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pitillogood morning01:42
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cruxbot[opt.git]: [nofify] python: update for multiple vulnerabilities03:20
cruxbot[core.git]: man-pages: update to 3.0603:26
cruxbot[core.git]: which: update to 2.2003:26
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rxinipuL: have you got street view of your place on google maps?04:40
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nipuLhaha, wtf05:27
nipuLhmm, must have been past on a wednesday05:27
nipuL(rubbish day)05:27
nipuLoh, i was just lazy05:29
nipuLit was a sunday, shop is closed05:31
* nipuL starts looking at all the places he used to live05:33
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thrice`I see jue committed a python update with [notify], but I didn't get an email on the ML about it.  I thought this was automatic in past07:26
thrice`oops...nevermind, I see the [nofify] typo :P07:27
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spaceninjahow do i change the device for the cdrom on the crux installer09:46
mike_kif that is an official 2.4 iso:  CRUX root=/dev/hdX10:00
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mike_kI guess it is described by pressing F2/F310:01
mike_kspaceninja: err, 2.4 should autodetect cdrom device10:01
mike_kI had to append "root=/dev/sr0 rootdelay=15" to amd64 iso based on 2.3 to boot from usb cdrom last night =)10:02
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spaceninjaBut I don't want it to look for a cdrom10:14
spaceninjaI want to run crux on a eee without swap and without a cdrom, but it can't boot into it10:15
spaceninjaI've posted the error a couple of times in here now10:15
spaceninjait thinks the root partition is on 8,110:16
spaceninjabut it's sda110:16
spaceninjahas anyone ever tried to install crux on a eee?10:17
thrice`no, but it doesn't sound like a crux-specific issue10:17
spaceninjamaybe it's the kernel10:17
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thrice`could be kernel related, or lilo10:24
thrice`if you're confident lilo is correct, is your root file system compiled into the kernel?  Also, the controller for sata / IDE ? (not modules)10:25
spaceninjashould I pput rootdelay=15 in lilo.conf?10:25
spaceninjaI downloaded the a kernel from asus webpage10:25
thrice`they probably compile those as modules and load it using an initrd10:25
thrice`without an initrd, they can't load early enough, meaning kernel panic :)10:26
spaceninjabut what should I do?10:26
thrice`confirm this in your kernel :)10:26
spaceninjaI'm going to recompile the kernel10:28
spaceninjamake defconfig10:28
spaceninjaand make all10:28
spaceninjamake menuconfig before10:28
thrice`defconfig probably wont' produce a working kernel10:28
thrice`ok :)10:29
spaceninjaI hate compiling kernels, the worst part of having linux10:29
thrice`agreed :)  though, once you get a working .config for your hardware, it's very easy to maintain :)10:30
thrice`if you can get the .config from the asus, you can put it as .config in the kernel source and start there (if the versions match up)10:30
spaceninjawhat if they don't match?10:31
thrice`i mean, taking a config file from 2.6.21.x and trying to use it on 2.6.26.x might not work out too well, as alot of changes have occurred10:32
thrice`but taking one from and trying it on will work perfect :)10:32
spaceninjaI've found eee kernel source 2.6.21-4 though10:33
thrice`nice :)  didn't 2.4 ship with 2.6.21 ?10:33
spaceninjaI got a
spaceninjaI got a updated iso10:34
spaceninjafrom some dark website10:34
spaceninjait was a blog10:34
thrice`ah, yes :)10:34
thrice`you could try that config, and run "make oldconfig" and it will prompt you with the changes10:35
spaceninjabut I don't want the old config10:35
spaceninjabut the kernel comes with alot of crap in it10:35
spaceninjaand I want to get rid of the unnecessary stuff10:36
thrice`ah, ok10:36
spaceninjathat's why I want a custom eee kernel10:36
spaceninjaI can't stand the bloat10:36
spaceninjaothwies I wouldn't have gone through this hassle, I could just install eeexubuntu or something, but debian based systems have no credibility when it comes to a non bloated environment10:38
thrice`suppose so :)10:39
spaceninjaI find that crux is the least bloated distro out there10:40
spaceninjait's not perfect but it's something10:41
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teKI got the iso from and it indeed ships with
spaceninjayes, but the custom eee kernel from asus is 2.6.2112:21
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spaceninjabut I have already given up on getting crux to work on a eee, it's just too much hassle, I have to go on12:22
spaceninjatrying to getÄ12:22
spaceninja1 week is enough for trying to solve a problem, when you get older, you want life to flow, no struggles :)12:28
teKwhat did not work out?12:43
spaceninjatrying to boot it12:45
spaceninjathe thing is that I have to put the crux installer on a usb stick12:46
spaceninjano real documentation for it12:46
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tilmanwtf, btrfs 1.0 is scheduled for q4 2008 o_O14:16
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dllshey yo14:19
dllscan you tell me some place in internet, where I can find more mirrors to sourceforge.net14:20
dllsI to add them to my "hosts" file14:20
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cruxbot[opt.git]: lftp: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
thrice`hm, never heard of btrfs.  sounds interresting o.O14:38
tilmantreach: did you know btrfs 1.0 was due in q4 this year?14:38
tilmanthrice`: seems to be the big fs-hope these days ;)14:39
treachyes. I read that you said it previously in the log. :p14:39
treachother than that, no. :)14:39
tilmanlog readers14:39
treachseems like I've been dropped from their mailinglists for some reason. :/14:39
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dlllshi, can you help me downloading faster from I added 2 lines in /etc/hosts: and the other: I added this because most of the sources describen in Pkgfiles are from But I still wait a lot, an in the end I am downloading nothing. Can you give me some help?15:40
thrice`you can hit more than just dl.sourceforge.net15:41
dlllsI have them15:41
thrice`there is an FAQ entry about it15:41
thrice`oh, ok15:41
dlllsbut in Pkgfile is writen dl.sourceforge.net15:42
dlllsand it trys to download from there15:42
dlllsso the other are skiped15:42
dlllsI thing I need more IP addresses to add bevor dl.sourceforge.net15:43
thrice`have you tried the mirror in the FAQ? seems incorrect to me offhand15:43
dlllsI have it15:43
thrice`I thought it was
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dlllswhat do you have in /etc/hosts15:44
dlllsI have added
dlllsthat's in the FAQ15:45
thrice` dl.sf.net15:45
thrice`that's the FAQ15:45
dlllsok, let's try this...15:45
thrice`i'm guessing you have a typo and it's failing (and taking awhile)15:45
dlllsooo now is very fast15:46
dlllsthanks man15:46
thrice`np :)15:47
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WahbeNGreetings all! I am trying to install crux to a USB stick, does anyone have experience doing that?17:01
WahbeNI ran into a problem, when I try to boot from the USB stick, I get "Kernel panic: not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (8,1)17:02
WahbeNfstab shows my root device as /dev/sda1  in ext2 format17:03
WahbeNand lilo's boot setting is sda and root is sda117:04
WahbeNcan you please advise?17:04
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nipuLdid you enable ext2 in the kernel17:14
nipuLare you 100% certain that it's an ext2 format17:14
WahbeNI am 100% certain that it is in ext2 format, i initially tried ext3 but it didn't work, as other people installing linux on USB have successfully then re-formatted in ext217:18
WahbeNand I have just verified that ext2 and ext3 are enabled in the kernel, and they are.17:18
WahbeNand my usb stick is formatted with a single partition.17:20
WahbeNNote: I noticed distros like Gentoo use fat16 instead of ext2.. perhaps I should use fat16?17:32
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VileTimesnano -w /etc/rc.d22:02
VileTimesWoops! :D22:02
VileTimesI meant to nano rc.conf.22:03
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