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cruxbot[core.git]: udev: updated to 126.01:38
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spaceninjaI got a ethernet marvell 88E8001 netword card. In make menuconfig I added the SysKonnect Yukon2 driver, but I still don't have a eth0 when I boot my computer, what's wrong?07:44
treachdefine "added"07:45
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treach"That's fine, we don't need you either"07:45
spaceninjaIts not a module, I don't have modules07:45
treachk. and what does ifconfig -a say?07:45
spaceninjaI got a lo and sit007:47
spaceninjashould I use sit0?07:47
teKis it enabled in your BIOS?07:48
teKmaybe lspci  can be helpful07:48
treach(sit is "simple internet translation" used for encapsling ipv6 in ipv4)07:48
spaceninjabut I already know which driver I need07:49
spaceninjaI got a asus A8V motherboard07:49
spaceninjaand marvell 88E8001 is what lspci gives me, and that card uses the sky2 driver, which is Syskonnect yukon2 in the linux kernel.07:51
treachare you using the new or the old driver?07:53
treachyou could try the other driver, or build it as a module and try loading it, to see what happens.07:55
cruxbot[opt.git]: transmission: update to 1.3208:16
spaceninjahow would that be different from being compiled into the kernel?08:23
treachyou get to see if there's any errors?08:23
treachalso, I seem to remember those cards being tricky if you're dualbooting. Are you?08:24
spaceninjano dualbooting08:24
spaceninjaI got other harddrives plugged in though08:25
treachthat shouldn't be any issue. I just seem to remember jaeger having issues with a card like that while dualbooting with windows.08:26
treachapparantly the card didn't get set up properly when starting linux after having booted windows previously. (I'm not 100% sure it was that exact nic, but I think so, thus the question)08:27
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nipuLyay for working on sunday22:42
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