IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-08-15

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Rotwangtilman: ping03:37
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cruxbot[opt.git]: conky: update to 1.6.103:42
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Rotwangtilman: ping (in case you didnt notice the first one ;]04:35
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nipuLyay, ath5k finally works for my wifi card07:20
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Vr|3Z0Acabo de instalar crux y tengo unas dudas leyendo la documentación: 1ª - mount devfs devfs /punto_de_montaje no existe el modulo "devfs". || Compilo el kernel etc... y joder kernel panic vfs filesystem que opción del kernel debo marcar apra evitar el dichoso panic y no tener que tirar de img ?07:28
Vr|3Z0perdón punto de montaje no, no existe el modulo "devfs"07:29
nipuLwhat ain't no country i heard of07:29
thrice`do they speak english in what?07:30
Vr|3Z0Install crux 2.4 dist handbook "mount -t devfs devfs " this filesystem is not exist". ||  Compiler kernel error kernel panic vfs:xxx07:31
thrice`hm, you shouldn't have anything about devfs.  are you sure you're on the 2.4 handbook?07:32
Vr|3Z0No doc look for google07:32
thrice`follow that one instead :)07:33
nipuLdevfs isn't used anymore07:33
Vr|3Z0thank you07:33
Vr|3Z0$ cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz $ cp /boot07:35
Vr|3Z0kernel panic VFS:xxx :(07:35
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RotwangI had good laugh reading backlog ;]08:04
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KozakMANwhen search by "prt-get dsearch ntfs" found only ntfsprogs08:08
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KozakMANbut ntfs-3g08:08
thrice`ntfs-3g is in contrib08:09
RotwangKozakMAN: dont you have contrib enabled?08:10
KozakMANyes of course08:10
KozakMANwhen i type "prt-get install ntfs-3g" - Package not found08:11
thrice`is it un-commented in /etc/prt-get.conf ?08:11
KozakMANops - sorry08:11
tilmanRotwang: pong08:24
Rotwangtilman: whats with the repos registration?08:25
Rotwangemail seems to be down08:26
Rotwangcrux-contrib at crux dot nu08:26
Rotwang  Technical details of permanent failure:  Probe failed: Illegal To: address (invalid domain name): contrib-admin@crux.nu08:27
tilmansounds like your mail server is made of fail08:28
Rotwangsome other person also had problems with it08:29
Rotwangor similar08:29
Rotwangbtw i sent mail from gmail08:30
tilmani'll take a note and try it myself later08:32
tilmantoo tired right now08:32
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: updated to
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empbrdany of you guys running x?  did you get the fontpath error when you first started?09:28
Rotwangempbrd: have you fonts installed?09:28
tilmanwhat "fontpath error"? :p09:28
empbrdthere's so many!  I just used prt-get to install xorg and blackbox09:29
thrice`"anyone running x"  seems like an obvious question ;)09:29
empbrdand the depends of course09:29
empbrdFatal Server Error: No valid font path could be found09:29
tilmanxorg-font-bitstream-vera xorg-font-cursor-misc xorg-font-misc-misc09:30
tilmanempbrd: make sure prt-get runs those post-install scripts09:31
tilmanso fonts.{dir,scale} are created09:31
empbrdtilman: cool, the fonts look to be installed.  about these post-install scripts, wouldn't those have run automatically?09:32
Rotwangempbrd: only if you specified that09:32
tilmangrep runscripts /etc/prt-get.conf09:32
Rotwangvia command line or config09:32
empbrdyou guys are totally right, they weren't enabled09:34
tilmanempbrd: prt-get --runscripts-or-whats-it-called update xorg-font-cursor-misc xorg-font-misc-misc09:34
empbrdthanks guys!09:34
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empbrdnow i'm getting screen errors ;)  I think i'm going to --install-scripts depinst and update xorg and blackbox10:05
tilmanscreen error might be a bad xorg.conf10:09
thrice`try just X -configure to get a starting xorg.conf10:09
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empbrdturns out i was missing the xorg-intel drivers.  Now it sees the screen, but I'm getting a /dev/agpgart error.  Luckily, I found an option for it in the Kernel.  I'm recompiling to see if it fixes it10:32
empbrdyou would't think a laptop would need agp support, but who knows10:32
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spaceninjahow do I add themes in gtk-chthemes?12:05
thrice`you must install it12:06
thrice`er, often times install a gtk-engine too12:06
spaceninjaI have gtk12:07
spaceninjaI'm running firefox12:07
spaceninjabut the theme looks awful12:07
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spaceninjaI solved it12:11
spaceninjaI just moved my themes to /usr/share/themes12:11
spaceninjabut it doesn't work of course :)12:12
spaceninja(gtk-chtheme:3919): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "smooth"12:12
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go|dfishspaceninja: install that gtk engine then.12:30
spaceninjais it outside the official port repos'?12:32
spaceninjaI don't trust anything outside the official ones, they all fail on me12:35
go|dfishit is.12:36
go|dfishjust make your own Pkgfile12:36
spaceninjamy crux lvl is 3, I'm not that good yet.12:37
thrice`some themes are built on different engines.  I like the murrine engine, there is also clearlooks, etc.12:38
* tilman uses the Astonished theme atm12:45
tilman(clearlooks engine)12:45
spaceninjaI think I'm going to download the gtk-engines package from gnome12:46
tilmanyes, that one is essential12:46
spaceninjayou change your themes in gtk-chthemes?12:46
aonyeah, clearlooks is pretty decent12:47
tilmanno, i run vim ~/.gtkrc-2.012:47
thrice`is clearlooks a cairo engine?12:48
tilmanthe clearlooks engine ships with gtk-engines these days, btw12:48
tilmanthrice`: it uses cairo fwiw ;)12:49
thrice`oh, ok12:49
aonapparently redhat has switched to clearlooks, too12:50
aonand that's the only source i trust ;)12:50
spaceninjaI want smooth12:50
tilmani want icecream12:51
spaceninjaclearlooks doesn't look good with my overall fluxbox theme12:51
aonhmm, or just fedora12:51
spaceninjaI got ALOT of icecream, I work at GB glace ;)12:51
aoni'm having ice cream right now12:51
* spaceninja is going to have some right now, pecannut ice cream, yum12:51
aonmy grandma worked in an12:52
aonice cream factory too12:52
aondamn wide enter12:52
spaceninjaI work at a office12:52
spaceninjaoffice jobs are so stressy during hot days12:53
spaceninjaespecially when you deal with ice cream problems :)12:53
spaceninjabut I only have one week left, then I'm going for my dreams12:53
thrice`oh yeah?12:53
aoni have two weeks left12:54
aonthen i'm going for my, er, whatever12:54
spaceninjaI'm thinking about going for a "train vacation" around Europe for 1 month12:55
spaceninjaon a12:56
aonI'm going on "MSc studies" for 5 years12:57
spaceninjawhats that?12:57
aonwell, BSc first, but whatever12:57
aonif i don't get distracted too muhc12:58
aonwhich i seldom HEY A COOKIE12:58
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spaceninjaI'll go to the university next year, this year I'm going to do whatever I want13:02
spaceninjaI love doing what I want to do, the greatest feeling ever13:02
aoni mostly sleep and irc if i have the freedom to do what i want to do13:05
aonso meh13:05
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spaceninjait's always good to do something creative from time to time :p13:09
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