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alexorizornick ahjot05:25
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ahjothi, it's me again with that old laptop05:26
ahjoti've setup crux in a virtual machine and transfered all the files. what do i have to do to make it bootable? only setup lilo or do i have to somehow setup proc, sys etc?05:27
Rotwangahjot: read handbook05:30
Romsterall explained in the crux handbook.05:52
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ahjoti know, i've already installed it successfully in a VM. i just thought, maybe the installer does something which i have to do manually now05:54
Rotwangahjot: installer doesnt do much05:55
Rotwangexcept for installing packages05:56
ahjotok, thanks for the help. crux is a fantastic distro, just what i need. tried debian but it's too bloated for such an old machine05:57
tilmanahjot: you don't *have* to use the crux iso to boot, btw. boot the machine from a debian installer cd and mount the crux cd in a second cdrom or something. the crux installation really just boils down to the script that creates a couple of directories and runs pkgadd to install the necessary packages ;D05:58
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Romsterinfact i've done a for loop and pkgadd -u ports from a crux cd before than to run the setup.sh06:03
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spaceninjathe libpng.tar.bz2 package is not on the ftp06:52
Rotwang1spaceninja: file a bug report or tell it directly to the maintainer06:53
spaceninjatilman: I believe the libpng package is missing on the ftp server :)06:56
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Vr|3Z0hi all06:58
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cruxbot[opt.git]: libpng: fixed URL.07:03
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tilmanspaceninja: try again in a few minutes07:03
spaceninjagreat, really nice of you :)07:04
tilmannah, it had to be done07:09
tilmanlibpng-1.2.30 doesn't seem to be quite ready yet07:09
tilmaneg it makes dot (graphviz) behave ziomg-stupid when you choose png output07:09
spaceninjabut will it work with nvidia and slim?07:18
spaceninjaI guess so07:19
ahjothi, me again. i have a weird problem with a wireless pcmcia card. the orinoco_cs driver loads, but neither iwconfig nor ifconfig show a network device07:22
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jaegerahjot: are you positive that's the correct driver?09:07
ahjothm, it was this driver with 2.4-kernels. also, debian eth0 configured it out-of-the-box, however i should recheck if its the same driver in etch09:11
jaegerdefinitely worth checking09:11
jaegerusually if iwconfig and ifconfig can't see the device it's because the kernel can't09:11
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ahjoti checked with etch, it's certainly the orinoco_cs driver. i also figured out that i need to load the 'pcmcia' kernel module. maybe i did something wrong when compiling the kernel?09:28
jaegerpossibly, though I would expect the orinoco_cs driver to complain if you didn't have the proper support when loading it. did you see any kernel messages when you loaded it?09:29
ahjotno, just the usual loading message09:29
ahjotis it possible that i need the pcmciautils or something like this?09:31
jaegerhrmm, not sure. might as well check the kernel config, then.09:31
jaegercould be. I haven't used pcmcia in years so I'm pretty fuzzy on it these days09:31
ahjotok thanks very much for the help09:32
jaegernp, hope it does help, heh09:32
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ahjotjaeger: if you want to know: i installed pcmciautils and started pcmcia-socket-startup, then everything worked.10:01
jaegergood deal, thanks for the update :)10:02
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akinhas anyone recently installed gnome successfully?13:02
jaegermost of it. I'm working on fixing the rest13:03
akinI want to make another try, but I'm not sure if I will encounter the same errors13:03
jaegeryelp is broken still13:03
akinoh ok13:03
jaegerfixed guile and epiphany already13:04
akinjaeger: Is it alot of work left?13:04
jaegernot sure. I don't think it should be a lot13:05
jaegerhave to figure out why yelp can't find nspr's includes (pulled through xulrunner)13:06
akinmaybe it has to do something with the thing that is on the readme file, prt-get readme xulrunner13:07
akinthat you should add that line in that config file13:07
jaegerI do have that line set, it's the includes (headers) that are the problem13:10
jaegernot linking13:10
akingtg, I'll pray that the solution will come to you. :)13:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: ntp: 4.2.4p4 -> 4.2.4p513:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: dsh: remove dependency on netkit-rsh14:20
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mercurial: 1.0.1->1.0.214:23
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j^2jaeger: :D hey man how are you doing?17:11
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