IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-08-27

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cruxbot[contrib.git]: multitail: New port.01:36
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cptnRomster: I assume you didn't read the ChangeLog of udev 126, right?01:58
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Cryptorchildi have sudoers users but somehow then execute script with root access it's results error on path, how to fix this, so when im sudo the user have same path with root?03:38
teKdoes your user's $PATH contain the executable?03:41
Cryptorchildhow to check?03:42
teKecho $PATH03:43
Cryptorchildoh nevermind03:44
Cryptorchildfound it03:44
Cryptorchildhow to add more path03:45
Cryptorchildlike /sbin03:45
Cryptorchildusers have /bin:/usr/bin:/opt/bin03:45
Cryptorchildyeah it is03:50
Cryptorchildthanks for direction03:50
teKno problem03:51 more question for today, how to make console more colorfull?04:03
cptnthat question is somewhat generic04:06
cptndo you want colors in the prompt?04:06
cptnor in the command output?04:06
cptnif the later, which commands?04:06
cptnor do you want a script that generates colored patterns?04:07
Cryptorchildi think the first one04:07
cptnah, okay04:07
Cryptorchildthanks cptn04:09
cptnalso, often you want something like this too:04:10
cptn   alias ls='ls --color=auto'04:10
cptnto get colors out of ls04:10
cptnthe same works for grep too, and maybe other scripts04:11
cptnerr, s/scripts/tools/04:17
cptnsorry :-)04:17
aoni was ":O"'ing at Cryptorchild ctcp versioning me04:24
aonin english:
Cryptorchildwant to know what irc client are mostly used04:26
cptnaon: heh04:26
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfmpc: Updated 0.0.6 -> 0.0.704:40
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-wmdock-plugin: New port.04:40
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-screenshooter-plugin: Updated 1.2.0 -> 1.3.204:40
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rudaon: how to make irssi to shows nicknames04:42
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aonthere's some script that adds a vertical nicklist bar, but haven't used it04:44
sepenI like the rhapsody irc client too04:45
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aonimo you shouldn't try to duplicate guis in console04:49
aonbut that's just me04:49
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-linelight-plugin: New port.06:03
cruxbot[xfce.git]: thunar-svn-plugin: New port.06:03
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: thunar-archive-plugin: Fixed URL meta.06:20
cruxbot[xfce.git]: libxklavier: Updated 3.2 -> 3.506:43
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thrice`mesa 7.1 released \o/09:41
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Fiscalenter as root in the crux use the command su -?11:18
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teKanyone built cmus with the ne ffmpeg installed?14:20
Romsterah no..14:26
teKwon't work (for me)14:26
Romstercmus might need changes to refelect new ffmpeg header file locations.14:27
Romsteri rebuild all ports that said depend on ffmpeg.14:27
Romsterexcept k3b14:27
teKi removed ffmpeg, built cmus, reinstalled ffmpeg ;)14:27
thrice`k3b shouldn't depend on libmpeg14:27
Romsterit's trivial to fix header locations.14:27
thrice`er, ffmpeg14:27
Romsterlol --disable-ffmpeg14:28
Romsterin the ./configure14:28
Romsterwhy not make a patch for cmus and submit it?14:28
teKcurrently making/testing patch for install ISO to support cryptsetup.14:28
tilmannew drm and mesa and xorg-server soon14:29
teKtilman: who created /sbin/start_udev?14:29
tilmantry git log14:31
tilmangit log start_udev14:31
tilmanhehe, that doesn't give a useful result14:31
tilmanso i  guess jaeger wrote it14:31
Romstermesa is development version not stable14:32
tilmanyou'll complain one way or another ;)14:32
Romsteryep :D14:33
Romsteroh why is your pixman not been updated?14:33
tilmanbecause 0.11 is the development tree?14:33
tilmanwere you kidding or...?14:34
tilmanoh the irony! ;)14:34 is being painfully slow.14:34
Romsterso i can't god damn check.14:34
tilmanwell, trust me ;)14:34
teKseems to be jaeger; i'm scared of him.14:35
tilmanwhy is that?14:35
teKdunno *g*14:35
tilmanRomster: eg, xorg-server 1.5 will depend on current mesa. do you really think we should NOT update x because of this?14:37
Romsterthat is debateable.14:39
Romsterwhen they release X11R7.4 it could be any picked version from all them versions.14:40
Romsterand renamed as 1.5.014:40
thrice`"Mesa 7.1 is a development release in the work towards Mesa 7.2, but most Linux distributions will adopt this release and it should prove to be relatively stable."14:40
tilmanRomster: err, yes, but what's your point?14:40
Romsterwell X11R7.4 is meant to be stale no?14:41
Romstererr stable*14:41
Romsterand it'll use mesa 7.1?14:41
Romsterwhich is not a stable release?14:41
Romsterfailed logic14:42
tilmanokay, eod14:42
Romsterwouldn't all parts need to be stable?14:42
tilmanwhen has a DRI driver ever been stable?14:42
Romsterit's a xorg thing i guess we get what we get from them.14:42
tilman(virtually nobody uses the sw implementation of gl because it's .. not usable ;p)14:42
Romsternot having a go at anyone. it just does not add up.14:43
RomsterDRI hasn't been stable in ages. mostly todo with the video drivers.14:43
Romsteronly some intel and ati have had to not use DRI for stability.14:43
tilmanflgrx does use the dri14:44
tilmanmaybe you're thinking of nvidia?14:44
tilmanerr, wait14:44
tilmani think fglrx uses dri... but i'm not 100% sure. i know it uses the drm at least ;)14:45
Romsterati and nvidia uses DRI but i think xorg-xf86-video-ati wont work with DRI.14:45
tilmansounds like you might be confusing things ;D14:45
Romsteri read on some page i can't remember now. or i've so confused myself.14:45
Romsteranyways carry on if all this fixes the single threading icestation issue i'll be happy.14:47
Romsterso it seems it's ok to include development modules in a stable program release. by xorg standards. wonder what other projects do that too.14:49
Romstercan you even load freedesktop?14:50
tilmanxorg-server and mesa have a special relationship...14:50
Romsterhmm right they both depend on each others code base.14:51
Romsterfor the OpenGL driver stuff, as much as i understand of that interaction.14:51
Romsterthis is really strange i get 215ms to freedesktop but there web server is dud.14:52
Romsterother sites load fine.14:53
Romsterwonder if there is a transparant proxy somewhere...14:53
tilmanannarchy.fdo is dead14:54
thrice`xorg-server didn't release too, did it?14:55 is alive.14:55
Romsterbut not the site14:56
jaegerteK: scared of me? :P14:56
tilmanthrice`: not yet. probably will RSN :D14:56
Romsterguess i'll try the site later.14:56 just loaded a page "It works!" O-o14:58
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teKjaeger: sorry, I'm confusing you with jue15:23
teKcould you tell me what the following line in /sbin/start_udev exactly is for:15:24
teK/bin/mount -n -t tmpfs udev /dev -o exec,nosuid,mode=075515:24
teKwell, storing /dev on a tmpfs..15:27
jaegerthat's exactly what it's for :)15:32
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jaegerhrmm, looks pretty slick18:16
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