IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-08-13

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cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] ruby: another security fix04:36
cruxbot[opt.git]: maradns: update to
cruxbot[core.git]: vim: update to 7.204:39
cruxbot[opt.git]: gvim: update to 7.204:42
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go|dfishHas anybody had issues with firefox 3.0.1 ? I've just had to downgrade to plain 3.006:00
go|dfishplugins would just not work in it for me.06:00
go|dfishI've just discovered that Vimperator plugin, which is rather sweet.06:01
Rotwangnot me06:03
go|dfishWeird. No idea what was up with it.06:04
Rotwangdamn im now fscked06:05
Rotwanghow do i disable that plugin? ;]06:06
Rotwangk, got that06:06
Rotwangbtw, gnome users around?06:07
Rotwangi have no applications menu at all06:08
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KozakMANwhat i must add to pkgmk.conf to build packages in two threads ?06:32
nipuLcd $FOO; pkgmk &; cd $BAR; pkgmk&06:37
KozakMANmake -j4 to pkgmk.conf06:40
KozakMANhow ?06:40
nipuLexport MAKEFLAGS="-j4"06:41
nipuLalternatively, man make06:41
KozakMANhow to install xorg from ports ?06:53
nipuLprt-get depinst xorg06:53
nipuLtime to play spot the noob?06:53
Rotwangpitillo: ping06:55
KozakMANcan i rebuild all core packages by new gcc ?06:59
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nipuLif you don't have a social life06:59
Rotwangif you want to raise your room temerature few degrees up07:00
pitilloRotwang, pong07:06
Rotwangpitillo: have you thought about putting e17 to contrib?07:06
thrice`rather than its own repo?07:07
pitilloRotwang, I haven't thought on it, I am not sure if there is enought people using it07:07
pitilloI think can be better use its own repo, and if it can be interesting, put it in, but not in crontrib07:08
pitilloI think so, like the other WM with many ports07:08 portdb ?07:10
pitillotake a look to xfce for example07:11
thrice` ?  I like this idea of a seperate repo :)07:11
Rotwangyeah me too in general07:12
RotwangI have lxde ports and keep thinking what to do with them07:13
thrice`well, doesn't lxde already use stuff from opt and contrib?07:13
pitillobtw, if you feel it's a good idea, contact me, and if anyone is using it and maintaining ports related to e17, too07:13
Rotwangthrice`: some components07:14
Rotwangi thought also on establishing new repo like altdes or sth07:14
Rotwangbut it may be not the best idea07:14
thrice`how many ports is lxde, in general ?07:15
Rotwangfor now ~1007:15
Rotwangbut it's grownig07:15
thrice`ooh, I remember why I didn't like lxde.  It needs hal :)07:16
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Rotwang1because pcmanfm needs it, but it can be turned off i guess07:20
thrice`I am currently with openbox, tint, and rox :)07:22
cruxbot[opt.git]: conky: update to 1.6.007:36
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spaceninjawhat is mc and irssi written in?12:39
spaceninjathe graphical thing12:40
tilmanirssi isn't a graphical thing12:40
tilmanand iirc mc isn't either12:40
spaceninjayou know exacly what I mean12:40
tilmanmaybe you're after "ncurses"12:40
spaceninjayes thanks12:40
spaceninjaI'm only going to have ncurses programs12:41
spaceninjaoh, found another one, mpg12312:45
Rotwangmoc is nice12:46
tilmanmpg123 doesn't use curses12:47
spaceninjayep, saw it now12:47
spaceninjaonly terminal12:47
spaceninjaI'm compiling moc now12:48
spaceninjathis is going to be awesome, fluxbox with tons of ncurses programs12:48
* spaceninja drewls 12:49
spaceninjabut I need one graphical app, firefox12:49
Rotwangspaceninja: tiling wm would be better for this purpose12:50
Rotwanglike dwm or awesome12:50
spaceninjafirefox can tile12:50
spaceninjaI mean, fluxbox12:50
spaceninjaI think it's tiling, putting several windows on one frame or something_12:51
spaceninjablackbox can't tile12:51
spaceninjabut I'll check them out12:53
spaceninjamy font on firefox is not looking great >)13:00
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go|dfishThat guy is nuts.13:10
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Dibottrying to build linux from source is driving me nuts.  Is crux just a basic source distro that I could use instead of building it?13:30
tilmando you mean linux from scratch?13:31
Dibottilman: actually, yeah.  what are the differences between a built lfs and crux?13:31
rehabdollports & packages13:32
rehabdolland some choices are already made for you (not many though :))13:32
Dibotports.. are those just a collection of packages?13:33
rehabdoll <- example13:34
rehabdollits like bsd-ports13:34
Dibotbasically, just the place to get the source from and the commands to build/install it?13:35
rehabdollyeah, with one command13:35
Dibotthat's beautiful13:35
RotwangDibot: go and read handbook13:35
rehabdollit builds a package and installs it.. makes it simple to remove if you need to13:35
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* roliveira good evening!13:47
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* Dibot about to reboot.. crosses fingers for crux install14:08
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rehabdollsee you on the other side14:09
tilmanmaybe, maybe not14:09
Dibothah.. appreciate that tilman ;)14:09
tilmanoh, i thought you left. misread14:10
tilmanDibot: if you managed lfs, you'll manage the crux installation ;)14:10
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thrice`oh my14:37
Diboteak.. kernel panick14:53
j^2VFS probably14:53
Dibotyup.  what does that mean?14:53
j^2did you edit /etc/fstab?14:53
Dibotyup.  I uncommented /dev/sda1 as ext3, /dev/sda5 as swap, and CD-ROM14:54
Dibotvfs is definitely a fstab issue though?14:54
j^2meh, usally mine ;)14:54
Diboti'll look at it again14:55
Dibotj^2: do you have /tmp uncommented?14:56
thrice`Dibot: usually means your IDE / SCSI stuff or root FS isn't compiled into the kernel14:57
thrice`(not as modules)14:57
Dibotthrice`: i checked, but it looked like sata and ext3 were enabled by default during the kernel build14:57
thrice`you're sure the correct sata controller is too?14:58
Diboti'll recompile and check14:58
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* Dibot enabled kernel support for almost every scsi/sata device.18:45
Dibotwhat are the advantages and disadvantages of enabling kernel support for a device instead of module?18:50
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Dibotcrux doesn't include 'adduser'.  Is there another way to add users to linux other than this command?>19:54
Dibotoh.. it's useradd19:56
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jooloowoohoo!  got crux booting19:59
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jooloowhen making a port.. how can you findout all the makefile options?20:29
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jooloowhy would a package make correctly when it's unziped, but not when the Pkgfile script runs?21:00
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^racer^jooloo: does the Pkgfile attempt to patch it at all?21:28
^racer^or are any config changes scripted?21:29
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joolooargh.. i hate imake23:07
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Cryptorchildhi, i just have crux 2.4 installed, how to install package like gnome or kde? newbie here :D23:29
KozakMANprt-get depinst gnome23:37
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