IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-08-16

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akin_how come I can't play mp3 in mocp?04:45
Rotwangakin_: you can ;] probably you built mocp without libmad or sth04:46
akin_I just did prt-get depinst moc04:47
Rotwangor lame :\04:47
tilmanlame? don't think so o_O04:47
Rotwangakin_: install lame04:47
Rotwangrebuild moc04:47
Rotwangand se what happens04:48
Rotwangehh no It was bad idea04:49
akin_im installing lame now04:50
Rotwangyou probably wont even be able to build mocp without lame04:50
akin_doesn't work04:52
akin_mpg123 works04:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: freealut: fixed moved sources05:39
cruxbot[contrib.git]: openal: 0.0.8 -> 1.5.304 also fixes bug #34405:39
Rotwangnice version bump ^__^05:40
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akin_why didn't openbox come with obconf?06:38
tilmanwhy would it?06:38
akin_the server that has obconf isn't working06:38
Rotwangtilman: have you looked at mail issue i told you about?06:39
tilmanno, but i wrote a note06:40
tilmankind of busy06:40
akin_why is the quality so low on 3rd party port makers? Which ones are the best?06:41
akin_I mean, which one can you trust to be at a high quality06:42
Rotwangakin_: look for irc nicks ;]06:42
Rotwangand mxq is quite good ;p06:43
* akin_ is considering going back to arch :(06:44
Rotwang your choice06:45
spaceninjabut I like the simple file tree in crux, but the packages are way too buggy. Footprints and md5sum mismatch  errors are very common, bad quality 3d party ports, and so on.06:48
spaceninjaotherwise it's the best06:48
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Rotwangbye bye ;]06:52
Rotwangwe will miss you06:52
go|dfishwhat the hell?06:54
go|dfishpackages are way too buggy? errors very common? bad quality 3rd party ports? ( what the hell have they got to do with it? )06:54
go|dfishbut otherwise the best.06:55
go|dfishThat guy confuses me.06:55
Rotwangi think he confuses himself too ;]06:56
go|dfishI am pretty new to Crux myself, but i really don't get those two people's problem with 3rd party ports are.06:56
go|dfishIf you have a problem, make you rown. simple as.06:57
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Rotwanganyone has  DJ Roots & DJ Vento - All Clear  mp3?08:02
RotwangI cant find it anywhere :{08:02 doesn't have it08:30
aonbut it seems crap :)08:30
thrice`why do we have xulrunner needed dbus stuff?  I'm not sure if this is really true :(09:10
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spaceninjablah, just installed fedora, and their server are down, so I can't install a webbrowser to try out slackware, but I got a crux cd. Hmmm, should I go back? BLAH, if I got back, it end up with the limited ammount of good ports, blah, I need a break10:27
jaegermaybe install ubuntu for a while? heh10:28
tilmanjaeger: wb to #crux \o/10:29
Rotwangjaeger: did you get my mail w/ guile patch?10:29
jaegertilman: thanks10:29
spaceninjaI don't like bloat, that's why I love crux10:29
tilmanspaceninja: feel free not to whine about crux. it's kind of annoying :|10:30
jaegerRotwang: I did. that patch didn't help in the least but I appreciate the effort10:30
jaegerwith that said, I just fixed guile and am testing it10:30
Rotwangit worked for me10:30
spaceninjaif slackware doesn't suit me, I'm throwing away my computer10:30
jaegerhaven't had much time for crux recently at all with new job and all sorts of other stuff going on10:30
thrice`jaeger: ah, cool :)  congrats10:31
jaegerthanks :)10:31
thrice`same sort of work?10:31
jaegeryeah, still doing sysadmin work, just new location, better pay, etc.10:32
jaegerno more oracle! \o/10:32
thrice`heh, cool :)10:32
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jaegerI get the impression he'll be throwing away a computer soon10:34
thrice`he's been struggling with crux for a few weeks, iirc10:34
thrice`tilman: I'm experimenting with dbus-free xulrunner.  I don't know if there's a reason we list it as a dep..?10:36
tilmanneither do i :D10:36
tilmani'd have to check, but i don't have time do it10:36
thrice`other distros seem to do firefox/xul without dbus o.O10:37
thrice`ah, OK :) i'll try10:37
jaegeryay, finally got all those giant IDE cables out of my main desktop10:40
jaegerIDE-free, as it were10:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: atanks: 3.0 -> 3.110:49
cruxbot[contrib.git]: cairomm: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.210:49
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ntfs-3g: 1.2712 -> 1.281210:49
cruxbot[contrib.git]: xscreensaver: 5.06 -> 5.0710:49
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tcl: 8.5.3 -> 8.5.410:49
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tk: 8.5.3 -> 8.5.410:49
cruxbot[contrib.git]: boost: 1.35.0 -> 1.36.010:49
thrice`heh, hi Romster :)10:49
Romsterhi thrice`10:49
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thrice`hm, our channel seems to be shrinking :(11:35
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Romstereh i haven't been in here in a long time so wouldn't know. does look smaller than i last remembered11:54
rehabdolldont you know size doesnt matter?11:58
rehabdollomg Romster !11:58
* rehabdoll slaps Romster 11:58
Romsteryeah i finally droped in. i've been on freenode all this time too.11:58
Romsterhelp out so much in winehq that i'm a chanop in their now.11:59
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cruxbot[opt.git]: eclipse-sdk: updated to 3.412:03
cruxbot[opt.git]: pygtk: updated to 2.12.112:13
cruxbot[opt.git]: pycairo: updated to 1.4.1212:13
cruxbot[opt.git]: pygobject: updated to 1.14.212:13
Romsterrehabdoll, what the, lol...12:16
jaegerhrmm... epiphany seems to think my gecko build is not gtk212:48
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tilmanjaeger: i think rotwang had the same problem some days ago12:49
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Rotwangand not only epiphany12:52
Rotwangbut i cant memorize what else now12:52
jaegerI'll poke at it and see what I can come up with... the message from config.log wasn't all that useful12:53
nogagplzOh wow! Romster is back!!!13:18
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cruxbot[opt.git]: t1lib: fixed dependencies13:42
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tilmanIn file included from /usr/include/features.h:354, from /usr/include/assert.h:37, from clientattrib.c:37:14:13
tilman/usr/include/gnu/stubs.h:7:27: error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory14:13
tilmanrehabdoll: did you report that before, or am i misremembering?14:13
rehabdollgcc, right?14:22
rehabdollif i remember correctly, its gcc trying to be multilib or something14:22
tilmanhahahaha, i suck14:22
tilmani tried to build xorg/mesa3d14:22
tilmanwhich tries to build x86 stuff, not x86_6414:22
tilmanrehabdoll: thanks :)14:22
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cruxbot[opt.git]: lyx: updated to 1.5.614:47
cruxbot[xorg.git]: mesa3d: updated to
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ahjothi all15:30
ahjoti have an installation problem15:30
ahjoti'm trying to install crux-i586 on a really old laptop15:30
ahjoti suspect it has too little RAM (48 MB) so it can't load the squashfs or something like this15:31
ahjotis there any workaround for this?15:31
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nipuLget more memory18:30
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