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KozakMANcrux 2.4 - how can i update core up to date ?08:05
KozakMANsorry for my english08:06
teKports -u core ; prt-get sysup08:08
thrice`KozakMAN: crux uses the ports system.  if you run "ports -u" it will update your ports tree, and "prt-get sysup" will compile the updates :)08:08
teK(a) you have to run these programs with root-privileges (b) you need prt-get08:08
KozakMANit is update would be right ?08:11
thrice`if you want to see a list, "prt-get diff"  shows what will be updated08:12
KozakMANgcc must build first and so on08:13
thrice`there have been alot of updates since 2.4 was released back in December :)08:13
KozakMANhow correctly is order kept at an update ?08:16
KozakMANwhether there will not be errors in future08:17
teKprt-get sysup should take of the order08:17
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spaceninjaglib source is not working08:18
thrice`change it to the mirror gtk uses and it will work08:18
teK+ you may file a bug at
KozakMANshould take but not must08:21
teKas far as my experience is regarded: it does.08:21
spaceninjado I need to create a bug account?08:21
teKyou can write an email, too08:22
KozakMANwhy does gcc update after other utilities ?08:22
teKI'd have to take a look at prt-get's sources to answer that question. But I understand what you are aluding to.08:25
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spaceninjathrice`: doesn't have the 2.16 version of glib08:38
thrice`btw, to find that, I opened up firefox, and went to google to type "glib"08:42
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spaceninjaI don't have firefox08:55
spaceninjaI don't have a gui web browser08:55
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spaceninjaI want a gtkplus written webbrowser that isn't based on mozilla08:56
spaceninjagtk1 is ugly, I'm thinking of dillo now08:57
spaceninjaI guess I'm stuck to firefox now that I can't use epiphany08:57
Rotwangarora is nice but it uses qt08:58
spaceninjaugh qt08:58
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spaceninjabut I love kolorpaint, the best app ever08:59
spaceninjaI wish someone ported kolorpaint to gtk08:59
thrice`midori is a gtk webkit browser08:59
spaceninjais it gkt1?08:59
spaceninjalooks nice09:01
spaceninjawhat's the catch?09:01
spaceninjaI don't trust 3rd party repos'09:02
spaceninjaI always get errors from them09:02
Rotwangthats because sometimes thinking is required09:03
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spaceninjaI can think, but I don't want to, the job should be done properly from the beginning, make it perfect or don't do it.09:04
spaceninjathat's how I see it09:04
Rotwangyou see it wrong09:05
spaceninjaI always strive for perfection in everything that interrest me09:06
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spaceninjayasee ca09:08
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thrice`anyone use wpa_supplicant to connect to wifi on crux?09:13
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thrice`i'm trying to think of the most logical place to call wpa_supplicant.  perhaps /etc/rc.d/net.wireless or something09:15
aoni have /etc/rc.d/wlan09:17
aonbut ymmv09:18
thrice`yeah, sounds logical to me :)09:18
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spaceninjajoin #zenwalk10:17
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aonno, i won't10:17
spaceninjaheh, I dpm10:19
spaceninjadon't know if I can take any more errors, maybe source distros aren't my cup of tea10:20
spaceninjaI've tried arch, but it feels bloated compared with crux, maybe zen :)10:20
go|dfishEverything will feel bloated compared to Crux.10:21
aonexcept perhaps some non-linux-based oses10:24
spaceninjalike freebsd?10:25
go|dfishLike my lean mean Vista installation!10:25
go|dfishspaceninja: Deal with bloat or deal with errors.10:26
aonyeah, or {net,open,dragonfly}bsd10:26
aonor plan9 :)10:26
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Rotwangaon: $ true ; (( $? )) || echo "Hello, #crux!"10:31
Rotwangit just came to me few minutes ago ;]10:31
aonah, of course10:32
go|dfishspaceninja: midori is rather nice, but it is still heavy in development. it has segfaulted on me a number of times.11:09
go|dfishit's development also depends on the progress of webkit11:09
tilmani think arora beats midori in the modern-light-browsers shootout ;)11:10
thrice`tilman: have you tried 0.0.19 of midori?11:11
tilmanprobably not11:12
thrice`ah.  it was released about a week ago, and seems to be doing a little better :)11:12
tilmani had been trying random git builds11:12
go|dfishAh, never heard of arora11:12
go|dfishQT ;_;11:13
Rotwangsomeone know solution to epiphany - gecko issue?11:14
thrice`tilman: though, you yesterday mentioning evince without gnome still has me curious ;)11:20
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Rotwangwhat is a god damn gtk 2 gecko build?? 0o11:49
RedShiftRotwang: it's called double pain12:34
Rotwangchecking which gecko to use... configure: error: No gecko found12:57
Rotwangi know im not supposed to say this, but:12:58
thrice`what are you trying to build?12:58
thrice`can you point it at xulrunner?12:58
Rotwangi disabled browser plugins, now it builds12:59
Rotwangbut gnome ports should be revisited12:59
Rotwangby jaeger12:59
thrice`does he maintain them still?12:59
Rotwangi think so13:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: glib: switched URL to
tilmanrehabdoll: Option "Int10" "Off" in xorg.conf to get rid of the x86 emulation support in the kernel for your radeon13:27
tilmanrehabdoll: works on my r420 at least13:27
cruxbot[core.git]: man-pages: updated to 3.07.13:33
thrice`does cdrtools fail (missing manpage) for anyone else with greater than -j1?13:35
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tilmanthrice`: seems to work for me. only did one test run though13:42
thrice`huh, musta been something else.  I got footprint mismatch with "-j 3"13:43
tilman2.01.01a45-1, right?13:43
thrice`yes.  I'll play more later :)13:44
tilmanaha, got the error now :)13:46
tilmanMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man8/devdump.8.gz13:46
thrice`with -j3?13:47
thrice`oh, ok.  I'll poke viper then :)13:47
thrice`thanks tilman13:48
tilmanthrice`: you should use cdrkit ;p13:48
teKwhich fails to build if you have got linux-pam installed, btw13:48
thrice`ah, will look into it :)  this was just a fresh 2.4 -> current on my thinkpad13:49
teK(just installed it because schilling-record trashed two cds today in the morning)13:49
tilmanwhy does it fail?13:49
tilmancan you fix your web server to serve that as text/plain? ;p13:52
teKarg :>13:52
teKI think I specifically disable this for my vhost13:53
teKgimme a second13:53
teKI hate this behaviour, too13:57
tilmanaon: ^^^ is that the same bug that jue reported some days/weeks ago? that you need libcap to build libcap?13:57
tilmanteK: or do you know for sure that it's related to pam?13:57
aonerr, no, that's not the same bug13:58
thrice`make CFLAGS="-I/usr/include/pcap -O2"14:00
thrice`does that work?14:00
aonpcap is something entirely different and irrelevant14:00
aonand "
aoneh, wtf14:00
aon/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcap14:00
aonthat's not an include error to begin with14:00
teKtilman: I removed linux-pam and it built..14:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: getmail: 4.8.2 -> 4.8.314:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: freeciv: 2.1.5 -> 2.1.615:37
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teKanyone using wodim or cdrecords for burning cds?16:16
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thrice`huh; evince doesn't want to build without gnome o.O18:51
nipuLthrice`: use epdfview instead19:08
thrice`i know, just messing around :)19:09
thrice`someone said it was now possible, but it stil complains about gtk-docs here19:10
thrice`er, gnome-gtk-gocs19:10
Rotwangmaybe you could try to throw it off from configure?19:10
thrice`not looking good :)  it also is looking for gconf and gnome-icon-theme19:14
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kmandlaHas anyone installed openal out of contrib? The Pkgfile is downloading an html page.19:39
nipuLwhat does the html page show, it could be a 404 or something19:42
kmandlaNo, it seems to be a download page for sound software ... hold on a second. ...19:46
kmandla"Linux Drivers for Creative Audio Cards" and so forth19:48
kmandlaThe file is called openal-0.0.8.tar.gz, but it's definitely an html document19:48
kmandlamaybe the link moved.19:48
kmandlaand the page is being downloaded instead.19:48
nipuLif you're sure the link is broken, submit a bug on
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kmandlaThanks, I'll double-check and probably submit it as a bug. Cheers.20:04
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kmandlaI added the openal thing at
kmandlaI hope I did that right.22:42
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