IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-08-31

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Vr|3Z0hi all03:10
Vr|3Z0ports fluxbox ?03:10
Vr|3Z0han is no set03:10
cruxbot[core.git]: file: updated to 4.26.03:17
Vr|3Z0fluxbox of contrib is not set03:26
tilmanwhat do you mean, "not set"?03:28
tilmando you have "prtdir /usr/ports/contrib" in your /etc/prt-get.conf?03:28
Vr|3Z0bash-3.2# ls -l /etc/ports/03:29
Vr|3Z0total 2003:29
Vr|3Z0-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   79 Aug 30 21:36 contrib.rsync03:29
Vr|3Z0-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   73 Aug 30 21:36 core.rsync03:29
Vr|3Z0bash-3.2# ls -l /usr/ports/03:29
Vr|3Z0total 4803:29
Vr|3Z0drwxr-xr-x 516 root root 20480 Aug 31 09:18 contrib03:29
Vr|3Z0bash-3.2# grep -i contrib /etc/prt-get.conf03:30
Vr|3Z0prtdir /usr/ports/contrib03:30
tilmanls /usr/ports/contrib/fluxbox/Pkgfile03:30
Vr|3Z0bash-3.2# ls /usr/ports/contrib/fluxbox/Pkgfile03:31
Vr|3Z0--09:32:32-- => `/usr/ports/contrib/fluxbox/fluxbox-1.0.0.tar.bz2.partial'03:32
Vr|3Z0Resolving,,, ...03:32
Vr|3Z0Connecting to||:80...03:32
Vr|3Z0connecting ..................03:32
tilman /etc/hosts:03:32
tilman213.203.218.122 dl.sf.net03:32
tilmanmy english teacher would hate this kind of conversation ;)03:33
Vr|3Z0i´m not english :(03:33
tilmanVr|3Z0: no worries, it's okay :)03:34
Vr|3Z0edit /etc/hosts insert this ip ?03:34
jesse_sourceforge mirrors ftw as usual.03:35
tilmanVr|3Z0: that IP is from a mirror in germany, i think. maybe there's another one closer to you03:35
tilmanbut it should work reliably03:35
Vr|3Z0tilman: thank you, perfect fluxbox installing03:37
tilmanyou're welcome03:38
Vr|3Z0thank you jesse_03:40
Vr|3Z0restart Xs, probe fluxbox...03:42
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cruxbot[opt.git]: mod_svn: update to 1.5.203:48
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akinI can't download libtasn1, but I can download it from here, should I change it to that one?06:05
akinoh, and I'm back btw, MUST.....Have.....Crux!06:08
treach"I say, spaceninja"06:10
treach"Oh, crap, there goes the channel". :>06:11
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juiceofappleshey, is there crux for x86_64?06:15
treachyes, but it's unofficial, unsupported, and any other unpleasant words that might turn you away from it. :>06:18
treach(I have also lost the url for it, which is kind of annoying since I'm looking for it. :P )06:18
juiceofapplestreach thank you06:19
juiceofapplesi am using core 2 duo cpu from intel, is it ok to us i686 with it?06:19
treachyou could use the i586 version as well if you want to, all intel cpus are backward compatible.06:20
juiceofapplesanother question, i am usin nvidia quadro 140(?) gpu, how can i activate framebuffer during boot process06:21
treachgoogle for it.06:21
treachmeaning, it's all up to you, there's no "crux way (TM)" of doing it.06:22
juiceofapplesi know06:22
juiceofappleswill ask in linux channel for this06:22
treachok, have fun then. :)06:23
aonseems like the iso link is 40406:26
aon...which is nice :)06:26
juiceofapplesthis is why i was asking06:27
treachtilman: you don't happen to have a copy of it? ;)06:28
juiceofapplesi am now going to try the crux i686 installation06:30
treachgood luck then.06:31
juiceofapplesthank you06:31
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jesse_juice of apples o_o06:50
treachI bet he'll come running back if he gets into a tight spot. :>06:51
jesse_Armed with yet another new nick I bet.06:52
treachhe's a repeat offender? :>06:53
treachk, I must have missed him. at least he isn't "akin" a.k.a spaceninja. :p06:56
jesse_He'll be back too, you just wait :D06:56
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jesse_"I hate feature x / lack of feature x BUT I HAVE TO COME BACK" ermh ok :p06:58
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akinHow did I solve the cups installing problem?07:27
treachproblem solved -> pen + notebook :>07:27
jesse_The magic crystal ball still does not work.07:28
treachindeed not07:28
treachdamn. :>07:29
treachwe need a better bot. :p07:29
treach<treach> !crystal-ball07:30
treach[14:30] <SUSEhelp> I lost my crystal ball in the last stock market crash .... so please provide more detail as to your configuration!07:30
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akins working now, used this one.
akinbut it's compiling right now08:02
akininstalled successfully08:03
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tilmantreach: i think you pinged me some days ago09:40
treachnever mind that. I think I'll pass on debugging that issue anyway. :)09:41
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treachtilman: btw, do you have the 64bit iso handy? lost the link again, and aon said it 404's anyway :(09:42
tilmanyeah, it *was* at
tilmanpoke rehabdoll09:43
treachk, thanks. I'll do it later, otherwise the local authorites will be *very* unhappy with me. :p09:44
treach<- afk09:44
rehabdolli lost my entire public_html09:45
rehabdolli'll see if i can find an image somewhere :P09:45
rehabdollits there again09:48
rehabdolli'll build a more up to date version later..09:51
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thrice`does your iso use glibc 2.8?09:56
rehabdollis 2.8 even out?10:01
tilmanyes, but they don't roll tarballs anymore10:01
rehabdolloh, how lazy of them10:02
treachrehabdoll: great, thanks.10:02
jesse_How avantgarde of Drepper to stop rolling tarballs.10:05
thrice`yeah, tarballs are so last-year10:05
tilmanjesse_: i think somebody noted that it has been roland mcgrath who rolled them for a  long time10:06
jesse_Hard to say, and I assumed Drepper was in charge.10:09
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rehabdollatleast there is
thrice`are those considered stable?10:27
treachglibc-2.8-latest.tar.bz2... doesn't say "unstable" or "testing" at least :>10:29
treach isn't really crystal clear on the topic either :>10:33
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jesse_If nothing else, they've really made it more difficult than necessary. :p10:52
treachmmh, I don't really like this trend that has been more and more pronounced the last few years. :/11:04
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cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
tilmani don't think we would use a snapshot11:51
tilmanwe'd roll our own tarball based on the 2.8 tag in cvs11:51
tilman*or* we'd steal gentoo's tarball ;)11:51
treachtilman: item for meeting?11:51
tilmanwhatever, i don't have time11:52
tilmani have exactly one week to finish my thesis11:52
thrice`theirs was tagged with a june pull date, while I thought 2.8 was tagged in april or something.11:52
treachtilman: ok, I thought you were supposed to be done now. :p11:52
treachwell, good luck then. :)11:53
* treach passes the glibc-ball to cptn. :p11:53
tilmani just logged in to see whether anyone would bitch about the late git update push11:53
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aon"oh hey, let's quickly print this sheet of paper"13:49
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akinwhy do I get the feeling that the errors that I encounter is there intentionally, I mean, are these build errors there to "filter" out noobs? :)16:03
joacimyour government is spying on you (and me :S)16:06
joacimthats why16:06
akinthe law hasn't passed yet, but it will after new year16:15
akinbut do you seriously believe that they aren't doing that? They have been doing this since the telephone was invented, they don'16:16
akinno they officially admit it, but they have always been doing it16:16
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akinyou think the world is a game? Its serious, they control everything that can be controlled16:17
akinbut I dont care16:17
akinJust feel free, you are always free no matter what16:17
thrice`akin: whihc errors?16:17
akinswfdec something16:17
akinI had to change the port source16:18
akinthe one in contrib is bad16:18
thrice`so, you think that was purposely put in there to error, rather than the mirror simply being down / changed?16:18
akinhehe you never know :)16:19
akinI wish a developer would do a fresh crux installation and install everything and debug every footprint and md5sum mismatch, and lost file links16:21
thrice`lost file links change daily16:21
akinwhy not have a crux repos?16:21
akinseems alot safer16:22
thrice`sure, do you have the hosting for it?16:22
akinmaybe in one year16:22
akinI'm hoping for it16:22
akinI also promised to found crux when i become a millionare16:23
akinI'm not going to do a take over, I just give, not control, only making it better.16:24
thrice`of course16:24
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