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sepennewly at office, :[ it's hard to return from vacations01:44
teKso true01:48
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sepenteK, did you tried reading /proc/mounts directly instead of /etc/mtab ?02:00
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teKomg, the hell will freeze over05:26
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rehabdollraul-roland spank07:29
rehabdollbest name ever?07:29
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RomsterteK, you have got to be kidden..08:00
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spaceninjajaeger: finished?08:12
jaegerI like how the tags are "wrong", "fail", etc.08:13
jaegerway to lose, slashdot08:13
jaegerspaceninja: with gnome, yes. xulrunner needs an update but that's not mine08:13
spaceninjatilman's package?08:14
spaceninjaI'll come back tomorrow, cya08:15
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Romstercan someone shoot spaceninja08:25
thrice`i think jaeger will eventually08:26
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jaegerhe's not really bothering me... I was fixing gnome anyway, since I use it08:37
Romsterit's the whole i'll come back tomorrow and the day after thing.08:39
Romstertrue i've met worse.08:39
jaegeryeah, not really a big deal08:41
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thrice`it bugged me when he would discuss how bad crux was, etc.08:47
Romsteryeah thats anoying.08:48
Romsterand he then stays.08:48
Romsterfoot in mouth...08:48
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jaegerheh, fair enough08:59
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thrice`   hm, there's an interresting one10:53
go|dfish"Another useful feature is the possibility to obtain it:"10:56
go|dfishnice :)10:56
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tilmanjaeger: you mean i should check out that arch patch?12:59
tilmanjaeger: i thought we already built against the system's nspr though :/13:00
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jaegertilman: it does build against system nspr but the pkgconfig files don't properly reflect that13:16
jaegerthe arch patch fixes them13:16
jaegerit worked quite well for me for firefox, yelp, and epiphany13:16
cptnoh, jaeger is back!13:16
tilmanoh, cptn is back, too!13:17
tilmanjaeger: i'll add it to my todo list :D13:17
jaegerthanks :)13:18
jaegerheyo, cptn13:18
cptnwelcome back :-)13:18
tilmanjaeger: can't promise to handle it soon though :/13:18
tilmanheh, the yelp error made it to the crux mailing list it seems13:20
thrice`tilman: busy times ahead?13:20
tilmanyes, i'm finishing my thesis atm13:21
thrice`oh wow, good luck / congrats / i'm sorry :)13:21
tilmanit's just for my bsc13:22
tilmanso it's not that bad13:22
tilmanbut i hate writing papers :x13:22
aonthat's why you should use the comp sci paper generator13:24
thrice`odd that a bsc requires a thesis13:25
tilmanthrice`: hehe, i was expecting something like that13:26
thrice`maybe our US schools are a bit lazier ;)13:26
tilmanmaybe ;p13:29
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aonthrice`: there it doesn't require one? :o13:34
thrice`no, thesis is generally for our Masters degree, or PhD13:40
aonit seems that in my studies the BSc "thesis" gives you 1/4th of the ects credits the msc thesis does13:44
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thrice`oh, nice, another yelp solution on the ML :)14:26
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spaceninjatilman: has xulrunner been updated?16:42
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rehabdollstop being an ass and check for yourself16:44
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rehabdollports -u opt also does the trick16:44
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jaegerhrmm... I don't think daniel even tried the solution he posted about yelp17:43
jaegerit certainly wasn't enough when I tried it17:43
cruxbot[opt.git]: dbus: update to 1.2.320:33
cruxbot[opt.git]: gnutls: update to 2.4.120:33
cruxbot[opt.git]: poppler: update to 0.8.620:33
cruxbot[opt.git]: libglade: update to 2.6.320:33
cruxbot[opt.git]: rar: update to 3.8.b420:33
cruxbot[opt.git]: mplayer: update to SVN revision 2745820:33
nipuLi should leave the updates for longer so i can do a massive commit bomb20:34
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