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thrice`ooh, new gcc :) fancy15:11
Romsterdang tool chain rebuild again.15:19
treachwell, there's always prt-get lock gcc / ubuntu if it's too painful. :>15:21
* treach hides15:21
thrice`does glibc no longer ship tarballs?15:21
tilmanthrice`: dunno, it's really fucked up15:22
Romsternah i'd rather have less regressions.15:22
thrice`it looks like they're just tagging releases and expecting people to pull it?15:22
Romsteryou have to go grab a snapshot now.15:22
treachwho doesn't want less regressions...?15:22
Romsterwhich requires a dev version of binutils currently.15:22
tilmanyou check out the cvs tag for 2.815:23
Romsterwhat i read...15:23
thrice`that's sorta dumb15:23
Romsteronly passing on what i've read.15:23
tilmanthrice`: if you care enough to dig into it, please let me know when you find a statement from ulrich drepper or some other glibc guy15:24
tilman..on that topic15:24
thrice`  :)15:25
teKProblem. 4GB of RAM, only three are shown, kernel option is set: CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G=y15:25
tilmandrepper for the fucking win15:25
treachteK: I think you need pae15:25
tilmanthrice`: thanks15:26
tilmanteK: on x86, that's expected...15:26
teKtreach: zgrep /proc/config.gz says there's no option PAE15:26
tilman1 gb needs to reserved to map devices and stuff ;)15:26
Romsteryou need 64bit to use the last bit of ram.15:26
teKtilman: I thought I was sure I already had the 4GB displayed in free(1) etc.15:26
Romsterunless you use some paging system.15:26
tilman(my explanation applies only if PAE isn't enabled)15:26
teKI read about the 3/1GB split15:26
untamedfor 4G you need CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G=y ...iianm15:27
treachyou need pae, if you use that you can have 64GB ram on 32 bit iirc15:27
teKuntamed: I do have it enabled15:27
Romsterbut only one program can address 3.2GB or something like that.15:27
Romsterbut that's more than enough for each program.15:27
teKI wanted to use a 2,5-3GB tmpfs -_-15:28
treachRomster: s /program/process/15:28
teKso is CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G=y the PAE support or not?15:28
treachteK: no15:28
teKthere's no option PAE15:28
treachthe option is called X86_PAE15:29
Romsteroh that's per a process.15:29
untamedtek CONFIG_HIGHMEM***64G***=y15:29
teK% zgrep -c PAE /proc/config.gz15:29
teKI'll have a try, untamed thx15:29
untamedI had the same problem a couple weeks ago ;)15:29
treachaw, right15:29
teKI already had solved it as it worked some weeks ago, too ..15:30
treachI'm getting tired. it clearly says; "Depends on: X86_32 && !HIGHMEM4G"15:30
teKI set 64GB to yes et voila grep PAE .config returns smth. *sigh*15:30
teKbtw: anyone willing to try out a CRUX installation on a fully encrypted /?15:31
teKI can provied a piece of 'documentation' + an ISO15:32
teKat least i'm back with four GB of ram15:38
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namenlosfinally booting my linux again ;)16:59
* Romster should stay quiet and give the impression no one can read namenlos :D17:00
Romsterso long time?17:01
namenlos3 weeks17:01
namenloswasn't at home, since then17:01
Romsterah holidays?17:08
namenlosno, working in another province in austria17:09
namenlosit is 367km far away from the place i live.17:09
Romsterwouldn't be worth travailing that far all the time.17:11
namenlosfortunatelly it is only temporary17:11
Romsternot so bad unless you think of moving to work.17:11
namenlosso another 2 months in this town (klagenfurt) and then i am back in tyrol17:11
namenlosno, not so bad. the company pays for it. but it is a foreign city, and i don't know anyone, except the training and work guys17:13
treachRomster: I think the correct response would be "yodeladiho" or something. :p17:13
Romsternamenlos, ah sounds like a low profile17:14
Romsteractaully the keeping quiet should be assigned to spacebunny.17:14
Romsterand yodel for namenlos17:15
namenlosanyone know, how the link to the bash wiki was listing some obsolete bash commands?17:25
Romstersomeone must of reverted it?17:28
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namenlosi think it was once posted in one of the devel meetings..17:29
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