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spaceninjawhom did I talk to yesterday about gnome? Is the xulrunner error solved yet?06:01
Romsterwhat error would that be?06:07
Romster/usr/lib/xulrunner in your /etc/ file?06:07
spaceninjaIt was something about not being able to include a library or something. The real issue was that when you tried to install gnome, it wouldn't install it without errors06:08
spaceninjait's not that, something else, I also thought it was the same06:09
Romsterno idea without seeing the errors but i don't use gnome.06:11
spaceninjaI wanted to make sure that everything will be installed smothly before I get gnome06:12
spaceninjaI think gnome apps are really nice06:13
Romsteris your prtdir for gnome above opt and blow core in prt-get.conf?06:13
spaceninjaI don't have it included yet, I don't even have xorg now, I'm waiting for gnome to finish06:14
Romstergnome is one huge thing to install if you ask me. even KDE is less effort to get working. but i moved away from KDE evently and been with pekwm since.06:14
spaceninjawhere should it be?06:14
Romsteri already said... between core and opt.06:14
Romstersince gnome overides a few packages in opt.06:14
Romstertheir should be some gnome setup guide on the wiki.06:15
spaceninjabut what's so great about pekwm?06:16
spaceninjaIs it nicer than fluxbox?06:16
spaceninjaI mean, does it have more functionality than fluxbox?06:16
Romsterit's light weight and does enough of what i want.06:16
spaceninjadoes it have a panel?06:16
Romster take a look for yourself it's probably not much different.06:18
spaceninjayes, but I don't have xorg :)06:18
spaceninjaI'm waiting for the signal06:19
spaceninjaI think it's nice without x06:19
teKhey Romster, wb (?)06:20
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Romsterhi teK06:23
Romsterspaceninja, you can't have gnome without xorg...06:24
Romsterand ddin't you say you were going back to arch?06:24
spaceninjayes, I will install xorg soon, I know that06:26
spaceninjaI couldn't get it installed properly06:26
spaceninjait sucked, so I went back to hount you guys again06:26
Romsteryou've been in here for weeks with no x...06:27
Romsterhow did arch suck?06:27
spaceninjaI've been testing like lots of distros06:27
spaceninjait couldn't get booted06:28
spaceninjaand the filesystem is bloated compared with crux06:28
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spaceninjatoo much junk, the configuration is messy, I don't know, I used to love arch until I got into crux06:28
spaceninjaBut I would love to see the day when crux has its own main server for the ports06:29
spaceninjaor several servers06:29
mike_kRomster: a trivial fix is needed for iptstate:
mike_k* on newer gcc series06:30
mike_kthey no longer add some c includes implicitly06:30
Romsterwhy must it have a .h ?06:30
* spaceninja is reading the linux format magazine 06:31
spaceninja6.49 pounds, blah06:31
mike_kRomster: I am not a guru, but that is a c include file, they are .h by the common convention. I guess c++ compiler treats them as c incudes these way.06:32
Romstermike_k, is that backwards compatable or should i add a ifdef06:32
Romsterok gentoo have another way for that fix +#include <cstring>06:34
mike_kRomster: works on pure64d iso (updated) gcc 4.3.1 and crux-2.4 gcc-4.2.406:35
Romsterhmm namespace hack for old code.06:49
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Romstermike_k, fixed.06:53
mike_kRomster: thanks06:54
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spaceninjaIs crux the simplest linux distro when it comes to system design? simple meaning less stuff.07:28
go|dfishWho knows.07:28
go|dfishWho cares!07:28
KozakMANhow to ignore to update some packages ?07:28
thrice`KozakMAN: prt-get lock <package>07:29
spaceninjaIf I asked that, I would get an answer like, man prt-get :)07:29
spaceninjaKozakMAN: go read the man page! :)07:29
thrice`your freebies have expired :-)07:29
thrice`spaceninja: not sure if it is THE simplest design, but must be up there.  the simplest I've used, anyway07:30
spaceninjayup yup07:31
* spaceninja wants to reset his freebie counter.07:32
spaceninjaafter new year?07:32
thrice`hm... ;)07:32
mike_kspaceninja: lets hope it is not 128-bit at least07:33
spaceninjaoh I will use them all after one day07:34
spaceninjamy next project is to learn C and bash, maybe python07:35
spaceninjaand ncurses07:35
spaceninjagtk+, omg, there's too much languages07:35
spaceninjais it?07:36
spaceninjaThere's too many langauges out there. <--- correct?07:37
mike_kthere are so many of them, I'd prefer 'much' =)07:37
thrice`yes, correct :)07:37
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spaceninjaDo I only need composite for compiz fusion?08:31
spaceninjaI mean, should I have it enabled in xorg.conf?08:31
spaceninjaI might aswell enabled it08:35
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thrice`not sure :(08:40
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spaceninjathe readme files are awesome, way better than checking some wiki on the web08:42
spaceninjacrux, you are the chosen one08:43
teKmost of us chose themself themselves08:50
spaceninjaI see myself as the oracle :)08:52
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spaceninjahehe I have to watch matrix 1 again, kick ass movie08:52
jaegerhave to?09:02
thrice`so jaeger, did you move locations, too?09:02
jaegeralso, no, the xulrunner stuff isn't fixed entirely, yet. epiphany and guile were fixed, yelp is still broken09:03
jaegerthrice`: not really. same city, just more driving09:03
thrice`ah, ok09:03
jaegerj^2: doing pretty well, just really busy lately09:03
j^2jaeger: nice, it's good to see you around again :D09:07
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jaegerthanks :)09:08
Romstercomposite is on be default.09:08
Romstererr s/be/by09:09
spaceninjais it?09:14
spaceninjaI always generate my xorg.conf file throug Xorg -configure09:15
spaceninjaand then use nvidia-xconfig with some options enabled09:15
spaceninjalike composite09:15
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spaceninjaIs that the most straight forward way to generate a xorg.conf with nvidia support?09:21
jaegerseems like it to me09:22
Romsteri copied the default one over and hand edited it.09:25
spaceninjawhere is the default one?09:25
Romstershare/ something locate it.09:26
spaceninjausr/share/X11/ ?09:26
spaceninjanothing there09:26
spaceninjamaybe it gets generated after you startx09:26
spaceninjaI put my xorg.conf file in /etc/09:27
spaceninjaI don't believe it looks for xorg.conf in /usr/share/X1109:27
spaceninjafrom what I know09:27
Romsterok dunno i had a old default i copied out of xorg somehow09:28
Romsterfrom a older xorg version.09:28
Romsterthey probably removed it in favour of the generate xorg.conf option.09:28
spaceninjaops, it does, reading it from man Xorg09:28
spaceninjaheh, I can't type properly09:29
spaceninjahmm, this is strange09:29
spaceninjaman xorg.conf says that it does't look for xorg.conf in /usr/share/X11/09:31
go|dfishit generates it's own if it doesnt find one09:37
spaceninjadoes it get saved somewhere?09:38
Romsterwhen you generate a file it gets made where you called it from. so just make /etc/X11/09:48
Romsterand throw it in their.09:48
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spaceninjait was the guile package10:02
spaceninjathat didn't work when you tried to install gnome10:02
Romsterthat's descriptive why did it fail.10:06
* spaceninja is still using the console10:09
jaegerI guess I should update the guile and epiphany packages in svn, though yelp still doesn't work10:10
* spaceninja removed guile as a dep in gnome-games's Pkgfile10:10
spaceninjaIf only I had more knowledge about how stuff actually works10:12
spaceninjain crux and linux in generall10:12
spaceninjafor example which language is guile written in?10:13
thrice`jaeger: I see arch uses "pom -d 332110:14
thrice`might that help?10:15
jaegerthat's one of the things I changed, yes, same with epiphany... but that isn't enough to fix yelp, the build can't find nspr's includes10:15
thrice`oh, ok; thought it was a xulrunner deal10:16
jaegerit's still a xulrunner problem10:16
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jaeger if you're interested10:22
spaceninjacups is also being annyoing10:26
Romsterdunno if adding -I/usr/include/ -I/usr/include/xulrunner would be enough.10:26
thrice`that is bizarre indeed o.010:27
Romsteroh i didn't scroll right..10:27
thrice`I see arch has a few patches to xulrunner, but not sure if any are actually useful10:29
spaceninjaplease, check them, I'm hoping this nightmare will end soon :)10:30
Romsterhmm i see no version i have /usr/include/xulrunner/stable/ /usr/include/xulrunner/unstable/10:30
Romsternone of that /usr/include/xulrunner-<version>/... stuff.10:30
Romsteryou sure them includes are correct.?10:31
Romsteroh ok the forefox3 one differs in path to the opt one.10:34
Romstermeh no idea then.10:34
spaceninjafound the solution? ..:)....:S?10:34
spaceninjaguess not10:36
spaceninjawhat other packages has guile as a dep?10:36
spaceninjaor should I just lock it?10:37
spaceninjahm, I can't lock it10:38
spaceninjaBut I've seen lots of screenshot on crux with gnome, have they all gone throuhg this hassle or is it just the recent version?10:42
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jaegerRomster: thanks, I'll have a look at it in a few11:35
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dlllshi :)12:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: mldonkey: Updated 2.9.3 -> 2.9.6 and cleaned up.12:48
thrice`hi sepen12:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: syslinux: Added mtools as dependency.13:08
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cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: alsa-lib: updated to 1.0.17a.14:10
j^2tilman: do you have the src for cruxbot? can i take a look at it?14:14
tilmanhow would i NOT have the source?14:16
j^2well, you might just have it on crux.nu14:16
j^2...i dunno :P14:16 is only 50ms away from localhost in the new world order14:16
surroundertilman: maybe you sold it to the devil for eternal life ?14:16
tilmanthat would have been a great deal14:17
tilmanit's < 1000 lines14:17
tilmannp: The Crown - Total Satan14:17
j^2ohh, nice, mind if i "flip" through it?14:17
surroundernp: (Ketaklak - Vrijeme tzigana.mp3) [7m 09s]14:17
tilmanthe crown fucking owns :o14:17
tilmanj^2: no, hang on14:17
tilmanwhat's your email address?14:18
tilmanthat ice cream story is fun14:19
tilmanj^2: should be in your inbox now14:20
j^2tilman: :D thanks!14:20
surrounderhahha damn14:21
tilman"Samuel Morse just has five paragraphs of dots and dashes."14:22
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jaegerRomster: that patch seems to have already made it into yelp 2.23 and doesn't help... but thanks15:07
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jaegerI wonder if the problem is xulrunner using the system nspr15:22
thrice`that one looked good :)15:22
jaegerhrmm, interesting15:24
surrounderespecially this one:
jaegerthat looks like it does fix the xulrunner issue15:34
thrice`and yelp?15:39
jaegerit built, gonna see if epiphany does as well15:39
jaegerand firefox, I suppose15:39
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thrice`cool :)15:44
jaegerhrmm, seems happy15:47
jaegertilman: you reading this? :)15:47
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spaceninjaHello jaeger! I think I will visit this channel once a day now, becuase I've decided that I will have crux and with a properly working gnome. As I said I will come and ask you once a day if you've found the solution for the problem. Of course I will help out as much as I can, but my knowledge is very limited at the time, but will of course expand. I really need to continue with my other projects, but one thing is sure, crux with gnome is16:55
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rehabdolli feel ashamed to be swedish :(16:59
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nipuLi'm ashamed that you're swedish too17:59
nipuLyou're a disgrace to turnips around the world18:00
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nipuLgnome-color-chooser-0.2.3> wc -l `find . -type f` | tail -n1 40796 total19:07
nipuLoh, gnomecc is for creating .gtkrc files19:09
nipuLoh well19:09
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