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rehabdolloh wonderful.. moved my ~ to a new drive and somehow public_html didnt join its buddies in their new home04:48
rehabdolli suck04:50
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spaceninjahow should I apply the xulrunner patch?07:41
cptnlet me repeat what tilman told you earlier:07:42
cptn[20:52] <tilman> but markus heinz posted the updated port to the mailing list today07:42
cptn[20:52] <tilman> so you can build it yourself07:42
thrice`save it as, say, xulrunner.patch, and add this line after "cd mozilla" :07:43
thrice`patch -p1 < $SRC/xulrunner.patch07:43
cptnor patch -p1 -i $SRC/xulrunner.patch07:43
thrice`of course, making sure that xulrunner.patch exists in the opt/xulrunner directory07:44
cptnwhich will give you a slightly nicer output :-)07:44
thrice`fine fine :)07:45
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spaceninjaoh it was yelp07:48
spaceninjaok now I get it07:48
thrice`seemingly, you need to patch xulrunner with that for yelp to work and compile properly, yes.07:50
jaegermorning, all08:08
thrice`hi jaeger08:08
cptnhey jaeger08:09
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spaceninjaevolution build is "buggy"09:46
spaceninjamaybe it's libtool09:46
thrice`fix it09:46
spaceninjaI don't do that, I just use stuff09:47
thrice`yes, why on earth would you help out?09:47
spaceninjaWell, for now09:47
thrice`anyway, is it failing to build?09:48
spaceninjaIf could do some useful stuff if I got a desktop09:48
spaceninjait's the le package09:48
spaceninjano I mean09:48
spaceninjait's just looping on something09:49
thrice`evolution takes awhile.  let it think :)09:50
spaceninjaand todays programs are to big for me to debug.09:53
spaceninjaAnd I don't know how source files are structured, I haven't even done real programing09:54
jaegerapropos of nothing, postfix's virtual support is just amazing09:54
spaceninjaI got a programming book, people call it K&R09:54
Romsteri'm not much of a programmer either and i fix bugs.09:57
Romsterspaceninja, you got no excuse to at least narrow it down to what's causing it.09:58
spaceninjaok, but when everything is working I will do some work.10:00
spaceninjaI got an idea, what if I set up a server that runs a chroot script that compiles and installas EVERY packag in opt core contrib xorg, and loops it when it's finished10:03
spaceninjathat way we can see there are some errors10:04
spaceninjanew package or something10:04
spaceninjaand automatically reports errors10:05
Romsterspaceninja, already been done a few times over.10:06
cptnspaceninja: that would be nice10:06
Romstersafe-env safe-build and others.10:06
cptnas long as it doesn't report false positives10:06
Romsterbut it's not fully automated.10:07
cptnor at least not too many :-)10:07
Romstercptn, i'm working towards making my safe-build automated.10:07
Romsterso a git update would trigger a rebuild.10:07
mike_kteK: ?10:08
thrice`oh wow10:08
thrice`you'd be doing a few a day :)10:08
teKI had a glimpse at your ports so far, it'd be ok to take them into contrib/ for you?10:08
teK+ there's an update for zabbix_*10:09
mike_kteK: yep, I am aware about zabbix update. in fact I have new version running on a few boxes. I'll bump it soon.10:10
teKcool. I do have it running since Tuesday, too10:10
mike_kteK: but, I didn't really get the first sentance10:11
teKyeah sorry, *g*10:11
teKyou sendt me your ports for review + inclusion to contrib/10:11
mike_kteK: nah, I've sent you my few trac-related ports just FYI. But I seems to abandon (without starting) using it.10:12
mike_kteK: I thought some of them might be of use to you. sorry for the confusion10:14
teKso if there is popular demand [tm] I could/should take them10:14
mike_kfeel free10:14
teKcurrently I have no trac installation running10:14
mike_kteK: btw, I'll include a patch wich adds a few cpu stats to the agent
aoneww zabbix :|10:21
teKhopefully this will go official anytime soon10:22
mike_kit seems to be on thir todo10:27
mike_k* their10:27
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spaceninjais there a way I can find out which packages in the gnome group have a readme file?10:38
thrice`sure, use ls10:39
jaegerfind /usr/ports/gnome -name "README"10:39
spaceninjaI really need to learn bash I think10:40
teKeven if this has got nothing to do with bash10:41
spaceninjayes, but I want to write a script. After a installation I usually get a list of readme files. But I didn't get that list now that I tried to install gnome 10 times.10:46
spaceninjaSo I don't know if I have missed something imoportant10:46
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* spaceninja reboots10:49
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thrice`anyone have suspend working properly in crux?14:20
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tilmandoes anyone else have problems building opt/shared-mime-info?14:39
sepenthe one reported by jtnl ->
jtnlI have had problems, worse now solved14:40
jtnl<sepen> tilman, $ sed 's|autoreconf|autoreconf -i|' -i /usr/ports/opt/shared-mime-info/Pkgfile14:40
tilmani really meant "anyone but jtnl" :p14:41
jtnlthx sepen and tilman14:45
sepennot sure it the -i option is required, no more people has the same, but the fact is that -i does the trick and sounds transparent for me14:50
tilmanbut i'd love someone to confirm it :D14:52
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sepenIll test on a safe-env15:29
Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/shared-mime-info#0.51-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.15:30
Romsterin opt and on my live system.15:30
sepenhere doing $ prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep shared-mime-info`15:33
sepenRomster, seems that texinfo depends on lzma15:44
Romsteri'll test that.15:45
sepen$ install-info --info-dir=foo crux-2.4.iso15:45
sepensh: lzma: command not found15:45
Romstershared-mime-info works in my safe-build too.15:46
Romsterthought it be optional.15:46
sepenok, so imho its no needed the fix15:46
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Romstersepen, ok that's strange why they didn't have a configure check for lzma i see it in the source code.16:03
Romsterelse if (len > 5 && FILENAME_CMP (ret + len - 5, ".lzma") == 0)16:03
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cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] opera: updated to 9.5216:44
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cruxbot[opt.git]: gimp: updated to 2.4.716:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: texinfo: add lzma dependency for install-info. (thanks sepen)17:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: texinfo: add another dependency help2man17:21
Romsterbobo lol...17:32
Romsteri saw help2man in configure.ac17:32
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Romsterboo boo*17:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: xscreensaver: add directory for xscreensaver-demo18:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: transcode: remove custom cflags20:02
cruxbot[contrib.git]: x264: remove custom cflags20:02
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thrice`shared-mime-info builds OK here too, as is21:56
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jaegerany postfix gurus about? trying to make a postfix server not only deliver locally but also forward all mail for a single user to another MX23:30
jaegerit's easy enough to forward one user's mail to a specific user elsewhere but I really want to do another smtp transaction for the same user on 2 mail servers, not a forward23:31
Romsterno idea on mail stuff.23:50
Romsterthats one area i'm lacking on.23:50
jaegerfrom research so far it's looking like I can't do this23:50
jaegerthe rest of the mail setup is pretty slick... postfix, postgresql, dovecot, dspam, postfixadmin23:50
Romsteryou trying to send it out like a proxy smtp mail server?23:50
jaegerspam and ham training by drag and drop, pretty fun23:51
jaegerbasically want to test the new server before it goes into production by forwarding mail from a fairly active account to the it23:51
jaegerwithout rewriting the mails23:52
Romsterhmm tilman is a mail expert?23:52
Romsteror is that more vipers area?23:52
jaegerno idea. I'm generally pretty decent at postfix but this is an unusual setup23:53
Romsterwell out of my skill level of mail.23:56
Romsteri'd be doing guess work and googling like you are now.23:56
Romsterdosn't sound like a simple task.23:57
jaegerI could just register a new domain cheaply and test with that23:57
jaegerwould be good enough23:57
Romsterhmm it be relay maps stuff?23:58
jaegerit's very simple to set up a transport map that sends ALL mail to another server but I want it to only do so for a single user, heh23:59

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