do them? hm…18:59
Rotwangand you do not need to list some deps like zlib, ncurses etc19:00
jsthat was from the original port19:05
jsit's based on that that's in opt19:06
jsthat also had the \ at the end19:06
Rotwanghmm i see19:06
jshm, pkgsrc patched too much for the patches to apply cleanly \o/19:08
Rotwangsome junkfiles can be found19:08
jsi instead just sent the patches to the ML…19:08
Rotwangi think it would be even better to open ticket at FS19:09
jsmight be, yes19:10
jsbut pkgsrc has gnats, IIRC19:10
jslibpoppler is also unpatched :/19:12
jswhy is it always that I have to patch sercurity flaws in CRUX myself? :(19:14
jsisn't the idea of a distribution usually that it does that?19:14
jsthe poppler one is even an old one, while the python one is rather new19:15
Rotwangjs: create repo with patched ports19:15
jsRotwang: I already did that19:15
jsdidn't you see?19:15
Rotwangis it on portdb?19:15
jsthey don't support hg repos19:15
Rotwangand always you may open tickets19:16
jsI once suggested that here19:16
jsthe common opinion was more or less "We don't want that"19:16
Rotwangyeah ;]19:17
jsdunno why hg is hated here…19:17
jsI wrote an hgup driver and everything, but nobody wanted that19:18
jsif someone cares, updated poppler:
* Rotwang opens new python ticket19:25
jswhy a python ticket?19:25
jsit has already been fixed upstream19:25
Rotwangit's about junk files19:26
jsah, ok19:26
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