IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-08-20

nipuLso apparently i'm the best technician in town, according to an anoymous individual00:18
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nipuLquite frankly i don't care, this job is for chumps00:36
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nipuLi spen 90% of my time removing spyware00:53
nipuLand my sister gets paid more selling pies00:53
aonthat's not very nice00:53
nipuLbut in all fairness she does sell a lot of pies00:56
nipuLgreat, i just electrocuted myself01:09
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RomsternipuL, get it right it's shocked. electrocuted means your dead and couldn't type that sentence.05:53
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Romsteroh so you trust wikipedia that anyone can edit... very smart.06:03
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teKRomster: your from Australia, right?06:03
Romster 2  : to kill by electric shock06:04
teKno matter, where you're from. you trust your government that anyone can elect? very smart. *g*06:04
Romstermerriam-webster make a book so i'd trust that definition a lot more.06:04
Romsteri hate voting fuck with politics06:05
Romsterfuck off*06:05
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teKah, ok06:09
Romsteri guess years of experience of being a electronics technician means nothing?06:09
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spaceninjaError while trying to get gnome. Cups, unexpected EOF in archive.06:33
nogagplzspaceninja: I've noticed that too with cups. how did i fix it? just got an archive from elsewhere that worked and got rid of the .md5sum >>06:33
spaceninjagreat thanks06:34
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Romsterthat download site must be flaky...06:36
Romstergrab a tarball from a mirror.06:37
Romsterit should match the existing md5sum...06:37
spaceninjait's working now06:41
spaceninjaanther source file06:41
Romstershould really get onto the cups dev about that broken file.06:43
Romsterthey probably don't know about it.06:44
spaceninjawhat if there was a script bot on this channel that we could report package error to the bug page?06:45
spaceninjaIt isn't KISS I guess :)06:47
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thrice`fwiw, i updated cups successfully last night.  just a mirror failure :)07:06
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thrice`does anyone have a link for the test 64-bit iso that's going around?07:57
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Romsteryou can have 32bits in a 64bit environment... silly spacenin1a.09:45
nogagplzyou pay peanuts, you get monkeys... silly Romster.09:46
Romsteryou pay nothing you get noting.09:46
nogagplzYeah? how about i pay you that one09:47
nogagplzOh, look at that. I didn't actually pay anything, yet you gave me a 'heh'. Hypocrite :P09:51
Romsteroh you are cheeky.09:52
Romsterhmm wonder if bash can override a built in command.09:53
thrice`how so?09:53
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Romsteroh i thought cd was a built in command, apparently not.09:56
Romsterand yes i just found bash functions can override a builtin. but cd is not a builtin..09:56
Romstereh i'm gonna try something. i think functions come before commands.09:57
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Romsteroh nice it creates a segmentation fault10:02
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Romsterbah cd has to be a built in and yet it's not listed on this page i looked at.10:06
Romsternevermind found it i have to prefix it with 'builtin', seems bash is not smart enough to realise not to call the function it's contained in.10:08
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glenn69I'm getting an MD5SUM mismatch while updating /opt/cdrtools11:22
glenn69I checked the port and the Pkgfile version does not match the .md5sum version11:23
glenn69shouldn't those 2 files show refer to the same versions11:23
thrice`they do.  there is a bug about it already, iirc.11:23
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spaceninjaprt-get deptree gnome | grep -F "[ ]" | wc -l11:29
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spaceninjaops, irssi looks like my terminal11:30
spaceninja77 packages left :)11:31
glenn69well it appears to me that the fix for cdrtools should be in inserting the correct md5sum in the port...wouldn't it?11:31
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go|dfishspaceninja: grep -c!12:05
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spaceninjago|dfish: hehe nice12:57
spaceninjayelp build is giving me errors13:00
spaceninjasomething with xulrunner13:01
spaceninjait can't find the xulrunner libraries13:02
jaegerI don't think the xulrunner fix has gone in yet, you'll have to wait for its maintainer to get to it or patch your own13:08
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spaceninjaoh well, I'm down to 59 packages13:24
tilmanspaceninja: did ports -u show that xulrunner was pulled to your pc?13:27
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spaceninjatilman: I'm removing the port now, and updating ports -u, now I'm going to remove xulrunner, and install it again, and try to continue the gnome build13:46
tilmanwhen you run ports -u you will notice that xulrunner is *NOT* updated13:47
tilmanbut markus heinz posted the updated port to the mailing list today13:47
tilmanso you can build it yourself13:47
spaceninjaaha ok13:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: baras: initial import16:40
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cruxbot[opt.git]: pidgin: updated to 2.5.017:57
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cruxbot[opt.git]: cdrtools: fixed md5sum18:33
cruxbot[opt.git]: postfix: upgraded to version 2.5.418:33
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go|dfishCool, svn version of epdfview has vim keybindings support.19:48
thrice`hm, I didn't think they were even actively doing stuff19:49
go|dfishnor did I.19:49
nipuLkeybindings is doing stuff?19:50
go|dfishI started using Vimperator for firefox, and just using epdfview there i was annoyed at using silly keybindings, so i was poking around at the source files.19:50
thrice`what did you pull, the /trunk ?19:50
nipuLthey could atleast do it right19:50
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