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sepenoOoops wtf with crux-commits!01:07
nipuLblame aon01:11
nipuLhe accidentally commited to master branch01:11
Romsteroh yes i said the same thing.01:13
Romsterexcept the oops part :D01:13
Romsteri've nearly done that same error myself. luckly i realised when i saw it checking out a heap of objects and git reset it.01:14
sepenjaeger, ping01:21
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sepennipuL, ERROR  contrib/mythplugins ......     missing dependency: kdelibs01:39
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sepenoOooh donwloading 1 of 3118 messages in my inbox01:41
Romsteri only had about 600 or so.01:47
Romsteryou must not of looked at your email in awhile.01:48
nipuLsepen: yeah, i plan to tackle myth soon01:51
nipuLheh, that's why i use imap01:51
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sepennipuL, the fact is that I used to use it sometime ago, but here we develop 'perimetral boxes' and I switched to pop3 for tests01:52
sepenatm our appliance is validating those mails01:53
sepenI get a list of missing deps that are still in opt/contrib:
nipuLsweet, only one port01:57
sepenspecially there are a some which still depends on x1101:57
nipuLunfortunately, time is a precious commodity at the moment01:58
sepenI should contact to maintainers later01:58
sepennipuL, also if you use prt-get depinst something and it fails you waste your time too01:59
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Romsterx11 is aliased to xorg but isn't ideal that should of been fixed ages ago.02:26
Romstereven i used to have a lot of x11 in my ports that i fixed. i narrowed one down recently when i submitted that windowmaker patch.02:28
sepenI think its too easy do something like: for i in ${myports[@]}; do sed 's|x11|xorg-libx11|' -i /usr/ports/foo/$i/Pkgfile; done02:30
sepenand then try to finetune with all required xorg- stuff02:30
Romsteri built them in a chroot and when it bitched at me at a missing lib i added also you could use finddeps that's handy.02:32
Romsteradd the lot then run findredundantdeps -s portname and then correct the dependency's.02:32
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cruxbot[opt.git]: nano: updated to 2.0.804:22
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jdolanmy blackberry committed seppuku this weekend thanks to crux@06:16
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jaegersepen: I was asleep when you pinged, here now07:26
sepenoh nice!07:27
sepenjaeger, its about imlib2, could I addopt it?07:27
sepenATM is required for some opt ports, and I think I could maintain it on opt too07:28
sepensee _> ERROR opt/pypanel .............. missing dependency: imlib207:29
jaegerfeel free to adopt it07:29
sepenfor what I known it appears on opt sometime ago, right?07:29
jaegerI think so, yes07:29
sepenoh, so many thanks07:29
sepenIll pickup07:29
sepenjaeger, would be fine if I remove it also from contrib07:30
sepenany inconvenience?07:30
Romsterimlib2 should of been put in opt when pypanel got moved. if it depends on it.07:31
sepenwell finally Ill maintain imlib2 on opt07:31
Romsterbecause i even let a dependency of pypanel go for it to be in opt.07:32
Romsteri never noticed imlib2.07:32
sepenRomster, thats for what maintainers should be polite and collaborative with others07:32
Romsterwell i got asked nicely i saw it wasn't used for anything but pypanel so i let it go. but imlib2 should of been moved to opt then not all this time later.07:33
Romsterthat's bad management.07:33
Romsterbut it might of been overlooked.07:33
cptnsepen told me on august 1 that he sent a mail to jaeger07:34
Romsterthen again a deptree would show it in contrib when it clearly should of been in opt.07:34
cptnto move it to opt07:34
sepenas cptn said I told him in august but jaeger wasn't here07:34
Romsteraon or was it cptn asked me about a port to pypanel that it depended on it i let him have that port.07:34
cptnRomster: yeah, it was me07:34
Romsterso why did imlib2 get overlooked?07:35
cptnand sepen told me about imlib2, and offered to move it to opt if jaeger agrees07:35
Romsterwating on jaeger's word?07:35
Romsteror did it not even get a look at.07:35
cptnscroll up :-)07:35
cptn[14:34] <jaeger> feel free to adopt it07:35
Romsteryes now that's like months later when it should of been done.07:36
sepenwell time to part from the offcice07:37
sepenbbl guys07:37
cptnbye sepen07:38
Romstera) the pypanel and the port i had that pypanel depends on would have to wait for the go ahead for imlib2 or b) imlib2 gets moved without jaeger's word. instead of c) leaving it in a half opt/contrib state.07:38
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Romsteri'd of adopted pypanel i was using it for awhile but damn proogic did not have his name as maintainer so i over looked that.07:38
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Romsteranyways it's corrected months later. my point was a clean solution should of been done at the time or waited for jaeger. :)07:39
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cptnif prologic would have kept the proper dependencies for pypanel (including imlib2) I would not have moved it in the first place07:39
cptnbut it wasn't there, so sepen told me about it since he hit a build error07:40
Romsteri'm over the past stuff so this isn't a relapse if anyone is wondering.07:40
cptninstead of moving it back, we agreed to move imlib207:40
cptnminutes after the build error was discovered07:40
cptnapparently, it now took somewhat longer to fix it07:41
Romsterprologic didn't even name pypanel as him as maintainer or i'd of picked it up with python-xlib? i think i picked up.07:42
cptnin any case, it seems all fine now07:42
Romsterbecause i saw pypanel depended on it and it was be unwise to let that get dropped.07:42
Romstermonths later ya.07:42
cptnI guess next time we should file a bug once the problem is discovered07:42
cptnmonths would be > 1 month07:43
Romsterit might of been my fault not realising pypanel was unmaintained but prologic being sloppy on not renaming it meant i over looked it.07:43
cptnI think you're trying to make this a bigger deal that it really is07:43
cptnnot sure why07:44
Romsteryour right it's fixed now.07:44
Romsteri'd like to not see a repeat. of something like that that goes on months before it's solved.07:44
cptnwell, strictly speaking it will be once sepen commits it07:44
cptnit didn't07:44
cptnyou replied on july 19th regarding python-xlib07:45
Romsterrule was all ports in opt do not depend on contrib.07:45
cptnstill is07:45
Romsterit's now august 25th and imlib2 is just now gonna be moved to opt.07:46
cptnso that's one month 6 days07:46
cptnand you keep talking of "months"?07:46
Romsterhmm thought it seemed longer than that.07:46
Romsterbah i'm loosing track of time.07:46
Romsterit's felt like ages.07:47
cptnwait, it was july 1707:47
Romsteri'm getting a coffee... now i feel stupid that i lost track of time.07:47
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thrice`plus, it's pypanel.  does anyone use it anyway.. ;)08:08
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spaceninjathere are no extra keyboard layouts in gnome08:42
spaceninjawhat should I search for?08:43
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j^2morning everybody08:54
Romsterthrice`, was using it now i'm on fbpanel08:55
Romsterhi j^208:55
thrice`Romster: i'm on "tint"08:55
Romsterhaven't tried that one.08:56
thrice`   it's not bad.  no sys-tray, though08:57
Romsterah nice but i have tray icons.08:58
Romsteractaully grouping windows on the panel would be a feature i'm after.08:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: blender: Updated 2.46 -> 2.4710:42
cruxbot[contrib.git]: imlib2: Moved to opt collection.10:42
cruxbot[opt.git]: imlib2: Moved from contrib collection. Updated 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1. New maintainer.10:42
thrice`I can't find anything on the net for this udev / hal issue :(11:05
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rehabdollwhy was imlib2 moved to opt?12:14
sepenrehabdoll,  opt/pypanel depends on it12:15
rehabdolli'll add it to opt-x86_64 then12:15
sepenI found nice the changeset because contrib/awesome contrib/ffmpeg contrib/fluxbox contrib/giblib contrib/pekwm contrib/wbar are dependent on imlib2 too12:18
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tilmanjdolan_: why are you lulzing at me? i made it stop :|13:10
jdolani lulz'ed because it was funny.13:12
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Romstertalking of pekwm it's still not updated.17:44
Romster2741 emails oh my bloody gawd.....17:45
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nipuLrehabdoll: re, udev/hal19:13
nipuLln -s /sbin/udevadm /usr/bin/udevinfo19:14
nipuLthen restart hal19:14
thrice`I don't see any other distros doing that :(  how do they get around it?19:14
nipuLbut not using udev 12619:15
nipuLor patching hal to use udevadm19:15
thrice`oh, ok19:15
nipuLseeing as crux has an anti-patching policy, the symlink is the sanest fix19:16
thrice`I couldn't even find a patch when I was looking today.  perhaps I had bad luck19:18
nipuLthere's probably not many distros that keep current with udev19:19
nipuLeven arch still uses 11919:19
thrice`I expected one in gentoo, but they are on 125, I think19:20
nipuLyeah, 126 introduced the problem19:21
jaegerRomster: not sure who's supposed to be maintaining ffmpeg but it isn't me anymore... somebody asked me for it a while back and I said fine19:35
Romsterthen it's unmaintained then with your name on it.19:37
jaegercan't remember who it was, sorry19:37
Romsterwhy don't they have their name on the Maintainer line.19:37
jaegerlack of follow-through? dunno19:38
Romsterno one but you has commited to it.19:39
Romsteri guess i'll adopt it? since there appears to be no one else maintaining it?19:40
jaegerfeel free19:41
Romsteryou have 12 ports in contrib with you as maintainer are they all unmaintained?19:41
jaegerI don't particularly use libmp4v2, id3lib, or ffmpeg now, but the rest I do19:44
Romsterfaad2 depends on libmp4v219:45
Romsterand faad2 depends on id3lib19:46
jaegerare you wanting to put them in opt?19:46
Romsterno i have no opt access. i use id3lib for tagtool19:47
sepenI can give you a hand with their maintenance too19:47
Romsterjust seems odd you'd consider giving away a dependency for a program you didn't list that you own.19:47
jaegerI'm not following you19:48
Romsterlibmp4v2, id3lib you said you don't particularly use.19:48
jaegernot directly, no19:49
Romsternow you got other ports that depend on them two, and i got some that depend on them too.19:49
Romstertagtool libtunepimp of mine depend on libmp4v2, id3lib19:49
jaegerI haven't even used crux much lately until the last week or so19:49
jaegerdidn't have time and this machine was down for a while19:50
jaegerif you want to take them and update them, feel free. If not, I'll get to them at some point19:50
sepenRomster, you have contrib access and those ports are in contrib, also jaeger gives you the freedom for update them, where is the problem?19:51
sepenI think that is better than duplicate them in your own private repos19:52
Romsterthere isn't so i was wondering why jaeger would give away a port that he depends on.19:52
sepenwell , seems that he hasn't so much time19:52
Romsterso your ok with me taking over libmp4v2 id3lib and ffmpeg?19:53
Romsteronly the last 2 are in active development.19:53
sepenif jaeger is agree of course19:53
Romsterbut they all i depend on.19:53
sepenok, sound nice for me19:53
jaegerRomster: sure, you have more time for them than I do19:53
Romsteri don't wanna appear as a port packrat but i use them 3 :)19:54
Romsterjaeger, cool i'll do that and close that flyspray ticket.19:54
Romsterbe a little less for you to worry about.19:54
sepenwell imho I consider the last maintainer as the packager when I adopt some ports (if packager don't appears in the Pkgfile)19:55
Romsterlets hope my ffmpeg port is ok with all the other programs.19:55
Romstersepen, yeah i move maintainer to packager if there is no packager line.19:55
sepenWARN Redundant deps for ffmpeg are: libogg19:56
sepenRomster, me too19:56
Romsterthat'll be fixed.19:56
sepenRomster, take a look if you want too
Romsteri already have ffmpeg packaged. but i'l have to convert the lzma to bz219:56
Romsterbecause of a dispute of me pushing lzma on everyone.19:57
sepenyou can add a hook script for your plains, no?19:57
sepenyeah, I known19:57
Romsteri already have a hook script on wesnoth to use xdelta.19:57
Romsterseems no one has no objections to that.19:57
Romsterit'll do nothing if the requirements are not met.19:58
Romsterit saves downloading ~140MB19:58
Romsterfor a update.19:58
Romsteranyways different topic.19:58
Romsterno one likes me using lzma for a package format but i do in my private tree.19:59
Romsterso i'll convert it then move ffmpeg to contrib.19:59
sepenok and the others?19:59
Romsteri'll update the maintainer lines on libmp4v2 and id3lib20:00
Romstersince versions haven't changed yet.20:00
jaegerfor what it's worth, I don't care whether it's lzma or not as long as it works20:01
Romsterit works but i used to have x264 and libdvdnav as a lzma and i got told off for forcing users to install lzma just so they could decompress the tarball.20:02
Romsterso i'd rather like to avoid that argument again.20:02
Romsterand yet lzma itself is small and decompresses faster and smaller downloads but they wont have it.20:03
sepenI don't have enough knownledgements about lzma20:04
Romsteri've been using lzma for a long time personally.20:05
cruxbot[contrib.git]: blender: Fixed redundant dep.20:05
Romsterand xdelta.20:05
sepenwell Romster, I need some time for sleep, here is 03:0020:05
Romsteri'm nearly done with a self generating xdelta diffs shell script.20:05
sepensleep or bier?20:06
sepenor rule a joint20:06
Romsterroll ?20:06
Romsteri for once slept at night time.20:06
Romstermost days i'm up during the night.20:06
Romsteror half day and night.20:07
sepenbatman returns20:07
Romsteri gave up having a normal sleeping pattern.20:07
sepenI must go up at 07:0020:07
sepenand going with car to the office20:07
Romsterwell you better sleep :D20:07
sepenbbl Romster20:07
Romsterlater sepen20:07
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nipuLRomster: you on the 28 hour day or something?20:11
Romsteri must be on something. because some days i do stay up 24 or so hours.20:12
Romsterthat's the MIB isn't it the 28 hour day.20:13
nipuLmen in black?20:14
Romsteri think they had that on the movie a 28 hour day... unless my memory is gone.20:15
nipuLnah, those movies just weren't very memorable20:20
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Romsterhmm i don't get amr stuff...22:59
Romsterthis amr*22:59
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