IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-08-11

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pitillogood morning01:13
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teKhi therte02:03
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edgar_Just installed Crux. Nice and clean distro I must say.04:22
go|dfishI agree.04:23
edgar_I seem to have one problem though. How do get my danish characters to work in console? I have chosen the danish keymap in rc.conf, but especially the character ΓΈ outputs as a ?04:23
* go|dfish aint down with locale inside or outside of X04:25
Rotwangedgar_: don't use them04:26
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harlequinrugek, are you on?04:48
harlequini got a problem with the ion3 package, so i have change the prefix path to /usr in the file and it works now, maybe you will check that out04:52
aonedgar_: you need to change the font, too04:52
harlequinthats the changed Pkgfile:
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aoncool, sourcefarce is advertising spyware07:28
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go|dfisho rly?08:02
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aongo|dfish: ya rly08:39
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akinI'm trying to install gnome, but when it comes to python, it encounters an error, mismatch in footprint09:58
akinI don't have a log on it09:58
akinand I can't press "page up"09:58
Rotwangakin: report it to the maintainer09:59
Rotwangfor now you can ignore it09:59
akinbut the installation of the gnome group failed10:00
akinit halted10:00
akinhow do I continue it?10:00
Rotwangthats nothing terrible10:00
akindo I have to recompile everything?10:00
Rotwangprt-get depinst gnome10:00
Rotwangno you doin't10:00
Rotwangakin: you may pass -im to prt-get10:01
Rotwangblah -if10:01
akinI've started it10:01
Rotwangomfg wtf lol !?!10:01
Rotwangand dont forget about install-scripts10:02
akinI included install-scripts10:02
akinbut not -if10:02
akinbut it seems to work now10:02
akinit started with python10:02
akincan I see how many packages that are still left while I'm looking at the prt-get depinst gnome output?10:03
akinfootprint mispatch again10:03
akinis it a serious problem?10:04
Rotwangnot realy10:04
Rotwangwell it shouldn't be ;]10:04
Rotwangakin: besides read wiki10:04
akin-if is now included10:04
akinI've read it10:04
thrice`sometimes packages will add support for extra stuff you have10:05
akincrux is so nice, but it's easy to encounter problems10:05
Rotwangyeah, thats why i enabled ignore footprint option10:06
Rotwangbut some people say its insane10:06
akinwell python's footprint have a mismatch, but it could be the thing that thrice` said10:07
Rotwangwhile it isnt10:07
Rotwangi ignore footprints for about year now with no problems ;]10:07
thrice`depends.  it should be obvious what the issue is10:07
thrice`i don't think it's safe to ignore footprints, as I like knowing what the differences are (and, they really don't happen *that* often)10:08
akinbut what if I wanted to remove python, will it remove stuff based on the footprint or a installation log?10:08
Rotwangthrice`: it is safe10:08
thrice`based on the install log10:08
Rotwangand mismatches happens quite often10:09
Rotwangit depends on what do you have installed10:09
thrice`on a pretty fresh install, something like python (early in the dep-list) probably shouldn't, however10:11
akinit was a fresh installation, then I did a prt-get sysup, then I installed xorg, then gnome10:13
akinonly that10:13
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akinguile failed10:19
akinI can't scroll up10:19
Rotwangakin: it hapens10:20
Rotwangi had problems with guile as well :\10:20
Rotwangakin: but there is always a solution10:20
akinhow do I solve it?10:20
akinwhich is? :)10:20
Rotwangtry googling, or messing with it by yourself10:20
treachredirect the screen output to a log file.10:20
thrice`you need to post the error10:20
Rotwangor borrow ready package from another distro10:21
akintoo much hassle10:21
thrice`that's a terrible solution10:21
Rotwangthrice`: which one?10:21
thrice`using another distros package10:21
akinborrowing I gues10:21
Rotwangif there is no other way out10:21
Rotwangakin: you may also strip guile from gnome deps10:22
thrice`I really don't think that blindly using -if and using other distro's packages to fix compile errors are helpful =\  but I will keep to myself10:22
treachIMO, the clearly better solution would be to go kde instead. ;)10:23
Rotwangi dont get you both ;]10:23
thrice`perhaps a /usr/ports/kde4 is needed o.O10:23
Rotwangif there is no better solution what to do?10:23
akinI don't like kde10:24
treachthrice`: maybe you should ask alain about it. ;)10:24
thrice`I think a seperate repo is a great idea.  that way we can keep 3.5.x around too10:24
treachwell. you could do that by stuffing everything in contrib too.10:25
akinhow long will it take for the maintainer to fix the gnome packages so I wont encounter these errors10:25
Rotwangakin: guile is needed only by games stuff10:25
treachjust don't mix the packages you install..10:25
Rotwangakin: guile error is there for ages ;]10:25
thrice`akin: the gnome maintainer is very good.  can you post your error?10:25
akinhow do I redirect the output? with > file?10:26
treachthrice`: like kde{3,4}-base, etc. etc.10:26
go|dfishakin: yes.10:26
Rotwangoutput it together with stderr10:26
thrice`or tee10:26
treachakin: google can tell you10:26
akinprt-get depdinst guile  > guile_error10:26
akinprt-get depdinst guile  3> guile_error10:26
treachit's not quite that simple10:26
thrice`treach: really?  I like having DE-free contrib10:26
treachyou get too many ports? :)10:27
Rotwangakin: prt-get depdinst guile  &> guile_error10:27
Rotwangtry this^10:27
treachjust because they are in the same repo doesn't mean they have to clash10:27
akinoh ok10:27
akinbut where should I post the error?10:28
treachin the topic10:28
akinI don't have x with a de10:28
thrice`doesn't x still ship with twm?10:28
treachwhat are you using? Irssi shows the topic..10:29
treachakin: /topic :>10:29
akinoh ok10:30
thrice`there is also wgetpaste in contrib10:30
akinok, I need a mouse10:30
thrice`i think wgetpaste will let you do it from cli, like "cat guile_error | wgetpaste"10:31
treachscreen does allow you to copy / paste as well.10:31
akinoh cool10:35
akinhave to try it10:35
akingpm didn't work10:35
treachYay, apparently VIA quits chipset manufacturing. Thank you $DIETY! :>10:38
akindid that link work?10:40
thrice`tar: guile-1.8.4/guile-readline/ implausibly old time stamp 1970-01-01 00:00:0010:40
thrice`hm ;)10:40
akinmy date is not on 197010:40
tilmantar is a pussy ;)10:40
akinis that what's causing the error?10:41
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akincan I lock guile?10:44
akinI mean, should I?10:44
Rotwangakin: have you tried removing autoreconf?10:44
Rotwangakin: locking wont help10:44
Rotwangyou need to remove it from deps10:44
thrice`has this been the only app that has complained?10:45
Rotwangakin: good thing is that as i said earlier, guile is needed for games only iirc10:45
go|dfishRotwang: I think I just discovered the best application ever. Seeing as you like colours you might like it too --
akinwell, python gave me a footprint mismatch error, and now I got the guile error10:46
Rotwangakin: remove gnome-games from gnome port10:46
thrice`I can't see the guile pkgfile, is there a "autoreconf" line?10:46
Rotwangthrice`: yes10:46
thrice`oh, try removing that line :)10:47
Rotwangbut without it guile also fails10:47
thrice`oh, weird10:47
Rotwangthrice`: i suggested it few lines before ;]10:47
thrice`akin: how large of a footprint mismatch did python give you?10:47
Rotwanggo|dfish: seems interesting ;], thanks10:48
akindon't know now, I never logged it, I made used the -if option when i encountered it10:48
akinso I should remove games from gnome?10:48
Rotwangakin: if its not big issue for you, yes10:49
Rotwangit will speed things up10:49
Rotwangand when guile issue will be solved you will be still able to add gnome-games10:49
treachNOOOOOO, no "winmines". DISASTER!!! :DD10:49
akinbut is the dependency settings in the Pkgfile?10:50
akinit doesn't make any sence, how come the first like is commented out?10:50
Rotwangakin: sed -i 's/gnome-games//' /usr/ports/gnome/gnome/Pkgfile10:50
Ovim-ObscurumDoes anybody of you know, where the pcmcia daemon is in crux 2.4?10:50
Ovim-ObscurumCouldn't find it, and without it, I can't use my pcmcia NIC10:51
Rotwangakin: dependencies are interpreted by prt-get not pkgmk10:51
akinbut where does prt-get get the dependency info from?10:52
Rotwangfrom Pkgfile x|10:52
Rotwang# Depends on: blah blah10:52
treachOvim-Obscurum: I don't use pcmcia stuff, but have you looked in the portdb?10:52
akinbut why does it have a comment (#)?10:53
Ovim-ObscurumYepp, nothing found. :(10:53
Ovim-Obscurumpcmciautils are installed.10:53
Ovim-ObscurumWeird stuff.10:53
Rotwangakin: why not?10:53
Rotwangakin: as i said before10:53
Rotwangpkgmk doesnt handle dependencies10:53
Rotwangakin: you may treat commented header of Pkgfile as meta info10:54
Rotwangor sth like that10:54
akinok :)10:54
Rotwang  <-- i've found this10:55
akinwhy doesn't the gnome maintainer fix the guile package?10:57
akinlack of time?10:57
Rotwangdonno mail him ;]10:58
treachmaybe he doesn't even know there's a problem10:58
Rotwangit wasnt big issue for me when i encountered this problem some time ago10:58
thrice`he's on irc, too (just no in this channel)10:58
thrice`try that patch to see if it works10:58
Rotwangim rying it atm10:59
akinI've never patched a package10:59
Rotwangakin: wait a moment10:59
akinOMG, more errors10:59
akinmd5sum mismatch cups11:00
Rotwanghehe it works11:00
thrice`omg, crux suckz11:00
Rotwangakin: if you still want guile11:00
tilmanis it idiot-monday?11:00
go|dfishSomebody's got a case of the Mondays!11:01
Rotwanguse this patch11:01
Rotwangoh noes, again!!11:01
tilmanthis particular monday certainly sucks big time11:01
treachtilman: Moron Monday. :p11:01
thrice`Rotwang: you should poke jaeger about it :)11:01
tilmanyeah, that's better11:01
akinwell, that's it!11:01
treachmight be something for ubuntu ^11:01
treach"Moron Mandrill" or something :D11:02
tilmanretarded redneck11:02
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akineither I install blackbox or going back to arch11:02
akinbut I really want crux11:03
Rotwangakin: try lxde ;]11:03
* akin almost cries11:03
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akinwhat's that?11:03
treachmore trouble11:03
thrice`this lxde seems quite popular11:03
treachjust use some wm, it's a lot less complicated than trying to get gnome running..11:04
akincan't find a package for it11:04
akinbut I can get gnome running in arch in no time11:04
akinwhy does it have to be complicated now11:04
akinoh well11:04
tilmanwhy do you even ask us about that?11:04
akinI like the apps in gnome11:04
akinthey are so nice11:04
akinevince, epiphany etc11:04
akinthe file manager, omg, so nice11:05
tilmani heard you can run evince/epiphany without running gnome11:05
treachomg, use your brain, find other/better apps to use instead.11:05
akinyes, but then I need some stupid gnome packages, either it ALL or nothing11:05
treachwatch complication factor drop 10000%11:05
thrice`evince would be nice without gnome :)11:05
thrice`I wonder if epdfview is still maintained o.O11:05
tilmandon't think so11:06
treachthere's epdview.. or rakt. :D11:06
tilmanfortunately it works11:06
thrice`i often question the leadership of rakt, too..11:06
akinbut If I don't have gnome, I can't (my mind) use gnome libs11:06
treachpcmanfm rocks11:06
Rotwangakin: god damn, stop complaining11:06
akinI can't, it's what I do11:07
Rotwanguse patch for guile, redownload cups archive or ignore md5sum11:07
Rotwangetc etc11:07
tilmanthrice`: you're kidding, right?11:07
treachcomplainers go to windows, where they keep complaining, but can do less about things so they resign, still unhappy. :>11:07
thrice`tilman: :D11:07
thrice`of course ;)11:08
tilmani probably should /quit about now11:08
tilmanlooks like i'll pay 700 eur to get my car fixed; i'm not in the best mood ever ;p11:08
Rotwanglxde is pretty nice and prommising11:08
thrice`tilman: oh, sorry11:08
Rotwangi dont have a car == no  problems \o/11:08
treachtilman: why, we like you and, despite its limitations, rakt is pretty nice too. :>11:08
akincan prt-get automatically patch stuff?11:09
akinso I have to do it manually?11:09
tilmanyeah, but i'm about to yell and insult people in the worst ways :D11:09
treachand you can't have any cheezburger either..11:09
Rotwangakin: edit Pkgfile11:09
joacimI can't has cheezburger?!  :S11:10
treachindeed not11:10
thrice`anyone have luck sticking the crux iso on a usb-key for installation ?11:10
akinI have11:10
thrice`oh my, now I really feel like $fail11:10
treachdid you write a howto? :p11:10
akinbut it didn't work flawlessly11:10
treachfuck flawless.11:10
treachif something works, that's good enough to begin with.11:11
thrice`glitches can be fixed afterwards :)11:11
akinI used a program, don't know what it's called, but I saved the link, but it's on another harddrive because I'm trying to install crux at the moment11:11
akinit was a graphical app11:11
akinvery noobish, but it worked11:11
thrice`i've tried copying stuff over, but I think the bootloader is the cause of my failure11:12
treachactually, we're not interested in your beeing noobish. but if you had documented the process you could actually be of some use, for a change. :p11:12
akinI'll get it for you, 2 min11:13
akinI hope it works, I got it from my BIG firefoxbookmark backup file11:17
akinbtw <- spaceninja11:19
akinyou don't have two noobs here, it's the same guy, different name11:20
treachsurprise, surprise.11:20
tilmanakin: there's no way we wouldn't know11:22
akinbut my nick changes, I got several computers, different clients and settings, and I forget to change the nick11:24
treachI guess we could have missed it if we were bild, deaf and retarded. :>11:24
akinit's that obvious?  :P11:24
akinis it*11:25
tilmanwell, #crux isn't very busy11:25
treachfor one..11:25
akinthere is always something going on evertime I'm in here, maybe it's because of me :)11:26
treachgood timing.11:26
treachlook in the log.11:26
tilman<crux> slow day, zzZzz11:26
tilman<akin> sup, i've got these problems: [...]11:27
tilman<crux> ziomg, noob11:27
treach<crux>No treach today, ZzzzZzzzzzzzZzzzzz11:27
akinbut I'm learning alot by asking questions11:27
akinif I do this for 2 years, I'll be a super guru someday11:28
tilmanmaybe ;D11:28
treachquestion is; Super guru at what...?11:28
Rotwangasking questions11:29
akinat being annyoing11:29
akindoes anyone know a good list of NON-gnome gtk+ apps?11:30
Rotwangakin: i reccomend lxde ;]11:30
treachyeah, look in contrib. :>11:30
Rotwangit has pcmanfm and many other gtk apps11:30
akinsounds cool11:30
Rotwangwell not that many11:31
akinI have see some screenshots11:31 have a list somewhere11:33
joacimdont ask me where.. cant be bothered to look for it11:33
treachfirefox, sylpheed and pcmanfm should be enough to start with.11:34
go|dfishakin: If you do this for 2 years, you will have no friends.11:35
treachObviously there's OO.o and/or eclipse if that kind of stuff floats your boat too. :>11:35
Rotwanggo|dfish: haha11:35
akinI know11:36
treachheh, well, maybe you go|dfish. :> At least he will sleep with the fishes. :D11:36
akinI'm just asking question when I'm a noob at something11:36
akinbut when I become good, I usually help out alot11:36
akinlol if you only knew how many channels I've been banned from :)11:41
go|dfishProbably about 1,000.11:42
akinwhat you see today is a VERY calm version of what I've been11:42
akinI mean11:42
thrice`xfce is pretty good, for a gnome alternative11:42
akinyeah, but if I get xfce, I can't use gnome apps, (my pedantic mind)11:43
treachahh, you're aming at geting good at getting banned. Rest assured, it will not take 2 years to become a guru at that, with the current progress. :>11:43
akinbut I'm calm, I got serious problems11:43
akinusually I get warnings, but freebsd banned me instantly11:44
tilmantreach: no, but wasn't there some other insane guy who moved from the us to sweden?11:44
akinbsd people are really strange :p11:44
tilmanakin: did you emigrate from the us?11:44
treachtilman: no idea.11:45
akinnot really, how come?11:45
tilmanhow can you not remember?11:45
treacheh, getting good at forgetting stuff? :p11:45
akinseems like you guys don't forget11:45
* akin got the xmq port11:46
akintime to install lxde11:46
akingreat, another error11:48
akinare errors common in crux or what?11:48
thrice`errors are coded in to keep some users away11:49
akinno serously?11:49
treachno, errors are not common in crux. but when ever you start using stuff outside the normal repos you have to be prepaired to do some shoehorning.11:49
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treachI _seriously_suggest_ you start up with just a wm and a few gtk apps and try to figure out where you want to go next, rather than jumping from one major project to another.11:51
treachtry something that has any possibility to success, rather than setting youself up for failure all the time11:51
akinI guess xorg + blackbox is safe11:52
akinbtw, I know how to edid the menu, I hope11:52
tilman cp /usr/share/blackbox/menu ~/.blackbox_menu11:52
tilmanvim ~/.blackboxrc # edit the path to the menu11:52
tilmanvi m~/.blackbox_menu11:53
akingreat, that's more like it11:53
akinfreenode = the magic google, but I know, it's best to find out the answers by yourself11:54
akinI've installed so much crap, I have to reinstall crux11:55
akinsee ya11:55
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treachyou guys should switch nicks. :>11:57
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Rotwanglxsession-lite is not yet listed in portdb12:17
Rotwangoh well hes gone12:17
tilmanwonder whether they are using libobrender to draw the panel12:22
tilman(so it uses the same theme as openbox)12:22
thrice`i found a pretty good openbox panel 2 days ago that is working ok here :)12:24
thrice`called "tint"12:24
Rotwanglxpanel is completely standalone12:24
Rotwangwell it depends on gtk of course ;]12:25
tilmanthrice`: ah yeah, that one has gotten some coverage in the blogosphere lately ;D12:25
thrice`the borders sometimes get funky, but it's very solid here :)12:26
tilman internet explorer icon on the desktop ._o12:26
tilmanclearly the developers are batshit insane12:26
tilmanlooks nice though12:27
tilmani wonder whether the developers are french :>12:27
Rotwanglxpanel uses gtk theme, desktop is managed by pcmanfm ;]12:31
tilmani thought you were an awesome fanboy12:31
RotwangI am, but everyone needs change from time to time12:32
Rotwangand new awesome config is going to be in lua which pisses me off12:33
go|dfishi keep meaning to try awesome just for the cool looking statusbar.12:35
Rotwanggo for it, but keep in mind that you may have to rewrite config every time when new awesome release is out12:36
go|dfishi just wont upgrade.12:36
go|dfishi kept at dwm 3.x for AGES because some of the newer changes annoyed me.12:37
Rotwangawesome 3.0 -> lua, awesome 3.1 -> brainfuck, awesome 3.2 -> whitespace12:37
go|dfishah wtf.12:37
aonlxde looks awfully boring :(12:37
Rotwanggo|dfish: im joking ;]12:38
go|dfishRotwang: I realized after I typed :)12:38
go|dfishI was about to ask "brainfuck -- are you serious?"12:39
tilmango|dfish: statusbar? you mean that widgets thing?12:42
tilman ?12:42
Rotwangi never played with that12:43
go|dfishtilman: yep. i currently use dwm, and just have a script output in the statusbar. those things look way cooler.12:44
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go|dfishi assume awesome can be made to function like dwm.12:46
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Rotwanggo|dfish: acoc looks nice but i wont use it :<15:37
go|dfishi waas just browsing his site, it's a neat idea.15:37
Rotwangyou need to make symlinks and stuff15:37
Rotwangtoo much hasle15:37
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go|dfishoh well.15:52
Rotwangbut im still looking for color-kernel patch ;]15:55
Rotwangthat one previously seemd to be out of date15:55
go|dfishoh yeah. i forgot about that.15:55
RotwangI havent tried it though15:56
go|dfishwell, i enabled that option in my kernel, i have it with these zen patches.15:56
go|dfishbut nothing happened, i got a new hard disk then, so i was busy copying my system over.15:56
go|dfishso i didnt get time to look at it15:56
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telitiHello everyone. Just a question: Is there a new release planned in the near future?17:19
telitithank you17:32
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teliti ahh thank you :-)17:47
telitihave a nice time, see ya!17:48
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