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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xcb-proto: updated to 1.2.02:51
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cruxbot[core.git]: ed: update to 1.004:31
cruxbot[core.git]: mktemp: update to 1.604:31
cruxbot[opt.git]: aterm: fix for CVE-2008-114204:31
cruxbot[opt.git]: samhain: update to 2.4.5a04:31
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otardoes anyone knows how to get an Intel 3945ABG Wireless working?04:41
otarthanks tilman :)04:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: exiv2: Updated version 0.15 -> 0.17.104:54
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Dib_Hello, I just installed crux from CD and when it boots i get the problem read-only file system, any ideas on how to fix this?12:19
Romstermount -o remount,rw12:26
Romsteron the device.12:26
Romsterbut sounds like you did something wrong.12:26
Dib_I just ran mount, I think i've done something wrong too12:26
Romsterwhat errors or what screen are you at?12:27
Romsterit'll be read only until it gets remounted as read write in the init process after any fsck12:27
Dib_durring the boot before INIT it said read-only file system, I ran mount -o remount,rw and then rebooted no errors then, but It took ages to display the login  pront it was doing something about the INIT12:29
Dib_could it be the way that I boot it useing GRUB, I just goto the grub command and type 'kernel /boot/vmlinux' then boot12:30
rehabdolldude, you need to specify a root filesystem..12:30
Dib_so root /dev/hda or something?12:31
Romster<Romster> mount -o remount,rw12:34
Romster<Romster> on the device.12:34
Romsternote on the device...12:34
Romsterlike /dev/sda2 /12:34
Romstermaybe your fstab isn't set right12:35
Dib_I cant use mount in the GRUB command line12:35
Romsteri never said to use it their12:35
Dib_lol yeah I know, I was wondering how to make my GRUB boot right, it boots but only becase I type kernel /boot/vmlinux would that be part of the problem?12:37
nogagplzDib_: my grub setup is just as naked as that yet everything works fine.12:37
jaegeryou need to add specific kernel and root options to the config file12:37
Romstersounds to me your /boot/grub.1st isn't configured correctly.12:38
jaeger <-- an example12:38
Dib_mine looks nothing like that lol, would that be the problem?12:38
jaegerpossibly. but it probably shouldn't look like mine exactly, since you have a different hardware setup12:39
Dib_yeah I'll copy yours and change the hd location thingys12:39
Dib_"root=/dev/sda2 rw vga=0x30512:40
Dib_" is that the swap?12:40
tilmanhead desk etc12:40
Dib_ah so they can be read12:41
Dib_yeah that will be my problem12:41
tilmanDib_: it's where the root file system lives12:41
Dib_got ya!12:41
tilmanthe fstab file in the root file system then tells the kernel to enable swap space somewhere12:41
tilmanwell, that wasn't quite correct, but you get the idea ;012:41
Dib_^_^ heeh thanks :D12:42
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Romsterhuh that's odd what happened to openssh 5.1p112:50
Romsterlast i see is 5.0p1 but i got 5.1p1 installed.12:50
Romsterok found it on a mirror but that needs to be fixed.12:54
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cruxbot[opt.git]: fontforge: updated to 2008082414:17
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tilmanRomster: you're maintaining gift in contrib, but no gift client? or am i missing something?15:02
treach we can't have that. it would be assisting copyright infringement. :p15:04
Romsterah i got gift client in my repo but it requires kdelibs.15:05
tilmanapollon, i guess?15:05
Romsterand i not long ago got rid of k3b to the kde repo.15:05
Romsterso there is no kde dependency's in contrib anymore15:06
* treach googles for what k3b really means..15:06
Romsterif i was to put apollon in contrib it'll need kdelibs.15:06
Romsterburner gui15:06
tilmanRomster: i was thinking about giftcurs mostly :)15:06
tilmangift was nice and fun back in the day15:06
Romsterwasn't that your creation? or was your port at least.15:07
tilman(up to 6 years ago :D)15:07
treachRomster: I know what it *is*, but not what it's supposed to mean15:07
Romsterit still works but has a few quirks.15:07
treachah, found it15:07
tilmanyes, gift and friends were my first ports iirc15:07
treach"KDE Burn Baby Burn"15:07
Romsteri'll try giftcurs15:07
Romstertreach, never knew that...15:07
treachwp ftw... :p15:08
Romsternever used giftcurs and i'm not keen on depending on kdelibs anymore.15:08
Romsterso i'll give it a try.15:08
Romsteri'd really like a wx/gtk gui for it.15:08
tilmantried the fantastic giftoxic?15:09
tilmanhaha :>15:09
Romsterseems no one wants to even work on that framework anymore?15:09
tilmani wonder if that thing stillb uilds :D15:09
tilmanyay, i found a tarball15:09
Romsterok i didn't find that before...15:09
tilmanmy 2nd real c project15:10
Romsterwhy is none of that stuff recent.15:10
tilmanbecause gift is pretty dead...15:10
tilmanand has been since ~2003/2004 maybe15:10
Romsteryeah about then.15:10
tilmanyay, it works15:10
Romsteroh sweet i'll package it.15:10
tilmanthe gui looks nice15:10
Romsterwish i found that ages ago.15:11
tilmansome gnome guy helped polish the ui according to the gnome hig15:11
Romsterdo you still want giftcurs?15:11
tilmannah, i doubt i'll keep using this15:11
Romsterbecause i'd prefer that gtk frontend.15:11
tilmani just wondered why there was no client to go with the backend15:11
tilmanthe ETA calculation for transfers is totally off in giftoxic15:12
treachhm. I wonder if there's a joke in there..15:13
Romsterminor anoyance i might be able to hack at it but i'm nto so good at starting from scratch.15:13
treach"gift" = poison in swedish15:13
tilmantreach: same in german15:13
tilmani am teh pun master!15:13
treachoh, right15:13
treachI had forgotten about that15:13
tilmanthat code is so horrible15:13
treachBut it would be Gift in german, right? ;)15:13
teKnot in IRC15:14
treachjust kidding. :)15:14
teKI think I am the only german guy on irc who respects capitalization15:14
treachit's funny though. we stopped doing that like 300 years ago or so. :)15:15
thrice`I thought Gift was present auf deutsch o.O15:15
tilmanyou're probably confused because you're dealing with germans all the time ;))15:16
thrice`hehe.  or, when I think they want to give me a "gift," I assume better instead of worse ;)15:16
treachnatural talent for germans.15:17
treachthrice`: I'd be suspicious if a german offered me a "öl" :P15:17
treach(which means beer in sweedish, but oil in german. :p )15:18
thrice`oh, "Gabe," that's correct.  i am very rusty15:18
tilmannobody uses "gabe" for "gift" though15:19
tilmanthe word you're after is "Geschenk"15:19
teKeine milde Gabe, holder Knabe?15:19
Romsteroh i have a copy in my attic hrmm15:19
thrice`oh, interresting :)  I am trying to convince my boss to let me fly to our parent company for a week (in Nuernburg)15:20
teKSuSE? :D15:20
thrice`I think it's actually Altdorf, but yes :)15:21
thrice`er, my company is Altdorf, not Suse15:21
teKgo, get him15:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: libsndfile: fix patch space to tab15:28
cruxbot[contrib.git]: giftoxic: re-added from attic15:28
Romsterhmm if i can hack some more stuff to giftoxic like a a tray icon15:31
Romstersuprised that still works as to how old it is.15:31
Romsterheh empty irc channel15:32
Romsternow i gotta try that one out too...15:33
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Roomstermeh damn short power interruption.16:03
Roomsteri'm getting a damn UPS i'm sick of this.16:04
Roomsterwasn't even long enough to spin down my hdd...16:04
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Romster a free thinker is satans slave; hah.16:15
Romster642 emaisl wtf16:21
Romstermost of from crux.nu16:21
aonRomster: yeah, i pushed to master again accidentally last night16:22
aonand it caused bit of a havoc16:22
Romsterargh <<16:22
Romsteri did a git rebase origin/master a few days ago then realised my mistake the did git reset --hard origin/2.416:23
treachRomster: just look at the log.16:23
Romsteri will after they all finish downloading.16:23
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Romstertheir wasn't anyway to nuke all them mails i supose.16:24
treachephic stuff. well, I'm happy aon hasn't committed seppuku yet. ;)16:24
aonwell, it was too late once we noticed16:25
aontreach: i've decided that i'll wait until the third time :)16:25
aonlike the proverb says16:25
Romsteroh well could of happend to anyone.16:26
treachwell, not *anyone*.16:27
treachbut aon was probably the one with the most unfortunate conditions16:27
treachie. people have made mistakes in the past, but I think the notification system was different back then so it didn't get the same consequences16:28
Romstertilman, how come we don't run from master and just tag the old versions?16:31
jaegernipuL: just saw your suggestion, sorry I missed it earlier... but for what it's worth that doesn't work either16:33
jaegerI appreciate the effort :)16:33
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Romsterwonder what that issue is.16:40
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treachusing xchat :p16:41
Romsteri don't get that issue.16:41
Romsterother than the power going off.16:41
* treach has a local powerplant and rarely have powerouts. :D16:42
Romsterwell your lucky16:42
treachyep. :)16:43
treachI think I've had one power interruption in the last 4 years.16:43
Romsterthis last one was so short only my desktop rebooted16:44
Romsterthe hold time of the other two pc's that don't use as much power lasted though it.16:45
treachwell. this -> is situated just a couple of kms from where I live.16:46
treachalso, we have a pretty big GM manufacturing plant here, I don't think they'd accept a lot of power interruptions. :>16:47
rehabdollThe requested URL /ol/id/an/olidan_power_plant_glaleryfull was not found on this server.16:51
rehabdollgalleryfull at the end there perhaps..16:52
rehabdolli live 70km from a nuclear plant :)16:52
treachthat's really strange.16:52
aoni live ~70km from a two-reactor plant, too (third being built)16:53
treachbig ass url that shouldn't be needed
aontreach: they'll have to face the wrath of the trolls if there are too many blackouts? :)16:54
treachaon: more like, have to find new workplaces for everyone working at SAAB. :>16:55
Romsteri live next to a power hungry smelter
Romsterbut they have there own dedicated 550KV line.17:03
thrice`probably doesn't apply to power companies, but any supplier, etc. that shuts GM down is ~ $50,000 / hour17:04
Romsterand i can see a power pylon about 1KM away from me.17:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: gift-ares: Pkgfile cleanup19:05
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gift-fasttrack: Pkgfile cleanup and nodes update19:05
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gift-gnutella: Pkgfile cleanup and nodes update19:05
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gift-openft: Pkgfile cleanup and nodes update19:05
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nipuLwth, if i plug a flash drive in nothing happens22:40
nipuLbut then if i reboot the machine it shows up22:40
nipuLsame goes for any usb device22:45
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nipuLseems udev 126 is too new for hal23:41
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