IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-08-14

joolooanyone mind searching to see if they have Imake.tmpl on their system?00:02
nipuLxorg-cf-files  usr/lib/X11/config/Imake.tmpl00:29
teKI neither have it on SuSE (SLES 10.1) nor on CRUX-2.4 (both with X)00:29
nipuLanyone know how to filter out flash reflection, I have a hotspot on a photo00:30
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KozakMANblack screen on vga=791 in grub.conf00:54
KozakMANvideo ati x230000:54
KozakMANchipset ATI SB60000:55
KozakMANwhat wrong ?00:55
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joolooHow can I include patches in my ports?01:06
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teKput them into the ports directory and add them without any URL to source=() in the Pkgfile01:12
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Rotwangmike_k: hi05:13
mike_kRotwang: hello05:24
Rotwangmike_k: maybe you could close bug05:26
Rotwangits there for more than year ;]05:26
Rotwangand fixed long ago05:26
Rotwangsuch bugs doesn't look well05:26
mike_kyep, and it was pretty out of date (last week, when I looked at it)05:27
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mike_kI'll email Alan and close that afterwards05:28
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spaceninjawhere is the X11 folder?11:54
cruxbot[contrib.git]: pcmanfm: fixed broken download link11:56
Rotwangspaceninja: in space11:56
spaceninjafound it11:56
Rotwangdamn this link was b0rken since the beginning i think, and noone reported ;]11:56
RotwangI wonder if cruxs user base is larger than 20 ;]11:57
thrice`that's because noone is crazy enough to use pcmanfm ;)11:59
spaceninjawho is using pcmanfm? :)11:59
spaceninjaother than me?11:59
* spaceninja reboots12:00
Rotwangpcmanfm is the best file manager ever ;P12:00
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joacimthunar yo12:07
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spaceninjawhich terminal is the fastest one?12:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: pcmanfm: added missing dependency13:22
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spaceninjawhere should I put my xorg.conf, xorg doen't read the xorg.conf file in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf13:27
spaceninjaI'll put it in /etc/13:28
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Rotwanggrrrr x|13:41
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RotwangI hope someone receives mails to contrib-admin at crux dot nu   ;]15:54
Rotwangsent to*15:54
go|dfishHmmmm, I just an 'internal compiler error' :)15:56
Rotwangit happens ;>15:58
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go|dfishSeems Audacity wasn't happy with one of my CFLAGS.16:07
go|dfishworks now \o/16:08
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cruxbot[opt.git]: cdrtools: -j116:39
cruxbot[opt.git]: postfix: updated to 2.5.316:39
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bdfyHi All!17:03
jooloowhat's up?17:03
joolooanyone here running their main install without xorg?17:04
bdfyI want to present some ports :-!17:04
jooloobdfy: awesome!  what've you got?17:04
Rotwangbdfy: create your repo17:05
Rotwangand submit it17:05
jooloocan you get google code webspace for free?17:07
* jooloo has been working on some vtwm ports.17:07
Rotwangbdfy: make httpup or rsync repo17:08
Rotwanginfo you can fnd on the wiki17:08
bdfyI am sending the letter,17:08
morlenxusjdolan: pinger17:08
Rotwangponger i would say ;]17:08
bdfybut I am not reciving nothing17:08
Rotwangbdfy: you need to wait17:09
Rotwang6 milion years17:09
jdolanmorlenxus, ack17:09
bdfyFrom: Ivan <> To: Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 03:32:02 +040017:09
bdfySorry my English :-!17:10
morlenxusjdolan: Remember the mplayer patch i send you? Why didn't you put it into svn, something not ok with it17:10
morlenxuspymp mplayer patch17:10
jdolani basically don't maintain pymp anymore.  q2w takes all of my free software time.17:10
jdolando you want svn access?17:10
morlenxusWell if that's ok for you?17:11
bdfyRotwang: What I am doing wrong. I am reading this:
morlenxusSo no more releases?17:11
jdolanmorlenxus, i wouldn't say that.17:12
bdfy> Rotwang: bdfy: make httpup or rsync repo17:12
morlenxusSo the usual time problems. :)17:12
jdolansome day i might dust it off and update it.  (like when gtk+ gets a tree widget with proper tooltips support)17:12
bdfyAlredy there is it17:12
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jdolanmorlenxus, if you have svn access, you'll actually have shell access to my box, and if you wanted to pump out releases that'd be cool.17:13
jdolanit's basically an opportunity for you to take over the maintenance of the project, i suppose.17:13
Rotwangbdfy: i donno what youre doing wrong ;]17:13
Rotwangsetting up httpup repo is pretty straightforward17:13
morlenxusHm no, svn access is way enough, i just would like to add some little improvements like adding a scrollbar and such stuff.17:13
morlenxusOr for example a way to remove a title from the playlist. ;)17:14
Rotwangyou need some webspace to make ports tree17:14
jdolanthat's cool.  maybe when you get to a good place with it you can let me know and i'll validate your changes and issue a release.  a release is pretty trivial to coordinate as long as the code is stable.17:14
Rotwangand then mail link to it and some personal info to contrib-admin bla bla17:14
jdolaner, you can't click on a song and press the DELETE key?17:14
bdfyRotwang: Repo is created What else?17:14
Rotwangbdfy: but it cant be svn17:15
Rotwangor it can be?17:15
Rotwangwell it seems ok17:15
morlenxusjdolan: Lol, never tryed that, just noticed that there isn't a menu entry for that. :)17:15
jdolanhehe, good point :)17:16
bdfyRotwang: There is svn. It is wrong way?17:16
Rotwangbdfy: it is ok as long it works ;]17:16
Rotwangi guess17:16
bdfyTwo weeks about17:16
jdolanso re: svn access, email me your public key and desired username.17:16
Rotwangbdfy: have you followed this:
morlenxusjdolan: Cool, sec17:17
bdfyRotwang: Thanks17:17
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bdfy>Rotwang: bdfy: have you followed this:
bdfyAlredy done: From: Ivan <> To: Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 03:32:02 +040017:19
bdfyBut there no answer .. I am doing it two times17:19
morlenxusjdolan: send17:20
bdfyThere is no "mailer-aemon"17:20
Rotwangbdfy: I guess its time to poke crux core member17:20
Rotwangon irc or cruxML ;]17:21
bdfyMy repo is not too bad :)17:22
Rotwangbdfy: im waiting too17:22
Rotwangsent my applivcation today17:22
Rotwangif there wont be answer in six weeks im going to pyell at someone ;]17:23
bdfyYou may using this ports now17:23
bdfyOh, I understand. I am waiting17:23
jdolanmorlenxus, replied17:24
jooloohow do i add a module to crux's boot?17:24
jdolan /etc/rc.conf i think17:25
jdolanman it's been a while 8)17:25
Rotwangor sth like that17:25
jdolan(by module i assume you mean a service)17:25
jdolanoh, i guess he could have meant kernel module, yea.17:26
Rotwangit gets egzecuted as normal shell script17:26
Rotwangyeah ;]17:26
joolooso just.. modprobe ndiswrapper17:27
jooloook.. let's see if I get back online ;)17:27
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jooloo_woohoo! no wires17:29
*** jooloo_ is now known as jooloo17:29
jdolanmorlenxus, all systems go?17:30
joolooi like the whole network config with ip thing.  more fun than /etc/networking/interfaces17:30
morlenxusjdolan: Sec :)17:32
jdolanjooloo, yea that's what's nice about crux.17:34
jdolanit makes you do a lot of your own config, but it makes config hurt less :)17:34
joolooit's sooo fast too17:34
jooloocrux > ubuntu17:34
joolooand i know exactly what I have installed17:34
jdolani've actually been running Ubuntu on my day-to-day hardware for 2 years now.17:35
jdolan(i retired from CRUX just about 2 years ago)17:35
jdolanbut yea CRUX is great.17:35
jooloojust get tired of it?17:35
jdolantired of being a ports maintainer?  eh, kinda i guess.  really my open source game just eats up all of my coding time.17:36
jdolanlearned a lot from CRUX, tho, and met some awesome people.17:37
Rotwangjdolan: please tell me what game ;]17:37
jdolani attended CRUXCon 2004 and actually hosted it in 2005.17:37
jdolanRotwang,, we're in #quetoo here on Freenode.17:37
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Rotwanghmm i dont like fps :{17:38
jdolandude fps is what got me hooked on computers.17:38
jdolanif it weren't for wolfenstein3d, i might not be a software engineer, hehe.17:38
morlenxusjdolan: checkout worked perfectly, i will try to commit the mplayer config patch in the next minutes to check if that works...17:42
jdolancool.  add yourself to the credits dialog and readme as well.17:42
morlenxusSure - after i have done a bit... ;)17:43
jooloomorlenxus: you working on the same game as jdolan?17:45
morlenxusNo, i'm working in the pymp player. :)17:45
Rotwangthis looks interesting ;P17:46
morlenxusIt is!17:46
joolooyou guys should design an actual decent frontend to xmms217:51
morlenxusmplayer rocks17:51
jooloodoes mplayer=ffmpeg?17:52
joolooi mean.. are they based off the same code or something?17:52
joolooi always see references from one to another in their mailing list17:52
morlenxusI think ffmpeg was developed by mplayer team, not sure on these.17:53
jooloomakes sense17:53
Rotwang++ for xmms2 idea ;]17:54
joolooi love xmms2.  nothing more satisfying than typing pause into a console to pause your music ;)17:55
jooloowell.. i won't say _nothing_ more satisfying17:55
Rotwangjooloo: i've got abraca port17:56
joolooi maight have to download that later.17:56
joolooi've only created ports for things i couldn't get to compile, like libxlst and freetype17:57
joolooer.. i mean ports i couldn't get to install17:57
joolooit's really hard for me to tell what the ./configure options are though, and if it's installing everything to the right place17:58
jooloodo you guys pretty much just ./configure --prefix=/usr, then make and make install on all of your ports?17:58
RotwangI usually check ./configure --help ;]17:59
* jooloo goes to check his ports.17:59
joolooman, that was lucky18:02
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joolooOK guys, since you're helping so much ;)  See I need to run a patch on a source's directory before install.  I just include that patch in the port's httpuprepo dir right?18:04
jooloowith the patch commands in the build() function of course18:05
Rotwangyes ;]18:06
joolooany idea why i might be getting crc errors on the patch files?18:06
Rotwangand you need to put in the sources array18:06
jooloothat's pretty much source=(blah [newline secondBlah) right?18:07
jooloowill the source array use relative names?  i don't have to put the whole port website in there do i?18:07
Rotwangbut crc error is something more serious i think18:07
joolooi didn't know if there were like hidden crc's in the port directories or something18:08
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Rotwangthere is nothing hidden ;]18:10
Rotwangwell except .md5sum and .footprint18:10
joolooahh.. i'm going to sound really dumb, but an md5sum is basically a checksum right?18:11
Rotwangit is what it says18:12
Rotwangmd5sums of sources18:12
joolooso nto having an md5sum for my patch could create the crc error?18:12
Rotwangshow me egzast error18:15
jooloooh.. it's just an md5sum mismatch found, then it lists my patch file18:26
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morlenxusjdolan: Commit works too, thanks. :)19:21
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joolooi keep getting compile errors about gl.h  Any idea what port that file comes from?20:08
go|dfishjooloo: prt-get fsearch gl.h20:09
jooloogo|d: that's pretty freak'n awesome20:14
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empbrdso if i want blackbox working, i need to install xorg too right?22:00
empbrdi'm guessing that's a yes ;)22:12
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