IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-08-06

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fetidi cannot login in crux bugs , error msg  " Error #23: User or group not enabled for login."01:04
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pitillogood morning01:16
aonfetid: do you have an account?01:20
fetidaon, yes,  i have, now i have login successed01:21
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_Progress_I have some edited Pkgfiles. Can i pretend update them when i use ports -u ?06:38
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aonwhy don't you move them out of the tree?06:45
_Progress_i move just Pkgfiles in my /home :)06:48
thrice`or make a /usr/ports/mine06:59
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spaceninjaan lilo boot linux from a SSD?14:46
spaceninjablah, VFS: Cannot open root device "801"14:59
spaceninjaI want to boot my computer14:59
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thrice`mm, python needs patching o.O15:05
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teKspaceninja: did you include support (not as a module) for your controller?15:06
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go|dfishI've just bought a new hard-disk, my current Crux installation is on an 80gb partition on my current disk. The new disk is 160gb, what would be the best way to copy my installation onto the new disk?15:57
teKcreate the desired partion(s), rsync from old to new, chroot on new, install boot loader, cross your fingers and try booting the new HDD15:59
go|dfishteK: Thanks.16:08
teKno problem16:09
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_Progress_hi, is there a package python-bindings or something with glade module from python?16:36
go|dfishoh damn.16:53
_Progress_well i solve my little problem with recompile pygtk :)16:57
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spaceninjaI shouldn't bought the eeepc, it's impossible to install crux on it. problems problems.........23:34
spaceninjadoes it need a swap?23:37
aonor at least it's convenient to have23:46
spaceninjasometimes I just hate computers, bye for now :)23:56
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