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spaceninjaI've modprobed every possible driver for my network card, but eth0 doesn't show up, what else can I do?02:43
tilmanwoo, new vim (7.2)03:48
tilman"The only new feature worth mentioning is support for floating point."03:48
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* spaceninja gives up, once again04:04
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spaceninjamaybe I need a intitrd file for sky204:20
spaceninjaor skge04:20
tilmanmy sky2 works fine without an initrd ;)04:20
spaceninjais it compiled as a module?04:21
tilmandunno, i guess we might have different versions of the chip04:22
tilmansky2 0000:02:00.0: v1.21 addr 0xfddfc000 irq 16 Yukon-EC Ultra (0xb4) rev 304:22
tilmanspaceninja: you didn't disable the nic in the bios, did you?04:22
spaceninjashould I disable the network in bios?04:23
spaceninjawhy doesn't it work?04:24
spaceninjagod I've spend one month of my free time trying to solve crux problems... :p04:24
treachwhat does "I don't get an eth0" mean exactly btw?04:24
tilmandmesg|grep sky204:25
spaceninjaI'm on windows right now,04:25
spaceninjadual booted04:25
spaceninjamy crux/linux hard drive is not connected to the internet04:25
spaceninjaI mean04:25
treachis that a ifconfig "I don't get it one" or is it a "ls /dev/eth0" I don't get one..04:25
spaceninjaa /dev/eth004:26
spaceninjaalso ifconfig04:26
spaceninjaI modprobed the sky204:26
treachwhy didn't you say so long ago, when I asked you first?04:26
spaceninjabut lsmod says that it's not being used by anything04:27
tilmandmesg|grep sky2 is a good way to check whether something has been loaded04:27
treachnet devices does *NOT* show up in /dev04:27
spaceninjawhere are they?04:27
treachah well.04:27
treachnot /dev/ethX04:27
treachhaven't for years04:27
spaceninjaI'm trying to set up dhcpcd in /etc/rc.d/net04:27
spaceninjawhere is it?04:27
spaceninjathis doesn't work /sbin/dhcpcd -t 10 -h $HOSTNAME eth004:29
spaceninjaifconfig don't have eth004:29
treachok, that's useful info04:29
spaceninjais it?04:30
treachbut do as tilman said too04:30
treachcheck dmesg04:30
spaceninjabut I manually load the modules after the computer is started04:30
spaceninjashould I type in the modules in some files?04:31
tilmandmesg doesn't care04:31
tilmanjust fucking do it04:31
spaceninjaok, rebooting into crux :)04:32
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akinhaha, it's working, I didn't do anything, it loaded the skge module automatically, I just needed to restart my computer! YES04:44
akin<- spaceninja04:45
akintime to compile gnome04:46
treach...out of the fire...04:46
akinthanks for the support04:46
tilmanwhy didn't it work before?04:47
akinbut I'll be back, with a new annyoing problems04:47
akinI have no idea04:47
treachDidn't jaeger have problems like that?04:47
tilmanno idea04:47
treachok. I seem to have a faint recollection of that04:48
treachsomething related to dualbooting with windows04:48
tilmanakin: if the problem surfaces again, you should probably buy a cheap rtl8139 nic ;)04:49
akinI rather buy a new mobo, I can't have two networkcards, too much bloat for my mind04:50
tilmanthe first isn't a card, it's a tiny chip on the mobo04:51
tilman+ you can disable on the on-board chip04:51
tilmanso buying a new mobo is very stupid/silly04:51
treachno, no.04:51
jesse_two nics?! the horror.04:51
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treachyou get on useless, highly intrusive rj45 socket on the backside of your computer that is really annoying. :>04:52
akinhm, are there gnome ports?04:53
treachlook in the portdb04:54
akinwithout x04:54
akinoh well04:54
akinwhich is the best text based webbrowser?04:54
treach{e}links/lynx, pick your poison04:55
tilmanthere's also w3m04:55
akindidn't find links, so I went with elinks, just hope that wasn't the ugly colorful one04:57
akinalright, I just did a prt-get depinst gnome05:11
akinI guess this will take 5 hours or something05:12
treachbest case. :>05:12
treachridicolusly optimistic case, in fact. :D05:13
akinwill it take all day?05:13
akin8 hours?05:13
akinI got a 2 Ghz05:13
treachyou can't put a timelimit on it like that.05:14
akinok :)05:14
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treachbecause if you do, you assume everything will go completely without errors.05:14
treachand it rarely does on such a big project05:14
treachbtw, do NOT forget to enable post install scrips with prt-get05:14
treachor you will be sorry05:15
akinwhat's that?05:15
treachread the prt-get man page05:15
akindoesn't say anything about some scripts05:18
akinbut I haven't enabled any post install scripts05:18
akinshould I cancel gnome?05:18
treach[12:14]  <treach> btw, do NOT forget to enable post install scrips with05:18
treach[12:15]  <treach> or you will be sorry05:18
akinso, it's going to fail? 100%?05:19
treachno, it won't fail 100%, but it won't work right either05:19
akinwhy not?05:19
treachand it's much, much easier to do it right from the beginning05:19
treachdude, take a guess05:19
akinI have no idea05:20
treachyou think those scripts are for fun?05:20
akinI guess not :p05:20
treachjust some joke the maintainer felt like wasting time on?05:20
akinbut why aren't they being used as default, how am I suppose to know this?05:20
treachahem. by reading the prt-get manual, and knowing what you're doing.05:21
akinok now I know what you are talking about05:23
akinshould I cancel it and rebuild it?05:23
treachsee section 3.6.1 to 3.8 in the manual for prt-get05:23
treachyou should have canceled it when I first told you.05:24
akinyes, but I didn't take it seriously :)05:24
treachand that's your problem05:24
akinso, my filetree is a mess now? How do I remove everything?05:25
treachhow about reading that manpage05:26
treachsince I apparently just sit here and make shit up that isn't to be taken seriously, better just look in the docs.05:26
tilmani've been suspecting that for years now ;)05:27
treachyeah. I'm totally untrustworthy. :|05:28
akinbut there's so many things in that man page05:28
treachwell, get cracking. the sooner you start, the sooner you'll finish.05:29
akinI just thought I knew best, that's why I continued, I'm just like that, from now on, I'll listen05:29
treachand it's not *that* long05:29
akinah, whata heck, I'm reinstalling crux, the easiest way :)05:29
tilmanisn't there also a 'how to install gnome' page in the wiki?05:29
tilmanheaddesk & facepalm05:29
tilmanakin: that will fix nothing05:30
tilmanyou didn't "break" your system by installing parts of gnome without running the post-install scripts05:30
akinyes, but it's all cluttered05:30
* treach carefully abstains from pointing out that that's what gnome *does*.05:31
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akin ok, I'm going to solve it without reinstalling crux05:31
tilmanakin: go find that wiki page i was talking about05:31
akinyes, but gnome looks so nice05:31
akin I just ran prt-get depinst --install-scripts gnome without removing anything. I think it first downloads everything, then it compiles and installs.05:37
akinomg, sourceforge is annoying05:37
tilmanyou know what else is annoying?05:38
akinme? :)05:38
tilmanplease check out the FAQ for how to fix the sourceforge problem05:38
tilmanakin: you might want to check out all of the wiki, there's probably more stuff that could be helpful to you05:39
tilmanprt-get works like this: download sources for A, install A. download sources for B, install B. etc05:39
akinthat's not good05:40
akinI have to cancel it agian05:40
akinok, I'm going to be quite now and solve my problems without typing a word :)05:40
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diogohey I was looking on the net and I found out about the crux linux found it nice but I don't know how it manage softwares and what is the xorg and kernel the release 2.4 uses (since I saw the repos were rsync) and how can I install it my idea is to have a good fast system and compiled for k8 processor with 3dnow and sse3 (using gentoo to achieve it but... its gentoo its complicated) and need to put it on a laptop to use Blender + ATI card on a Dell vostro 100007:55
diogosorry for making this such questions in here but where can I find out more about crux... got curious... and using links right now no X configured :(07:56
teKsoftware packages are managed by prt-get(1) and you'll have to configure/compile your kernel yourself07:57
diogoi have already used archlinux for a long time so that I created my custom krnel there and also i'm using gentoo thats not a problem but for example can I create my local repo on my pc and conb07:59
diogoand create my own packages for those that aren't on the repo07:59
teKsure; create a directory /usr/ports/foobar08:06
teKadd it to /etc/prt-get.conf: prtdir /usr/ports/foobar08:07
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teKin /usr/ports/foobar you can create your own ports (i.e. subdirectories)08:07
diogonice KISS filosophy ;)08:08
teKyes; and btw: don't IRC as root08:09
teKif you want to keep a duplicate version of a port in your private repo, take care that its prtdir directive in prt-get.conf appears before the other's08:09
diogok thx for the tips and explanations08:11
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RedShiftwhat happens if you declare a slave zone in named.conf but don't supply the "file" configuration parameter?09:49
RedShiftwith bind09:49
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akinI just installed gnome with prt-get depinst --install-scripts gnome, but I didn't get hal or gdm, possibly even more10:31
thrice`hal should have been installed for sure :(  in prt-get depends gnome, do you see things missing?10:32
akinnothing faild, it's really wierd, I have to try it again, total reinstallation10:33
thrice`you're sure that it's not installed, but maybe just not running?10:34
akin$ prt-get isinst hal10:34
akinpackage hal is not installed10:34
thrice`does 'prt-get depends gnome' show anything missing?10:35
akinalot is missing10:36
akinI got dbus10:36
akinbut ALOT is missing, I have to redo it10:36
thrice`that's very odd :(  was gnome on top of prt-get.conf ?10:36
thrice`mm, that probably doesn't matter10:37
akinit's there10:37
akinI'll be back in one 2 hours, I have to go now, but I'll give it another try later on today10:37
thrice`ok :)  good luck10:38
akinI'm making progress though, I got the network card working, that's great news :)10:38
thrice`very.  kernel is the trickiest part :)10:39
akinit seems that the skge driver has to be a module, otherwise it won't work.10:40
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rehabdollawesome.. and yes, ladies and gentlemen, she's american13:35
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tilmani guess i'm seeing some crappy gif instead of a flash video15:02
treachjavascripts. ;)15:04
tilmanat least it could say "you're missing flash, lulz"15:05
treachmeh, I'm getting annoyed by the number of sites that doesn't work properly without js these days. :/15:06
tilmanmeh, js doesn't bother me as long as it doesn't resize my browser window15:06
treachit's an idiotic idea.15:07
tilmani'm pondering writing a window manager15:07
tilman(good timing there!)15:07
treachah, like your own .fvwmrc? :p15:07
thrice`tilbox ?15:07
treachtiltbox! :å15:08
tilmantilbox sounds stupid. maybe apanwm215:08
tilmantreach: not sure what's quicker. writing the wm or figuring out fvwm15:08
treachheh, I guess that depends on what you are trying to accomplish.15:09
treachsome decent basic config isn't too hard to come up with15:09
tilmanmaybe i should spend more time with that first ;)15:10
treachprobably a good idea.15:10
treachtilman: btw, if you decide to give fvwm a shot, you can find a lot of interesting stuff in their "screenshot & configs" forum.15:19
tilmanjust found this
tilmanlooks good15:19
tilmanforum :|15:20
treachyeah, it feels somewhat familiar15:20
treachyeah, yeah.15:20
thrice`too much work o.O15:20
treachlots of losers, but some stuff there is pretty good15:20
tilmanthrice`: what are you refering to?15:21
thrice`setting up fvwm :)15:21
treachthrice`: compared to writing your own wm, I think I'd stick to configuring fvwm :>15:21
thrice`heh, suppose so :)15:22
thrice`new vim released \o/15:24
tilmanthe most exciting new feature isn't.15:24
tilmanie not \o/ at all15:25
tilmankind of nice15:25
tilmane17 backgrounds ftw15:25
thrice`is that e17 ?15:25
tilmanno, but the wallpaper is from e1715:25
thrice`and the wm is fvwm..?15:26
thrice`looks pretty nice15:26
tilmanmore screenshots15:26
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thrice`I haven't tried e17 in probably a 1/2 year either, which I was hoping to get around too15:30
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tilmanthat ladybug theme was in 5 years ago or so. i didn't try e17 myself in almost exactly 3 years :D15:31
thrice`haha, wow15:33
tilmanthey've been working on e17 for almost a decade now o___O15:34
untamede17 forever?15:34
aonthe 17 means the year it'll officially be released15:35
thrice`seems like it would get much more visability if they released *something*15:35
untamedyou can always try Elive15:35
aoni guess they don't actually need visibility15:35
tilmanthrice`: yes. questionable project lead15:35
teKthey planned to ship e17 together with the Duke Nukem Forever Linux-port15:36
teKhello ppl15:38
treachtilman: I like this one. ->
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thrice`I wouldn't even know where to begin with the configs o.O15:49
treach"ImagePath $[FVWM_USERDIR]/images:"15:52
treachthat's how mine starts. :p15:52
aoni hate it when people use flickr to host screenshots of the crappy software they're running15:53
aongoddamnit, if it didn't pass a lens, it doesn't belong there15:54
treachyou've got one in each eye, doesn't that count? ;)15:54
aonno :)15:55
treachkilljoy. :D15:55
aonit says "photostream" right there, that should give a clue :)15:55
rehabdolli've never understood the point of fvwm..15:55
thrice`new midori came out too :)15:55
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Ovim-ObscurumHi guys15:56
treachstable, utterly configurable, and really fast. does it need more?15:56
Ovim-ObscurumDoes anybody of you know, where's the pcmcia daemon in crux 2.4?15:57
Ovim-ObscurumInstalled crux correctly, but can't find it15:57
Ovim-ObscurumSo -> can't use my pcmcia NIC15:58
aonrehabdoll: if you were stuck with just twm (and had strange needs for a window manager), perhaps you'd understand the point15:58
aonimo twm is totally fine, though :)15:58
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nipuLyay, solved the riddle of office student edition mlk not working with the opk18:15
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thrice`anyone tried sticking the crux iso on a usb to install from?19:36
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nipuLi don't think that will work20:07
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