IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-08-29

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cptnmorning sepen01:03
sepenIll remove intltool from the xfce repo01:03
sepenyesterday I done some test and seems that is not required for building some ports where I listed it01:04
sepenI was wondering about DE disussion one more time01:04
cptnyeah, I was wondering too whether anyone had an opinion on jue's suggestion01:06
cptnno one answered to that yet01:06
sepenATM libnotify librsvg libsexy libwnck libxklavier vte are duplicated in gnome/xfce01:06
cptnI guess we could look into that at the next meeting01:06
sepenIm doing some studies to decide if its possible to maintain these ports on opt or not01:06
cptnbut it would be good to have both Alan and Matt taking part01:07
sepencptn, would be good01:07
sepenimho duplicated ports without differences should be maintained on opt01:07
sepenwell if they are really important01:08
sepennot as easy as it appears01:08
cptnbut if we merge the DEs into contrib, that would be solved automatically01:08
sepenId like to maintain they as separate01:08
sepenmaybe contributors should commit to DEs01:09
sepenbetter than merge repos01:09
sepenwell, we can discuss that in the next meeting01:10
Romsterah your not thinking of merging all the DE's into contrib?01:20
cptnwell, both are possible01:21
Romsteri know for one i use gstreamer and i don't want gnome stuff as dependencies. but if that goes ahead i'll just move them to my personal repo.01:21
Romsteras an example not sure what else would clash.01:22
Romsteri don't think it's viable to merge them all, but i like the idea of sepen looking into moving duplicates into opt.01:23
sepenyeah, in the case they can be moved01:24
Romsterif they are able to yes01:24
cptnwell, that would be very limiting01:24
cptnsince contrib members don't get access to opt automatically01:24
cptnthus the problems that exist now would not necessarily be solved01:25
Romstersome cases one has a different configuration or it'll mess up the dependencies, and not be so easy to do a prt-get depinst <favourite DE>01:25
Romsterthen there is the different versions issues too.01:26
Romsterif you can sort all them problems out sure. but i can see it wont be easy.01:27
sepenbut sometimes duplicates are the same practically
Romsterthis Group: xfce4 and Group: gnome thing.01:30
Romsterthat one looks fine for opt candidate, maybe. or contrib if that's allowed.01:31
Romsternot sure if you got a rule on DE's can't depend on contrib?01:31
cptnwell, if DE depend on contrib, that solves the common ports problem01:32
Romsterand i supose it could be a DE group thing to maintain them ports and make sure it wont break any of the DE's01:32
cptnbut if you'd want to add k3b, you'd still need access to the KDE repository01:32
cptnI think it should be one 'contrib' project01:33
Romsteri had k3b originally in contrib but i gave that to the kde maintainer.01:33
cptnthe repos can be separate, but it should be one project01:33
Romsterit does not look like the maintainer of pekwm is active.01:34
Romsteri'll email him directly01:35
cptnwhy do you mean?01:35
Romsterpekwm hasn't been updated.01:35
Romsteri've opend a bug report.01:35
Romsterstill nothing and it's been some time.01:35
sepensorry for the delay, Im at office01:35
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sepenERROR kde/kdebase .............. directory not allowed: usr/share/locale/01:36
sepenI think the xfce repo is more clean than that01:36
Romstersome stuff in contrib still needs cleaning.01:36
sepenand merge different repos should respect the same rules01:36
Romsteracording to sepens page.01:36
sepenalso some of my ports01:36
Romsterno idea on that gstreamer one sepen that's a bogus error.01:37
sepenthat's the page
Romsterand you can mask the file conflicts from the nvidia-legacy ports in prtverify and that one for lvm2 is respeacting the permissions of the core port filesystem.01:37
Romsteryeah i got it bookmarked.01:38
sepenI'd like to get an updated whitelist for repos01:38
sepenI think I could maintain it too01:38
Romsterhuh what the why do i have redudent deps...01:38
Romsterall my stuff is clean.01:38
sepenwhich port?01:39
cptnsepen: also, there's still an error about imlib2 missing01:39
Romsterlvm2 that directory warning is ok.01:39
cptnalthough you added it before aug 2701:39
sepenhmm right01:39
sepenIll repeat the reports01:39
sepenRomster, maybe its outdated01:40
Romstersome dep change must of tirggered them redudent deps i'll have to clean those.01:40
sepenI run a nightly crontab job in the box I have at office01:40
Romsteri did have zero errors.01:40
sepenRomster, Im redoing the contrib report, just wait for a while01:41
Romsternvidia-legacy-71xx nvidia-legacy-96xx and lvm2 can be whitelisted in prtverify01:41
sepensorry the confussion01:41
Romsterthe rest i'll fix.01:41
sepenthat sounds good01:42
Romsteri like having no errors.01:42
Romsterdidn't realise i had redudent deps.01:42
Romstermust of been ffmpeg change maybe01:42
sepenI'm maintaining a copy of 'repoverify' in my repository. see crux-repo-utils01:44
Romstermythplugins mising kdelibs hmm01:45
RomsterFATAL contrib/cedega ........... file not found: .md5sum01:45
Romsterthat's not good.01:45
sepenyeah, there are a lot of errors01:45
Romsterthey should of been fixed by the maintainers.01:47
sepenRomster, I also start to open tickets01:48
sepenRomster, can you confirm the paste?01:48
Romsteryes but look at the core/filesystem port01:48
sependrwxrwxrwt      root/root       var/lock01:48
sepenwell, I use a post-install script on my mldonkey port01:49
sepenand this avoids the conflict01:49
sepenno no, sorry I get confussed01:50
sepenbut in the lvm2 case, a post-install script would be fine imho01:50
Romsteryou'll notice prtverify whitelists that directory for the core/filesystem port01:51
sepenthe fact is that prt-verify returns the error message01:51
Romsterjust to get around a prtverify error.01:51
sepenRomster, nop, I just using the whitelist released on prt-verify01:51
Romsteri could imagine what would happen if they forget to run the post-install script.01:51
sepenwell we can talk with jue about that01:52
Romsterwell jue added a directory for white listing in git?01:52
Romsterwe talked about this ages ago.01:52
sepennogagplz, a file01:53
sepen**no, a file01:53
Romsterthat a port could install a file for removing warnings like that that are ok.01:53
sepenI sent a patch for being able to use -f file01:53
Romsteranyways it's a warning i've ignored it.01:54
sepenwell, I think to have a nightly report its still good for maintainers01:54
sepenand finally you can decide what kind of errors are trivials01:55
Romsteryes but i also asked you to whitelist the nvidia ports a long time ago01:55
Romsterno one is gonna install more than one flavour of nvidia at the same time.01:55
sepenRomster, I should decide the mechanism for maintaining a complete whitelist file01:55
sepennot only one port01:55
Romsterjue added in a directory.01:55
Romsterso a port could add in a file for prtverify to mask such issues.01:56
Romsterbut that could be abused.01:56
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sepenIll try to fix some issues for the next reports01:56
sepenI've no idea if other maintainers bookmarked my report page01:57
Romstersomeone needs to be assigned to email the maintainers of them ports that need fixing to imo.01:57
Romstersome of them have been like that for months.01:57
sepenbut in this case FS would be good too01:58
Romsteri try my best to keep mine clean, and i see them like that and not fixed.01:58
sepenRomster, you known I should contact directly with maintainers before open a ticket01:59
sepenI think we should do an effort in this way02:00
Romsteryeah i like todo the same when i can.02:00
Romsterand you know i'm fairly prompt in fixing errors.02:00
teKcomlpain on the ML02:00
Romsterjust wish others like pekwm would be prompt a few weeks maybe but not months.02:00
sepenId like to be a private dialog between maintainers02:01
Romsteri wanted to be the contrib aliasion between contrib and the core team but after all that stuff happened i didn't bother02:02
Romsterdunno what i'll do when i advance the distro i'm working on.02:02
sepensorry, my boss its around, bbl02:04
cptnRomster: again, it's not month02:10
cptnRomster: the release was on august 602:10
cptnerr, months02:10
cptnand you're unfriendly bug reports sure don't help to get things resolved02:11
Romsteri was applying sarcasm and frustration at the same time, which i should not have.02:12
Romsterbest thing i found was not care do my own thing.02:12
cptnalso, distcc 3.0 was released on the very same day02:13
cptnaugust 602:13
cptnbut you still haven't updated it02:13
cptnnow that's perfectly fine02:13
Romsteroh bloody hell blame the changes to sourceforge. ck4up i haven't fixed yet02:13
Romsterno it's not fine.... wish i saw it on freshmeat anoucments.02:13
cptndistcc is not hosted on sourceforge02:13
cptnit was on the mailing list...02:14
Romsterargh then why did my ck4up not see it.02:14
cptnbecause they moved to distcc.org02:14
cptnand the old download location doesn't get any updates any more02:14
Romstergod damn it.02:14
Romsterwhy did no one tell me about this.02:14
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Romsteri rely on ck4up to tell me when there is a update.02:15
cptnwell, 2.18.3 works fine02:15
cptnprobably much like pekwm 0.1.602:15
Romsterit works but the new version has some improvements.02:15
Romster  (104) Connection reset by peer02:16
Romsterwell that's smart i can't even open it...02:16
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cptnworks fine here02:17
cptnit will redirect you to though02:17
Romsterdamn it..02:17
cptnmaybe that works02:17
Romsterta that worked.02:17
mike_kcptn: can you really add "contrib and it's dependencies with other repos" to the meeting agenda?02:18
cptnmike_k: I think I can, yes :-). Why?02:18
cptnmike_k: it's important to have jaeger and alan on board too though02:19
cptnotherwise it's hard to come up with a solution that works for everyone02:20
mike_kwhy not? =)02:20
mike_kcptn: it would be not that easy to geather everyone02:21
cptnwell, we can also consult them before of course02:22
cptnI'll talk to Matt about it02:22
mike_kIn fact, I can live without those changes, but looks like a one more improvement02:22
Romsteri've learned to let them do as they want and try to live with the changes.02:24
Romstercan only give suggestions but things will go how they want them to go.02:24
cptnI'm looking forward to see you do it better in hvlinux02:25
mike_kRomster: I don't like to look at it as "us vs them"02:25
Romsteri dunno if i can do it better but i'll sure be trying to do it how i tink it should be.02:26
Romsterif i fail i still learned from doing this.02:26
Romsterit's more of a hobby than anything else.02:26
Romstermy ideas != crux02:26
Romsterbut crux is still a good distro.02:27
teKCRUX > *02:27
Romsterand you all agreed it was best i forked than pester you lot with my so called silly patches.02:28
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Rotwanghai guys04:11
Rotwangaon no experience with kołowy transporter opancerzony rosomak04:12
Rotwangbut ive seen it on the picture04:12
Rotwangpatria as well ;]04:12
Rotwangyes i think so04:13
aon8- or 6-wheeled?04:13
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-dev-tools: Removed intltool dependency.04:14
cruxbot[xfce.git]: intltool: Removed port.04:14
sepenhey Rotwang04:15
Rotwangsepen: hey04:16
aonapparently 2 months its what it takes for you to forget the shitty stuff and almost want to go back to crawling in cramped spaces and fixing problems caused by morons :)04:19
Rotwangarmy is fun04:20
Rotwangmy rifle is older than me l;]04:22
Rotwangkalashnikov from 198204:22
aonmy oldest personal one was from 8604:23
joacimI want something from the WWII04:24
aoni also used a machine gun from 7204:25
aonand fixed pre-WWII telephones :)04:25
aonand iirc my combat pants were from '68 at one point :)04:31
aonthe jacket of that outfit was from mid-80's04:31
aongood old 62 :)
aonerm, m/62, wonder where the m/ vanished04:33
teKguns suck04:34
aoni didn't fire a shot in like the last 6 months of my service :)04:34
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Rotwanghehe kbk akms04:45
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cruxbot[opt.git]: maildrop: updated pcre05:22
cruxbot[opt.git]: samhain: update to 2.4.605:22
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] samba: update to 3.2.305:22
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cruxbot[opt.git]: imlib2: Fixed URL meta.06:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: mpg123: update to 1.5.106:21
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Rotwangtilman: ping08:40
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Rotwangsepen: ping09:02
tilmanRotwang: pong09:03
Rotwangtilman: is the portdb registration isue solved?09:07
tilmanno idea09:09
tilmani haven't been very active lately, due to real life stuff09:09
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tilmanstill no xserver :(11:06
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tilman> Can we have another xorg-server 1.5 snap (or even a final release soon...)?11:37
tilmanWorking on it, yes.  Wednesday the third if I'm lucky.11:37
thrice`i was under the impression that was basically done, and just waiting on mesa11:39
tilmanme too11:40
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-libxau: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-nv: updated to
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wavefunctionHi. I am trying to get "tools/port.git" using command "git clone", but no files are downloaded. I get "warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.". Does anyone know how can I get the sources through other protocol/method ?14:40
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wavefunctionThis problem also occurs when trying to download other projects such as prt-get.git, for example.14:43
rehabdoll"git clone git://" works fine for me14:47
wavefunctionHmm. My fault. I've used "http" instead of "git" in the URI. Sorry and thanks.14:53
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wavefunctionI'm trying to download a repository using rsync as in the command "rsync -avz  foobar". Rsync service is asking me for password. On behalf of what user should I connect to rsync service and what password should I use. I mean, is there an anonymous way to use the service ?16:21
treachuse /core/\*16:23
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wavefunctionHi, treach. I've used " rsync -avz\* blah" but the service still asks for password :(16:29
treachrsync -aqz\* blah16:30
wavefunctiontreach: Thanks for the help ! Now it's okay ! :)16:35
treachnp. the information you were looking for were available at ftr16:36
wavefunctiontreach: Okay. Thanks again. I'll take a look at it right now.16:37
treachyou're welcome.16:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: awesome: 2.3.3 -> 2.3.417:12
cruxbot[contrib.git]: awesome: 2.3.3 -> 2.3.417:12
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